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  2. Has anyone brought an RV to CMS before? Thinking about renting a bunkhouse type, but supps say no RV hookups, and no showers? Not sure if I'm up for a showerless weekend with the teammates... also kind of surprised there aren't better accommodations, seems like they'd be set up for lots of people camping there
  3. I made this one a couple years ago- it's just plastic corrugated sign board that has been laser cut. Added LEDs, 9V battery box and a switch so we can get driver's attention at night.
  4. First race of the season for Rotary Racing. The winter was spent getting all the rear suspension components to move like Mazda intended, and replacing alignment hardware. Also a couple gallons of bondo and 8 cans of spray paint, tired of blending in with all the other flat black cars. Also tired of renting a transponder so I bought myself a mylaps transponder for Christmas. That excitement went away when we went to register, and the Champcar staff had nothing but bad things to say about the X2. No one was able to help us test ours by walking it over the start/finish line, so we rented one as a backup and ran both. The original plan of running first stint with both, then switching to ours once it was proven didn't pan out because timing / scoring wasn't willing to mess with taking one out during the race. I'm pretty sure that ours works, and we should be fine for the next race, but sure was frustrating to follow the BCCR guidelines and find out I invested in something super sketchy and unreliable... oh well, I'm used to it at this point in my cheapskate life. Makes sense I guess that the old ones sell so quickly. Our team's next goal is to win B class, but we started the race watching the two turbo cars blow our NA doors off. As much as I don't want to wish bad stuff to happen to other teams, there was a sigh of relief when they both were out early in the morning (when they get those things dialed, we're f*cked!) One of said teams pushed us out at turn 1 and forced us to come in to change a flat/bent rim. By the time we got it back on track we were several laps down to the Prelude, and we continued to chase them for the rest of the race. When they came in for brake pads we briefly took the lead, but then had to pit for gas and driver change and went back to chasing. We lost a front wheel hub around dinner time, but got it back on track without too much time lost. At this point we were running half old Falkens and half tired RE71R's, camber was completely back to zero on one side, and oil seeping somewhere out the back engine plate, but car was still turning reasonably quick lap times. Finished up 19th overall and 2nd in B (again). Lots to do before Charlotte, leaks and weird noises from the engine back to the differential. And some new tires are desperately needed. Thanks to Rich Sainato- really digging the pics! EDIT- totally wrong about the turbo car, team owner reached out and after watching video it definitely wasn't them!
  5. I agree with everyone's call on the Supra, except for the minor detail that its a Datsun 200SX, not a Supra- that's ACME racing
  6. Rotary Racing #38 will try really hard to broadcast here: https://www.youtube.com/user/we4boats
  7. Any experience with them? Their website says "no racecars", but looks like a waiver may be possible...
  8. https://forum.champcar.org/forum/54-team-biography-and-pictures/
  9. I hope you have better luck than we did- ordered from TireRack on Dec 10th, rears showed up within a couple days but the fronts have been back ordered w no ETA. I finally gave up this morning and bought some KYB adjustables- luckily we have the points available I think Bilsteins are within the 2X rule- they're only $103-$135 on TireRack and Autozone/Advance are selling oem equivalents for $65-$136. Hopefully. I'd like to run them on all four corners eventually, but we're racing VIR South in three weeks...
  10. After all the bondo and paint work this winter I'd love some on track pics, sign us up (Rotary Racing #38). And please take some early before someone taps a quarter panel and bondo explodes everywhere...
  11. After a filler spout fell into our gas tank at the last race, I'd like to use a metal hose clamp to keep them attached to the vinyl tube. I just wanted to check and make sure that doesn't break any safety rules before I do this to ten of them I did some searching through forums and BCCR and see mention of a rule about metal within 10" of gas tank, but doesn't seem to be in the 2019 rules...
  12. Regarding 7) Not sure who was driving the first stint on Sunday, but I had a blast figuring out how to get around you. When I finally found a solution to that problem, I made it a half lap before spinning out in the lower esses and losing a bunch of passes. When I finally caught up again in the lower esses, and thought I would now have to find one more creative passing maneuver that would be a surprise to both parties, you spun out. Can't tell you if I was more excited or disappointed- either way it was a lot of fun.
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