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  1. Sounds very um.... I don't know, but probably 10 points
  2. Couldn't decide between the thanks and the Laugh. but yes this is very true
  3. We’ve done fine without those ridiculously pricy hubs so far
  4. ^^. Oh one more question. What shocks are guys running on time attack cars with jumbo aero and 1k springs?
  5. Thanks again! I agree down force is good. My only other concern with getting real serious with heavy spring rates for what we do is reliability of things like hubs and suspension components. It hard to know the perfect balance between lap times and lasting for endurance racing.
  6. Great info, Thanks. Brings up a couple questions, because I'm curious When you say 2300lbs are you talking with driver? Am I wrong to think that may be too stiff with 200tw tires? What about in the rain, too stiff?
  7. Third rotor is just repurposed stuff. Don’t worry about it. 🤪
  8. I don’t think Ray writes or edits the rule book. Just reads it and takes a load of poo from us.
  9. Isn't the whole point of the VPI that cars with higher starting point values don't get to add as much stuff. What am I missing here? Like my dad used to say when I wanted sympathy as a little fella. "I feel for ya, I just can't quite reach ya." In today's terms he would have probably told me to suck it up buttercup. I mean we'd like to put a set of cams in our ecotech and run a different intake or whatever but we are out of points. What kind of crap is that? Those things shouldn't be points its just dumb. I would never tell you "sucks to suck" You've won too many races and clearly don't suck. Please take all of the above with at least 2 or 3 grains of salt. Its all just conversation in the paddock.
  10. So any way if you could go ahead and figure a way to do the k swap. It’d be cool and give folks something other than the EcoTech to loose sleep over
  11. I think it’s a great swap for this series. It makes a really fun car, it’s a competitive car, it maintains reliability, you still get to use lots of cheap Miata stuff, and so on.
  12. You make it sound so easy. 😎
  13. Might start running out of points.
  14. For a short tube turbo manifold A legal ecoTech is not 200. And 200 will never do 2 hours, and you’ll want to get good at replacing transmissions I think. It would be fun as heck up the the point the trans case was suddenly filled with metal confetti.
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