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  1. We always have a backup plan. It would just cost a lot more.
  2. Polaris is not on the VPI list. I did not make the rules we just follow them.
  3. We checked with tech before the swap. Others teams also ran the same swap at the same time. We have been through tech twice since doing the swap. I believe another team has won a race with the same swap. The 240 is over valued and was not competitive with the factory drive train.
  4. Yup. We run the 350z intake setup on a 3.0 from a 96 maxima. It's on the tech desk. The 3.0 intake would be in the middle of the cowl facing the wrong direction.
  5. Great looking build. I was very impressed with the car overall.
  6. Our team has to rebuild our dash this summer to install a tube dash bar. I plan on having a 10 inch tablet or maybe 2 as the main gauge display. We will have a mechanical oil pressure and water temp old school gauges also. What works good? What would you do differently?
  7. Well damn there goes another thousand....
  8. How many teams have a dedicated rain tire?
  9. Champcar did an awesome job getting back to racing in the afternoon. They also made the right call to end early. Someone was going to get hurt.
  10. The CD009 is the factory replacement for any CD0XX transmission so yes you can run it.
  11. How the hell did a post about spec miata shocks turn into a pissing match about flywheels?
  12. We have been bench racing the idea of running a automatic trans in a 350z. I think it can be done but, the development time will involve some failures more than likely. I'm hoping to find someone else who can give us a blueprint to follow.
  13. Awesome! Our VQ30 240sx nissan should of been what Nissan built in the 90's. Now if we can get a motor to stay together for a whole race, we have a chance at a top 5. I'm sending in my paper work in the morning. Hopefully they will get us the stickers and patches before Road Atlanta.
  14. I used something similar and it got rock hard and chipped off.
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