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  1. Yes. You can create different colors, shapes, and text if you wanted albeit 8-bit 80s gaming style. Text: SHIFT NOW the some explosion art
  2. Y'all ready for the FT3200 in car unit? It's so large and bright, this is the only thing you will see while driving. For the very serious among you who wonder if this is a joke, this is a joke. This is a 320mmx320mm corner flag station panel and is not for in car use.
  3. We'll be at Daytona testing. We have a shroud available for most, based on popular demand.
  4. We have a sealed battery pack with solar charging in the works that is capable of powering a panel for 24hr+ races for precisely this scenario. Nelson Ledges is not alone in this. Sunlight not required at the event, only between events to recharge (for clarity).
  5. @Chris Huggins, thanks for the very detailed outsider's breakdown! I'm sure this has and will help many understand the system in use and many of the goals. Currently, the local stand is the reference if there is a disagreement. Our long term vision is to offer a complete solution with only one system of record. This system would have cars equipped with flagging units & sign boards at every corner station. Race control would have a full track control system and every corner station would be equipped with a corner controller. Our system is capable of this now and was designed for this use case. Full scale implementation of with all equipment and pieces will take time. With respect to ChampCar in isolation, the 2022 mandate means that this issue is moot in series. Outside of Champcar, this is absolutely true. Fortunately, the unit cost is very low and there is no subscription fee in addition to offering a wide variety of other features and capabilities.
  6. While the system and all hardware is capable of showing locals, we only plan full course flag conditions in the near term.
  7. Daytona is on our schedule, yes. We haven't set this in stone officially yet but we should be. This one will be tight as we're planning Daytona and Charlotte. We'll try to get this race covered in cooperation with CCES.
  8. We're in production and wrapping up now! We'll be at Road Atlanta and VIR South. Email sales@flagtronics.com if you'd like to get a unit in your car for either event. We're working closely with ChampCar to make sure we'll have everything up and ready for a smooth rollout before the 6/1 recommendation date. The mandate is 1/1/2022. New website will be up soon with updated information as well.
  9. Unfortunately we are delaying the product release and scheduled implementation of the FT200 ChampCar in car wireless system. This project was on a tight timeline with critical deadlines to meet. The circumstances of 2020 have not allowed for timely product development and manufacturing. As @Bill Strong noted, we saw a massive PPE shortfall in early March and immediately stepped in with a global network supply to provide PPE gear to hospitals, first responders, medical workers, & care facilities. This was not a for profit venture and this soaked substantial resources from our company in our effort to do everything possible in the face of a, at the time, poorly understood and potentially catastrophic pandemic. We continue to work closely with ChampCar to make sure this release goes to plan with high reliability. We're focused on getting this right, not just getting it out the door. FT200 units will be available for purchase in 2021. We will announce more testing dates and hardware updates throughout 2020. The FT200 will be released with two primary functions for ChampCar. An accurate pit timer which is easily read by the team and track staff. Pit timer information will be reported to race control to help with timing & scoring. Full track flag status displayed in car with bidirectional communication to validate that each car is showing the correct flag. We hope to implement additional features for ChampCar thereafter. This is a non-comprehensive list. Local flag status displayed in car with bidirectional communication to validate that each car is showing the correct flag. Automatic reporting of any major incidents to race control and to emergency personnel. We hope this will reduce the time and help inform emergency personnel in the case of a major incident. Automatic reporting of stopped cars to race control. Automatic reporting of cars stopped on track to initiate automatic yellow flagging. Pit lane speed reported to race control. This may show a warning in car if the pit lane speed is exceeded. LED Display panels at corners around the track. Offer race teams flag information for their own car (s) in the pits.
  10. There are some professionals in automotive wiring doing excellent work with ring terminal distribution blocks. There are a LOT of extra precautions to take and the cars are only on track a few seconds at a time. They do it for flexibility and re-work. Sealed Shrink tube is a benefit for sure. There are no professionals I am aware of specifying Weatherpack. They are only used on professional work for specific sensors and devices that can't easily be changed. I think the answer, at this level is to use what you have tooling for and what you can validate that meet modern standards. I see the crimps via pliers and solder that wicks 1ft up the wire far too often. The biggest advantage of Deutsch DT/DTM/DTP is that you can use one tool that has a very low user error rate if you choose the solid terminals. Or to put it another way, you can achieve pro level quality crimps with minimal expertise. Superseal works and are widely available. It's equivalent to Metripack. The caveat being don't order the Amazon / eBay special. Those are hot garbage that can lead to trouble tracing and intermittents that are difficult to diagnose.
