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  1. enginerd

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    When I look at cars in impound I just assume that the non-OE brakes and shocks that I see are legit because there’s no way for me, using my phone internet browser, to prove the parts aren’t legit within the time period.
  2. enginerd

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Cats can be rebagged
  3. enginerd

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    IMO, the 2x rule is a garbage relic of an AIV/cost based series. I would like any new categories to be “stock or points” rather than a 2x rule gray area. 2x rule is a huge pain to deal with as competitors evaluating a car in impound.
  4. enginerd

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    “Non-OE” means “wasn’t on the car make/model/year/trim claimed in your logbook” Parts offered on some other car or aftermarket parts are both “non-OE”. [edit] this is such a simple concept and central to the rulebook that I fear I misunderstood your question
  5. enginerd

    ABS Stand Alone Points Value

    Non-OE ABS units should add points. These are certainly not driver comfort items and they have the potential to increase performance enough that they are banned in NASCAR, F1, and Indycar. The 0 point ECU rule doesn’t cover these because this isn’t an engine control function and for many cars it’s a separate computer (although I imagine some super aftermarket ‘all in one’ ECUs may plug those functions into the same physical ‘box’). I think the same should apply to traction control / stability control systems, but I see less performance potential there. Maybe you wrap it up into a lump point value for both functions as you will likely use the same sensors anyway.
  6. Even at 1/4 “dialed in”, that car will be winning races. I’m just glad that we rarely race the same events!
  7. I just see this as giving a $200 discount to half the field who would have attended the event with or without the discount..... (It is my estimation [no data] that the median tow distance is greater than 250 miles)
  8. I'm sure Troy has designed some wiggle room into his point-adding modifications.. for one, they have gone with a lower-rated engine than what was in the Biohazard car for years, so it's not like an increase in VPI will put him over 500 with just the engine swap. He will be able to unbolt some pieces if a VPI change puts them over 500.
  9. The new Biohazard MR2 on their facebook page. Very clean build, impressive attention to detail and lots of fancy electronics. Redundant fuel pumps for reliability.....fancy gold foil on a bunch of engine things..... 'formula 1' style steering wheel with over a dozen switches and buttons...... full standalone engine management computer complete with some kind of variable traction control system..... tons of sensors, etc. etc. The car appears to be every bit a 'real race car' rather than a street car with race parts added. One item posted is a floor-mount pedal set with dual brake master setup (which Troy stated he was not planning to claim points on). I know tech has approved prop valves, pedals, and brake masters as 0 points (I disagree with this ... but I'm not tech!), but I know some people have argued that a bias bar w/ dual master setup should carry a point value. Remember... any non-stock part must be declared to tech and may be charged points... it isn't just the ones on the fixed point list.
  10. Let’s be real here... the real purpose of the straps was John Condren (noted anti-lexan czar) giving the middle finger to any team adding a lexan rear window.
  11. Do you run the blade 'correctly' or flip it? Vinyl siding cuts much better if the circular saw blade is nibbling it with the back side of the teeth rather than with the intended cutting edge... perhaps polycarbonate is similar?
  12. Well, if you race somewhere in 2019 and then sign up for Indy, you’ll be at the back of a very long waitlist...
  13. Check out the ChampCar Endurance Series YouTube channel for lots of examples of the live show. I think some promo videos are also posted there.
  14. enginerd

    Tire Wear Questions

    Yup, same spelling.