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  1. What if you pay someone to get creative? Would be hilarious to show up at a shop and ask them to build flares from a door. Would only work if they are chumpers
  2. There was something about non adjustable shocks being 0pts? Or was this just that the 2x is removed? So a height adjustable shocks is still 10pts? But you can buy one for $20 or $2000
  3. How can you get a warning if you are to fast?? Sounds like the strategy would be to have your fastest driver drive slow and safe? So it becomes a game of not driving fast but driving at specific lap time? Edit: would make sense if you had a very experienced driver drive all cars and classify them. But sounds nuts
  4. I guess the issue is that you can buy a $300 coilover and a $3000 coilover. You can also run the Miata shock or any other high quality shock, as long as it's under 2x rule. 1. Why not throw away the crappy coilovers and install the free miata shock? You probably have to spend a lot of tim fabbing to make a Miata shock fit a mini or pay someone to do it. 2. The camber plates are 5pts if they are homemade, maybe you can copy the existing one or cut them up and weld them together. That should make you under 500pts... We did th
  5. Haha funny you say, I pulled/bent the fender like crazy, looks awful. Your right, stupid to take points. I did reuse some door material, looks even more AWFUL.
  6. If you are having < 250whp, < 20 gallons and < 275 tires in 2020 you are out.
  7. When are the rules finalized? Need to know what to spend all my money on. There are rumours they will discontinue RE71r, that will make me rich.
  8. I know I would think all of our cars would be similar size
  9. Hi If you used generic fender flares, how many points did you pay? I assume 3pts/sqft Would 5 pts be enough for an axel?
  10. https://www.trackjunkies.org/topic/3134-official-h2r-lap-times/?do=findComment&comment=59789 That's a 1.23 with the 1999 996, I think you need a big turbo on the Miata to beat that. IMS is easy to fix, money shift will make your engine explode. (And then you ls swap) Still should be 425pts
  11. Crap...should have built a 996 instead. I am at 425 pts with a header on my Miata
  12. Do it! 996 race car would be awesome, can even LS swap them easily now.
  13. Agree, we rush fueling so we can do other stuff.... It sucks to pay 5min for a flat....
  14. haha 48 points for a hood.......how much they weight?
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