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  1. I love that you race but a cell phone is too expensive!!
  2. Could any of you imagine 10 years ago we'd be chasing Boxters and 370Zs around? C class is getting very crowded.
  3. No, we are running AMP next and since we normally run Rivals and never finish in the top 10 it seemed important to know the details.
  4. What hotel do you guys recommend? I always end up staying 30 minutes away and I hate being that far away.
  5. So how does this work for those maligned EC scoundrels?
  6. Was thinking about starting on my old E46 that's sitting in my backyard. Looking at those numbers made me scrap that. Gonna hope my E30 keeps going another 6 years. Wow. I cannot unsee that...
  7. True to form, today I unloaded the E30 from the trailer where it's been since Daytona. For VIR we replaced the clutch, the driveshaft center bearing and the revshift M54 swap guibo. It was a broken center bearing that out us out at the VIR 24 the last time we went there in 2016. Now it's time to add some Condor front brake ducts since the front rotors are cracked again.
  8. It was repaved in 2016, could it already need to be redone?
  9. Good Luck to the Indy drivers! If anyone coming out of Florida on I-75 has any trailer issues (tires, bearings or lights) stop by Camping World in Lake Park Ga. 5 miles north of the Florida line. I will get you in and out quick. Ask for Andy.
  10. Do you guys really race for the trophy?? Really?
  11. Doc, sorry about Kenny. Hard to hear about. Would love to hear about what failed so maybe we E30 owners can inspect for signs of a potential problem. I bought a shirt because I know you'd do the same. Always seemed like Kenny was giving me the eye roll when I was behind him.
  12. We should send the EC cars the opposite way around the track and their laps will count backwards!!!
  13. If the Jeep Cherokee is really an SC400 with a Jeep body, do they make a swap calculator for swapping bodies? My BMW is kind of an E46 with an E30 body, so.....?
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