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  1. Also check out these, https://www.bmrs.net/ I used them for my car.
  2. Educate me. You have a OEM strut assembly with a shock is OEM dimensions (essentially identical to OEM but different valving or something). You also have a spring that looks like an OEM spring but it has a higher spring rate and is maybe a littler shorter. How do you make that setup stiffer? (You can't cut the spring since it's not a "flat" top or whatever it's called)
  3. I am sure you could! I could probably pay someone lots of money to make it stiffer and still be 0pts, or go the cheap route and buy coilovers but that is points. Is that Tagliatelle?
  4. It seems like you can't really screw up the install on this model (Unless you have such a terrible ground that you get a huge voltage drop, is that what you referred too?)
  5. I could rearrange the points and spend a bunch of money on Penske's, I guess that it would transform our car from a decent handling car to something fantastic. But will spend that money on getting the drivers better instead. We have the stiffest 0 points suspension you can buy for our car, it's Flying Miatas street lowering springs with the Bilsteins. Essentialy an OEM setup but stiffer. I should probably add a second engine, maybe a rotary. That makes the most sense.
  6. How did they determine the start order?
  7. I don't see the argument. You can drive at 75% and last for 2hours maybe, that should give your similar PWR as a Miata. And you have 200pts or so over the Miata to compensate for the handling. And the Penske is still 10pts right? The coil overs are height adjustable Curious according to wiki the Fiero has 140hp, what is it that I am missing? Where does 170 come from?
  8. But its 150pts. For 350 pts you can get adjustable suspension, custom suspension gadgets, LSD, all the aero in the world, etc....
  9. If you can go more than 2 hours on COTA you don't have enough horse power
  10. This is how (this is from sunday where they made 5th, they won saturday): Fantastic driving, they are getting passed in the straights but make up for it. I think they also put down the fastest lap time. This has been a wakeup call for me, stop making the car faster, make the drivers faster.
  11. Agree! That a non-swapped NA/NB Miata won proves that it's mostly about the team,driver, preparation and some luck. I am not against fuel for points as long as it's reasonable, but I don't think it's a deal breaker. Miatas has 12-13 gallons and they can win anything....so if you have extra points make your car reliable and handle like a Miata.
  12. For the NA/NB Spec Miata it's the non-adjustable penske, easy to get. For the NC (Spec MX-5) they seem to be adjustable but at some point there where non-adjustable. Anyway, under investigation. Edit: NVM, just checked again and now you can buy them form Mazda motorsports.
  13. So if my tank can take 13 gallons instead of 12.7 gallons I will be moved to EC?
  14. So my next question would be if I could use two radiators But I guess not then, I am sure at some point someone tried to run two engines? Have the stiffest! But maybe easier to fiddle with mounting points. All the aftermarket stuff for our car assumes that you are going coilovers if you track the car. So the OEM lowering springs we have are not very stiff, trying to overcompensate with a mega sway. (I did hear they are making Penske non adjustable, but seems hard to come by)
  15. Hi, The rules says: - Sway-bar, non-OE, including end-links: 20 pts each axle So I guess it's free to add back the OE swaybar with the aftermarket swaybar. How does this work in practice? Have anyone done it? It's a little tight on the Miatas.
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