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  1. After reading a little bit it seems like GETTING OUT is the key. These fire systems might actually blind you. Some advise: https://www.sopwithmotorsports.com/five-things-wont-expect-race-car-catches-fire/ Hmm tricky.
  2. Hi, Thinking of adding a secondary fire system that is automatic. But It seems like they are intended for the fuel cell area and not for cockpit or engine?
  3. How did you pick your target AFR values?
  4. Is this a high boost turbo? If not start with a defensive AFr. Slowly increase. Your biggest problem is not loosing the tune during pitstops...you have to press the save button before powering off. Have done exactly what you are doing Whats the AFR with the current tune? If cell recepption is OK you can put a phone with hotspot in the car and tune remotely with VNC while your driver is racing, super awesome.
  5. It does great job of finding the correct table for the AFR you specify. But it doesn't find the optimal AFR.
  6. 34.5 lbs according to the internet (so it must be true). 2.5 lbs lighter than the Datsun one (that is why BMW is better than datsun)
  7. I feel so too. I will replace my teams beer with redneck low calorie beer and the mandatory race weekend chicken wing victory dinner with a visit to the salad bar.
  8. Yum yum. Is that the stock bumber? Can't decide if I should keep stock bumper (heavy) or not. Keeping the bumper makes me safe against Miatas but it's 37 lbs...
  9. Was the cell completely exposed before or just a little bit?
  10. We removed our heavy glass hatch on our 280zx made the car very tail happy. Whatever weight saving was not worth the aero effect. This was when the car was slow as well. We added it back with lexan for fire safety. I would think that the 10lbs trunk lid saving on a Miata is not worth the aero effects? But I agree, all these madmax chopped up duct taped miatas are super fast.
  11. Hi, How does aero get affected for these Miatas (and other cars) that looks like they have been run over by tank? Misisng roof, wind shield, body panels etc. Is it beneficial to cutout as much as possible? (If you can stand how hideous they look)
  12. Yes, it's one of those things where it would cost a lot of money/time to make something perform worse and less safe just to save some points.
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