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  1. I am 100% confused about you I thought you lived in a well with a tinfoil hat and ate bugs
  2. now that is a challenge! Curious, how do you post photos on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tinder without a cell phone?
  3. I can see how that is a problem, sucked until I got a Google Fi (unlimted number of extra sim cards with cheap data). Maybe get a US T-Mobile and fill for a week before each race? Still a pain in the ass...
  4. what are your issues? I really like how everything is online, it's great for analyzing. For PI you would need a hotspot.
  5. That only works in a return less system right?
  6. we have both mxl and race capture pro. Only use the aim for shift lights
  7. A level switch on surge tank must be the best warning. If surge is half, you are in trouble. The idea of integrate the injector pulse width is interesting. Is the flow from an injector linear with the pulse width?
  8. why would cam be part of the head?
  9. ok so Braille AGM sounds like a good compromise. I will gladly sacrifice some speed for durability.
  10. there is a video from the chumpcar staff saying that's OK to use headers/manifold if stock doesn't fit. oil pan I don't know
  11. Just got this from them: "Long time no talk, just wanted to reach out because I had you on my list to update when our new K24Z3 engine swap is available for order. You can check out the three swap packages we're offering here: https://kmiata.com/collections/kmiata-swap-parts And be sure to read all the details in our blog post: https://kmiata.com/blogs/news/game-changer-the-new-k24z3-swap-is-here If there's anything else we can help with just let me know. " $2000 for a swap package and $350 for an engine.
  12. Maybe when they need money? What about MSR-Houston? (Just curious about how they are to deal with)
  13. Hi, Are lightweight batteries any less durable/reliable than standard batteries? Do they require any special handling?
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