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  1. If anybody has any extra rooms reserved for this weekend please let me know. We have a couple of guys who need rooms.
  2. Take it easy. Broken ribs suck. The only thing you can do is rest. And try not to sneeze or cough
  3. I have always liked the IS300. I'm surprised nobody has tried one.
  4. We got our car taken apart tonight. Not as bad as we thought. We are going to get it pulled back into shape. Should be ready to rock and roll by VIR 24.
  5. I got a couple of pictures of our footwell bar design. We have one bar that goes through the firewall to the strut top. A second bar to triagulate that stops at the firewall. I really think this design stopped us from having a lot more damage. We are going to be able to take it to a frame shop and save the car!
  6. What was everyone's top speed? We were high 120's to low 130's most laps. I saw a 139 and 137 a couple of laps? Either a data error or a good line and draft through Nascar 3-4?
  7. Our car Hit the wall at 70 mph. Not near as steep of an angle as the NBY car. We did have a couple of bars in the footwell area of both side on our car. I will get some detailed picture posted later in the week as we start tear down.
  8. The fire wall is twisted. It does not look that bad from those pics. And if we wanted too we could probably pull it back into shape. But we have another shell ready to go. One that we were going to start building anyway. I'll get more picture posted as we start the tear down.
  9. He is 100% right. I looked at every car that crashed at Charlotte and WOW footwell bars work!
  10. NLS Racing had a good first stint. We were in 4th when we ran out of gas. That cost us about 7 extra minutes. We had a fast car and knew we would make it back up. Then our second driver got in and was caught off guard by the fast closing rate on a slower car. He went wide getting into Nascar 1 and got into the marbles. That took him directly into the wall. That spot of the wall claimed at least 3 cars that i know of. Our car is totaled, but we were planning on building version 2.0 anyway. Noe our timeline has been moved up. We hope to have the next car ready for VIR 24hr. Our driver was ok just a little sore. The track was eating cars all day long. Those wall don't budge. I did learn a bunch about the safety of different cage designs, looking at all the carnage. Our car performed just as designed with minimal driver compartment intrusion. A big thanks to Champcar for another great event. Our car has the pace to win we just got to put it all together. It just goes to show that speed is just a part of the formula! https://youtu.be/MjMr9omsF2M?t=14829
  11. Research RS-Enthalpy. He is a Nissan specialist. He travels around the country tuning Nissans.
  12. I'm in that area often. Are you going to try and get ti this week?
  13. Where exactly is he located? I live in Hickory NC and work in Charlotte often. Let me know if you need help picking it up.
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