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  1. Guys, guys, guys..... You are missing the obvious. We should have a spec tire and a spec size. It will reduce costs AND reduce speed creep. I recommend the Lemans Touring AS II in 175/70/14. Cheap enough you could run a new set every day! Plus they are named after Le Mans so you know they are fast. I know what you are thinking "But Logdog, I cant fit those over the Wilwood-bo Mega Stop 30 inch rotors with 9 piston calipers I previously added for increased safety and reduced operating costs to my 500 point European sports car!" To that I say "We didn't pick your ride." 😀
  2. We didn't bring the car but we did volunteer as pit marshals. We had an absolute blast (even if my memory is a little foggy for some of it) and I really need to figure out a way to compete next year. It was fun to chat with the other marshals and solve all of Champcar's problems. Unfortunately we forgot to right down the answers before sleeping and they are all gone. 😁 I saw 274 on the second Porsche dyno pull with by own eyes. The first pull was over 240. Not sure what makes things official but thats what we saw before scooting to the hotel for a couple hours sleep.
  3. With the drop in axle points we are now down to 387. Is this Champcar's way of encouraging us to spend the money and upgrade to those magic Honda VTAKs?😁
  4. Canada coming back is great news. We wanted to get up there before but never made it happen. Hooray for second chances! Plus our 11.9 gallon tank is like 45 liters up there. We should easily go 2 hours with a 33 bigger tank!
  5. The wife and I are volunteering to work this race. Don't you mean "cupcakes for the pit road reporter AND miscellaneous workers"? 😁
  6. It was these guys. - https://racer.com/2019/07/18/resilience-racing-opens-doors-to-the-sport-for-disabled-vets/?utm_source=smg&utm_medium=wasabi&utm_content=home-latest-news Doug Boles did a couple sessions and seemed to have a lot of fun.
  7. Speak for yourself. Some of us can only count to 10 without taking off our shoes. Then we can count to 21.
  8. While I am not racing, I am heading to Indy as a crew guy. Sounds like I need to stop along the way to pick up some new Walk-Master 5000s!
  9. I heard BMWs come from the factory with a special windshield tint that prevents the driver from seeing the color yellow. Supposed to reduce eye strain or something.
  10. Pittsburgh - Not so much the layout as the fact that our car has some sort of allergic reaction to it. We have had more weird issues to fix in pit/wall bumps/spins there than every other race combined. Maybe I need to offer up a sacrificial french fry sandwich to the Western PA deities before the race if we ever go again* *we wont go again. The team took a vote and I was the only "maybe".
  11. Gingerman- our favorite. We feel most competitive there and it is just a fun track. Since we moved from Michigan its harder to get back there but hopefully next year. Watkins Glen- pretty much our local track now. We feel underpowered there but we have such fun in the esses and into the bus stop. We get a little better every year and will be back again in 2020. Laguna Seca- Haven't raced Champcar there but I did do a Skip School in December. It was such a fun track! Would really like to pull off a race sometime. May have to rent a seat to make it work since its a 3k mile tow.
  12. We always had a problem with EC but as a pokey midpack team we thought we were the only ones so we didnt complain. But we are also the weirdos that think nothing should be "free", $500 cars should be the norm, Bill Strong should run for President, and its all been downhill since the e36 was declared 5 hundo points 😁
  13. I'm not much of a smack talker but I guarantee we will dominate the eggs & hominy burrito class!
  14. I saw a similar statement earlier in the thread, but why would starting -100 laps make an EC team not want to come? They are not racing for the win anyway. If they end the race 1000 laps ahead of the next closest legal car, they still don't "win". If you showed these results to anybody, they would say the Cayman won both days. That diminishes hard work of the rules legal winners. I have never understood why EC cars were mixed in.
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