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  1. We had very similar symptoms with the e30 4 years ago. The problem was a loose / bad fuel pump ground wire. Replaced that wire and pop-riveted a new ground for it and the problem has never returned.
  2. Does anyone ever plan to run off the track? Our car ends up running through the grass about once per race weekend (never intentionally!) and have yet to have a spring come off (cut springs all 4 corners). An update on the car, I replaced a broken clutch slave cylinder and did the master while I was at it (I always seem to find broken parts AFTER I make statements like "car is all ready for the next race!!". Looking forward to watching ChampCar Live tomorrow!
  3. enginerd

    New Unicorn builds

    Yea, could have been mine . That car was seriously fast in the corners. I was in awe.
  4. enginerd

    New Unicorn builds

    That is the case with the e30 generation. Not sure about the e36 or e46. (Someone can back me up here) It’s a bit of a moot point though because all of the successful e30s run the 6cyl engine.
  5. enginerd

    New Unicorn builds

    Ya. Mcphearson struts up front. Trailing arm rears. On paper it isn’t great but they run circles around most other cars in the corners.
  6. enginerd

    New Unicorn builds

    Right. The BMW 318i (4cyl) M10 / M40 / M42 all (I think it's all of them) have smaller fuel tanks (I'm pretty sure of this) than the BMW 325i (6cyl) M20 cars. Same year... same body.. different engine, different fuel tank. Nobody running a 318 gets to run a different fuel tank than the factory one. As far as the weight number goes, it's a moot point because you can't claim the 318i as the starting point for an engine swap... it shouldn't even be on the weight list.
  7. enginerd

    Fuel tank cap

    Well it looks like they sent me the wrong part.. I contacted my BMW expert friend. Now I have to track down which supplier I bought it from over a year ago.
  8. enginerd

    New Unicorn builds

    I thought the Mustangs were worse and they were trying to turn the Mustangs into T-Birds... at the end of the day, the new car would need to be longer than the Mustang or else I wouldn't even begin calling it a T-Bird! Wait.. are they saying "This mustang isn't a mustang.. it's actually a shortened T-bird... gimme fuel plz." ? I'm not touching that with a 60 ft. pole.
  9. enginerd

    New Unicorn builds

    @Ron_e, @Bandit, @Black Magic I'm not sure which of you guys have been pushing the Thunderbird / Mustang thing (I think Ron_e mostly), so I just tagged you all... I have a solution to the Thunderbird / Mustang problem... it's a petition titled The '80s Thunderbird is clearly undervalued at it's current VPI. I will be submitting this petition to the board along with all the evidence you guys have been compiling (like fuel tank size compared to other similar cars). Surely this vehicle's VPI will be raised with the 2019 revision of the VPI table and then we can all stop this silly talk of cutting a mustang in half and welding 3" of steel in the middle. Never looked at these cars before... they really are different.. like, very different.. doors, fenders, roof, trunk, mirrors, windows, etc. etc.
  10. Lexus SC300 Porsche 944 Mercedes 190E Toyota Supra Mitsubishi 3000 GT Lexus SC300 Mazda RX7 BMW 330 e46 BMW 325 e36 Mazda Miata Mazda Miata Mazda Miata BMW e34 Lexus SC300 BMW 325 e30 15th place was an e30. Daytona isn't an ideal track for the e30. Did I record that correctly? Is that a Mercedes in 3rd place???
  11. enginerd

    New Unicorn builds

    It seems like you are confused here. E30s don’t “end up” fuel rich. The ‘88 to ‘91 cars have, from the factory, 63L tanks. They don’t change whatsoever. They are 450 points. The ‘84ish to ‘87 cars have, from the factory, 55L tanks. For the sake of simplicity, ChampCar didn’t assign a separate value for these otherwise identical cars. The older cars can bolt on the newer fuel tanks and still be 450 points. They are now identical to the newer ones. Could even claim the car to be an ‘89 now.
  12. enginerd

    New Unicorn builds

    If you want me and a lot of other people to know what you're talking about, name actual models and years as they appear in the VPI table... I don't know what a "G body" is. If you have the tank for the diesel in your car, you better have the diesel engine there too. Or, you better have started with the diesel and engine swapped. The 1988 BMW 318i (4 cyl - M10B18) doesn't get to use the fuel tank which came in the 1988 BMW 325i (6 cyl - M20B25). Even though they have the same chassis, they have different point values... they are on different lines in the VPI table...