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  1. I understand now. the weight/fudgeomatic factor didn't get fudged enough on the 1st gen cars.
  2. This is being made so hard when it shouldn’t be. This is feels like the good of the few over the good of the many.
  3. Green font. You’ll get your gas Saturday morning and you’ll like it. 😁.
  4. Are you sure Blackhawk will allow racecars at track days? Are you tagging along on another event. We were told no by Blackhawk this spring
  5. Another interesting piece of the puzzle (that is not available) would be the point value the podium cars are at.
  6. And weighs about the same as a moped
  7. I think, and maybe its just me, but this is what I think/have observed. Despite some peoples absolute dislike of the classes, they mean more to a lot of people. Conversations up and down pit lane often include something like "not bad, we are 12th overall and second in class. We can catch them for the class win" People pay attention to classes and are proud of class wins. Despite the BOD's stance that "We are about single class racing and classes don't mean hooey", the organization went out and sold class sponsorship's. It would probably not be good to not give out the trophies and not mention the sponsors at the awards presentation. Seems like a bit of a state of denial that some folks talk like the classes don't matter. It can work both ways, with the overall win being the big deal and the classes are secondary. Now the validity of the current classes is another discussion all together.
  8. I prolly didn't sat that well. I dont care what wheels he buys. They can be, and are performance items if they are light enough but whatever. I've just been observing the cost of builds going up and up. Its going to be interesting.
  9. On Sunday for sure the correct car took the Checker flag. I was going to have smoke coming out my ears if it had not. (not that it would have mattered) I can not vouch for Saturday, we were in repair mode still when the checkers flew.
  10. This x100. Don't need to wait for problems just fix it early. If you see one lug nut missing you don’t have to wait for the others to fall off before replacing it. Some more aero restrictions might be nice before there are multiple functioning, well engineered systems running. Just another example.....
  11. The thing you just pointed out is that a lot of money is being spent. If $400 wheels are the cheap parts we could be in trouble in the not to distant future. Its certainly possible and common right now for modest cost cars to be competitive. I hope it stays that way.
  12. I had high hopes that it was going to be fixed. Oh well.
  13. except they didn't win. EC ya know. Just another thing with a big motor. I would imagine they had fun.
  14. They are still working on you....cant get you to shake that Neon thing.
  15. A really good friend was Tech for a local circle track. He used to occasionally call cars outside the podium to the barn at the end of the race. He would do something like "ok podium cars and odd numbered finishers back to 15 come on in lets see what you've got." He said it was really funny the look on the 9th place finisher when they found out they were getting checked. Sort of an oh crap we are busted sort of thing.
  16. Thanks Chris This does help me understand what your thinking. Some of it I agree with and some not as much. Any system is going to be imperfect, and I really think its a leap forward that we are hearing from tech on how they are interpreting and enforcing. I for sure think that many of these interpretations should make it into the rule book in the form of clarifications or re-writes to be more specific and match the real world implementation. I think your last thought is pretty spot on. We have left so many gray areas because we all want to be creative with a hammer and a saw in our backyard, what we need to remember is that some peoples back yard might be an IMSA race shop and they have a race engineer on a tie out back there instead of a German Shepard.
  17. We get a document that tells us how tech sees things....and we're not grateful............ Help me out Chris. You don't want things spelled out, you want flexibility.....and you want clear consistent rules. If its not spelled out its probably not clear. if its not spelled out, its probably hard to be consistent. I'm likely to regret sending this but what the heck
  18. Yes!!!! The first thing to come up should be the winner of the race!!!
  19. Really? I just looked at Road America again thinking I must be missing something. The winner (Ludicrous Speed) shows in 4th place on Saturday's race. What am I missing?
  20. Yea. It’s a shock that a thread turns into bitching. I do think there have been some healthy ideas shared, mixed in with some not so healthy ones. And everyone has a little different idea which is which.
  21. I go in waves of how I feel about this. Tonight is a a wave of "Then they can build a car that is with in the competition rules like the rest of us and they will be in the line up with us." Tomorrow I may feel like accommodating them more. I tried looking at results of this years races earlier today, and its a joke trying to figure out who really did well with the EC cars mixed in. I'm not worried about it, I believe its being taken care of. Jer has told us plans are in place, and they will get it solved Cuz the Road America crews ROCK!
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