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    Crankcase ventilation (the good kind)

    There’s more blowing than sucking.
  2. Is it mentioned in the the drivers meeting that this system is in testing and that the flag gets are official?
  3. JDChristianson

    Most Common Failures - Unofficial Poll

    Any part that moves, carries a fluid, has anything to do with electricity, gets hot or is near something that gets hot.
  4. JDChristianson

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    ^^add 2.5 gallons to each for a cell and surge tank.
  5. We are an Iowa team. We’ll try to stop and say hi at Road America. We will be working that race. It’s great fun to work a race and it helps fund our entry fees. Your attitude is what we we all need more of.
  6. JDChristianson

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    Wouldn’t it be helpful to weigh cars at tech and build a real wealth of data? It could be used in so many ways. It was started lest fall at Road America.
  7. JDChristianson

    2019 Sonoma Double 7-hour

    I checked in on the broadcast a couple times yesterday Looked like lots of fun was being had.
  8. JDChristianson

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    You’ve taken a guess at weight, what you don’t have ( I don’t think). Is how much fuel they actually have. How many have cells? How many have modified vents on stock tanks ? How much does that gain? If they couldn’t do that would the results shift? How much additional is being added with long 3” fill necks? What your working toward has merit, but may have some unintended consequences too
  9. I think what @55mini was getting at was if engine xyz in normal Champcar race trim is generally at say155 hp and we see one on a post race dyno at say 170, some real hard questions should be asked. And when they aren’t asked? credibility of the series is damaged. Atleast for some people. I know he didn’t say exactly that but I’m pretty sure this is what he meant.
  10. Most of us have very little or no class. You’re safe here. 😂
  11. JDChristianson

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    hey if a re-ground oe cam is still an oe cam that looks like a fender flare made out of re-purposed seat foam to me. It is all about backyard engineering right?????????
  12. This has been a very interesting and entertaining day on the forum. What I observed/learned Many of the folks at the pointy end would like to go back to the good ole days of group hugs in impound and just not worry about each others cars. Its all good. Not very many people like to think that they were out driven. Some people forget that the series made all of us the rule enforcers/police, and they don't think people should be interested in whats going on in the other cars. From the pictures posted of impound early in this thread it appears that at least one car was let out of tech and on to the track and into impound with out all of the sponsor decals. Hmmm there must be a good reason for that. Some really good ideas have come out, posting the points breakdown of the impound cars publicly makes so much sense to me. @Jer put up what he could remember and then the team posted it as well. This was pretty cool. I think. The new lightning rod team, Parts Badger, seems to be sincere about changing some things in their behavior. That sort of thing is what life is about. Learning and adapting. Someday maybe I'll get better at it. Looking forward to learning more tomorrow. Carry on (insert green wherever you'd like)
  13. Well.... We have $2700 in just dyno time over these three races. We have 3 intake configurations, 4 exhausts, 3 sway bars, 6 different tire types and sizes with different rim combos, we've tested 4 different brake combos, three wing mounts (About $2000 into wing development), three splitters/air dams, and 5 alignments with three wedges in just three races. We are really going to try to get some more test days to get the car dialed in and we can eek out a second or two more. This aint $40K but this paragraph is probably double 5k, You can start with these guys I suppose. 
  14. No, you can’t make me Yep. We will be there working, having a great time.
  15. Where other Miata’s at the race swapped cars? Just curious.
  16. JDChristianson

    V6 e30 Quasi Build Thread

    But isn't there quite a bit of area under the curve from 5400 to 6500? Not saying it isn't smart to shift somewhere in there. (below 6500)
  17. JDChristianson

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Thank you.
  18. Oh sure first you post video of me spinning out like a dumb ass then you want help winning a trailer. Geez. 😂
  19. JDChristianson

    Best bang for the buck

    living is about learning.
  20. JDChristianson

    Swap Calculator is Live!

  21. JDChristianson

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    I don't get it. I think that "and components" should have been left out of this line. I think that this line was originally meant to keep away from running a cell that is just the plastic molded tank. You have to run one that is a metal box with the deform-able tank/bladder inside it. Doesn't the sfi / fia rating cover this. Why is it so hard. @National Tech please help us understand.
  22. JDChristianson

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    Are there at least drain holes?
  23. JDChristianson

    Best bang for the buck

    Maybe those parts went on after it had been through annual tech and the team just forgot they put them on............
  24. JDChristianson

    Best bang for the buck

    If they have the money, they could hire the knowledge if the adjustables were legal The other group you didn't include are the teams that have been down the adjustable shock spending river in other series and really just want to have a good time with a a less sophisticated car. The more adjustments you have the more ways you can screw up.