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  1. Did you have a lot of spectators at these motorcycle races? Also, because this is an amateur series, I’m against sponsor $$$ prizes to the teams. Sponsors should benefit the club as a whole, whether that is through random prize drawings (tire rack tires), or through discounts to all members, or though lower entry fees by funding the club itself.
  2. Have you tried filling through the pouring tube?
  3. A pan on the ground is required for all teams refueling. An attachable ‘can’ outlined in the rules is required if you have an “overflow vent”. An overflow vent can be installed in addition to the standard vapor vent (a vapor vent would have a discriminator valve or some other way of preventing liquid fuel from escaping). The overflow vent would serve the purpose of overflowing fuel in a controlled way so it doesn’t come out your filler neck when the tank gets topped off. The overflow vent would have a mechanical valve which is opened before fueling and closed once the tank is full. This was explained to me by Mike Chisek through email a month ago.
  4. If it’s the stock fuel rail using stock rubber hose, you should be fine with a stock hose clamp.
  5. What CFD software do you use and what is the size of the smallest cells in the mesh?
  6. That is exactly why it is important that our live timing and post-race results display accurately. We can’t expect the rest of the free world to know that caymans aren’t the actual winners of ChampCar races when they show up at the top of the standings.
  7. You actually have to look at a different page to see classes. The default results screen on speedhive lists the Ludicrous speed as 4th. The default page should show the real winner of the race.
  8. Excellent camera spot. My only suggestion to improve it is to move the camera forward just enough to have a less obstructed view of the left side mirror. Then it would be perfect!
  9. Tuttle didn’t win because of $$$, Tuttle won because we haven’t implemented a rule/method for banning race gas.
  10. I am also a millennial.. I said for the irony. I considered adding some "get off my lawn!!" for good measure.
  11. Some of the proponents of classes are the 500 point, maxed out cars who are still enough off-pace that a podium is out of reach, but they still want hardware to take home from the track (maybe it’s a millennial thing?). So they want further breakdowns of the competition until there’s a small enough division of cars in “their class” that they can compete for a “podium”. Your idea would implement fewer classes and this group would be dissatisfied.
  12. Whether or not the average car in the ChampCar field is on our level is irrelevant, the playing field is level (mostly). As Infiniti said, the same is true in WRL. Just because you have the same PWR doesn’t mean you will turn the same lap times or be competitive by the end of the race. Out of 44 cars total and 12 cars in class you are really only racing against 3-5 of them.
  13. Shhhh.. just say it's a 318i tank with 14.5 gallons. Won't be an issue unless you get to impound.
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