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  1. https://forum.champcar.org/forum/54-team-biography-and-pictures/
  2. I hope you have better luck than we did- ordered from TireRack on Dec 10th, rears showed up within a couple days but the fronts have been back ordered w no ETA. I finally gave up this morning and bought some KYB adjustables- luckily we have the points available I think Bilsteins are within the 2X rule- they're only $103-$135 on TireRack and Autozone/Advance are selling oem equivalents for $65-$136. Hopefully. I'd like to run them on all four corners eventually, but we're racing VIR South in three weeks...
  3. 5chumps

    2019 Official The 12 hours of VIR (South)

    After all the bondo and paint work this winter I'd love some on track pics, sign us up (Rotary Racing #38). And please take some early before someone taps a quarter panel and bondo explodes everywhere...
  4. After a filler spout fell into our gas tank at the last race, I'd like to use a metal hose clamp to keep them attached to the vinyl tube. I just wanted to check and make sure that doesn't break any safety rules before I do this to ten of them I did some searching through forums and BCCR and see mention of a rule about metal within 10" of gas tank, but doesn't seem to be in the 2019 rules...
  5. 5chumps

    The 8's at VIR.....

    Regarding 7) Not sure who was driving the first stint on Sunday, but I had a blast figuring out how to get around you. When I finally found a solution to that problem, I made it a half lap before spinning out in the lower esses and losing a bunch of passes. When I finally caught up again in the lower esses, and thought I would now have to find one more creative passing maneuver that would be a surprise to both parties, you spun out. Can't tell you if I was more excited or disappointed- either way it was a lot of fun.
  6. 5chumps

    The 8's at VIR.....

    3rd race for #38 RX7 Rotary Racing. It was a no electronics weekend- dead battery, no radios, no livestream camera, no lap timer, no clock. The one guy who actually wears a wrist watch- it died?! Started Sat morning and got two hours in, and then started with fuel cuts after driver change. Came out several times until we found a loose wire on fuel pump. Got it patched and we at least able to make sure everybody got some seat time. Late night repair on Saturday. Thanks for the reggae soldering music to Racebar folks. Sunday we ran all day, managed to keep up with pit stops and driver changes using a pit board and some creative hand signals. Ended up 2nd in class, and 12th overall. Best finish yet! Had a blast in the rain; spun out several times, ran off a couple times, and little door to door "hello, I'm over here" love tap with the 252 Acura. (Sorry about that) Driving around spins and offs made for some very exciting racing, too. Can't wait to get back out there in the spring!
  7. 5chumps

    Kill Switch Recommendations

    I'd recommend the one that Pegasus sells- https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=1464 That being said, even they claim that there is a finite number of "kills", and you should use an ignition switch to stop the car. Only use the kill switch for tech and emergencies
  8. 5chumps

    Daytona Lost and Found

    Guess what I found the other day? Yep, the pressure gauge! Thanks for the video clip though
  9. 5chumps

    Daytona Lost and Found

    Yep- that's me! Worst part of that was me ignoring a teammate who suggested we take down that stuff about ten minutes before the gusts started... thanks for keeping an eye out for it
  10. 5chumps

    Daytona Lost and Found

    Anyone end up with an analog longacre tire pressure gauge? We were in pit stall 42, near pit in.
  11. Unless they know that P3 started with 43 penalty laps, and had to stop every hour for gas due to fuel starve issues. I want a trophy too, dangit!
  12. 5chumps

    /Drive on NBCSN

    I saw #38 several times- was pretty cool to see the celebrities during the driver's meeting etc... My notes: a. the paint job looked great for house paint and top gear style goofing around b. their team sat out during the 2-4am deluge. please hand back your chumpcar licenses. c. did Leh Keen really back up pit road after the checker flew? see b.
  13. This rule wasn't enforced at the VIR 24- saw several of our pit neighbors running them. Only saying something now, cause I'm not a narc. Oh, and 17 to go
  14. I once gave my credit card number to a lady in FL over the phone for some horse sperm. Yeah. Now we have another horse to feed and take care of- just in case you think racing is the dumbest way to spend your retirement (18 to go)