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  1. It has been a rule since I started in 2014, and still is in the rulebook (section 3.11).
  2. Ehh... there are some cases where common sense expansion if the written rules is necessary. For instance, the story/myth about a racer who was required to wear a balaclava because of his beard, and he didn’t want to, so he “wore it” on his arm to satisfy the literal wording of the rule. Sometimes following a rule to the letter is not sufficient and you should not be allowed on track. And that doesn’t always mean that the rule needs to be revised... sometimes you just have to stop being a duck, and tech needs to have the freedom to tell said duck that he can’t go on track without making changes.
  3. A couple years ago I used a Victoria’s Secret catalogue to mask off the car for painting...
  4. I’ll let you know for sure after I roll through tech tomorrow!
  5. It applies to all fuel system components.. Your fuel tank is under the back seat, so if you had holes through that seat (sheet metal bulkhead) you would be in violation of the rule requiring all fuel system components to be shielded from the driver.
  6. Having talked with multiple TAC members, I can tell you that the TAC had nothing to do with those rules. They came either from the board or from tech. One suspicion I had with the inception of the TAC was that it was put in place to be a scapegoat for unpopular rule changes, rather than to actually have an influence on the rules.... your post seems to show that (intended or not) this has happened!
  7. I’m not saying what I bought... but October 2017 RA saw loads of rain on day 2 and the Chump Faces e30 dominated the field on what I have been told were Continental DSW street tires. [edited]
  8. I’m gonna be hella pissed if I don’t get to use the rain tires that I just received from TireRack.com....
  9. Until a team other than RBank puts a Saab in victory lane, I’m holding off on that brand...
  10. Got a ton of work done this weekend... tried to start the engine for the first time since unloading the trailer in October, fired immediately and idles great. Loading for Road America on Wednesday, more work to do, cutting it close!
  11. This is really very simple.... If the engine doesn’t fit... don’t swap it into your car. (Or take points to make it fit)
  12. Indeed. The word choice leaves something to be desired. It is dissimilar to head swaps, you have to use the manifold which is stock to the engine, you can't use the manifold which is stock to the new head you are putting in!
  13. You are the only one talking about carbs and EFI. And I think you misunderstand the OP’s situation.
  14. You can’t mix and match parts which never appeared together from the factory without taking points. If you have a 3.6 engine, it needs a 3.6 intake. If you replace the 3.6 block and rotating assembly with a 3.8, then you need to put 3.8 intake, 3.8 heads, and 3.8 exhaust manifolds on there. For example, if you are claiming a 1980 rust bucket, and it came from the factory with a 3.5, and you now have a 3.8 engine, a 3.6 intake manifold, and a 3.5 exhaust manifold, then your car has 50 min. + 50 + 25 points added to it. If the 3.5, 3.6, and 3.8 all had the same intake manifolds and exhaust manifolds, then it is just 50 min. points for the engine swap.
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