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  1. JDChristianson

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Thanks Rob, I was thinking the same thing, just hadn't come up with a decent way to say it.
  2. JDChristianson

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Hubs...or lack of ones that won't break with that extreme offset. Oh, and a Miata that can stay with the e30's and such doesnt have a lot of points left over. Your point of flares and stretched fenders not adding much if any safety is not wrong in my opinion I don't feel like this was sprung on us suddenly, the 2019 rules have been out for some time now and it was in there from the beginning I think. The BOD, that we elected, put the rule in. I just don't see this as nearly the issue that its been made out to be in this thread. Just my opinion. And, I don't think the series should wait for death and destruction to implement a rule that tries to add some safety margin.
  3. JDChristianson

    Driver's Championship

    Can we swap cars with you guys on Friday? Bring your pipe and bat, you may need to roll your fenders before Saturdays start? It sure will suck for you when you get in our car and it won't start on Friday. It does that sometimes.
  4. JDChristianson

    Driver's Championship

    I had a thought one day....yea I know dangerous.... It would be pretty cool if during a practice day there could be a couple or three pro drivers, or known high level amateur drivers that were available to drive your car and give you some feedback on the car and your teams driving. It could be something that teams signed up for and paid a little bit for. It would probably need some sponsorship to cover some costs. Randy P, obviously comes to mind, along with TomO, Wyatt, Misha... There are probably several series regulars that would be great at this. Russ from Champfaces comes to mind.
  5. It’s hard to beat pie. A really good fudge brownie sundae is awfully good though. You know, I feel a whole lot more like I do today than I did yesterday.
  6. Is there a lighter v6 that could be used instead of an explorer engine
  7. Was/ is the cougar raced at 500 pts ?
  8. Miata’s are cheap get one. You don’t have to do anything to them. Just plop your behind in the the seat and poof you’re a driver of unconscionable, epic, talent. It’s why we picked one.
  9. I like it Let's get this to a level Racers can understand.............. She didn't get pregnant last time, think I'll save the trojans for another time.
  10. I knew I shouldn't have used an example. It is ok to deal with something before it becomes a problem
  11. Sometimes its ok to deal with a situation before there is a problem. Didn't wait for an explosion before fixing the rule on ballooned tanks.
  12. Work is overrated, you should get a boss that'll give ya a day off.
  13. JDChristianson

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Yea I did. What does passing away from cancer at an early age have anything to do with it. Please don't answer, I'm really not looking to you for wisdom on that particular topic.