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  1. Good luck at VIR unfortunately I cannot be there to meet you all. I will be rooting for the team I ran with at Sebring last year, Cage Gage!
  2. I had fun racing with you guys again. It sucks that we have another month off but it is busy season. See you at sebring!
  3. I apologize for my crappy internet connection. Hopefully I did not affect anyones race.
  4. Yea unfortunately I really hate the Miata with the stock setup. I can never get a feel for it. We have lots of good races I just keep dropping the ball lol. It wasn't bad luck in t1 that got me, it was driver error and by the time I tried to open the wheel to gain steering it was too late. Oh well, there is always next week.
  5. https://daytona.craigslist.org/cto/d/1987-chrvy-astro/6552487823.html hmmmmmmmmmmmm
  6. That big flat side would generate a ton of side force. Could set her up super free!
  7. I was just going to cut the top off completely, hood would then be lexan. Gotta lower that CG!!
  8. There is an 87 for sale near me for cheap. Available 4 or 5 speed with decent rear end gears. Please stop being an enabler.
  9. Matt, your racecraft was fine. Even with the pass you apologized for in the west horseshoe, I didn't have an issue with it. It was a clean pass even if you missed your braking point. Running with Alex and yourself made it an interesting night. I did notice some interesting "team tactics" with the mixed classes in qualifying though. I pitted a lap before you and thought I was a lap to the good. When I got the 2 lap warning I knew I was in trouble so I went to pit to salvage a finish. I didn't want to run out on track like I did at Sonoma. I am going to watch the broadcast now in the work truck now that things have slowed down.
  10. Its ironic that you say this then push me through the kink on the first lap lol
  11. The oculus got me also, I qualified with no sound and before the race was able to figure out how to get the sound working but I still did not have spotter or any mic settings correct.
  12. @Hurljohn These past 2 weeks I can never seem to get away from you. The hard clean racing has been fun and I hope it continues.
  13. I also had a great race. It did resemble an actual champ race based on my experience running with the few teams I have rented from. It it seemed like the lead Miata always had issues with lapped traffic. A few were taken out on the front straight. I am more of a conservative racer and my goal was smooth consistent laps to turn as many laps as possible. A few guys were racing pretty hard and I was trying to calculate gap needed to stay ahead of the SS's. I ran well with another Miata until he was taken out on the front straight about halfway through. We both appeared to have the same mindset and worked well together drafting. We didn't fight hard to stay ahead of each other when a mistake was made. It was too early to race that hard and risk damage. My strategy of staying with the front pack of miatas worked pretty well. I just stayed close to try and learn everyone's good and bad habits. I was able to avoid incidents and ended the race with only damage done by drafting. I just hope the following races similar with driving because there was a good group of miatas at the front.
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