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  1. Awesome if we moved it to July 4, then 100,000 pairs of denim shorts and wife beater t shirts might show up for the NASCAR fireworks if they didn't get the new NASCAR schedule for 2020!!
  2. We we're hoping nobody else would sign up so we could sweep in and get a top 25 finish!!!
  3. Not very much interest in this race, it seems. Has Indy stolen the excitement of the VIR 24? Only 23 entries just a few weeks before the early pay deadline? Is anyone else planning to show up for this one??
  4. The Laps of Honor Mustang did not have brake lights all day.
  5. It could not be any hotter than the VIR 24 is in August. Rain would be my only concern...
  6. Several times I saw a yellow just before exiting the infield at NASCAR 1 but then track fence lights were green so everyone took off only to see a disabled car on the backstretch. I felt like that local yellow should have been observed until the bus stop flag station could be seen but the overwhelming consensus was to get going on the banking. What's the rule there??
  7. The red convertible Rx7 had a secret weapon that prevented me from even attempt to go side by side. That ear piercing exhaust note should be used by the military to disperse crowds!! My ears are still ringing...
  8. I had the Speedway Creation boys on standby. Thanks Ed. Was great to meet you finally!!
  9. The 229 E30 had a good clean race and a great result. 21st is like a win for us since we had only 2 drivers and one was brand new to racing. My other regular driver fell I'll with diverticulitis less than a week before the race and could not make it. So with 2 drivers and 1 crew/wife we had a great race. Hats off to some really fast cars out there like the black M3 and those other orange cars (Mini Cooper's). A super nod to the brave drivers of the blue Beetle. You guys have nerves of steel. Weird to be at Daytona and not be talking about the Jacky Ickx cars, the Infiniti and no JB Bugs. I guess the Indy race made this one a no go. Bummer for the Cone Crushers, for sure. But our old E30 ran flawlessly and we never even opened the hood all day. After losing a wheel at Sebring in the 1st hour, it was welcomed. Thanks for good, clean (mostly) driving and thanks to the Champ staff for helping me download my subscription to my transponder on Saturday morning!!
  10. How do you handle the situation when your rental is involved in a kerfuffel that obviously is not his (or her) fault? I.E. unavoidable contact as a result of idiocy from another driver. Do they still pay the penalty??
  11. Don't go to Western Sky!! APR on a $1500 loan is over 200 percent!!
  12. The most funnest thing to do on the E30? Replacing the rear hub and bearing. Ugh.
  13. I have a spare diff that I used for one season (4 races) before we swapped to the M54 setup. It's a 3.73 LSD out of an 88 325iS. After we swapped to the E46 engine and trans the gearing did not agree so we went to a 3.92 gear. I will have it at Daytona if anyone wants it. $175 or best offer. Thanks.
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