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  1. I just signed up for the track day on Friday, but wasn't sure if they allow multiple drivers per car? Anyone run in the "Lump" group with Turn One before?
  2. SALE PENDING! DEPOSIT RECEIVED FOR EVERYTHING... Parts are from a 1988 Corvette Z51 racecar that was campaigned with NASA, SCCA and SVRA. Everything is in good working order. I'm willing to make package deals. Parts are located in Apex, NC. I may be able to deliver to Watkins Glen, CMP, VIR, AMP, some Florida races, but will need a deposit to hold things for you. Engine is sold. Howe Racing Radiator: $200 Unknown manufacturer oil cooler, sandwiches in front of radiator. Keeps oil very cool. $50. Power steering fluid cooler: $25 Hooker Super Compet
  3. #46 The Stug BMW e30 blue/grey Race Report: I led the race at Charlotte, from the start/finish line, all the way to turn 1 on the first lap! Many thanks to RVA et al who made clean passes while I slowly built up the courage to run a decent pace. Our last car ended its career at CMS two years ago, so I had persistent worries that our new car would meet the same fate, especially in the rain. Thanks to the Brewe Krew and Barely Racing teams for helping me figure out the e30 rain line, and thanks to everyone for the clean racing! This was our 3rd race and best finish yet.
  4. For rearview monitors? I went through a few trying to solve the massive rear blind spot in my C4 corvette track day car. Between the short cage and tinted lexan, cars could disappear if they were directly behind me. I tried a couple cheapos from Amazon. The main problems were lack of visibility in bright sunlight, crappy user interface, and being sensitive to heat (on hot days, it would shut down until it cooled off). The best I found in my budget was this one: https://www.xenarc.com/703YP-7-inch-sunlight-readable-lcd-industrial-display-monitor-with-hdmi-displayport-usb-inputs
  5. I think my ABCCanopy survived? (you can find them on Amazon) Structurally, it was fine, but gas splashed all over the canopy. Have to pull it out of the bag soon and see if the gas damaged the fabric. To be clear, the canopy was still standing with gas dripping off of it. Not sure how that happened but the Daytona safety guys were not amused with us. It was a major spill. My $99 walmart special was quickly destroyed in 2019 at Daytona during that red flag for weather. It wasn't even worth taking it home to attempt a repair... I think having that center structure is
  6. To quote multiple engineering professors from my past- draw a free body diagram. But intuitively, I'd say spoke position shouldn't matter as far as your hub is concerned.
  7. Good info on reusing them above. I would have never thought of that, will try to remember than one. I rolled my own oil cooler for my street/track day car a couple years ago. Sourced most all of it from ebay/amazon. No issues at all, so far. I think I spent $250ish on everything, and that's only because I went name brand (Mishmoto) on the thermostatic oil sandwich plate. No need for that in a race car. I regularly see kits from $500-$750 for my car. Wouldn't be the first time I regret being frugral if anything goes wrong, but so far, so good.
  8. This was our second race in the new to us e30. Lots of prep and upgrades over the winter. Regardless we made it about 1 hour in before the transmission gave up the magic metal bits. Swapped it out and got back on track mid afternoon. Had smooth running afterwards, and at least everyone got decent seat time. There seemed to be lots of attrition, track was really empty after dark... Racing was clean, and I didn't observe any obnoxious behavior. Picked a few battles, and had some fun racing but also tried to stay out of the way of the podium contenders.
  9. Great advice already above- I instruct with a few HPDE clubs at VIR and its pretty common for new drivers to show up brimming with self assurance in their driving talents and realize quickly that there's a lot more they can learn. (I did the same thing when I started!) I've had a rare couple of students and racing teammates that really were great drivers from the start and they all had sim racing experience. You should try a few HPDEs before jumping into wheel to wheel racing. You can flush brake fluid and put some fresh tires / brake pads on your street car and get
  10. Well so much for getting anything done this morning, lol. Great video.
  11. Love this car! (and team) Can't wait to drive with them again... I'm glad CC isn't targeting their ingenuity with this rule.
  12. Regarding helping as crew; the most common duties for pit stops are : 1. Pouring gas in the car 2. Holding fire extinguisher during fueling 3. Helping next driver get buckled in. Note that 1-3 require you wear at least a single layer fire suit, sfi gloves, SA2xxx helmet and closed toed shoes. Depending on the team, they may have extras of the fire proof stuff. 4. Checking oil and adding as necessary 5. Checking torque on lug nuts 6. Checking tire pressures 7. Holding pit board for incoming driver 8. Monitoring and working radios during the driver's stint. 9. Addin
  13. I haven't seen that issue, but AIM's customer service is pretty good. I'd try emailing Mike McNight (mc@aimsports.com) and asking him.
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