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  1. Wouldn’t be the first time a business plan involved getting a sanctioning body to make racers buy stuff. I imagine there is a safety piece, a lawyer piece and a business plan piece.
  2. A six year old passenger car belt may fail sfi testing. A brand new one might fail sfi testing. I don’t know.
  3. Looks like SFI foundation email is. Sfi@sfifoundation.com. I would imagine they’d be happy to hear about the things they are doing wrong. Maybe they are maybe they aren’t.
  4. Should pass the fender test. Is an extra axle and set of wheels free?
  5. Sorry. Just casually discussing. I put an idea out to the BOD that I think would make a good thing better. I don’t expect everyone to agree.
  6. Yea I think your right. I also think somewhere it says it’s good for 5 years. I don’t know its so complicated. 😜 I do know for sure I just got our Necksgen back with new tethers, new pad and new sticker.
  7. My thoughts in writing that petition were to make the Championship more meaningful. My first thought was that it should be harder to qualify, and I thought that it should take 4 or 5 races to qualify. Then after kicking it around awhile that seemed like to many races for a grassroots series, I didn't want to turn it into something that a lot of teams just couldn't afford to do. So I proposed 3 races, that means a team has to at least commit 2 weekends to the series to be crowned Champions. I never really felt that it should all be based on points, its not taking in enough races to be a points championship, and a true points championship in this sort of series would turn into a participation award for the teams that could afford to do the most races. If more of the best teams are motivated to be at the race, with a chance to win the biggest bestest trophy ever and get interviewed on live YouTube by a Super Awesome commentator...or Bill, well it will be a truly Epic race. As it is now its pretty epic just not TRULY EPIC. Right now 75 are qualified and realistically 10 have a chance to be Champion.
  8. I always figured that when the a piece of equipment was past the date on the certification tag it was no longer certified, So of the rule says SFI certified one that is past the date is not certified any longer. The way the snell ratings work on helmets is a little different to me. A helmet that has a 2010 Snell rating, always has a 2010 rating. So race series decide how old they allow helmets to be by saying which ratings are allowed. That's just how I understand it.
  9. You thought glass hoods were too many points just wait.
  10. Well it’s got the braided fuel line in it to power the sign
  11. Cool stuff @vtjballeng where does the temp reading come from. A rotor face?
  12. 3 wide start would be good for the environment. Save on gas burned the rest of the day.
  13. Resting everyone, resting....deep breath. So the real question is, well ok there is no real question. Now is it in the rules weather they have to be right side up?
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