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  1. Check out their new AnalogX and cables, makes connecting sensors very easy. Similar to how AiM does it. However will probably cost you $300 or so.
  2. One of the strengths with race capture is the scripting, I guess with an CANbus capable Arduino you take that one step further! Nice! Do you have a hotspot in the car? Curious if you could model the fuel consumption super accurately? Megasquirt could send all the info on CAN (Pw/duty cycle, map)
  3. What system is the dash showing? Why another race capture?
  4. Is falken 615 too slow? I have them on my NA miata race car and took a long time to wear them out.
  5. Basset Racing wheel if you have old/odd cars such as a Datsun, $100 for a custom 15x10 wheel that ways 21lbs... http://www.bassettwheel.com/dhole_lightweight.html
  6. Ran it a few weekends a ago on our miata, my gut feel is re71r ish grip but better wear. Ran cr1 Saturday and re71r Sunday. Both 255s But too many factors to make a fair comparison (rain, car issues, no clean laps, drivers a bit sleepy, cr1 was on 10", re71rs s on 9" etc). Car is a 2300lbs NC running 17", not a great suspension setup. Edit: also re71r last longer than 2 hours on our car. Usually almost a day. So maybe we drive to slow, but our best at harris hill is 1.27 a second slower than the fastest car I believe.
  7. What are you controlling with the PDM? Any why is it better than switches and relay?
  8. Thank you for that information. How did you get it so light? Did you cut out structural parts? (Knowing that the cage will compensate)
  9. So how do you make them fast? JDM engine, 2000lbs, aero and good driving?
  10. Curious what the wear would be on the re71r if they where driven same pace as the RS4s. For instance a re71r at 90% might be same speed as RS4 at 100%. You could then use that extra grip for passing or other scenarios, you would also have an edge if it was wet. Our hourly cost of re71r is way less but we are running 255s on a 2300lbs car. Also changing tires DURING the race is cheating Who has time for that! We are busy fiddling with coolsuits, radios, dirty windshields, etc,etc,etc
  11. 16 tires!!!! That's a Miata right? How is that possible, are they running very narrow? We run the 71re and get much better wear. Maybe we are driving to slow
  12. You and I should create a team. Spent $500 and 15lbs on making my car quieter, well worth it!!! I don't need ear plugs anymore even!
  13. Try directly with https://hankookmotorsports.com/products/rs4-tires?variant=37890594832551 Some times they have it when tirerack doesn't
  14. How can the fuel pump fail? Is there something special with your setup?
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