  11. I do this for a living. We churn through millions of connectors and terminals every year. Weatherpack is terrible at any price point. This is not a price/performance issue. They are substantially worse than nearly any other choice of modern sealed automotive connector. Aptiv Metripack & GT, Molex MX, & AMP Superseal all have similar or better pricing and are better designs. Weatherpack lives on in infamy in the wiring world largely because people lack experience and/or equate Weatherpack to Weather Sealed Connectors as a generality. Many amateurs are in the same boat as you in that they see Weatherpack as a peer or equivalent to other options. They aren't and they shouldn't be used on any modern project. Consider this a PSA from your wiring engineer and spread the word as far as you can so we can finally end the Weatherpack scourge. If, on the other hand, you're the type to tell Adrian Newey he's wrong about an aero suggestion, then that's your prerogative .
  12. Good points here @Black Magic. The only point that stands out to address is the Weatherpack one. We sell a lot of OEM Connectors, Deutsch Connectors, and we do stock Weatherpack. However, please let the 1970s era Weatherpack design die. Weatherpack was outdated in the 90s with the introduction of the Delphi Metripack & GT series. Weatherpack issues: Only rated for ~10 cycles Poor sealing compared to modern options Allows for excessive terminal misalignment Excessive fretting One of the worst options you can choose for a modern project ONLY use when you have an OEM connection and no other alternative. Designed in the 1970s as a first generation sealed connector before the use of CAD, detailed analysis, & experience from gained from prior generations AVOID WEATHERPACKs AT ALL COSTS I should also add a caveat. There are cheap knock-off connectors on eBay & Amazon whose quality is terrible in ways that no casual consumer can readily identify. Also avoid the eBay / Amazon options at all costs. Only buy from sellers with genuine stock from the manufacturer.
  13. There is a specific strain relief option that we use where appropriate. If you want them with this feature, we can get them for you. This is typically on harnesses that will see full booting at every connection and DR25 or similar sleeving. In general, harnessing at the ChampCar / budget level omits this extra feature for cost savings. Backshells also exist. It's worth noting that the sealing system itself on DTM, DT, DTP connectors provides retention and strain relief compared to spade or ring connections for example. Due to the seal, the wire exits the connector body several mm rearwards of the crimp zone itself, thereby ensuring the crimp zone will not see sharp bends or extreme stress. Regardless of the connector design, harness design and layout is critical. I've seen top dollar harnesses make a sharp 90 out of a connector zone putting unnecessary stress on the connector. I've seen low dollar harnesses with near perfect layout that will ensure years of good service. Wiring is a place where skill, patience, and good design can easily out last better materials without good design & good crimps.
  14. The Deutsch DTM, DT, & DTP are weatherproof, high reliability, low vibration susceptibility, and when using with solid terminals low user error probability. It's effectively the club sport standard connector system. You buy one tool and you can do all DTM, DT, & DTP crimps. Solid terminals, while expensive, offer simple inspection and lower user error rates than most open barrel crimps. Open barrel crimps of all types require more skill & validation: https://news.bmotorsports.com/faq/terminal-crimp-validation-charts/ Soldering is, in general, frowned upon in racing due to the wicking effect of solder that can lead to breaks and intermittents within the insulation. This is a nice all in one tool that pushes down and allows terminal removal on DTM, DT, DTP: https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/product_info.php/products_id/1381 Butt connectors should either be the heatshrink variety or unsealed with adhesive lined heatshrink over them. https://www.bmotorsports.com/shop/advanced_search_result.php?x=0&y=0&search_in_description=1&keywords=butt Heat Shrink tubing is wise for harness protection. Spade connectors & ring terminals require high quality crimps and are more susceptible to vibration & corrosion.
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