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  1. That's true. I guess continue at your own risk.
  2. Forum pro tip: Once a thread gets to about page three, stop reading. It's just a couple people bickering back and forth at that point.
  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/International-Edition-YI-4K-Action-Camera-Sport-30FPS-Video-Recording-bluetooth/224021676631?epid=16020800492&hash=item3428bb8257:g:w2wAAOSwVx9dYPOc
  4. Do you still have the stock O2 sensor in for the ECU to read? That would certainly affect idle and cruise if you don't.
  5. Yes, essentially, but it's a steel roll pin so it won't collapse.
  6. Yes, they are one the car right now. We had zero luck with aftermarket axles. Those things feel like death right out of the box. OEM only (which is all the DSS will rebuild)- used to do it myself but once you factor in the cost of grease and boots and the pure not-fun job it is, I'll just pay them to do it.
  7. Keep an eye on eBay for used OEM axles and have them sent to The Driveshaft Shop for their Road Race prep.
  8. Ah, gotcha. 300 whp Fox body, you'll pass everything but the gas pumps.
  9. This has been dyno proven?
  10. Unfortunately we got Volkswagen'd before I had a chance to drive, which was a real bummer. I'd done a good bit of work to the car an was anxious to have a go. My slowest driver (referenced) who is usually about 3 seconds off our FTD, was 8/10ths quicker than our fastest lap last year.
  11. Default, make sure you're on the latest firmware.
  12. I think that's what this channel is supposed to represent.
  13. VIR South (it's not exactly my best driver in that lap).
  14. Our max G is basically the same for each axis.
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