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  1. Whatever this is about, from Internet joking to something legitimately bad, this seems like a pretty unhealthy thread.
  2. The problem I see there, is waiting until its "too prevalent". Looking at the series history, there is a pretty strong reluctance to take something back after a few have been built. I personally think its smart to get ahead of things sometimes. Again, just my thoughts and observations.
  3. I really hope that hacking cars up does not become the norm. I think safety is compromised and its just not good for the series. Just my opinion
  4. Just spit ballin. The cooling ducts generally dump on the inboard side of the rotor so cooling is uneven, maybe?. Getting the duct to empty into the center is supposed to help even out the coooling. Its just not easy to do.
  5. Would be very interested in what you find. I have dug into the fine print on our policy.
  6. You can have an air dam. It helps with drag and high speed lift reduction. 10 pts you can add a splitter makes downforce and is real good at scooping grass and dirt into radiator and brake ducts. 10 pts. Seeme reasonable to me.
  7. Just make it simple. Team Goal. Finish races without touching any other car. Goal # 2. See Goal # 1 Goal # 3. Have fun.
  8. Oops sorry. I bet you’ll be ok though.
  9. Performance and purpose not cost. If it works as an air dam or spoiler its the same on track weather it cost 1000 dollars or it was made from 10 dollars worth of stuff. Pretty sure you know that. Look on the bright side, no doubt after a couple more races there will be something new to be worked up about. Your backyard engineering saved you $290, thats pretty good beer money.
  10. I knew you’d disagree. And that’s ok. Not having details in the rules might be fun, but the price for that fun is a certain level of confusion frustration and tension between competitors, and the organizers. Some of that could be averted. I know people are working away to make improvements.
  11. Agree. That’s why we shouldn’t be so afraid of making the rule book a little more robust. Without going to the 800 page scca book. To balance that, we need competitors that don’t try to weasel every molecule out of the words. Not saying you are, that’s just a general statement or thought.
  12. Yea pretty much. We just use a jack so we can be like the cool kids with big cars.
  13. On certain cars that are in the list, or specials like Mazdaspeed? I have no idea.
  14. 4.3.2. Fixed Point Value List • Air intake components ahead of throttle body (including air filter, air filter housing, air intake tubing, AFM/MAF): 0 pts • Aerodynamic Devices o Spoiler / Wing / Splitter / Diffuser / Aero Pan / Air Dam / Side Skirts: 10 pts/ea • Aerodynamic devices not to exceed width of bodywork (fenders, bumpers, doors) when viewed from above. Note: Side mirrors are not included in bodywork width. • Maximum wing height 12” above roof • Maximum wing dropback 12” behind car • Maximum splitter reach 12” in front of car just copied the above from 19 rules.
  15. the folks driving the boat day to day might be the ones to ask about communication of interpretation changes. It’s a good question. Communication is important.
  16. There’s always room for improvement. I think our system is doing well. With people that care volunteering their time, things will continue to improve. Reading the rules each year does not seem like too much to expect from the membership.
  17. Tyler can’t run for political office. He touched a girls shoulder once.
  18. so you won't mind if we hook up a big ole AC unit on your motor and run it on high. Its just parasitic draw not hp loss. I love sarcasm. Seriously getting more hp to the wheels instead of turning pumps is an advantage. It just is. You are correct, that drag aero drag is a big deal. Good racecars are made up of all the little things. Taping a seem, running overdrive pulleys to reduce hp drawn by ancillary components. Running lexan windows, on and on All the little stuff adds up to a good performing car. That in my head is why all the little stuff needs to be points too. I'm not telling you anything, you have lots of experience and know this stuff.
  19. No I don't think so. However, in watching this thread and trying to understand some different perspectives, I did have a thought that the EC cars should have a limit and it should probably be in the rule book to make it consistent. The thought I had, either the other morning over coffee or one evening over a cold one, was that EC cars should be limited to something like 750 points. I have not fleshed out the idea enough to know if that's a good number, maybe its 800 maybe 1000, but I think there should be a limit. There are teams that are building EC cars on purpose, I don't know what the points would be on them. At quite a few races there are enough for a trophy. So if the super GTwhatever cars are allowed and it becomes a popular place for them to come and get tons of experience at a track it sort of screws up what the team did when they said lets run x with Y swap even though it is 625 points it'll be fun in EC. If the overall mission of this series is still to be grassroots endurance racing, it is no place for pro built !/4 million dollar cars. That my opinion, and we all know what that's worth
  20. It’d be easiest in the long run to only allow cars built to our rules If they aren’t they aren’t. Makes it simple. IMO
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