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  1. Good Luck to the Indy drivers! If anyone coming out of Florida on I-75 has any trailer issues (tires, bearings or lights) stop by Camping World in Lake Park Ga. 5 miles north of the Florida line. I will get you in and out quick. Ask for Andy.
  2. Do you guys really race for the trophy?? Really?
  3. Doc, sorry about Kenny. Hard to hear about. Would love to hear about what failed so maybe we E30 owners can inspect for signs of a potential problem. I bought a shirt because I know you'd do the same. Always seemed like Kenny was giving me the eye roll when I was behind him.
  4. We should send the EC cars the opposite way around the track and their laps will count backwards!!!
  5. If the Jeep Cherokee is really an SC400 with a Jeep body, do they make a swap calculator for swapping bodies? My BMW is kind of an E46 with an E30 body, so.....?
  6. OMG, that averages to 5 minutes per 2 hour stint. Kill me now...
  7. This reminds me of the WRL race at Road Atlanta a couple of years ago that had 2 Radical race cars running with us. I know a few of y'all were there for that one. Surprise they finished 1 & 2.
  8. PBIR was the worst and ironically it was for the 38 hour race. 38 hours of boring, tire shredding flatness.
  9. Maybe we are overlooking the simplest way to deal with penalty laps and EC cars. If you are over 500 points and you have penalty laps then you literally do not start the race until your laps are up. Start on lap 5 or lap 8 or whatever. EC cars start on lap 10 or whatever is appropriate for the track length. As an EC car, I am not opposed to waiting 10 laps or so to run a 14 hour or longer race. Keeps everyone on level ground and the speedy or cheaty cars have to play catch up the rest of the day. Tada, you're welcome.
  10. I know I am going to regret this, but... Not all EC cars are born from the same mindset. For us it was simply to swap a later model engine into our E30 after the death of our M20 in our 2nd season. After running in C class from our first 5 races, we realized that running for the win was just not in the DNA of these 3 50-something year olds. So, instead of the painstaking tech inspection where we spell out the details of our swap and try to figure out how many laps we lose at each track we simply declare EC. We do not like the whole bastard class deal but whatever. We could easily take our 8 or 10 laps and call ourselves C class and suddenly be respected, but why? We have run 4 to 6 races a year for 6 years now and will continue until we cannot. As mentioned before, the WRL system has a class for all. We actually finished 1st in class in WRL (the other car broke). Seems like the classes would be enough to handle all. If your Miata is a hot rod maybe it goes to B class. If your E30 has an M54 swap, put it in D class. In my opinion the A class winner is just as much the winner as the overall (obviously C class) winner but not everyone sees it that way.
  11. Awesome if we moved it to July 4, then 100,000 pairs of denim shorts and wife beater t shirts might show up for the NASCAR fireworks if they didn't get the new NASCAR schedule for 2020!!
  12. We we're hoping nobody else would sign up so we could sweep in and get a top 25 finish!!!
  13. Not very much interest in this race, it seems. Has Indy stolen the excitement of the VIR 24? Only 23 entries just a few weeks before the early pay deadline? Is anyone else planning to show up for this one??
  14. The Laps of Honor Mustang did not have brake lights all day.
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