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  1. Wilwood is a series sponsor, Stoptech is not. Many things do not make sense. To be fair, the "kit" is the Stoptech caliper and two-piece rotor combo.
  2. We asked Tech this very question for a new build we're working on- Stoptech kit at a similar price point: 50 points.
  3. What a difference a ground makes. Replaced our shitty, half-broken and undersized chassis-to-battery ground with a nice piece of 2 ga. cable. Cleaned and wire brushed the other grounds as well. Car instantly runs better; hopefully this fixes our phantom stubble/misfire/car dying issue.
  4. Are you on the most recent software? I have that option to turn it off on my 6S.
  5. It is 10 points per device. Do you want it to be 10 points per region of the car?
  6. Looks like this is Android only? I can't find it on the Apple app store.
  7. YouTube Live on mobile now requires 1,000 subscribers. That hella blows. So, please subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UConKqV5VKXS-408TKDVKzJQ I'll subscribe to everyone posted over the weekend. Thanks!
  8. Cool stuff. Looks like your temp. min. at both tracks is around 725*, that's a little hotter than I would have guessed.
  9. Didn't Smokey find max power around 200* water temps? I know current NASCAR's run around 230-250* water temp (obviously not apples/apples with a ChampCar).
  10. Is it just me or is South course kinda hard on brakes? We used more pad here than either the Full or North courses.
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