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  1. Great finish for the Speedway Creation's team!!! Sorry we couldn't share the pits with you but the over- zealous tech guy pointed out three welds on the cage that he didn't like. After we went to the garage and found a guy (thanks AJ) willing to weld up the 3 spots that he pointed out, we ran back to tech only for him to point out 4 new spots he didn't like. By now it's 6:55 and the yellow garage is closing. I guess when we sailed thru tech last year and raced at Daytona AND Sebring, we were wrongly led to believe that our cage was OK. Anyway, so we loaded up and went back to GA. First time in 8 years we missed this race. Congrats to Ed, who really is what Champcar is all about.
  2. Hey Dana, we want to change from C class to EC. We start 7 laps down in C so may as well go EC and race for a class win. How do we change the online tech sheet from last year's info?
  3. But isn't the bigger question why a bunch of grown ups continue to pass under yellow? You would think that the prize money was $150,000 instead of a trophy made from broken parts. If you don't make it a habit to look at EVERY flag station on EVERY lap you don't belong on the track. Period.
  4. Is virtual tech available this year? I did it last year and avoided the 3 hour long wait in the tech line.
  5. I like this rule in that it makes certain that a local yellow is no longer yellow but I hope I'm not the guy who just passed the flag stand as the green comes out and I get run over looking for the next flag station. Being passed under yellow to me has just become the new normal. It happens to me almost every time I see a yellow, but I am open to trying something new. I'm ready to try Flagtronics, too.
  6. So what are the available options to change the standard non locking diff to a locking one on the E46? I see some kits on ebay that you can install inside the diff but it seems too good to be true. Thoughts?
  7. I was hoping Bill could come up with a rear crossmember swap calculator! Those things work great!
  8. 229 has been in use by me since 2014.
  9. It allows me to make improvements to try to be competitive on the track. Not competitive for the win (that's just not realistic) but to not be a rolling chicane. Could we make no cost changes to the car to lighten it up or make it faster? I guess, but it won't make it fast enough to make a difference. Our last car (RIP) was fun to drive and easy to zoom through tech each year in EC. When your car starts at 530 stock (330ci) what's the point? I'd just rather go fast and pass a few cars here and there. We probably picked the wrong car but I had a ton of M54 spares. But that's a whole different thread. Did not mean to hijack this one. Thanks
  10. It seemed like the normal amount of corner workers to me. I could easily see the yellows that were being ignored.
  11. Typical Sebring rainy mess. At least we didn't lose our car this time. Horrible passing under yellow. Worst I've seen in my 7 years in Champcar. Green Miata with fancy front splitter held on with rivots passed me two different times under cautions. We were pitted across from Pit In and only saw one or two cars in penalty all day. Hilarious watching Sahlens cars going by me while I am ticking off my 10 penalty laps. Think I'm going back to EC.
  12. Mike and Andrea both are the best. Even when John was in charge they made me feel welcome from my first race, which I volunteered. The club has become THE race series, IMO, because of their hard work. Hoping Mike will build another race car and join us in questioning these crazy rules and VPIs!!!
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