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  1. The AFM was used at the dyno to confirm that the AFM we had been using was bad. The bad AFM was causing a misfire over about 5400 rpm. Swapped to the spare AFM and it pulled nicely and put down 153whp with stock chip (July 2018). We then used this AFM at Brainerd 8+7 and the engine ran great all weekend. I sent the bad AFM out for repair and used that going forward and put the good spare back on the shelf where it has sat since then. Other than this, history of the AFM is unknown.
  2. Not sure if I understand the question... It’s an OE design twist-lock unit, install in the passenger side tank hole. Connect hoses and wires and you’re good to go. Pumps at >45 psi.
  3. I’ve collected a lot of spare parts over the years for the e30... too many spare parts. I’m now organizing my garage and hoping to sell off the extra extra parts that I have, since I only need 1 spare for most things, and some of these I don’t need a spare at all. I will add to the list as I go, lots of m20 stuff. If you need something that I don’t have listed, just ask, I probably do have it. - 63 litre fuel tank - in-tank fuel pump with carrier (new in box) - ignition coil - distributor - plug wires - complete wiring harness for 325i - intake manifold - oil pan - AFM with air box - ECUs, -173 and -380 - sway bars - power steering pumps - valve cover - oil pump - cam gear - harmonic balancer and timing belt gear - handbrake assembly - ABS system (pump, computer, sensors) - all 4 doors for sedan
  4. Incorrect. The winners of the race did win the title, but only because they had good finishes in the previous year. If a rank 30 team had won the race, they would not have won the championship. The proposed rule change would make it so that any of the 75 qualified teams would win the championship with a win at the championship race.
  5. Has it been decided yet whether the 2020 championship race will be winner take all or points aggregate? If I remember correctly from April, the board was going to iron out details and get more feedback on the idea, but the majority of respondents favored a change to winner take all among qualified teams.
  6. I don’t remember a ban on conduit... also, the definition of conduit varies from person to person. A solid tube generally used to route wires, made of soft enough metal to be bent with hand tools would work quite well to shroud some fuel lines. I used aluminium tubing to shroud my fuel hoses, bent easily with some heat.
  7. Nope, nothing. As far as I know, you are absolutely correct here. I wouldn't bleed them at all, except that it's a quick way to ensure there's no air in the calipers (I have no idea how air would have gotten in, and I have yet to find air during one of these routine bleeds). I buy the expensive motul 600 fluid which has an impressive wet boiling point. Even if it does get some moisture, it's still sufficiently resistant to boiling (I think).
  8. Whether it's OE or not, if it's a fuel component / fitting / line exposed to the driver compartment, then it needs to be covered / bulkheaded, unless it's a metal line (defined by tech as solid [not braided] tubing): All fuel cells and fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc)shall be separated from the driver compartment by a metal bulkhead. All lines and fittings that pass through the cabin of the vehicle must be metal or must be encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube.
  9. Oh, I guess the solid steel stuff is fine.. but it will be much easier to encapsulate the rubber section if you also do the steel section in one large tube.
  10. Not quite. You need to encapsulate all of it. Even the steel stuff. Need a 2nd barrier.
  11. I have some seats in an e30 roller that I just bought. Unknown condition. Black leather. Might have gotten some rain on ‘em. If you want them, @red0 can bring to Gingerman. I think he takes payment for transport in beer and cigars, the seats themselves would cost you a 6 pack of pale ale.
  12. I had no idea that rule was in there! We use a water heater drip pan.. it’s huuuge. And it works great. And we haven’t ever been told not to use it.
  13. No, they can do 4 tires faster than anyone else can do 1 tire. So a shorter pit stop time wouldn’t discourage them from running soft tires.
  14. In the rain? On the passenger side rear on a clockwise track? While the car is on jack stands for most of the race changing the engine?
  15. Sounds dangerous. Crew, drivers, kids, etc. all walk through the paddock. Forcing a team that’s still in the race to drive through the paddock to change a tire (with an incentive to go as fast as allowed or faster) is a terrible idea. Also, this is racing! You change tires in the pits! If you don’t want people changing tires, throwing a gimmick rule at them to make changing tires more time consuming is just dumb.
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