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  1. Gingerman filled up quick! But we did come in second at Watkins registration. EDIT- Nevermind. Must have been a glitch in the Matrix. We are in now.
  2. We were supposed to be there but had to cancel. Have a great race everybody!
  3. Any tips for how much wood to bring since the paddock is grass? I figure I need at least some big squares for the jackstands and something for the jack.
  4. We still plan on doing Gingerman and are replacing Watkins Glen with Nelson Ledges.
  5. Can Youtube certified technicians still give the tech guys advice?
  6. If it gets cancelled, we will send out a press release on Memorial weekend announcing that nobody was able to beat us and sponsors should start giving us money and/or tacos.
  7. We decided to make the upgrade to an enclosed trailer after 2 races with pouring rain. So I understand snowmaggeden being your driving force! For a DIY tire rack, what we did was mount E-Track across the back for 2x4s. There is a long bolt we stick in the middle to keep them from spreading. Another storage thing we did that works good is a cubby we made in the back the between the wheel well and door. We put spare parts like shocks and calipers back there. Moves some of the weight from the front and uses up some dead space. For the front we have lots o
  8. Went ahead and pulled the trigger on tires today. So if it gets canceled its my fault.
  9. Put us in the "Had a problem with our NRG" camp. At Watkins last year during the practice session it wouldn't lock. Im not sure exactly what happened to cause the issue. I pulled it all apart and slapped it back together and it worked the rest of the weekend. It could have been something like the clip issue above. It had been on the car since 2014 so maybe it reached the end of life? I haven't replaced it (We haven't raced since that event) but this thread reminds me I wanted to.
  10. I bet the size of the event will be our downfall. Having a HundoSeven teams on pit road is going to make keeping 6 feet apart difficult.
  11. Fingers crossed but we have held off ordering tires or a new harness.
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