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  1. I got sidetracked trying to stop a very annoying rattle in my sheet metal bulkhead. A few screws were loose but the rattle remained. Gorilla tape kinda helped. I need to get back out to the garage and finish checking for loose bolts that are actually important. Oh, and I found a knife in the trunk that I thought I had lost!! It was hiding down in a blind spot in front of the fuel cell. This reminds me of impound at Nelson Ledges 2020... Jay asked to see the fuel cell, so I opened the trunk, he poked around for a few seconds and then hands me a very dirty screwdriver that looked lik
  2. Dennis always comes through with great prizes! I owe that guy a beer!
  3. WRL just raced here and had some huge wrecks. It’s probably wise for anyone who will be racing here to check out where these occurred and what led to them (to avoid such situations). There are a couple videos on the WRL racers Facebook group but I haven’t located much yet.
  4. Last night I did a brake fluid flush and put hood pins on the new bonnet. Motive power bleeder is a bit slow but worth its weight in gold. To do list getting smaller, and then it gets bigger, and then smaller again.
  5. I would hope there is also a multiplier for "you didn't claim this" as well, otherwise there is no incentive to claim parts... I watched the majority of the broadcast while prepping the car for Road America, always love doing that. Heartbreak for Team Infinity as I watched Ed set and reset his FTDs trying to stay ahead in the final stint but fall just short, what a great race! Glad they got the W after all. Awesome broadcast.
  6. Indeed. I'm hoping to load up Thursday. Today I installed the new OMP harness, which took a lot of work because it's different than the old harness. And welded on another exhaust hanger. And yesterday I replaced some wheel studs. And last weekend installed a new seat, which took a lot of work because it's different than the old seat. And I tightened and replaced some screws holding the sheet metal bulkhead together. Installed the oil cooler Thursday with new hoses & routing. Changed oil. New window net. Lots left to do before Road America.
  7. Point of clarification: In the driver’s meeting video, Chelsea said “blend line violation” half a dozen times... for those of you unfamiliar with the track, this isn’t actually very helpful. The pit out blend line ends very quickly, and you could ‘obey the blend line’ and still make a hazardous track entry by waiting until it ends and then merging left. Merging left at any time before turn 1 is hazardous! Stay track right into turn 1. Even if you don’t cross the blend line, you will be called for a “blend line violation” if you move left before turn 1.
  8. Haven’t watched the drivers meeting... what you describe would be incredibly stupid, so that’s how I know there won’t be MOV. Because it would be incredibly stupid... it won’t happen.
  9. Red flag affects everyone equally by shortening the race and it would be moot. If you win the shorter or longer of the two races it won’t make a difference. The combined laps turned idea would reward a larger margin of victory... say you win Saturday by 2 laps and lose Sunday but are on the same lap as the winner, you win the ship. I do like this idea because it would incentivize stretching the lead rather than racing to just hold on to it. [edit] total laps turned would of course make it harder for our broadcasting crew to keep tabs on current championship
  10. Issue with that is that if two teams get 1 / 2 and 2 / 1, they are still tied after your highest finish tiebreak. So we would need another tiebreak after that. As a general point, I think there should be one tie breaker rather than several that go in order of “but if still tied, then this, and if still tied, then this”. I like combined points for the weekend, and then one tiebreaker. Sunday position tiebreak would probably lead to a more thrilling Sunday finish. In the above example, the team who got 2nd Saturday can decide their fate by taking the Sunday win. 2nd point, this is e
  11. Regarding tiebreakers: 1) I like the idea of season rank breaking a tie in combined finishing position for the weekend. On the other hand, that steers a little away from the idea of “winner take all” once you qualify. 2) I also like the idea of finishing position on day 2 being the tiebreaker... that way it’s all still to play for on day 2, you can make up for a small slip on day 1.
  12. It confuses the ability to check pit stop times, both to investigate cheating the min pit stop time, and for team analysis. Add varying length stops and it gets harder to say “slow stop?” or “stop with tires?” or “stop with delay from local yellows?” or “stop with tires but done illegally fast?”
  13. Heaven forbid you comply with the intent of the rule rather than the enforcement by actually quieting your car down instead of just pointing the noise to one side or the other. Three cheers! Great answer.
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