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  1. Is the intention to run without doors or are we looking at something else here? "9.5.3. Doors cannot be removed. All cars must have a door or “OEM equivalent” body panel."
  2. What are you trying to insure? The guy's life or your car?
  3. We use T6 5w-40. We use half as much oil on it vs M1 of the same viscosity. That's all I've got.
  4. This is what I use: https://www.amazon.com/Leisure-Lectronics-Selectable-Adjustable-Livewell/dp/B07PGMG14S/ref=sr_1_5?keywords=livewell+timer&qid=1567698620&s=gateway&sr=8-5
  5. Once we quit using rebuilds from Jimbo's Dirt Track Emporium and Discount Cigarette Outlet our reliability improved greatly.
  6. Orange cars gotta look out for each other.
  7. That's 3am racing! Glad it didn't mess up your race.
  8. Here's my contact with the Huggins car ~3am. I felt bad then and still do now- I should have seen him slip under me but somehow I didn't
  9. Sorry got my North & South confused.
  10. What time will the migration to the main paddock start, 5pm again?
  11. It was a local extinguisher sales/service company.
  12. Does that $60 include hydro testing the cylinder (has to be done every 5 years I believe)? I just had one done this spring, it was out of date so hydro & refill was right around $60. I simple refill was in the $25-30 range.
  13. We're going to have to start sending people out into the public to see if average Joe "recognizes" the parts source. "Sir, do you recognize hondapartsonline.net?" One person from each State, averaged.
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