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  1. More concerned that there just won't be money for some to show up with, and in the back of my mind worried that some tracks won't make it and there wont be as many race to go to.
  2. Yikes this is pretty interesting. Co$t creep...$lippery $lope......
  3. Dating? Been married to a whole woman for 35 years. Just depends on your goals, winning a race or making cool v8 noise. Both are admirable goals.
  4. Be creative, C3 Vette made as light as possible, see Visceral racing Porsche. Then maybe a modern v6 with 250 or so hp and better fuel mileage than a v8. Plenty of points for custom subframes and such that make it pretty much a tube frame car.
  5. Its the pit timer now too? I remember that being a potential but didn't know that was in place yet??? Is the system working for local yellows now or just full course?
  6. A couple of areas that should be looked at seriously to reduce contact will be registration and tech. Could gear check be done by the participant and signed off before the event? I would guess the tracks are looking closely at how to do waiver signing with out umpty squat people having to touch the same paper and pen. Same for registration, there has to be a way of doing this with out subjecting Champ staff to everyone's floating cooties.
  7. After reading a bit about the extension of the boarder closing to non-essential crossings, it would seem less and less likely that we will be able to get to this one. Like everything right now, its wait and see.
  8. The extended ball joints are a modified for performance suspension component to me I would have thought they would be 10pts each
  9. I think all he is saying is that pwr to weight is only an indicator at lower speed. From slow corner exit to 60 or 80 MPH At higher speeds, above 100 maybe, the power to drag is more important. At some point, que the math nerds, wind resistance is a bigger deal than the weight of the car. In the past I've read a couple articles about Bonneville it was very interesting how much HP gain it took then to go a few MPH faster, like maybe to get from 257 to 260 I don't remember the numbers but it was eye opening
  10. That's pretty funny. Everybody has to do it, we don't know if it really does any good, but it makes us look like we are trying.
  11. Yep, and I would prefer to not have any more fudging of factors.
  12. So the swap formula is hp to fudge factor not weight. I'm not sure we need another formula to be fudge factored.
  13. I think you need to be well south of 13.5:1 I'd guess the Altima SER to be 11 or less at race weight and tune.
  14. I agree with your entire post Roger. I think this part of it is really the most important going forward. Its going to be a pretty tricky balancing act. In the end, it might be reasonably simple, but still a tricky balance. One of the learning curve issues is going to be understanding just how good the newer cars are, FWD cars have not sucked just because they are wrong wheel drive for some time now and modern power is pretty serious.
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