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  1. I'll second that. The fork drops in and makes it lock up. Never seen an actual break of a ring (or pinion) in one of these.
  2. Not a Celica GTS with a 2ZZ, however the same family of transaxle. I have video of a driver where on almost every 3-4 upshift, he crunches 2nd. Here was my solution, it's easier and much lighter weight than the lock out system. Use stiffer springs on the cross shift shaft. This makes a driver actually have to think about getting from the natural position of the 3-4 "gate" over to the 1-2 gate or the 5-6 gate. After a few laps, they don't even notice anymore, but don't crunch second. 3-4 can be shifted with one finger, down shift from 5-4 c
  3. I've looked into this as well. The way the Smartycam does it's overlay doesn't adapt well to a "video out" to be able to broadcast. If you like the video, with overlay that you can broadcast... You could take a look at: https://candelaria-racing.com/ I have no relationship with them, I just know a team using their systems. My understanding is that they will soon have CAN bus input to overlay what ever you would like from a data bus in your car.
  4. Details of the tear down are in the BGB, The bearing on the output shaft is a press on, the bearing on the input shaft has a snap ring, and is also a press off.
  5. DriverMonitor has use outside the car as well. We put a tablet in the pit with it running, keeps the crew on top of our status and if the driver doesn't want to look, or the distraction, we can always radio the details to them when they want it.
  6. Been using nitrogen from a dedicated cylinder for over 20 years
  7. On initial start up and warm up pressure moves around a bit, then once the thermostat opens and the temps stabilize, the pressure gets quite stable. When you pop a water pump/alternator belt, the pressure rises, quite quickly, the "three lights of death" (Charge, brake, engine) come on and a moment later the high pressure (9 psi) warning comes on. On our 2002 Ford Focus we have a simple hobbs switch (As "Hotrod" mentioned) no DAQ. At Indy our driver was reporting temps each lap on Sunday.. temps were consistent, then one lap, they reported a lower temp.. 5 degrees lower, did
  8. I use a 0-15 psi sensor that feeds the DAQ system. Very nice to be able to track coolant pressure. If water temp is over 180 and pressure drops below 3 PSI it triggers a warning on the dash.
  9. System I've been working with for years, and have installed in one of our cars, probably out of most teams budgets. Pi Research System 4+ The logger can do 48 analog channels at 10 bits A/D, CAN interface, RS-232 interface (Does not do OBD II interface) Sensors are available for almost anything you can think of, engine sensors, tire temps, fuel flow, steering angle, trans temp, shock travel, brake pressure, aero pressures, etc.. Digital dash with 6 positions (three pages so actually 18 positions) for what ever gauge info you want to program, RPM bar gra
  10. I paint them all the time, Dupli-color engine enamel works great
  11. I know that Bill did a great job running the MR2 forum, I think the platform he has chosen worked fine
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