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  1. Do you have any problems with it overheating?
  2. So now we're full circle back to faking Craigslist ads again?
  3. This is most likely copied over from the 24 hour race. Best to have your roster set as soon as you can, the cutoff to be on "the list" will probably be a few days before the race.
  4. Needs re-cert 12/6/21, so legal until then. 2/2015 manufacture date (with FIA cert) means it needs total replacement by 2/2025.
  5. We're all in trouble then, because 5 gallon Hunsaker's don't say 5 gallons anywhere on them. 1, 2, 3, 4.....7?
  6. Are both supposed to be to vaccum? Usually one side is fresh air in (intake tube), and the other sucking through a PCV valve.
  7. This is considered one light source. Prepare to be shocked when you show up for your first night race.
  8. Don't forget your windage tray either: https://www.harrisonmotorsports.com/oil-pan-windage-tray-e30.html That can be made from re-purposed parcel shelf material.
  9. And also specifically allowed in the rules: 4.7.8. Rear-end gear-ratios are open to all OEM differentials available for that year, make, and model or chassis generaton (excluding specialty high-performance models not listed on the VPI table).
  10. The problem with Code 35 is it assumes all cars/drivers know how fast they're going. If you don't have a speedo, then 50 on track feels about like 35 and then cars start stacking up (which really isn't a big deal, IMO).
  11. File this one under “should have done this years ago.” Painted the roof of the car trailer with white mobile home type roof paint. With the doors closed and in full sun all day, the inside temp is the same as the outside air temp. It would have been at least 15-20 degrees hotter before. Much easier on the AC (had it down to 64* in a short test).
  12. Summit Point (Shenandoah) was always fun for us, both Lemons and CC. I'm not sure how much fun a race on the main circuit would be...looks kinda boring to me, but I've only done a brief track day on it.
  13. https://champcar.org/mainweb/board-of-directors/
  14. Yep, that was exactly it. I changed the rotation in the camera settings back to off/normal and it worked right away. Auto rotation will let the stream start, but if you flip the camera over it kills the stream. Do rotation “off” seems to be the only way to go.
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