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  1. This was all @Andrew D Johnson. His swap idea and mostly his handiwork. I was researching a heavier engine swap with higher power tuning potential but we went his route. Yes, we had a pit stop problem late on Saturday and would have been either 1st or 2nd. Dropped to 4th.
  2. The maxima has this solid rear axle thing which just looks funny going through a corner. I was tailing one for 10 straight laps on Sunday. Power isn't everything. How is the suspension on a TSX?
  3. Thanks for the clarification! Yes I think I saw your A052s at Nelson ledges make it every bit of 90 minutes?? It was a rocket though! We tried A052 in the spring at Road America and you have to measure the life in minutes, not stints! The wear is too fast to be practical.
  4. JSK pays for a trans swap, broke it Friday and swapped in a stock 5spd. Allegedly a big loss, probably lost LSD. in 2020 october they ran 2:47. 2:48 in other past races. I thought I saw 2:46 from them in the past but haven't found it checking through a couple speedhive results. JSK has longer stint lengths than most but have to catch a couple yellow laps to avoid saving fuel on their way to a 2 hour stint at Road America.
  5. They did. I know that GWR used the maxxis 5+ years ago because it was the only 245/15 tire. Grip wasn't great and they had to shave them before use to avoid chunking. The new compound is much softer and we did not see any chunking or odd wear. I don't know when they transitioned.
  6. Just noticed that your engine has 6 flywheel bolts AND you say that they are smaller diameter. The honda has 8 bolts. I'm guessing that this joint design just can't handle such an overrev. I've heard of transmissions failing... valvetrains failing... never heard of a flywheel joint failing but that one looks weak.
  7. This weekend we compared Maxxis and Falken660 both in 245/15 size, each had a heat cycle on them from Mid Ohio because there are few activities I like more than using up used tires. Temps were in the 40s at this race. Maxxis wore quicker but was definitely a faster tire. I doubt it has the speed of re71 or A052 (both of which we have run/tested on in 205 / 225 sizes), but I think both of those wear out quicker still.
  8. Another factor is that a 6 cylinder iron block (m20b25 stock e30 engine) weighs more than an aluminum 4 cylinder. Aluminium m54 is probably a bit heavier than a K as well. The swap calc takes rated HP as the only input.
  9. Track was slow for everyone on Sunday. Not sure why but definitely slower than Saturday across the board. We were also running Falken tires Sunday to test against our Maxxis VR1 tires from Saturday. The Maxxis is a faster tire. #raceMaxxis #seriessponsor #premiumdudes2022tireofchoice
  10. 55 ft lbs seems low for a flywheel bolt. The honda spec was 70-80? and I think BMW is up there too. Also, safety wiring a flywheel bolt won't give you any benefit. If the clamping force has reduced enough to start turning and is prevented from turning because of the wire, failure is already imminent. In the pictures I didn't see a 'bolt ring'. On each engine I have worked on, the bolts heads don't seat on the flywheel itself, they seat against a steel disc/washer thing. This does two things: increases the clamp length of the bolt and this disc is probably more even/smooth than the flywheel surface.
  11. Agreed. And the NC2 already had the same value as the NC1 so its moot unless they were considering breaking them up. Unless he was talking about parts other than the ones that came on the NC2.
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