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  1. Go Team Infiniti. You’re the Heroes for all of us that really are on a budget. Congratulations!!!!
  2. I’m so torn....pick on all e30’s or just Nate....they just better be on their game. It sucks following the cheerleader cars to the checkered flag
  3. Just bringing this race back to the top. We need more teams, it’s going to be fun
  4. I think it sounds like a good rule. Line of site to the yellow is when it should start.
  5. Looks like few more are committing. Let’s make this a great race. We need to keep it on the schedule. I know there are more Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Mich teams... get signed up! Maybe some east teams can sign up and show us how it’s done.....if they dare. @enginerd said he’s buying the beer....I think that’s how I heard it anyway.
  6. Having been up and down pit road......I don’t want to be flashed by any of you.......
  7. Haha. Sometimes the fun is making people wonder what’s wrong with me....and testing their sarcasm meter. Loving the warm weather but getting Serious itch to get back to the race track.
  8. Hey. This is not about fun It’s all about winning and finding loopholes in the rules that will irritate the hell outa other teams. Don’t confuse this with fun it’s serious serious stuff.
  9. We will have two cars there. Most teams in the area are busy moving snow and not freezing to death right now.
  10. That’s kinda what I expected. And agree it’s really fun. The switch mid race to the fill course wasn’t really done correctly and was weird.
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