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  1. 1. radio for in the car with a 12 volt adapter 2. 4 pit crew radios(1 radio not working might need reprogrammed. 3. base unit set up on same frequency needs a microphone. 4. wiring harness for the car. 5. roof mount antenna 6. push to talk button for in the car. Only used a few time and then the car sold. Basically pricing the whole package for what part of what I paid for the wiring harness. They haven't been used in at least 3 years. $125 buys it all.
  2. Bmw vanos cam tools, head bolt socket and head gasket and a few other gaskets need to pull a head. $100
  3. Car runs and looks good. Back seat has some damage. Top goes up and down with a manual set of buttons. I use to do allot of work on BMW's and had bought a wrecked coupe for the motor. Didn't end up needing the motor so found this car with a blown motor. Donor motor only had 83,000 miles. Drove it for a few years and just need the room in the garage now. Will post a picture later. $1800
  4. 1994 BMW E36. no motor or trans. Was hit in the left front. I pulled the motor and trans for my conv. I was going to make a track car out of it and that didn't work out. I did take it past a frame shop after I pulled the motor and they said they could pull it out. Everything from the fire wall back is in decent shape. So if you need any parts for a e36 this is your car. Text me and I can send pictures. No title. Im giving the car away so not going to go thru a bunch of hoops to get ride of it. If someone doesn't get it soon I will load it up and scrape it. I just hate for it to be crushed when I know there are plenty of chumper's out there that could use the body panels. Its basically a roller right now. So tons of good used spare parts. 4*19 2* 3* 6 07**64 texting works best for me.
  5. I have a 1994 325 that was wrecked in the left front. Pulled the motor. Car has allot of good parts. I have the title from the previous owner but never switched it into my name. Car is in great shape from windshield back. Would like to sell the whole car $300.
  6. I don’t post on here allot but after a great race in Florida there was some people I wanted to give some well-deserved thanks to. First off would be Chumpcar for putting on such a great race and series. Homestead was a pretty cool track and the lighting was great! This is my first year running with Chumpcar but I have had the pleasure of competing in 6 races this year and I had a blast at all of them. It’s a great series that lets us race on tracks we would normally only get to be a spectator at. Secondly would be the crew on our Team Cheaty Bits BMW. These guys pitted the car the entire 24hr race after going nonstop the day before. Dan, Pete and Kent deserve a big pat on the back for all their hard work. Kent and Pete did a great job keeping everthing in the pits running smoothly. I know Dan even helped out some other teams with their pit stops doing fire watch. Great job guys! Last but not least would be my fellow Team Cheaty Bits drivers. Who all laid down some very consistent clean laps over the course of the race. Great job to Steve, Mark, Dimitri, Liz and Tony for not only bringing the car home in one piece but for getting Team Cheaty Bits another top 10 finish. It was great to meet you guys and hopefully you will be able to run some more races with us in the future. I cant wait for our 2015 season to start!!
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