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  1. aha nice. and you just cut the existing surge thank? Does the needle jump alot?
  2. What kind of level sensor do you have? Did you mod a aftermarket one?
  3. We are often to slow to compete for podium, but we do have a feel like we could win class. Even if it doesn't mean much it would be nice to get a trophy. But I agree it doesn't make sense. Could just as well take 10 random cars and put into a class, or class by car color or class by what driver had for breakfast.
  4. So champcar needs to do a better job of picking up the correct leader. They should know who is EC and not. I think that is the solution. Champcar has 2 classes, EC and non-EC. That is how I see it. It seems like this is a local problem to a few races?.I have never had any issues with EC in any Texas race, never heard anyone complain. Reading the comments, it seems like EC are very much needed to fill the spots in some areas. Maybe there could be local rules to fix the problems for those races?
  5. Why is this a problem? EC class is a different class. If they beat you it doesn't count. Just like if a GP1 beats a GP4 car in WRL. Just like if 240 lbs weight lifter lifts more than a 121 lb weight lifter. The app shows the class. Maybe champcar could do a better job showing what car belongs to what classes.
  6. Due to cost or pedal feel? Or is there a safety component?
  7. Hi, I have ripped out all my brake lines and need to replace them with either hard lines or "flex lines" (steel braided hoses). Chase bays doesn't have a kit for my car so I can't use them. Otherwise that would be ideal. How hard is it to flare and cut brake lines? I have done steel braided fuel hoses before and that sucked. Half of them leaked. Is making brake lines easier? Anyone recommend any kits? So far my plan is to buy a bunch of 3 AN hoses, I have measured the various lengths I need but it's easy to get it wrong.
  8. to the buyer: if freedom pop sucks get google fi and a free extra data sim. I use a shitty phone as hotspot.
  9. Curious why you sold it? I have the rcp2 as well. I am very happy with it, the podium software sucks a bit but the HW is very good I think. The scripting capabilities is amazing and from what I can tell the expensive alternatives doesnt have that.
  10. Why would a halo seat be better in a crash? Did you feel like your head was exposed?
  11. Hi, Anyone knows a good race shop that can do a PPI on a chumpcar near Road Atlanta? Goal is to know if the car can be a good solid race car: - Cage is good - Frame is good (no major accidents) - General condition (spewing oil and throwing rods?) It's ok if the pads are worn or the fire extinguisher needs to be refilled. Thanks
  12. Talked to kmiata, they are working on a kit to fit chump! He said keep a look out this summer.
  13. Thanks! Then it's just the issue with the door bars.
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