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  1. You need to stay off the forums, let your roof leak and finish that rule book. J/K thanks for all your doing. You'll be on the BOD next year hopefully.
  2. Until you see it in the BCCR it's not a rule. You can't believe everything you read on the internet.
  3. Thanks Bill. I do not expect anything official to be said on the forum. But, at the same time you can't over communicate. A simple statement that says something like: A car was dominate at Indy, We are reviewing everything about the situation. Please give us some time to determine any further action.
  4. The silence from Champ Car is deafening. over 15,000 views and 700 comments about 1 car in 4 days. We need at least a statement from Champ Car.
  5. I really like the idea of a tire limit of some sort. What tire were they running?
  6. Personally i think the VPI is the problem. They built a car exploiting the rules to the fullest extend. But, if the VPI was 250 the speed would not be possible. I'm sure @National Tech will address the situation. But, to be fair, it will take time to make VPI changes. They will be able to win a few more races before it gets smacked down. Best shot at getting them in tech would be to protest the valve train. Are springs, lifters, and push rods included with the points being claimed for the heads?
  7. I was not at Indy but it looks like the car dominated. So is it legal? Does anyone know their points break down? If it is legal, is it healthy for the series to have a car that is 5+ seconds a lap faster than the rest of the field?
  8. Been there done that. It's a better story if you say you flushed the oil system.
  9. Post up some pictures. I have always thought a S10 with an IRS swap would be a cool build. Don't let the points stress you out. What motor are you planning on running?
  10. A tent that's funny. My fat old ass won't be in a tent. I should of said. Where is motor home and campers parking in relation to the paddock? Or do we just park the campers in the paddock?
  11. Whats the camping situation like at this track. Where are the reserved camping spots at in relation to the paddock?
  12. Gotcha. Thanks,i never knew what to call that thing when working on miatas.
  13. We went to Batteries to power our cameras. A rugged charging port would be awesome.
  14. Sucks for the team. But i'm glad someone finally protested. It's too easy of a test. It should be checked in every impound on at least the winner.
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