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  1. Sounds like pretty scientific aero testing. Isolating the changes to just the aero and on the same day with same conditions and everything.
  2. I agree. I think that “in stock form” means the whole car is stock for their testing to be valid. Some cars are so hacked up that I don’t think the engineers would agree it’s still safe.
  3. Maybe @SonsOfIrony should have said reposition for aero improvement instead of aero device. The point is still the same. If it’s legal (without taking points) he wants to do it too.
  4. This is one of the most spun out of control threads in a long time. I’m gonna run out popcorn.
  5. Send it to the tech desk. If Jay and Ray are on their game they won’t touch this thread with a 10 ft repurposed pole. 😀
  6. Would it be no points if we cut up an oem hard top and made it the same weight? I don’t think there is a rule against making things weigh less. The material would all be removed with real cheap hand tools.
  7. Really he needs to claim what ever points tech says to. Its not easy doing tech....it becomes more and more confusing with all this reuse this and repurpose that. It seems to me it would be easier if we just went off the principle that if it isn’t stock then it’s points.
  8. I think you might be part of a special region of All Y'all, sweet tee sippin, chillin out having a good time folk. The deep south. Now when you're kicking our butts, you're from the cousin kissin backwoods of who knows where. Generally associated with only tuning one direction during a race.
  9. Checking NAPA just now front shock for 94 Miata ranges $102 to $174. You don’t have to use the cheapest number you can find on the internet.
  10. A more fun response would have been ”what, you’re not? “. 😀
  11. We aren’t. I don’t know if any are. I wasn’t saying anyone was doing that, just that the Penske was not specifically valves for Champcar. If we were custom valving shocks I sure wouldn’t talk about it on the internet.
  12. It’s certainly true that the testing was not done on a Champcar set up. To really know one would have to test at our weights springs and tires. The Penske was specifically designed for SM so is likely not optimized for what can be run in Champcar. I’ve always thought they should have been points just because they are a designed for racing part and the precedent it sets for allowing other things is not good.
  13. The test results from the pros said the real gain from the Penske was consistency from lap one to lap 20 or so. They did not fall off in lap times like the yellow ones.
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