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  1. that makes sense! Should be easy, you can create CAN channels without any scripting I think. Would be great if they could have native support for it, so a large overlay of the screen gets yellow.
  2. Would this be to have one GPS module instead of two? Would that work? I am not sure if there is a way to perform a true realtime time deterministic assignment to channel. So if you set the coordinate it might happen at time T or T+small_delta. Maybe a few milliseconds doesn't matter. It would work if you could set the coordinate and the time in the same function call.
  3. I used to run a 280zx! But the 300zx is very different. Thanks! I was mostly curious, seems like a car you would run if you happen to have it or know it but not something you start fresh with.
  4. Got it! Maybe my problem is that all I see is Mazdas at Harris Hill
  5. Hi, I don't think I have ever seen a 300zx (Z32) in champcar. I would think they would be pretty good? 220hp, 19 gallons and look cool. Just curious
  6. Nice! I might ask you for some help. As you might have noticed the fenders on our NC could use some work....
  7. Hard to win at Harris Hill unless you have a Mazda but since it's in TX, one of the cheaper races, great crowds and twice a year it might be fun!
  8. Will we see this car at a Harris Hill race in 2022? That would be really cool. (they did have a Camaro state trooper as a pace car if I remember correctly once, also think the police practice at h2r)
  9. So in this case I guess a PDM would help? Since it would auto reset instead of you having to pit and replace a fuse (or be towed in or whatever..) Too bad they are so pricey, I already have a dash so the best option would probably be an ECUMaster PMU16. Another option would be the Haltech Nexus R5. Its a ECU+PDM+WIDEBAND+Logger all in one box, but its $4000. Good deal since you get everything in it but lots of money, aftermarket ECU is a luxury for my NC Miata. The PMUs also has a ton of analog inputs that gets broadcasted on CAN, so that is a nice bonus feature.
  10. Thanks! I have had fuses blow due to being an idiot.
  11. Hi How often do you have critical fuses such as coil, injector, dbw fuses blow? (Where there was no issue with the components) Planning to redoing my wiring, curious how often a blown fuse is a problem? Obviously if something is broken the fuse will blow and that's a good thing. Thinking about a PDM of some sort but not sure if it's more reliable since I don't think fuses are generally unreliable. Agree that pdm makes wiring very nice.
  12. Hi, Do modern cars (2006+ Miata) still have a negative pressure valve in the gas caps? The intention would be to avoid excessive vacuum in the tank (that could destroy the tank or make the pump struggle). Over pressure is handled by the EVAP I believe. Am I asking for trouble If I replace my 100% stock fuel system with an after market filler tube and cap ? (Still has venting for fueling and overpressure venting via EVAP)
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