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  1. For the record, do not ever bump my car on track. I must be in the minority here so I’m getting the word out. I have the orange #32 BMW, please do not bump draft.
  2. Well, he will have less time to spend in the garage if he’s on the BoD....
  3. I had a great weekend spectating. Lots of great driving .. great cars... I loved watching the first stint Saturday from the turn 7 overlook, the Copper Penny miata was using an additional 4’ of “track” through turn 6 that few others were touching and flying through that section. The elevation changes are so much bigger than what you feel in the car. Weather was beautiful. Trees were turning color. Great weekend. Congrats to all finishers!
  4. RBank lost brakes. Fixed brakes. Lost clutch. JSK lost brakes. Not sure about GWR.
  5. @Gorillasticker.com I owe you guys a round of beer, let me know what bar you’re at! I’ll be wearing the white BMW hat.
  6. Not long now 'til November 1!! Lets see if those who want to race Indy remember to sign up at midnight EASTERN time. As far as I can see all are welcome this time, no more entry restrictions to active ChampCar teams. It was a fantastic event, and beyond the spectacle of the location, the track itself was really fun to race. Looking forward to being there again next year.
  7. This happened to me after a rebuild. The cylinders got washed down and no oil for sealing the rings, BUT, I think you covered this by saying that your compression was correct... so this is probably not the same problem? (I did not check compression, I simply assumed compression was low after adding a bit of ATF to each cylinder and seeing it fire right up) Are the injectors clicking? The ether should have fired anyway if it was a lack of fuel so this probably isn’t your issue either?
  8. Looking to make a deal going out to California for the race at Laguna Seca. If you are towing out there and have extra space on your trailer for an e30 BMW and spares, let me know. We are in the Chicago area.
  9. Sounds great! I may try them out in 2021.... but I will use the Bridgestones at Indy 🤣
  10. While you still have forward visibility through the gap, keeping the hood up like that will greatly increase your drag. Engine cooling may be improved though. Also, removing the doors may sound good for weight, but that created a big drag pocket and will probably slow you down as well.
  11. I seem to remember this, but I can't point you toward any written log of it. Was it clarified earlier in this thread?
  12. At the same time as the intake "reclarification", they also said that head swap doesn't come with the cams from the new head... so for a DOHC VTEC honda head swap, you were looking at head + cams + intake + exhaust. [edit] memory foggy, this may not be accurate or it may have been accurate but isn't anymore
  13. Yup yup. Gotta save that money! We actually started Indy-Saturday on 3 used tires from the spring Road America race and 1 sticker. Changed left front at the 2nd stop, then RF at stop 3, etc etc. Brainerd last year was the same way... bad move starting on a nearly bald RF tire Sunday when the rain came sooner than expected!
  14. Know of a digital integrator and display which would work with this??
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