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  1. enginerd

    What level of building is too much?

    At the end of the day you are limited by points. Even if extra tubes in the chassis are only a few points each, and a custom lightweight subframe is 10, are any teams going to spend their points on those parts? Or will they spend them on more HP, a wing, oil coolers, etc. etc.? I think you can find the answer by looking at the podium cars. I haven’t seen any that fit what you are describing. And as far as a mid-engine swap... there are some extremely nimble FF cars in our series, I don’t think it’s worth whatever points are involved (and immense amount of work) to shift the weight back in the hopes of improving the handling and traction. I can see 500 HP supercars benefitting from rear drive and weight, but I don’t think there are any ChampCar-legal VTEC swapped Honda’s that are roasting the tires in 3rd gear.
  2. enginerd

    Reground Camshafts

    Right, and I don’t know the factory tolerance... I just have the specs that the $145 OE replacement camshaft was made with.
  3. enginerd

    Reground Camshafts

    I can look it up when I get home. I bought a fresh cam when I rebuilt the engine a year ago and measured/recorded the lift
  4. enginerd

    Reground Camshafts

    This subject was brought up in the Road Atlanta thread.. I decided to put this in it's own thread instead of derailing that one. I decided to ask Mike Chisek instead of listening to the forum posts of people who claim to have talked with an unknown person in tech. In short the question I asked was: Reground OE camshafts with non-OE lift and / or duration. Is it 50 points or 0 points ?? And the response was:
  5. enginerd

    Petitions Due by 2/28/19

    Was talking about the BMW M6... But if your post is about the idea of petitioning to raise the value of a car, then yes, I have thought of doing that. I don’t see anything sad about this, tech seems to have made a mistake here and I want it corrected. Or I at least want an explanation of why the 255hp m6 is valued at less than the 169hp e30. Perhaps there is good cause.
  6. enginerd

    Crankcase ventilation (the good kind)

    Maybe I’m misunderstanding... The displaced air when a piston moves down goes to the empty space left over as its neighboring piston moves up.. you should not (in theory) be blowing large amounts of air out the PCV vent.
  7. enginerd

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    Not sure I understand your post. I'm saying that if 50% of all cars entered in the races fall into the 'middle' bracket, and 10% of cars fall into the 'low' bracket on fuel (which I think is pretty much how it is), then it is no surprise at all that you see a lot of winning cars from the 'middle' FWR bracket and only a few winners from the 'low' FWR bracket. You would do it by normalizing the height of the bars in the bar graphs by % of all entries that are represented by that bracket.
  8. enginerd

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    @Black Magic I don't think you have addressed the question that karman1970 poses. Your graphs might just be showing that cars commonly center around 155 lbs / gallon from the factory. It makes sense, nobody wants to refuel every 100 miles and carrying 1000 miles of fuel would just be inefficient! (exaggerations of course). Cars in the winningest FWR brackets may not be more likely to win, they may just be far more common. Please do something about this in your data.
  9. Nice recap and great videos / video quality. Your video really shows where your car is great (turn 1.... so many passes in turn 1!!, esses, 10b) and also shows the cars that walk you down the straights. Just know that people will continue to point at lap times and call you cheaters... buckle up and get used to it because I see a lot of podiums in your future. Haters gonna hate.
  10. I did forget that. - rear brake line failure in turn 1 autobahn country club. BUT, with your quick swap to the spare line and brake bleed, the failure did not prevent us from winning that race!
  11. We have had 1 trans, 2 engine, no driver failures. Ball joint, electrical x 2, cooling system have all made for failures that did not end our race (but did prevent winning).
  12. It would be redundant to say that because this rule already exists in section 4 with the fixed point value section. Paraphrasing: “if it isn’t stock then it adds points, subject to a few qualifiers and exemptions”. Stock doesn’t mean “it came on some car somewhere” it means “it came on THIS car”.
  13. Disagree a little worth your train of thought in the last few posts. No rules say the engine has to make ‘stock’ power. With some engines, just removing the exhaust system and an aggressive ECU will show impressive gains over stock numbers. With the dyno target numbers, ChampCar investigates and comes up with some number that they think is the max legally attainable engine power on an engine with no point-adding mods. If a car dynos at less than that much, no more investigation is warranted, it is considered legal from an engine standpoint. A different issue is: “does ChampCar have a realistic number for max attainable 0-point added power?”. Perhaps their ‘bar’ is set too high.
  14. Manual with factory short throw. Clutch feels normal. Shift lever literally won’t move, it isn’t rigid, like, it will wiggle a little bit if I push it, but it won’t come out of the ‘1st gear section’
  15. 2010 335i, 6 speed Intermittent issue that started today, car will not let me shift OUT of 1st gear. Happened twice now, the first time it realeased for no apparent reason after I was stopped for a minute and then worked fine all the way to my office (30 minutes, lots of stop signs). The second time resulted in a loud 3 mile drive at 30mph. Turning off car, removing key does not fix the issue. A minute before it got stuck in first the second time it would not let me shift into first or second from neutral so I grabbed third and got rolling that way. Shifts perfectly, just like normal except when this has happened.