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  1. You see, I'm getting to that age where I'm finding I just have to start paying for things and letting it go. It's a difficult mental transition from "I can and will do everything and anything and everyone is a sucker!" mentality. - Also, for context, I took my nice stock street car s2000 to summit point and on the last session of the weekend looked in my rearview to see a cloud of blue smoke behind me... So I need to figure that motor out. Still pissed at myself for that. - Oh yeah and I went from being a DINK to having twins.... So I went from working on cars all we
  2. If this had happened 2-3 years ago I would have all the rx-8 eshafts and s5 rotors up the wazoo on this rebuild. My issue is right now I just need this thing to run and see if the whole car works. I'm done with projects. I just want to be at the track. ........*And I'm about 90% ready to cut my losses and throw down money on a turnkey e36.
  3. Sorry, I said it's not a matter of cost, and I lied. Not dropping 800 bucks each on new plates
  4. I was hoping you would chime in mhr650. It's not a matter of cost. I literally CAN'T find one. How desperate am I? Look I'm deep into a 6 year "commitment bias" rebuild of my rx7. I have done everything every forum has told me to do. Second gen subframe, and brakes, Bilsteins, on and on and on, then ECUs became free so I built my own megasquirt, gutted and rewired entire car. Then at some point convinced myself I needed aero, so now I built my own splitter/airdam and the nine lives wing. Then I decided I NEEDED 245 tires on 10" wide wheels and that required me to
  5. Ah thanks for the video. I did think of one thing though: a 12a iron won't have injector ports as 12as were all carb. I suppose I could just put larger injectors in the secondary ports, while doable that might be more changes than I care to make already.
  6. Almost finished my entire build and then my motor froze over the winter. No one to blame but myself. But this train doesn't stop. -OK if you understand the title of this thread then you know rotaries... So here's my dilemma. I tore down the motor and everything looks great except the center (intermediate) plate (iron). The center plate gave way to the ice expansion and broke the center portion between both machined sides. I can't find a GSL-SE center plate for sale anywhere in the lower 48 and I'm starting to lose patience! -The motor is a GSL-SE 13b, which means I
  7. I won't know until I get the freeze plug back in, put the flywheel back on, bolt up the clutch assembly, and put the transmission back in. I drained the system from the radiator but I suppose there was still water in some of the jackets over the winter. Hopefully since the system wasn't full nothing burst in the motor. If this engine is bad I am just buying an e36 and calling it a day.
  8. The car was almost ready for it's first testing day at Summit Point July 4th weekend. ...Went to fill the radiator up to start the car and disaster. Water did not pass go, flow directly out the bell housing. Pulled the trans and the freeze plug fell right out. Sooooooo mucccccchhhh work to do. This train however... Does.... Not..... Stop.
  9. Great thanks for the tip on LEDs! I need to get one of those friends who has a custom trailer shop
  10. Hey so my buddy just bought the same type ambulance for a hauler. How did you mount a tow hitch? We were hoping there is a bolt on option and doesn't need a custom welded solution. Thanks!
  11. So, I ended up spacing the fenders out from the body using conduit hanger from home depot. Worked better than I anticipated. Way more solid than I thought it would be too. Will need to fill the 1.5" gap between the fenders and hood but I'll be able to figure something out.
  12. The greatest shame of my life is that I can't weld... I even have a friends nice 220 MiG welder in my garage. Keep meaning to figure it out and practice but it always comes second to just trying to get the car done.
  13. Alberta??? You aren't even close to modern civilization in general! Yeah, I get taking it slow and learning. My problem is the car has been out of service for 2 years now. My rebuild has been ambitious and I've fully rebuilt/custom fabricated every last component, including soldering together my megasquirt. I'm finally on the last steps and wrapping everything up and now my wife is pregnant with twins! So basically, I'm in "get it done at all costs, go go go" mode. I'm just assuming with two babies I will have less time for race car things. But we'll s
  14. Hmmmm lots to think about here. I'm going to have to do a lot of standing and staring in garage... my wife will think I finally lost it. My two major take aways: - Work with the fender on the car - Use a gentler approach than cutting and sledges
  15. Yes, so I had this idea as well. The problem is though that the fender is really only supported by sitting on the lip on the frame it sits on. If I move it out from that lip it will be super flimsy.
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