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  1. Ok that is pretty clear. I retract my statement.
  2. *edit* I now retract my prior statement which I will leave below I guess you can ask the question: “does the a-pillar bar have to terminate behind the firewall”? Perhaps the a-pillar on the corvette sticks far enough forward that the bar we see IS the a-pillar bar?
  3. Accurate. However, a picture of the GBU logbook was posted and it did not have a line item for “extra roll cage bars beyond the free cage”. So we assume that they did not claim and were not assessed for adding extra bars.
  4. I'll jump in because I think Jeff and I are on the same page here... You take a hypothetical '88 civic and wish to adjust the VPI, and you have in mind based on comparing to SC300 and e36 BMWs that the '88 civic should turn XXX laps in a race to be even with those cars (which also turn XXX laps in a race). Would you assume that this car is running the stock 165mm tires? No, a top tier team would be running at least 205. Would you assume that this car has the stock 110 or so HP engine? No, they have certainly engine swapped it. Does it have 11.9 gallons of fuel
  5. Sorry, this is absurd. There has to be a line somewhere... or a conceptual list which basically says “these are all things that we expect a top tier team to do and we should set VPI for each car assuming that these mods will be done”. Expecting a “top tier team” to take stock iron v8 heads from the 70s and modify them to be equivalent to aftermarket aluminium heads costing over $2000 for the set is absurd. It is reasonable to assume that a top tier team has set their toe and camber accurately, and has tuned the car on a dyno, has researched or tested the best ways to sp
  6. I’m considering throwing my white BMW hat in the ring... Among other things, I have been disappointed with how the tech desk has functioned this year... it was supposed to (I thought) end all the secret freebies that were out there, and while it has done that, it ended them by publishing the freebies and adding a whole lot more!!! Does the BOD have oversight here? Maybe, maybe not, but I don’t like it and maybe could do something about it. Also, I think what ChampCar has is unique and should be preserved and improved. I was very alarmed at the “Rich-car” id
  7. Sounds like the Jeep Cherokee and (whatever the heck that thing is) need to be lowered! (and corvette raised) Just saying.. exercise caution
  8. Appreciate the feedback. May want to wait until after the road America re-tech and discussion about mods and what was claimed and what wasn’t and how certain mods were given such a low value. It may be the case that the VPI doesn’t need as big a change as it currently appears once it is teched fairly (assuming it wasn’t teched fairly already). I would hate for this to sharpen the pitchforks of certain members who would just love to say “oh wow, a corvette wins one time and the VPI goes way up but BMWs have been winning since inception!”
  9. QFT I can’t get over the part where I could show up with an identical car as another team and get a different bracket if they are slower drivers.
  10. The mounts you use for the new engine do not add points, but the dollar value of those mounts must be added in with the costs of the engine and other parts to complete the swap. That total cost can’t exceed $2500.
  11. For a little background, a v8 swapped 240sx was one of the main forces which drove the current swap rules. The rule was made to effectively ban that combination because it was too good. Also, it’s not about the actual power of the new engine, rated power (of the car that the engine came from) is what matters. Find a good engine with lower rated power and swap that.
  12. The expansion tank thing on top of the GBU engine in the pictures in the other thread doesn’t look like that one.
  13. I think I run the narrowest tires of any 'tier 1' e30, and that actually is in part because I don't want to bend my fenders way out and ugly-up the car. Would go to wider tires if I could. Teammates have pushed for wider tires but I fight 'em off. So that is sorta like going narrower because of fender rule.
  14. I think only bentleys come with a grand piano dealer-installed option... so for the rest of us who can’t repurpose one, how many points is a length of piano hinge?
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