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  1. Logdog

    Spin = Two Feet In?

    I was taught 2 feet in. However I have been working on an alternate strategy for when things go south...
  2. Logdog

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    That must mean Flex Seal is the new sponsor!!!
  3. Logdog

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    Im keeping my fingers crossed the new sponsor is Winston
  4. Logdog

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    I ran the calculator and the weight change bumps our swap from 50 points to 52. Not that it matters much. We are only at 394 points now anyway. 93 Civic - 200 Swap - 52 CV shafts - 25 Header - 25 Non OE Radiator - 5 Coilovers - 40 Non OE Frt Sway Bar - 20 Transaxle -25 steel material - 2
  5. I need better teammates. All my guys have in their garages are worn out tractors and busted snowblowers!
  6. I added a set of some cheapie Walmart "driving" lights between day 1 and day 2 at Gingerman this year after realizing how much easier it was to see the cars with lights. A last second DRL. Came in handy when the fog rolled in.
  7. Logdog

    Enclosed Trailer Advise

    Whats that new setup called.?
  8. Logdog

    NJMP and Summit Point

    That would be awesome. We have already used track days there for test and tunes.
  9. PM me your info and I can get a shipping quote.
  10. Have 3 brand new Coolshirt black shirts, size large, right side discharge. $75 shipped without box (in the bag), $80 if you want it shipped in the box.
  11. As I have learned at work, its fairly easy to piss everybody off though! 😁