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  1. This isn’t new for Road America. We have seen it in races we’ve worked and races we have run in. They want everyone together so the safety crews can focus on clean up and not worry about getting run over. Their crews are the best. I agree with everyone that has pointed out that this is not a BOD issue. They should be plotting a course for the ship, not deciding on the menu for the crew.
  2. Yep. The lack of accountability is the big deal to me. There is no longer a need to worry about facts or logic in the swap “math”
  3. Haha. Love it. You sure that version of the saying didn’t originate in the presence of Tyler. 🤪
  4. I have to agree. Aero could go up some and not be the end of the world. The base swap number could go up some, maybe 60 instead of 50. VPI on cars with over 250hp and 20 gallons of fuel could go up..............
  5. Yep agree. Plenty of fun to be had without the shenanigans of bump drafting.
  6. Ouch. How much work is it going to be to put Humpty Dumpty back together again? Hate seeing cars get wrecked.
  7. It is crazy. That’s what collecting is though. Once the side hat kids got old enough to have real jobs and wanted that dream Honda, they go up in price. And there are very few that are left, either already race cars, or rusted beyond recognition. I didnt mean to imply that any one was paying big money and then turning one into a an endurance car. But the price of the old shells, (Honda, Miata, and e30 ) that are usable is creeping up.
  8. Be careful what car you cut up for Endurance racing. https://jalopnik.com/so-nice-honda-crxs-are-going-for-33-600-now-1836920736
  9. And don’t drink water for a week before the race
  10. Don’t you mean when Andrew has some used ones you might try them. 😀. Sorry couldn’t resist
  11. Fair enough. We shall see how it plays out. At one time I heard from a reliable source the latest the Toyo’s that used to be 180 would pass a 300tw test. It’s all bout marketing and not about how long the tire really lasts in a race
  12. A season on a set.......if your season is two weekends maybe. I should have have been more specific. Which pointy end teams are going for the slow tire? I just hope that Bridgstine doesn’t make a 225 re71. The temptation would be incredible.
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