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  1. We use PVC pipe as well. Sign is team logo on some of the plastic corrugated sign board from Hobby Lobby. Holds up in the rain better than our previous poster board one did.
  2. Has anyone actually received their discounted jugs? I still don't have a shipping confirmation and no response to emails. I called and the guy I spoke too said they are having production troubles. But still no jugs.
  3. I used these: https://www.mcmaster.com/5012k115
  4. Did anyone else notice trouble with their transponder picking up when on pit lane? I noticed in our times that when we were chasing a rattle we made three 1 to 2 minute stops but the results show one 14 minute lap. Also, our fuel stops are long by 2 minutes.
  5. mlstraw

    NCM Mid June

    Will we be able to drop trailers at the track Thursday night?
  6. Breezed by and no one chased me down. Thanks for the tips. Mike
  7. If I am towing with a Suburban and an open trailer, do I still need to stop at the Florida Ag inspection station? If so what kind of inspection can I expect?
  8. This is the second place 944. The engines look the same on the outside.
  9. It looks like this: Photo from impound.
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