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  1. We’ve got some seats available in our Miata’s for Indy. Email ctnewman92@gmail.com for more info.
  2. Seemed like there were a lot of calls made that might have been incorrect. We got tagged twice for passes under yellow that we didn’t make after reviewing the video. Like Jay said, they can only act upon what is called in, and I certainly don’t fault them, but I can’t help but wonder about the experience of the flangers manning the stations yesterday.
  3. One of the other fires was a jug catching fire, up around pit 15 or so. Not sure what caused it to ignite.
  4. We had a cancellation for Road Atlanta so we have some stints available in one of our Miata’s. Send me a PM with your contact info for the details.
  5. We've got some stints available in our Miatas. Send me a message with your contact info and I'll fill youin.
  6. The price of track gas could be a killer.... We’re going to need to know this ASAP to set stint prices as well.
  7. One of our drivers ended up having a conflict and can’t go, so we’ve got some stints available in our Miata. Pro built car, never suffered a dnf. PM me or email c t newman92 @ gmail dot com. Thanks!
  8. I’m getting ready to change ours out, not because of a real or perceived problem, but just because I have no idea how much time is on them. Im of the opinion that the reason you hear about so many hub problems in SM is the Hoosier. None of the tires we run put anywhere near as much side load on the bearings.
  9. Not how I remembered it, but I am getting old....my apologies. Even so, that was only ONE protest. it is supposed to be fun. For everyone, not just the winners.
  10. You really should quit quoting Jalopnik. This was was found during post race tech at the 2014 Runoffs. Top 6 are torn down by procedure. Truth is, if they’d torn down 7, 8, 9, etc, they would have probably found the same things. i believe we’re talking about competitor driven protests?
  11. Not a protest. That was implemented by the sanctioning body, and they pretty much cleaned it up. Try again.
  12. There won’t be a solution until everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, gets past the fear of inconvenience. It should be the absolute right of any competitor willing to post an appropriate bond to be able to verify that a competitor is legal, especially since we’ve been told over and over that it’s a competitor-policed series. Will there be folks that have have to pull legal motors apart? Yes. Will it happen more than once? Absolutely. Will it happen at every race? For a while. Eventually the bar for legal performance is set and the protests die down. “Gee Fred, that BMW sure is fast. He MUST be cheating.” “I dunno George. John had him taken apart at the last race and they didn’t find a thing”. If we don’t get a grip on this quick, it’ll be just like the fuel tank deal. As I write this, there’s someone, somewhere, already planning to put his illegal motor back in the car. Why not? No one is going to check. If you’re legal, you wear the cheater tag like a badge of honor. You negotiate the bond as high as you can, take it apart and pocket the cash, all the while knowing that you’ll soon be vindicated. I’ve been an SCCA guy for 25 years. I can count the engine protests I’ve seen on one hand. The reason for that is because the threat to take someone apart is real. Chuck Newman Chattahoochee Motorsports #828 Miata
  13. If you scanned them and put them somewhere easy to access you don't even need to print them. in this day and age we pretty much all have access to the web. Added benefit is that EVERYONE can see them.
  14. Was a cell. Mike talked about it at the awards presentation, and the team it happened to won the Lady Luck award for not being blown to smithereens.
  15. Dang, that was fun! Only 3 FCY’s, no Red flags, no CTJ meetings. And it wasn’t nearly as brutal,as the weather last year! Awesome job by Mike and his staff. CN
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