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  1. The 3-4 spot is the end of the header. Stop turning simple things into difficult ones.
  2. Partsbadger certainly isn’t the first to think of this, I thought about changing the angle on my rear window (look at e30 m3 vs e30 325i) years ago but didn’t because it was clear that this would add points. The difference is that I didn’t then go to tech and ask for a rule exemption to allow me to do it.
  3. Installed a version of this last winter... wish I had done it 4 years ago!
  4. Stripped a lot from the parts car and started cleaning the garage. Subframes/ trailing arms/ struts all appear to be in good shape. If you happen to want doors / wheels / glass from a 1991 e30 sedan, let me know. Will trade for beer.
  5. I’ll give you some history on the lexan windows thing... it all goes back to the great lexan debate of 2013-2014. Glass windows had to be removed per the rules, and some teams who tow on open trailers or store their cars outside for periods of time wanted window coverings for zero points. Other teams who wanted the aero benefit (if there is one) piggybacked on these other teams and also tried to get lexan windows allowed for free to replace the glass ones. Some other smartass teams covered these window openings with opaque materials with a lower point value than lexan. JC fought these arguments tooth and nail, but eventually ceded free lexan windows with the provision that they provide no benefit over the stock glass window that they replace. This was the basis of the part of the rule requiring exactly the same size, shape, and location. TL:DR, using these free lexan windows to gain aerodynamic performance beyond the stock glass config was not intended and specifically barred by the shape/size/position requirement. Tech may have allowed this, but tech made a mistake.
  6. We just pour ‘til it spills out, pause a couple seconds, then pour until it spills out again. Doesn’t everybody?
  7. So let me see if I am understanding this, and I will extrapolate the case to try to make it clearer. According to @LuckyKid, I can: - Install rear side lexan windows and rear window, matching the OE shape and location of the glass windows. - I can then remove pieces of those lexan windows and repurpose them, perhaps even the entire sheets. -These sheets of lexan can be made into aerodynamic improvements such as spoiler/splitter/diffuser. All of this is zero points. @National Tech @Ray Franck
  8. I remember a red flag video very early on... Mike said “my favorite word is ‘no’, just ask my kids, I say ‘no’ all the time”. We need this Mike. We don’t need a Mike and Tech who say “well I suppose you can wiggle around the material point values by cutting this and moving that and claiming zero for this other thing” when it would be sooooo much easier and simpler to just say “no”.
  9. What’s an advantage of a ‘radio broadcast’ over the YouTube video broadcast? I usually put on the YouTube feed and listen while working, checking back periodically to look at the standings or see some in-car. Is it just the stripped audio from the video broadcast? (I didn’t listen to it at Sonoma, was following on YouTube)
  10. Looks like you went to a lot of trouble to avoid the floor... why?
  11. From left to right: fuel gauge / oil pressure gauge / warning lights / water temp gauge / tach / AFR gauge And a clock behind the steering wheel And I even taped on little labels so that my teammates (who found it SOOO HARD to memorize the light colours) would know which warning light was which.
  12. Well... the current RBank Saab was re-built in the Midwest and was originally run by a Minnesota team. And the RBank CRX was built and prepped in Illinois... So we are claiming them for team Midwest And Paul Kruse and the Altima are Midwest no matter where he happens to be living in any given year. It was great fun watching the bits of the championship coverage that I got to see, can’t wait to bring home the #1 for team Midwest at Road America in 2021.
  13. Think of it not as an enclosure for the FIA tank, but an enclosure for all your fuel-carrying fittings and lines and tubes.
  14. Yea!! I read a rental agreement damage clause a few years back that spelled out cost of every part and had charges for ‘damaging driving’ not resulting in an actual broken part. For instance, they had $$$ per instance of the tach reading above XXXX rpm.
  15. Interesting, this is what I use and it seems to do both although I don’t see that listed as a feature. @Doc recommended it. Ran 22 hours through Indy weekend without an overnight recharge, pretty sure it was still full on charge at the end. https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00935L44E#Ask
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