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  1. Haven't heard of any other teams getting popped. Just my luck, car killed plus a bill for a new wall.
  2. Out of all the cars that crashed, seems like most were on the front stretch like ours was. I thought I was paying for all the damage. I want the old concrete wall back. Is this tax deductible?
  3. Thanks Justin, I found a guy from Brooks Welding that will do it. He has caged a couple of round track cars in the past. We just haven't settled on a price.
  4. I am getting close to being ready to get the cage and have it installed in my E46 build. I plan on using the Roll Cage Components kit with Nascar bars. Curious to what you guys would consider the appropriate cost I can expect to pay a welder to weld the kit together in the car. It's a 2 door car if it matters. I had a guy weld in my E30 cage 6 years ago and he charged me $900. I felt it was high but since it held up in a big crash at Sebring I won't complain. That guy is no longer available, so I have to find another welder. Keep in mind I'm in South GA, not Atlanta. Thanks
  5. Jinxed myself, E30 killed at Sebring. E46 build is in high gear.
  6. Driver ok other than broken collarbone. Not much to salvage except brake calipers, new front pads and rotors (7 laps on them) and new rear pads. Drive shaft was configured for M54 swap and rear diff is a locker but is geared for the swap also. H&R race springs and some suspension spares. Planning on bringing them to Road Atlanta and being a spectator. I will find you and give you a look.
  7. The inevitable happened. The M54 swapped E30 #229 succumbed to it's injuries at Sebring. It has been laid to rest in a recycle bin and now it's time to move on. It's replacement is a 330ci that we bought at Walmart (the seller met us near the garden center for the sale). This build makes sense for us since we have a trailer full of M54B30 parts and a spare engine. The hard work began today with the strip down. Looking for a roll cage kit now (suggestions?) Trying to make it to Daytona in 3 months.
  8. The Red/Yellow/Black E30 #229 driver suffered a fractured collar bone and whiplash. He is sore all over as is the E30!.
  9. Definitely. And so it ends a 6 year run in our E30. Busy stripping all usable parts off of it and looking for our next car. Rear end broke loose without warning. Should've parked the car after 5 cars went off in the first 5 minutes.
  10. Did you find a ride??? Picking up one of our guys about noon tomorrow at an airport hotel.
  11. When you realize you have a broken front sway bar link 6 days before you head to Sebring...
  12. Has anyone tried the Federal tires? The low cost makes me apprehensive but the low cost also peaks my interest.
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