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  1. Edit by Bill Strong Saturday Results - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1872413 Sunday results - https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Events/1873662 RBank does it again, twice. Andrew and King Dave know how to put a car together. The CRX was well suited for this rythmn track. Had the Corvette (subliminal racing) not broken day two there would have been no way to catch them. They had 3 seconds in RBank and Premium Dudes. Loved watching the little VW pull it's inside wheel in turn one! Smoked the tire every time. Hated to see 616 catch fire on day one. The Blue Shells guys were quick and tidy, finished well and ran good pit stops. I thought the TireRack BMW was setting us up for a close finish on day two but unfortunately had to make one final fuel stop at the end. IDK about any of you but damn I couldn't figure out Turn 6. Inside,middle,outside I couldn't find a smooth spot or my rythmn. The only contact I saw was GWVELYS front end damage due to possible contact with another black BMW. I didn't see any Asshat driving this weekend and the officials we halfway pleasant. (That means you Thomas and Jimmie) I'll see you boys and girls in an upcoming race soon. Until next time, ASenna
  2. My 13 yo son and I had our first race on Iracing with Champcar at VIR...no one every finishes where they want except the leader of the last lap and even though we were rolling roadblocks the racing experience was very similar to RL. My kid has never experienced that kind of pressure to perform and being exposed to superfast guys, off track excursions, and accident avoidance will only make him a better competitor in any sport he participates. Thanks for having us. Until next time, Kerry and Andy Steed
  3. What are the minimum license requirements to participate?
  4. 5 bucks says you're right. We never saw you guys but we were hunting you!
  5. Would have been a great race with the race had CC, HN, and VIS, had caught up to the CRX, Red RX7, and Yellow Mustang in this vid...here's a chunk of time with us strategically cutting and carving out way thru traffic for over 30 mins https://youtu.be/H1O6UwjEh9Y Good stuff starts at 4:15
  6. my .02$, whatever brand you get make sure to have a velcro strap to cover and secure the upper laces so that if they come untied there isn't a chance of the lace catching on the brake/clutch/gas pedals.
  7. To the drivers in the YELLOW and WHITE Mustang and RED Convertible RX7 - During the 12-2pm and 4-6pm stints - YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME. I was the driver in the RBANK CRX and I witnessed some of the best car control and respectful driving since entering my first race in 2011! It's rare that you have the opportunity two race door to door over long periods of time with any one car but the three of us were hooked nose to tail for quite a while. I trusted what line you would take when you were ahead of me and I trusted you weren't going to take me out when you were behind me. That goes double in the RAIN! If either of you have video of those stints PLEASE SHARE! Until next race, ASenna
  8. Would love to but I will be at Road America with Premium Dudes. Pls keep me on your list for future races.
  9. I'm a fast, well funded driver that's been in the series since 2012. Over 16 wins and countless podiums with RBANK and PREMIUM DUDES. FWD, RWD, AWD familiar. Able to fuel, crew, and wrench if needed. This race falls outside of our scheduled events and I'm looking to get in one more race before the season ends. Thanks, Kerry steed.kerry@gmail.com or 9377258492
  10. Bill, thank you for relaying the good news. To those BOD members and others that subsequently responded, thank you. Your comments and committment to the fair application of the rules is appreciated. Until then, ASenna
  11. Bill, you've got my respect for the work and effort you put into this series but in this case I have to disagree. This topic strikes at the heart of what should be the most important job of the BOD. Ensuring the rules are applied and enforced consistently and fairly throughout the series. Allowing Event Directors, under the employ of the Series Chairman, to inconsistently and unfairly apply the rules "as they see fit" (quote from Chelsea) certain teams creates an environment of mistrust that fundamentally changes the way we, as members, look at the series. I would like for the BOD to direct the Series Chairman to make a statement to the membership ensuring fairness in all aspects of the rules and technical regulations and insist that in the future the Event Directors are well versed in the entire rule set for Champcar.
  12. ...are you also aware it's against the rules to submit video to penalize another team for a missed call? If not, please see Rule
  13. noted...and just like telling your driver not to hit the wall...it's implied and understood but sometimes $#!^ happens but does that mean we've turned into hall monitors and tattletales? My question to the BOD was to provide clarity to the members and slow the growing criticism coming from ambiguous calls made by event directors using an unclear rule set.
  14. Rule States - No protest will be accepted for missed or non-calls by corner worker or track/event officials such as a passing under yellow. Yet at Pitt Race RBANK car #195 was penalized based on video turned in by SHUT UP RACING #234. Rule States - Valid driving protests penalties may result in penalty laps, a time penalty, or disqualification of the car, at the discretion of the Event Director. Can the BOD please provide clarity on this topic. Can video be used to penalize another team for a missed call? Does Rule Invalidate Rule Does "Discretion of the Event Director" mean negating any and all rules associated with this series? If the answer is yes to these questions, then the combination of these two rules adds to the erosion of trust between the series and its' members.
  15. I can be your spotter on I -71 if you need it and if you really feel like driving head down to I-70/I-675 interchange...full on cloverleaf
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