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  1. Timing chain stretch has killed many Mini engines...
  2. What are the odds this race will happen? Now that Daytona is postponed I am looking for options!!!
  3. From Huggy's video it looked like the ambulance had pretty good speed!!
  4. Yes, it's an LSD. It served us flawlessly for 4 seasons. Oil changed every 3 races. Very slight damage to cooling fins but no leaks.
  5. I have stripped my crunched E30 and will be at Road Atlanta on Friday with a truck load of spares. Front spindles, H&R race springs, front and rear brake calipers, a newish (7 laps at Sebring) brake pads and front rotors, rear rotors have about 6 races on them. Complete rear subframe with rear control arms other miscellaneous pieces and parts. Need to sell as new build is an E46 and i do not need E30 pieces. No engine or trans parts (was an M54 swap). Rear LSD but geared for the swap (3.25 I believe). Other stuff just ask. Text me for specifics 229-300-3515 Andy. I can send pics, etc.
  6. Haven't heard of any other teams getting popped. Just my luck, car killed plus a bill for a new wall.
  7. Out of all the cars that crashed, seems like most were on the front stretch like ours was. I thought I was paying for all the damage. I want the old concrete wall back. Is this tax deductible?
  8. Thanks Justin, I found a guy from Brooks Welding that will do it. He has caged a couple of round track cars in the past. We just haven't settled on a price.
  9. I am getting close to being ready to get the cage and have it installed in my E46 build. I plan on using the Roll Cage Components kit with Nascar bars. Curious to what you guys would consider the appropriate cost I can expect to pay a welder to weld the kit together in the car. It's a 2 door car if it matters. I had a guy weld in my E30 cage 6 years ago and he charged me $900. I felt it was high but since it held up in a big crash at Sebring I won't complain. That guy is no longer available, so I have to find another welder. Keep in mind I'm in South GA, not Atlanta. Thanks
  10. Jinxed myself, E30 killed at Sebring. E46 build is in high gear.
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