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  1. It's a relic. I would prefer "stock or points". It would hurt our speed for sure, the BMWs benefit a lot from the free springs / dampers.
  2. 3.14. MASTER ELECTRICAL KILL (CUT-OFF) SWITCH3.14.1. All cars must have a racing-type master electrical kill switch mounted in the center of the dash area of the car (roll cage dash bar) or center console area of the cockpit, accessible to and by the driver while he/she is secured in the driving seat by all seat belts and harnesses. The control or key for this switch should be red and the OFF position should be clearly indicated. Both the main battery circuit and the ignition circuit must be interrupted by the kill switch. So if you have a secondary battery which powers the radio but nothing else, then I suppose this secondary battery could power the radio during refueling.
  3. Surprised that there isn't a petitions thread yet.. maybe nobody has finished reading through the whole document yet!! haha.. I thought we had a lot last year, but this year there are more! Off the cuff notes: I'm about 1/3 of the way through. There are a lot of rubbish petitions so far. Won't take long to leave feedback. "No" ... "no"... "this doesn't make any sense".. "no"... etc. If you have any well thought out responses to specific petitions that you think need to be seen, please respond below, I would love to read your well thought out thoughts.
  4. The failure mode is needing to push the button further and further and further to make contact until it no longer reliably makes contact. The cheap buttons wear out pretty quickly chasing no-starts! I am on my 3rd cheapo in 6 years with one in the spares bin.
  5. Per the rules the kill switch must be off when fueling.
  6. +1 for ability to crank without starting. Huge benefit. +1 for being able to separately turn off the fuel pumps I use the "quickcar" 6 switch + push button switch panel. Served us well for 6 years, but the push button itself wears out. You can buy reasonably priced replacements from Jegs. Switch 1 is ECU, switch 2 puts power to the fuel pump relay, other switches do accessories.
  7. Great question. I read a great article about this in a magazine 10 years ago... can’t remember the name of it. Left me saying “what???” And “oooohhh” and “what?” A lot.
  8. Ok, you should edit your post above because your lift:drag numbers are sometimes drag:lift numbers.
  9. A prototype car will produce over 2000 lbs of downforce.... are you saying that at this speed it carries over 8000 lbs of drag?
  10. The HD rockers would be points if used, but as Huggy said, you don't even use 'em even if you're one to seek an unfair advantage because they have their own issues. Yes. Any rocker which doesn't measure to spec should be IS points. To the best of my knowledge, the rocker failure mode is fatigue, I can only assume that in early years of $500 cars, most teams wouldn't spend hundreds$$$ to replace all the 20 year old rockers which have seen ~200,000,000 cycles. You race until one breaks, and replace it (or all) at that point. One potentially successful strategy for e30 teams is to replace with new OE rockers and continue to replace at a regular interval before they break.
  11. I wonder if these failing coolant tanks are purchased from RockAuto... It's very common for a threads about broken parts to contain the phrase "I bought this from rockauto". BMW has pressurized coolant tanks and AFAIK the one we have used in every race since 2014 was original to the car (1988). I have a hard time believing that BMW quality is that far ahead of Mazda.
  12. VPI is 200 at last check. The 150 VPI is the Gen 1 and it should really be lower in comparison to the Gen. 2.
  13. Ehh... I knew jack shirt about BMWs when I bought the e30 and started working on it. If you pick a common car (BMW / miata) you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting an Internet forum or YouTube channel showing you exactly how to fix or replace every part on it. What car to pick? BMW is the answer, e36/e46 are excellent choices, e30 is the best choice. Other great choices include e24 / e28 / e34
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