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  1. The rules says from a car in the vip list? for the vw Audi there is none on the list so we can not claim the 25 point if we go LSD right?
  2. I have a few box trailers for sale 25 ft 10,000 LB 2005 + with open MA titles Inside very clean they are the wide body ones we are going through them fixing the out side lights and checking the brakes and tires and sealing the side openings these are rear load so you will need ramps. We are asking $2200 . If you wish we will wire it up for 110 volt with 2 4 ft LED shop lights and a 4 outlet plug at the back with a wipe cord to plug your gen in too for a added $190 and for added $100 will will install 2 12 volt LED wired to the running lights . We are taking pre orders. now .
  3. I like that one better the the bait on I use
  4. You are very right on the TT with a open front dif if I add the boost it will light the inside wheel up big time. Welded, its off the corner like a rocket but with a welded dif you got to safety wire every bolt and nuts axle nuts it try to ripe ever thing apart.
  5. I have run a welded dif and a limited dif in the VW/ Audi platform . We are at a handicap on the dif because there is no limited dif on the vip list of our cars, and a lot of the fast cars on the list come with them stock. They should be no points for a limit dif. if you where to take the LSD out of the fast front group and run a open dif where do you think they would finish?? It is very costly to take a LSD for some other car build and make it fit some thing else and hope it would last.
  6. Now one has ever lost a race for being to light! If you do a engine swap it +50 point even if you go down on HP. My TT is a 225 HP with the TDI 140 HP engine swap its +50 points. Champ dos not weigh the cars after a race. www.DRVOLKS.com
  7. You could wire it hot it only a .010 amp draw !! I know rules but it a radio not a starter. or add a small battery with a diode on the power feed this will work too.
  8. I buy both mounts cheap and keep them in the tool box or just mount them on the car next to each other.
  9. Any 1.8 turbo with K4 out of a Audi TT can make 280 HP with just a tune and live all day.
  10. Yes bullhead the fuel cell and lines fill is metal for Champ
  11. I dont get it here, a certified fuel cell installed right is 10X better the a OEM plastic tank. We have had one fire to a modified OEM tank where one person got burned right! I work on OEM cars all day long and most cars the OEM tank is inchs from the road with a bear can thickness partly shield plate near the ex system and metal that is run over will punch a hole in a OME tank like a butter knife though butter. there fillers on mostly in the rear wheel well with plastic inner wheel cover inches away from the spinning rear tire in a side crash it ripps the vent tube and filler out of the
  12. I use ebay 2 1/2 inter cooler tubing and there silicon hose then wrap the hose with alum flashing and hose clamps
  13. hear is the TT rear hatch I like the angle strap better and bigger pop rivets
  14. I will show how we did the TT we run a 22 GAL fuel cell (stuff it to 18.5 for Champ) with 1/2 surge tank and pumps in this box its sealed in the bottom with fire foam and metal tape. We swap out the clear fill hose for metal for Champ races.
  15. You don't, They changed the rules I have run a clear reinforced filler hose for years was much safer on fueling to know when to stop. Now they want it to slash back at you !! Can you say FIRE starter!! My old install below the new one for Champ is a medal filler and a metal hard 1/2 vent tube that runs higher then the filler then down below the filler so one pan can be used. When it starts to spit back at you when filling its at the top of the cell.
  16. I like this stuff has a real rating NFPA 90A and 90B for Class C fire hazard classifications, UL Listed
  17. Mender you are wrong try to drive one of these bad boys with out wings your DEAD in a few laps, so wings on roof work .
  18. I have run them on the roof and on the back a lot of it is up to the airo of the car. Not every car has good airo on the back for wing placement. And rear wing placement needs front splitter to balance it out. And a rear wing needs a lot of hardware to last 7 hrs. <a href="https://imgur.com/ZHFlc6g"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/ZHFlc6g.jpg" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> My best wind speed is on the roof of my car. with it on the back still needed to be up a foot or more to work right need to run a splitter wheres the cost sav
  19. Your the wing man for shore I have asked you a few time for information and you been a great help thank you.
  20. We have gone round and round with it in the team. I get lost some time with the points I can claim what can I re purports ? I am claiming the TDI and bring all the inter cooler stuff with it. doing a tranny swap from the same engine TDI DSG Car must run wing and spliter or it will lift off the track not fun. I do run racing coil overs or can run just a spring change with adjusters or just springs stock struts be close on corner weight
  21. I do not know I wish to take out all the good we ran last year. I know we could come in just under the 500 pt ( the tranny has a cooler build in off the engine coolant) I would like to run one time with all the power and airo and fuel .
  22. We did go round and round with tech. I am just going to run EC at WGI with running the TDI and DSG all the airo I can bolt on . Test some new tuning I do that in house now! will be dynoing it soon. I did send in a form on the fuel tank stuff a week back still waiting?
  23. I saw that but the GTI come as a 4 cly turbo or a big V6 same HP rating very close . I think tech would have last word .They killed use on the TT at 425-475 same deal came only as a 4 cly turbo or V6 Tech has spoken my TT front wheel drive is 4 cly turbo is 425. should be the same as the GTI 325 pt lost that fight.
  24. I would forget trying get them to give the DSG as automatic been trying for 2 years. I would look at the 2003 -2006 GTI from 325-375 points came only with turbo so the points stay at 325-375 and had the DSG. fuel tank I think is 14.5
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