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  1. Y'all are way off on E30 weights... Make: BMW Model: E30 Year: 1990 VPi: 450 Car Weight: 2731 Original HP: 170 New HP: 3 Points Added to VPi: 50 --->NEW VPI: 500
  2. Don't forget your knee knocker on the steering column (or otherwise). I hobbled for weeks after a car wreck in high school from banging my knees together.
  3. Outsiders think it goes A, B, C, D, in order of "best" to "worst."
  4. That hotspot rental is awesome! Thanks for posting, I've never come across that before.
  5. 720p iphone streaming to YouTube is right at 1GB/hr for me.
  6. ~32 hot is what we shoot for, that's usually 26 cold. That's for the front and best grip, I run the rears a good bit higher.
  7. I'm happy with our racecapture pro. The live telemetry is very nice, and they're good about updating and improving the features/interface over time.
  8. For sure. I was just thinking about the front (in my mind & post). Nose to tail underbody aero treatment would be 30.
  9. That's what I want- a flat bottom starting at the bumper but no splitter- looks like it's 20 points
  10. I wish an under tray wasn't interpreted as between the axles only, but oh well- as long as it's applied consistently.
  11. www.trackdaze.com is a good group. I've also never had any trouble with the various BMW-CCA & PCA groups that run at VIR.
  12. I would expect none for each of your drivers, Tim.
  13. I've shipped a used fuel cell before. Flush it and air it out as best as you can so that their isn't any smell of gasoline (hard to do).
  14. "You guys should go run Lemons (in addition to CC)....it'll give you more racing opportunity at usually a slower pace, and you'll feel much more competitive." - A great suggestion "You guys should go run Lemons....because you're noobs and don't belong here" - Not a great suggestion As always, intent is everything.
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