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  1. You guys are completely missing the real issue here. We have Champcar authority figures using the wrong spelling of "color". This isn't the United Englands of Canada! Whats next, are the 2020 rules going to require we all eat Heinz beans for breakfast on raceday? Our cars can only use Lucas electronics?
  2. Not easy and not cheap is how my brother describes his first marriage.
  3. We also wave a broom for the exact same reasons. Sounds like we need to make sure we are never pitted side by side to avoid confusing the drivers!
  4. We unloaded the car after its post Gingerman hibernation to start looking at it and going "yup" before Watkins. I also ordered stickers from RVA.
  5. Since fart cans/cold airs/crayola spark plug wires are already free, I am working on a petition to make master cylinder sweat bands free for 2020. They are an essential piece of safety equipment and they save me ones of dollars in brake fluid costs. Its really common sense.
  6. Through both driver skill (We ain't got much!) and car prep (I won''t spend VTEC money, we run junkyard motors, and I leave some weight in the car) we will never be at the pointy end. I hitched my wagon to the "build what you know" advice of yesterday and have a garage full of Honda parts and no desire to toss it all away for a different chassis. We do it for fun. But, and there is always a "but", we still want to feel competitive, at least in the midpack. As long as we can continue to pass some cars then we will keep doing it. Speed creep has been very real over the last few years and it gets a little frustrating at times. I am firmly in the "nothing should be free camp" but that ship has sailed long ago. I think it would be much more intimidating to start from scratch today. As the series continues to grow and speed creep, we will likely be left behind. Circle of life and all that. We have been doing 2 races a year but are only doing 1 this year. We decided to do a second Lemons Rally instead.
  7. I was taught 2 feet in. However I have been working on an alternate strategy for when things go south...
  8. That must mean Flex Seal is the new sponsor!!!
  9. Im keeping my fingers crossed the new sponsor is Winston
  10. I ran the calculator and the weight change bumps our swap from 50 points to 52. Not that it matters much. We are only at 394 points now anyway. 93 Civic - 200 Swap - 52 CV shafts - 25 Header - 25 Non OE Radiator - 5 Coilovers - 40 Non OE Frt Sway Bar - 20 Transaxle -25 steel material - 2
  11. I need better teammates. All my guys have in their garages are worn out tractors and busted snowblowers!
  12. I added a set of some cheapie Walmart "driving" lights between day 1 and day 2 at Gingerman this year after realizing how much easier it was to see the cars with lights. A last second DRL. Came in handy when the fog rolled in.
  13. That would be awesome. We have already used track days there for test and tunes.
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