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  1. Sounds very time consuming! In the end the spring is going to cost the same. Seems like a lot of rules in this series rewards spending time and doesn't really focus on cost. (Fender flares, camber adjustments, shocks, FWD intake for swaps, etc etc)
  2. I always assumed the spring had to made for the car! Obviously not! Now I get it
  3. They would not. For instance the Ford/Mazda 2.5 engine exists in absolute everything. Ranging from 166hp to 175hp or something. But even if it's the exact same engine from a performance point of view you have to pick the right one. The N52B30 also DIFFERS between models, the intake differs.
  4. But these springs would still be points I assume?
  5. Fair, the post above said it literally took him 15mins and $100 to get 50hp or something (but with weeks of research). Building a 300hp SBC is not 15mins I guess.
  6. Already have the same problem on old domestic engines and turbos. Swap in 150hp, spend 100pts get 300hp.
  7. Someone posted about a typo in the VPI but it's buried in the 12 pages of arguing about swap weights. I will just copy and paste from facebook where the same question was posted: " I have been looking at the VPI tables, and have a question. Is the Mk5 2.5 5cyl. Rabbit approved for racing in Champcar? I ask because the tables show the Golf/Rabbit as a 4cyl. up to 2008. The Rabbit was a 5cyl. starting in 2006." "The 2.5 came in: 2005.5-2013 Jetta 2006-2009 rabbit 2010-2013 golf 2007?-2013 beetle All all 07k 5cyl 2.5 NA models. Not TT, ttrs and RS3 is a 5cyl 2.5 but turbo and direct injection. With a 07k block code but different head, crank, pistons etc " I don't even know if there ever was a Mk5 4cyl in the US. Maybe the 2004 Golf/Rabbit was a Mk4 It seems like wikipedia is a bit fussy on it. Seems like the 150hp 2.5 has always been in the base model.
  8. Thank you, that is really helpful!!! How do you measure wheel speed sensor? That is not broadcasted on CAN right ? (Only RX8?) My new strategy is not to do all these awkward champcar mods, I will just pay points for it and use off-the-shelf parts that where made to solve the problem as long as <500pts. Makes it cheaper and more fun. Probably doesn't matter unless you are top 5% on a national level. Chump runs twice at a local track 30min from me where I am a member and go all the time. Probably only race I have a chance of winning! Tried to run WRL at COTA but they sold out very quickly.... Thanks!
  9. The engines didn't seem to be that expensive as well, seems like a great motor. Lightweight! Curious why it's not a common swap, maybe form factor?
  10. SEEMS LIKE A LOT OF WORK! I struggle with this, there is a cheap working of the shelf solution but we can't use that. On the other hand where does that end...
  11. It would be nice if it could get any spring. More options, less cost. I wonder how difficult it is to fit a typical coilover spring into an OEM shock. But could the same argument be had for shocks? And I guess they are free?
  12. Are you saying springs should be 100% open?
  13. I am really upset they don't have the Aztek in the list. It should be negative million points just because it's so ugly. They should add that one instead of arguing in the other thread
  14. Almost, https://www.boostbrothersgarage.com/products/944-07k-swap-full-kit Problem is you need an intake and that is 25pts. No clue how the K e30 does with the intake, do they somehow have it exit into the cabin?
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