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  1. E30 is just a boxy faster Miata. There's a zillion of them and the cookbook on racing them has been written a few times. (which am I talking about Miata or e30??) If you want to swim upstream pick a rare car it'll be fun if that's what you're into.
  2. Thanks Andrew! It was appreciated. Many teams were waving us down all day with water and gatorade. Its a row of really good people. The most amazing Champcar staff person is Al. Al lugged water up and down pit lane to us all day both days, he had many miles on his shoes by the end of Sunday. Thanks Al!!!!! I was feeling empathy for the tired looking folks dragging carts of fuel off into the wilderness, or where ever they were going. Looked like a lot of work. Pretty cool race to watch unfold...but they all are.
  3. We’ve started at around 24 to end up at 30ish. That’s on a cool morning. If it’s pretty warm over night we’ve found they don’t come up as much. Physics...weird. Thats on our Miata with the 225 and the 245.
  4. Lot easier than explaining why a known deadly issue was allowed. (50 shades of green )
  5. Not mad I think the points for this component are too low. Not sure it followed the process that I thought would be followed. If it’s really a safety issue shouldn’t it be a mandatory modification before a car is allowed on track?
  6. Are the billet aluminum hubs from willwood heavier? Are titanium hubs heavier. Your builds include mostly parts from the pick and pull. (It’s awesome and how it should be). Every other team does not do it like you do. I’m pulling for you and every other spirit of grassroots team at Indy for sure.
  7. Yea I agree. It’s hard to understand how it works and it’s still too subjective I think. When someone gets called out using a non oem part it would seem like tech would have to go to the rule book and pick the closest thing to that part to assign points. In this case it’d be suspension parts at 10pts each. Then if someone thinks that’s too high they can petition for a change in that specific part. I’ve watched many many hours of Miata’s going by with all four wheels. I think the safety argument is way over used when someone wants to buy a shinny new thing for performance and reliability.
  8. This covers the exact precedent that has been set and the slope greased. How is any cooler, radiator, additional fan, stronger suspension part and so on more than 2.5 points going forward.?????
  9. Pads on the right, calipers on the left...I suppose the rotors stuck in the middle...............
  10. Thats right, they can just lay in the sun in agony....just not in a fire lane, thats a no pass out area for old people. They are not checking trailers for fuel tho, so you can smuggle all you want in. Can't wait for the track to think..."wow theses cars are real effecient, nobody has bought any gas yet and they been racing like 15 hours....
  11. No one said the points for that stuff is correct either. 😁.
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