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  1. This was my impression as well. We Started with the ‘14 season and the rule has been the same since then.
  2. And that’s on a 4 mile track. They went 32 miles further than 2nd place. They need something like 14 laps at Gingerman. (With current configuration)
  3. I would speculate there are about 4 or 5 teams that would. Not ours, we are to cheap to buy the Penske’s
  4. Sometimes it feels like a nut sometimes it don’t. Trouble maker.
  5. I didn’t say I thought 300 was good. If I implied that, I didn’t mean to. I think that car is probably way north of 400 to the wheels. That, to me at least, is out of control. with no min weight, the most important thing in racing, power needs to be controlled. Again, that’s just how I see it.
  6. Right. So to make real gains with oe cast heads they’d have to use points for cam and valve train. And some how I doubt the bottom end is oe 78 vette stuff. Could be, but...
  7. I think you are underestimating the power they are getting from the aluminum heads. They can port and polish away but that does not change the size of the valves from stock. And they would loose the roller rockers that are surely in there as well. They can certainly still end up with a fast car. If it’s still too fast it can be adjusted again. I think a hp limit is very hard to enforce... way too many ways to fudge dyno graphs tire size limit would be a good thing for the series and a fuel limit might be good too.
  8. That video is pretty cool. Thanks for some good info
  9. Starters and alternators that aren’t part of swap or original should be points. I have trouble understanding why it’s so hard to stick to the “there is no free part” rule it’s been there forever and keeps getting run over.
  10. Wow. The instigator in Chief calls someone an instigator to instigate discussion that might deflect the issues that matter to the folks that pay the chief instigator a salary. I think there are a couple loops I missed. non oe alternators should be points non oeradiators should be points just not 30. Rules should not come about because someone somewhere wants to fit someone’s car into the framework. this is entertaining to watch
  11. Correct. It was an oops. It can just be fixed. No need to petition
  12. Yep, they don’t have to respond but they could certainly read and see what is being talked about.
  13. short is also vague confusing and full of loopholes. if you don't believe this go back and read about 27gillion posts in 10 gillion threads over the last 10 years.
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