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  1. Aha so like a large tube over everything. Wonder if there is a steel conduit that is flexible.
  2. Where is that in the rules? It's 100% stock if that matters
  3. Hi, Our 2006 Miata currently has the filler tube in the driver compartment, half of it is steel and half of it is rubber. I need to replace/encapsulate the rubber section right? Any suggestions on how to do it? Here are some pics "ALL FUEL CELLS AND FUEL COMPONENTS MUST BE ENCLOSED IN A METAL CANISTER / ENCLOSURE. All fuel cells and fuel components (fill tubes, vent lines, etc)shall be separated from the driver compartment by a metal bulkhead. All lines and fittings that pass through the cabin of the vehicle must be metal or must be encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. The metal canister that makes up the fuel cell does not count as a bulkhead"
  4. Why is that a concern? A race weekend is like $3000 with all the fees and tires.
  5. How can you do a swap under $1500 if you need any fabbing done? Just an after market oil pan is like $500 - $1000....
  6. oh! Thank you for the correction. Then the other swap is really expensive
  7. Cost will be $2000, engine can be had for a few hundreds. They mention it in the article.
  8. Hi, They just released a new K swap: https://kmiata.com/blogs/news/game-changer-the-new-k24z3-swap-is-here Comments?
  9. Looks nice! Our budget has unfortunately shrunken significantly, thanks anway
  10. It's the ADDED material right? So if you remove material and then add back the same material it should be fine. Let's say I build a new hood that has the exact same dimensions has the old one, that shouldn't be points? Now, If I cut a hole in my hood could I could use that material for wheel fenders or something.
  11. Is that 2500lbs with fuel and driver? Or without fuel and driver?
  12. I think a lowpass filter might have solved that. It was blinking right?
  13. This should be easy to do with race capture pro. Will try this for the fun of it. Thanks
  14. Where do you mount it? In the thermostat housing?
  15. I don't think it looks that great and the rear end looks like a camaro. Maybe I am getting old but gobs and gobs of power is getting old. Feel and fun is more important.
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