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  1. I didn't make it to the this race but I wanted to jump in here to say that I watched the full race broadcast yesterday and I really enjoyed it, it was very well done and I'm really excited about this year's series. I'm planning on running Sonoma.
  2. @AFawcett Thanks, yea without the banner not a whole lot of branding opportunities. I just finished my first paint, pretty happy with it. I wanted something that matched my company's branded NASCAR. Not sure what the orange stripe on the rear bumper means. I assume its a placeholder for something.
  3. @tifosi360 Any plans for a .PSD of the 2015 Mazda Cup that is prepped with the ChampCar logos? I'm starting to goof around with making a livery for 2019 and didn't want to reinvent the wheel.
  4. This 100%! I stopped participating after VIR because it was just too stressful getting everything settled with the family before scurrying off to play race cars. Also, because I'm effectively coming in last place nearly every race. My strategy in real life is to drive as fast as I can while not going off track and not having contact with other cars, which works good because the drivers who are uber fast but tend to off track and bump frequently are more likely to get penalties. It's kind of a strategy to go one way or the other (or both if you have the talent), and that's just the way I've committed to. The sim series really has no viable conservative race strategy so I'm kinda struggling with being the aggressor vs the calculator. Not really a criticism of the series, it's my own shortcoming, but it's why I personally stopped running since Feb. I do plan to jump back in, I just needed some time to work on some sim skills. A schedule change would help a ton though. I was looking forward to the original schedule that had some 10pm races because they would be easier on my schedule.
  5. I don't know anything about this track but are headlights required and do the street stocks have headlights?
  6. @wyatt The most detailed explanation of the points system is here and it doesn't seem to explicitly address your question. It kinda implies the Driver is accumulating the points regardless of how they were earned and there is one winner in each division (Original and Pacific) but that may just be my take. Because there are two scoring systems for each race I can see how that could be interpreted differently. I'm not in any contention for anything so I have no skin in this game other than hoping those who swap between cars week to week get comfortable with the car before the race rather than during the race.
  7. The time between getting that email and completing my order was less than my best lap at VIR South.
  8. Maybe I lost track of the discussion, but was Daytona scheduled for this week? In any case, I'm happier to run VIR. See y'all tonight!
  9. Looks like someone is on this. I got distracted with work. We are running all the sessions at 6pm now, right? If so there are some listed for 7pm on the updated sheet that need to be changed.
  10. I haven't used Assetto Corsa in a while but, wow, the graphics are so much better than iRacing.
  11. @WastedAccounts You basically captured everything I saw. At around 1:30 I'm the white/green/black car that gets reamed by #21 from behind out of nowhere. I had no idea what happened. I mistook the later contact between you and that car as something more mutual but I can see that's not the case now. Hopefully next week we can get the pace lap situation under control because the actual racing has been fun and generally well driven. Also, Jack in the #43 Street Stock, you need to fix your internet connection! Seriously man, every race you are disappearing/reappearing and bouncing all over the track. I dread coming dealing with you on track because I just don't know what to do.
  12. @Doc If you or @Bill Strong send me the original, I can update it. I have every piece of software on the planet at my disposal.
  13. @Doc Any chance the original schedule PDF can get updated? The race times of the original west coast tracks have been changed and now there are event venue/schedule changes so the one I have hanging on my office cube is heading to the trash.
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