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  1. @Slugworks Paul You said, "Shouldn't VPIs be about true performance potential?" The TRUE potential of a car is not shown by anyone but the best. I must not be picking up what you're puttin down. I think it'd be pretty cool to see a test day with Randy P, and Tomo driving a few of the top cars and see which ones are really fastest. Should that be the only factor in points value, probably not but it should be a pretty heavily weighted one. Actually this would be better money spent by Champcar than hiring the ignored dyno to travel to races.
  2. Isn’t the best team most likely to show the true performance potential of a car? The points should be based off of what a really good team can do. If another team isn’t that good they have things to improve on. Seems to to me that you are suggesting that that an inexperienced team should get a points break.
  3. Yep And why the aero rules are not specific or limiting enough yet. Its not about what’s being done it’s about what could be done by a team with a dump truck full of money. And there are a few teams already that have access to several dump trucks full.
  4. No thats the E30 recipe, and works best if you tape off the grill on hot days. German cars love heat.
  5. I think its an oiling issue that kills some of them. Attention to detail in installation and using (at least in the Miata) the ecotech Miata oil pan has kept ours alive. So far, knocking on wood.... Of and they really should not have the snot run out of them north of 7k all day long.....
  6. Yep nothing better than the multi generational teams. We’ve had a wonderful time.
  7. Seriously one of the best analogies on how this is progressing.
  8. Loook Nate you have an e30 and we all know you only get advantages not disadvantages 😂😂😂😂. Seriously though a distance penalty makes sense both ways. If they ever did the track switch again at that point laps should convert to distance and then make it as close as they can. Im no engineer though so I’d prolly have to vote against it 😂😂
  9. You did get that advantage of you lead nearly doubling when we went to the full course for three hours. It was fun but that nuance was a bit wonky. 😎
  10. For 20 points the builder has room to do this 😀.
  11. We have have the timer thing. I turn around t on and off manually. I don’t care for how the timer works. It’s oddly distracting to me to have it come on when I don’t expect it. Then it doesn’t necessarily run long enough to cool you down. Its a a personal preference sort of thing
  12. I think there’s a pretty strong commitment to it. Just speculating on my part but it doesn’t feel like a trial period.
  13. Maybe this change should be like changing the points on the MR2. When its a real problem to the show or to attendance we'll look at it and see if something should be done. That'll give us time to save up for the purchase, you could put 10 bucks in savings and by the time flagging is real problem you'll have 150 buck in the bank.
  14. At least now when we crash in the rain because no lights are required the flashy thing on the dash will go off telling us we are under yellow...........................
  15. I have no doubt you’ve worked hard on this project, I don’t doubt that you’ve created a good product. I just think it should be optional for teams that want to run it. That’s not how it’s going to be though so I’ll include it in the list of things that cost money for 2021
  16. Maybe. How hard is it when they have a sign with your number. ? It doesn’t matter we are all going to have it soon enough. How much will version 2 cost when v1 is obsolete?
  17. We just have different opinions Nate. I was more referring to the example of ignoring black flags for laps. That won’t change. And plenty of others , not your team, never lift their eyes off the hood ornament. That won’t change either. Sounds like you think so wonderful that maybe you’ll buy our box for us 😂
  18. If flags are ignored, flashing lights will be ignored as well. My opinion. I think This should be an option not a requirement
  19. I know, we've been there a couple or 3 times. Its a fun place but a long ways from most teams. (7 hour trip for us) My thought was baby steps. Get more teams started in Chicago, then someplace like Brainerd might get more attention. Its all a bit like trying chasing butterflies or herding cats, you never know where they are going.
  20. Seems like the building of , let’s call it the west Midwest is more difficult than it should be for some reason. Texas teams might be tempted to stretch into Kansas at heartland park (still 7 hours from us but better than 10). Maybe a few years in a row at Autobahn would build more teams out of the gillion people in Chicago. They might travel to brained and west some.
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