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  1. I think a gator must a licked my phone. The sun was was too bright for proof reading. . I was busy feeling bad for my friends still in Iowa dealing with snow. I,ve got more excuses if you’d like.
  2. You are on to one of the things that shoild have never been allowed and that has not yet been fully exploited. I know some pretty good fabricators have poo Ted put the the BOD that this is a something that could lead to some serious unintended consequences.
  3. It was fun for sure. Not sure I can ever get enough laps to feel really comfortable at Barber. Always fun though
  4. I don’t know from what was said above you can get incredible gains with a piece of sand paper and a screw driver. (Using up my 2020 allotment of sarcasm before it expires next week).
  5. seems like your making a good argument that the swap calculator should have a 1.5x multiplier for the hp of any 70's or 80's v8. And the vpi on all the cars carrying those engines from the factory should go up.
  6. It’s the Holidays Ray so I’ll just let you and Santa Claus hang onto that idea. . But really most things are really pretty good. There’s always a way to do better though. Now get of this silly forum and enjoy your family this week.
  7. I agree this is really a pretty good summary. What you really mean is the vast majority want to drive a car on track, get away from their mean wife and drink beer and stuff. Many are not really racing.
  8. There are few interesting possibilities on why so few vote. how many teams/ cars are there?
  9. Not advocating for pwr to weight based rules....but those two things are sorta important in racing.
  10. There seems to be a fair amount of "ball busting" on swap cars. The swaps, in my mind, are a pretty necessary part of the series as it has evolved. There is a need to bring newer cars into the series to stay healthy going forward, there is also a need to keep the old stuff competitive. There have been so many barn doors left open over the years that there is no way to compete with out swapping engines to get at least some hp in some of these old cars. That being said, the lid has to be kept on the swaps that are available in some of the cars. Allowing some changes to fit a swap makes
  11. to be fair, we really don't want it on any on the BMW's
  12. I don’t know. Even after I got our defrost to work the amount of spray in the air after the flag stand was not easy to see through. They wouldn’t hurt
  13. Why is it every time we get home from Barber I wonder why rain lights are not required ?? Maybe I’ll buy one for our car in the off season
  14. I would sure think turning the manifold around is ok....just not on rx7's definitely points on an rx7
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