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  1. enginerd

    Clarification on Spec Miata Penskes

    Yup. Just like you can't go swapping in a really powerful engine just because it is cheap.
  2. enginerd

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    @gundy @The Aero Man Basically.... the board / tech guys at the time looked at a bunch of swapped cars... they put the VPI of those cars, the weight, and the HP of the new engines into a spreadsheet. Then, they squinted and said something like ... "well.... I think this combo should get around XXX points, and this other combo is about on par with this other car which is YYY points, and this third combo should be about ZZZ points" and they put these values into the spreadsheet as well. So then they said, "Ok, now we need to make a mathematical formula, which takes as inputs the VPI, weight, and new HP, and outputs as close to XXX, YYY, and ZZZ as possible." So they did some curve data fitting and playing around in excel, and eventually they came up with the formula that you see there. That's where the 6th power comes from.. and the coefficient. The 16 comes in to play because a second goal of the swap formula was the idea that any car, no matter how low the HP was from the factory, should be able to swap to a decent PWR for just 50 points. As it currently stands, going to 16:1 PWR is 50 points, and anything more powerful than that will be more than 50 points. But, because the online calculator truncates the decimal place instead of rounding, you can go all the way to 14.23 : 1 before taking more than 50 points for an engine swap (50.984 points => 50 points). The PWR is calculated by the new HP and a special weight that they have listed for each car in a database. Concerning your question of "Why does it ask for original HP it makes no difference in the VPI see below", Mike Chisek will answer that question for you. His email is michael.chisek@champcar.org and his phone number is 704-241-8215. You will also notice that the formula as written in the rulebook is incorrect. You should ask him about this as well.
  3. enginerd

    Tech Response time

    That is so very interesting... because it's been laid out over and over again on the forums that what is said on the forums is irrelevant/inadmissible/not official/etc.
  4. enginerd

    Fuel Delivery

    We have about 8 5-gallon quick fill jugs. Throw them in Dave’s minivan and drive to the gas station, fill, return to track. Driving with windows open is advisable.
  5. enginerd

    Rear view camera

    So you think that the cell is less safe when surrounded by the roll cage? Or, the cell needs no protection, just keep it as far from the driver as possible?
  6. enginerd

    Rear view camera

    Moot point. Wrecks happen for a variety of reasons. Trunks get crumpled. I’m not putting my tank / filler neck / surge tank back there.
  7. enginerd

    Rear view camera

    This is why we want to keep the fuel cell forward of the backstays / rear axle... generally away from the trunk: Obviously putting it in the trunk makes it far easier to install a bulkhead.
  8. enginerd

    Rear view camera

    Yes, the question I was asking is: ‘can this rule requiring a metal bulkhead be changed?’ It is pretty clear that rules change all the time (like this one which just appeared), and I would like it to be revisited. I think that an airtight barrier between driver compartment and the back half of the car would afford sufficient protection in a flash fire to get the driver out, even if not made from metal. I have seen videos where a driver literally gets sprayed with fuel before it ignites and a lexan barrier would prevent anything like that from happening. I think that metal would be a better barrier than lexan, but lexan may be a good enough barrier and it has some advantages too.
  9. enginerd

    The 8's at VIR.....

    @ 22:05 ... when can I get one of those sweet flag light systems?
  10. enginerd

    Rear view camera

    I already emailed Jay Mauney with this suggestion and some arguments in favour. He said it will be discussed with Mike, Ray, and TAC.
  11. enginerd

    Rear view camera

    I think having clear visibility (through a rear-side window) to the fittings and hoses back there is a very good thing for safety. As mentioned, I saw a weeping fuel fitting on Andrews tank at Gingerman and we fixed it right away, if the whole thing was contained in a metal shell, it would have just kept leaking until they got it back to his garage to remove the cover.
  12. enginerd

    The 8's at VIR.....

    So who won it?
  13. enginerd

    Rear view camera

    I think using a camera is nowhere near sufficient for rear visibility. The 17” convex longacre that I have gives a very wide view and there is no way I would neutralize it by adding an opaque divider in my car. Best case the rear camera kinda works. Worst case it fails for a variety of reasons (water on lens. Fender bender damage. Electronics glitch in camera OR screen) and you now only have your side views to use.
  14. enginerd

    Tech Response time

    Nobody knows at this point.