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  1. already found a set. Someone was selling 7, so got it for cheap thanks
  2. thanks! It's all square truck coils from 1999, and all car coils from 2006.
  3. Hi, Looking for LS coils. It needs to be the ones where mounting holes are top and bottom, not side to side. I only need 6 but happy to buy 8 if that is what is needed. Going to attach to this bracket:
  4. I am at 495 pts....would Bill Strong notice an engine swap in a Miata? Blue line is what I have, red is what I want. If I sort shift at 6000 RPM I will end up at 4500 or so where our engine is like a NA Miata. Maybe just try to change the throttle pedal to 95% and see what happens.
  5. Thinking about it, wouldn't a restrictor plate (or throttle limitation) only "cap" airflow? So the restrictor would only affect high rpm? Or limit the throttle 90% instead of 100% might do the trick? The dyno graph between a restricted and non restricted should be the same up to specific point?
  6. Pull timing would only reduce power and do nothing for fuel efficiency? It would still squirt in same amount of fuel but it will "burn" in a suboptimal way? With the VVT stuff, would that help fuel efficiency since less air/fuel is being drawn in? Ideally I would like to have a RPM programmable TB. That way I could have 100% throttle up to 5000 RPM and then maybe 80%. A restriction to the TB would reduce power all over the curve right? I want max power/torque up to 5000 and then start to limit stuff.
  7. Hi, I need to reduce the top power on our NC Miata to save fuel for COTA (and downgrade to GP3 for WRL). What is the best way to increase fuel efficiency and reduce power in a tune? Is it to lean out and cut back timing? So let say that our current AFR is 12.2 at 6000 RPM with an advance of 25 degrees. Let say that gives 165 whp Should I increase AFR until I reach my power goal of 155 whp and then cut back some timing to be safe? What happens if you run ~14 at full load and high RPM? Would it knock it self to death or would it just cost power? Car has knock sensors. I don't want to short shift, I just want to flatten out the power a bit up top.
  8. Thanks! I missed where it said that the 10pts included the springs.
  9. Hi What is the difference with the added suspension spring? Is it now 60 pts instead of 40 pts for a set of coilovers that are non adjustable?
  10. Awesome! We ran out of fuel at COTA a couple of weeks ago. That really sucked! So you would reset the meter after each fueling?
  11. Just did WRL at COTA. We could do about 1.5h with 165 whp and stock 12.7 tank. (2.0 NC Miata) Definitely need fuel cell, surge tank and probably loose some weight as well.
  12. Hi We did a WRL race last weekend and had few drag races on the COTA straigts with an identical car as ours. The other car has narrower tires (225 vs 245) and 10-15hp less. However it was pretty even on the long straigts, I think we gained a little but not much. Could this be due to the tire width / pressure? I would expect us to be quicker on the straigts. Both cars looks identical (NC miatas)
  13. You are all wrong, https://rennlist.com/forums/944-turbo-and-turbo-s-forum/803341-vw-audi-07k-2-5l-20v-i5-swap-thread.html https://www.boostbrothersgarage.com/product-page/944-07k-swap-mount-kit You are welcome. Just send me a piece of the trophy when you win.
  14. It's alive! Puking oil from oilpan gasket and smoking from the head but it runs Engine sounds awesome, big cam on a straight six sounds amazing. With ITBs and lots of headwork this cam could do 100 hp/l. (I am far from that). Fixed the following: 1. Low on fuel Added some more fuel and the fuel pressure is now perfect. The hydramat must have been sucking in fumes. In addition to the mechanical fuel pressure gauge I have a electrical one. Very nice to see fuel pressure in the logs. 2. Timing was wrong I had calculated the degrees between "first tooth" and TDC wrong. Instead of 680 degrees I had entered 40 degrees. Confusion comes from the timing marks on the pulley shows degrees as a before TDC and not actual engine angle. Also the dizzy goes CCW. 3. Ignition wiring 2 of the ignition coils didn't even fire, 1 of the ignition coil was firing the wrong cylinder. Using the TestMode feature in tunerstudio the above was easy to diagnose. Thanks everyone! I am using Nippondenso CAS and VW wasted spark logic towers, cheap and easy. LS coils is a bit over kill for my application and I couldn't get a trigger wheel with sensor to mount properly.
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