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  1. I think "reducing maintenance" and "automatic" are mutually exclusive You have the math correct though: if you change the trans to something on the VPI list, it's +25, and then if you are racing with an automatic it is -75. Don't forget the +20 for your oil cooler.
  2. Protests

    He did not say anything about his engine size or differential gearing, his post was focused on 1) what happened and 2) areas of the race where execution, strategy, and luck resulted in winning the race. If you look at a poster/member's profile you can see all of their recent posts. Or use the search function for "huggy"
  3. @Crank Yankers Racing How close are you to this?
  4. Sure would be fun to compare performance.... our BMW won’t be making this event... you might see a PM from me.
  5. Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    Even if you aren’t qualified you can still come race at this epic event. You just won’t be in contention for the “National Champion” title.
  6. Road Atlanta 14-Hour!

    And braking at (or was it after?) the 2 marker at turn 10... ... doing 210+ mph
  7. Protests

    Unless he changed diff within the last few months I think it is a 3.73 he ran livestream a lot last year and I think I can tell when an e30 is shifting quicker or using 5th gear far too often to have 3.73 gears. (4.10 is the common 25 point option). (If you want ‘evidence’, send a PM and I’ll tell you which videos to compare to from 4.10 cars)
  8. Cleaned the spare transmission. Took several hours and a couple pints of gasoline but it looks great now! Big work day tomorrow... teammates coming over to help. Track test day in 3 weeks.
  9. Protests

    You keep making these vague accusation-type statements. For the benefit of everyone, will you identify the car you’re referring to and identify the engine and transmission part numbers that this car is supposedly running (and what car(s) they must have come from)?
  10. Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    I am interested to see if the structure changes for next year. Season points + points from championship race seems like a fine way to do it. Winner of the championship race (from the pool of all qualified teams) also seems like a good way to determine national champion. If a lot of people think like @wvumtnbkr, then the latter format would draw more teams. I'm eager to see how many of the qualified teams are present in June.
  11. I use this on my phone: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ihandy-level/id299852753?mt=8
  12. 2018 petitions

    That classing idea is awful. Among many other issues with it, I don’t want basically stock 200 point cars “racing” alongside much faster cars. Closing speeds are already an issue. Just think if we had 5 or 10 cars like Bill’s Opel in each race. That car caused 2 or more wrecks at each race it was at!