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  1. SCCA and NASA do not enforce bottle "life". My bottle is also FIA and whenever possible I always will go with the FIA gear option over the SFI. Once again SFI is more about some ridiculous lower common denominator and selling more product. (FIA seems to be all about the $$$ if you have ever had to deal with them, for example just a base license is $225!)
  2. Mike's reply: This rule was written and published in September of 2018. So there was a 15 month notice. For reasons one needs to look no further than your local attorney. The bottle manufacturers state the service life of their equipment. It is by all beliefs quite low, but once they make that rating we either follow it or risk a lawsuit on a freak accident. Much like seat belts and helmets, we are in no position to handle a lawsuit over an accident with a fire bottle, so we all agreed to follow the fire system manufacturers recommendations. Mike
  3. I have never seen it with another organization (and I'm a NASA tech inspector)
  4. The bottle doesn't really wear out, certainly not in 6 years. You already have to get it refilled/certified every 2 years. Now they want you to replace it after 6 if I'm understanding it correctly.
  5. I searched and did not find anything so forgive me if this has been discussed. I just sent this to the board. Mike (& all), I'm all for increased safety but I can't but be appalled new "service life" requirement for fire systems. "Systems shall have a maximum field service life of 6 years (SFI) or 10 years (FIA) from the original date of installation." What evidence is this based on? I've been racing for 20 years and I have never see a fire system issue due to age if the bottles have been serviced. BY FAR the issues are with poor installation or lack of driver familiarity with how to properly engage the system. Please help me understand how this type of 6 year limitation can be justified! Anyone else think 6 years is a ridiculous rule? Jeremy
  6. For those counting and graphing wins/results, how are you weeding out swap cars? that is what this thread is supposed to be about. For example, Simon Says Integra is a swap car. Mike said swap cars would handled separately.
  7. I would concur. There are four chump cars that I have driven: E36 4cyl, E36 6cyl, E30 325, and 99 Si. No way a 99 Si worth the same number of points as E36 6cyl. For reference, I got my start in SCCA Showroom Stock back ~16 years ago. Racing both the 99 Civic Si and a 2001 Intega B18 non VTEC; those cars both ran together in SSC only separated by different minimum weights.
  8. Understand if trying to get the info from mylaps but perhaps Chump Car could provide the raw data for entires.
  9. An interesting piece of info to go along with this would be car make % by entries. i.e. 30% of cars entered are BMW, etc..
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