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  1. Speaking as a mech E and someone who has never driven a welded diff but has tracked a 300hp car with an open diff... I would never ever ever weld a diff. Unless I was drag racing. Or doing something else absurd.
  2. Found a website that corroborated 13.1 gallon fuel capacity... did you know that you’re playing with a short deck? You are permitted to drop in a 15 gallon fuel cell to replace that stock tank! But wait there’s more! You can also add a surge tank with 2 litre capacity! And you get capacity for the filler neck! (Unless things change). Therefore you could be the proud owner of a very not fuel hampered, very light, very quick VW with ~16 gallons of fuel. With that much fuel, you can even add some power?
  3. Well, you didn't finish the sentence.... "my __________ doesn't have enough fuel to compete unless I have the points to add lightweight brake calipers and adjustable dampers and aggressive coilover springs and a fiberglass flat bottom with side skirts and a diffuser and lightweight racing header, and etc. etc. etc.".
  4. So if I swap to a D-class engine I get to add 4 more gallons to my e30? Sweet!
  5. I look at this and say "perhaps those newer cars have been given a VPI that is too low". And perhaps the VPI of the vintage cars should be revisited and lowered. To me, every big picture balance question like "my __________ doesn't have enough fuel to compete" can and should be solved by VPI adjustment. Either the car in question should have its VPI reduced, or the cars they are comparing their car to (which "do have enough fuel") should be raised.
  6. The unique thing about ChampCar that sets it apart from the other 4 "accessible" racing series is that it is a single class race (all of the "different but equal" sub classes compete for the same overall podium). When we went to Indy there were 80+ cars (EC excluded) in the hunt for the top step of the podium. It doesn't get any cooler than that. If you were to introduce classes where people are building to a different goal and will show up with cars that by design have no chance at winning overall then it takes away from that huge field going for the same prize. You may still win a race with 100 cars in it... but you were only competing against ~30 or so. There's no other series where miatas and BMWs and Camaros are all fighting for the same trophy, and that is what makes ChampCar unique. If you want to build a lesser car and still have a chance to "win" something, there's the bottom bracket in AER, or GP4 with WRL, or class C with Lemons. I think you will have far less fun "winning" against that weak competition than you think you will. At our first few ChampCar races we were clearly outgunned and I had an enormous amount of fun between races trying to improve our car to compete with the best. I didn't say "man, I wish there were an easier class for me", I said "what are these guys doing that I'm not? How can I get an edge? What advantages can I find to beat them next time?"... to me that is what makes racing fun.
  7. It's not erroneous when it's a BOP factor. Just look at the e30 number, that's all the evidence you need that a 189 HP swapped e30 at exactly 500 points is what they want. Whatever weight BoP factor was needed to make that happen was used.
  8. The text in the rulebook changed. It used to say "curb weight -10%" or something like that. I will find the documentation which went along with this change. “weight” refers to the ChampCar Swap Performance Value of that make and model, as determined by ChampCar Those aren't the only variations... for some cars I can't even tell where the weight numbers came from. It isn't just a "luxury trim" weight.
  9. It's a fudge factor. The formula assigns swap points based on a PWR formula, so weight is part of that. They started with 90% of curb weight for each car and then ran a bunch of engine swap options in a spreadsheet for each car at that 90% weight. But because it's a 1 size fits all formula, the resulting points didn't quite match what they thought was "appropriate points" for each car. Therefore, they changed the "weight" factor for each car until the formula spat out "appropriate points" values for that car.
  10. Don't take away my biggest advantage!
  11. Super unnecessary anyway.. properly placed jack points and a jack on each side. You will have tire changers on both sides anyway. I wouldn't pay the mass penalty of having them installed. Please don't ban, everyone else should add air jacks to their cars
  12. Jamie indicated that there are many experienced teams who would want to compete in below the top level. I see 500ish point cars at every race, e36 included, that don't have a shot at an overall win.
  13. Thanks for sharing. I reached out to Jay a week ago about diffs (as I said I would) this must be the answer he came to. This is the way I have always read the rule despite word changes over the years and I’m glad tech has maintained that. Now we just need clear wording in the rulebook.
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