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  1. It's not cheap in terms of time, and if you don't have time you have to pay someone to do it. And at $40-80 bucks an hour it gets expensive fast... Buying a set of $1500 coilovers takes 2 hours to install.
  2. There is absolutely weight to be removed but I not sure what the norm should be. All the easy weight is removed. For reference: An NC Miata with plenty of carbon fiber is 2126 ready to race (https://www.good-win-racing.com/mazda/miata/projectcar/1/2006 'NC Light'.html) There is a another NC Miata without carbon fiber but with a lot of weight reduced that is in 2150-2200 lbs ready to race. But that is with no a pillars and extreme weight reduction.
  3. Agree, this seems nuts. How would you do that? How much do you think the average OEM diff affects lap times? Reading on the Miata forum it seems like going from OEM diff -> aftermarket diff helps but the oem diff sucks.
  4. So the 2006 NC is 170hp, this is according to Mazda: https://www.miata.net/faq/brochures/2006/veh_specs_MX5.pdf (.....the 2007-2015 NC Miata is 166/167 hp according to mazda, so when you swap in your 167 HP 2.5 engine from a Mazda3 you obviously went from a 2006 NC engine. That gives you 50 VPI increase instead of 59 VPI)
  5. I wish I could reach the champcar weight, it's over 100 lbs lighter than what we have. That would require some mad max chopping...
  6. That is a good point, I think in my case it's fuel. So maybe I get a 9 pts "discount" due to that. I am looking into swapping in a 167 hp engine into my car (rated exact same as OEM): But it's a little strange since a horse power reduction gets 50 points. Swap in 166 hp = 450 pts Swap in 167 hp = 459 pts Also what is the best official HP number? I did find a source saying 170hp for my car, that would make my swap cheaper (since I would do horse power reduction).
  7. I see, then I guess something is wrong with the weight. I get 9 points extra if I swap in my OEM engine: Make: MazdaModel: MiataYear: 2006VPi: 400Car Weight: 2248Original HP: 167New HP: 167Points Added to VPi: 59--->NEW VPI: 459
  8. Hi According to the swap calculator a 2006 Miata weights 2248 lbs. What is the definition of this weight? Full of fuel ready to race without drive I would take 2248 lbs anyday! Ours weighted in 2366 at WRL. We have a super light top, 5lbs battery, fancy wheels and normal gutting (still looks like a car, no ac, etc)
  9. Duh... I had no clue that was the case! I got my car with the header already. Alright problem solved thanks! strange, I haven't find any pictures of what you are describing. Maybe onöy Californians buy OEM Miata manifolds...
  10. Hi Thinking about shuffling around my points and getting rid of my header and use the stock manifold. The stock manifold is terrible, has anyone gutted and converted a stock manifold to something better? Rules says after collector. Seems like a competent welder could convert the stock manifold to a header Here is a picture:
  11. The swap I am looking at would be swapping a 2.5 mazda3 engine into a 2.0 Miata. Horse power is the same but more torque. I would use the miata 2.0 intake and Miata 2.0 oilpan on the swapped 2.5 engine. The 2.5 intake don't fit because its from a fwd car. So I am just reusing parts from my old engine. Same with the header I think.
  12. Hi says that you can use any exhaust manifold from the VPI list for your swap. But what about intake manifold? It seems to be fine on to use 350z intakes on a Altima swap into 240sx. https://champcar.org/tech/knowledgebase.php?article=15
  13. Ok, so got a response from tech: "You can swap to a diff outside your platform if that diff is used in a car that is on the VPI list for 25 points.A diff not found on the VPI list (OS Giken and Cusco) is not allowed in any class other than EC. " So you can't have any aftermarket diffs....
  14. I have no clue why my dash bar is like it is, maybe they managed to install it that way without removing the dash? Either way, I will try and get a straight dash bar!
  15. Thanks I think I am fine running it across!
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