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  1. Are there any bundles left? All I see are “tire piles” and those look pretty easy to fix just by throwing the loose ones back on the pile! (kidding of course)
  2. Curiosity and a suggestion here... Procedure for PUY penalty is to use black flag and light board to call in an offending car? Only one or at least very few can be called in at one time and if a driver isn’t noticing the flag, it can hold up the whole process. Could you also notify teams of the black flag and have them call in their own drivers by radio? I know this is done if a driver is ignoring it, but outsourcing some of the flagging to team radio up front could speed everything up. I suppose flagtronics will help with this process as well.
  3. I read some months back (unverified so someone should refute / corroborate) that he offers insurance to drivers (pay extra up front, don’t pay if you wreck it later). As a car owner / builder, this sounds like a terrible idea. I want as much liability hanging over the driver’s head as possible to act as a contact deterrent!
  4. You seem to read: Tubular front (subframe / k-member) Whereas I think maybe the intention was: (tubular front subframe) or (k-member)
  5. I think it was technically correct but the way you phrased it and how you left out any reference to to the platform swap rule made it misleading enough to be incorrect.
  6. I put in bold the situationally incorrect part which is definitely incorrect the way you have phrased / implied it. I will make it a correct statement: Plus the car can use the largest fuel tank that was available in that generation if you do a platform swap to the model which has this largest tank and swap components to match that model exactly and take the points for that model / year in the VPI table.
  7. Buddy.... It’s the platform swap rule. Everyone is running late model e30s. Change the fuel tank and the coolant overflow tank/position of the overflow and suddenly you have a 1988+ model e30 instead of an early one. There is only one value for the e30, it’s 450 points, it was set assuming that everyone would run the late 1988+ equipment.
  8. Ok, that does NOT mean “change every component on a corner for a total of 10 points per corner”. Its written that way because some smart ass will say (for example) “I want to change to non-OE lower control arms, and lower control arms are sold as a pair, so that is one component, so 10 points total”. The rulebook is explicitly stating that (for example) if you put a non-OE lower control arm on two corners, it’s 20 points. And if you (for example) did upper and lower control arms on two corners it’s 40 points.
  9. Tech can. And competitors CAN look under cars, I think the rulebook says that you can’t crawl under a car. But one could always ask tech to check what box it is.
  10. There are only two non-OE components needed to convert the rear suspension from ‘87 to ‘88?
  11. The “EC problem” was hashed out last year, revisit those threads for a refresher. As has been said by many, the issues in this thread are NOT EC related. And at this event the MCM car wasn’t even EC.
  12. It’s a specific rule outline in the tech desk list. If cars were generally allowed to mix and match, there wouldn’t be a specific ruling about e36 trans mixing. Also, what idiot made that rule? Come on! What is the point of that? Just say no when some team comes to the tech desk whining about having a spare ZF and not wanting to have to buy a Getrag or vis versa.
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