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  1. Hmm, last time I weighed my car is was 2,200# and will be a little lighter in it's new trim. I'm sure playing with pressures can get it to proper temp. Now I just have to pray the tires actually arrive. Tirerack says 3/31 and I am planning on running NASA track day at Summit Point 4/18 for a first shake down.
  2. Thanks for the pic. So the answer is yes, super hawt stance. As long as they stay on for a whole race then it should be good.
  3. So, I just pulled the trigger on some 15"x10" wheels and 245 wide r-s4's (back ordered, as we all know) Anyway, can I just confirm 245s on 10" wheels won't be super stance-nation? The tirerack specs for the 245s puts the wheel width limit at 9.5". I have read several accounts of people running this setup so I assume it's fine, but part of me is a bit apprehensive still.
  4. Haha yeah, our sight line is basically just above level with the bottom of the windshield. It's actually good because it doesn't allow the bad driving habit of looking down in front of the car. Not an option!
  5. I am 6'4" and have a first gen rx7. We actually cut out the floor and welded in a 1" pan and then mounted the seat directly to the floor. We used big fender washers. If your team is relatively similar sized you can just mount the seat directly to the floor to get clearance and then use foam cushions for your shorter drivers.
  6. Well, the plan is to trim it down to a reasonable shape... Not that yours is unreasonable. On a side note: Why does my home depot not carry 1/2" birch plywood. I am using 3/4 and its a bit too much in my opinion.
  7. Alex3000


  8. I'm using a trigger wheel bolted to the front pulley. If all goes well hoping to make WGI in the spring and the big goal is the VIR 24hr.
  9. Yeah I know. I also blip it up to 8-9 on downshifting too. Don't forget the GSL-SE rotors and stationary gears have less teeth than the S4/5 motors as well as wider apex seals. Not that I have ever really heard of anyone sheering stationary gear teeth.
  10. Yeah, I set the shift light at 6,800, assuming the driver will then shift at 7k. For champcar purposes I would rather we keep at a safe shift point rather than stress the motor to get a few more 10ths. That being said, the last time the car was raced it was with stock ecu and the motor would start to drop off over 6,500 anyway. Thanks for everyone chiming in here. I'm feeling much more confident at the prospect of shaking the car down come spring.
  11. OK good, this confirms my thinking. I was getting worried I might get out on track and have some crazy lean event at 7k rpm. It's a street port gsl-se so probably max looking at 180hp.
  12. I haven't been able to find a straight answer around the web so I thought I would consult the local champcar rotary people: I have my megasquirted build up and running but no real track/hard pull testing done. So I don't know for sure my setup won't work but I am running 4 x 450cc (rx8-yellow) injectors. But when I read about other builds from around the internet everyone runs huge 1,000cc+ secondary injectors. Why is this? Is it necessary? In stock form my GSL-SE motor had 2x700cc injectors for a total of 1,400cc. My new setup is 4x450cc for a total of 1,800cc. So, I'm like 400cc more, party, bonus, excellent. What am I missing? The internet would have me running 2x450cc and 2x1,000cc for a total of 2,900cc!
  13. That's all I needed to hear to confirm my own thoughts. I hope to pick one up in the coming week.
  14. Since the topic is going let me ask the hive mind about Toyota Tundras I am currently looking at ~06-07 models with around 100k on them. For a nice example I have budgeted about 12-15k. Are these worth the premium over say a Ram 1500, which for similar specs would be more like 8-10k I know to check the frame for rust but aside from that I just crave that Toyota reliability.
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