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  1. We have one seat sitting vacant we'd like to have filled! Discounting price off our standard seat fees. Asking $1,650 for 2 1 hour, 45 minute (give or take) stints with more time possible. Seats are arrive and drive, food and refreshments are served in our air conditioned trailer all day. No wrenching required during down time. Car is a '94 Camaro Z-28. Seat is adjustable and can accommodate just about any size adult. Call for more info if interested! Dan Partelo Race Cars 727-768-4312 DPracecars.com RentThisRaceCar.com Visit Our Facebook
  2. We're in central Florida, St. Petersburg to be exact. A bit of a haul from down there, but just in case. Good luck! Dan Partelo Race Cars
  3. Pricing is based on 4 drivers per car, with each driver getting 2 stints at 1 hour 45 minutes. If we only have 3 drivers per car, it will be 2 full 2 hour stints. 🏁
  4. Had a last minute cancellation, still have 2 to 3 Miata seats available and 1 or 2 Camaro seats open. Check out our Facebook page for more information at Dan Partelo Race Cars
  5. We're booking seats for Daytona! We are currently set to bring two cars, our Miata and our Camaro. We are a full service, "arrive and drive" team, you just show up and strap in! Message or call for more information! info@dpracecars.com 727-563-4932
  6. We are currently booking seats for Sebring on 9/22/18. We have our Miata and Z-28 Camaro available. Please contact us for more information! Web: DPracecars.com Phone: 727-563-4932 Email: info@dpracecars.com or danparteloracecars@msn.com Facebook: facebook.com/danparteloracecars
  7. CHUMPCAR World Series seats available for 14 hours at Sebring International Raceway on September 24th! All seat rentals are "arrive and drive", we provide the crew and all equipment/supplies, and also include each driver's name on the car, a professional photo package, custom t-shirts and more! Call, email or message for details!
  8. Hey Razodo. We have a varity of competitve cars for Sebring, AMP and Homestead. Check us out @www.rentthisracecar.com I have 2 Z-28 Chevy Camaro's. LT-1 6 speed manual's. Honda Civic SI and a Miata. Give me a call anytime @ 727-525-6999 Danny.
  9. We are looking for drivers to fill seats for Sebring, AMP, and Homestead. Check us out @ www.rentthisracecar.com We have a Miata, Honda Civic, and 2 Z-28 Camaro's. Thank you Danny Partelo 727-525-6999 danparteloracecars@msn.com or contact me through our website.
  10. Check us out. Rentthisracecar.com. We have front and rear wheel drive cars. We also have 8 cylinder cars if you really want to have fun at Daytona next year!
  11. No worries, we know crap happens! Thanks for apologizing though!! RentThisRaceCar.com #812 Mazda Miata #993 Chevy Camaro #995 Honda Civic
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