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  1. Just a casual observer here, but has anybody tried to swap a 4.4, 6speed from a 540i sport in one of these? I love my 540i sport, that motor would run killer in a little 3 series. Just a thought.
  2. Aren't they the same? I mean in the concept of endurance racing anyway. Before the points structure was changed a "trap door" oil pan was costly, unless you modified it yourself. Now you can go spend hundreds of dollars on one and only get hit with 25 points, no brainer to me, same with Areo, you used to take the points for the materials, now it is straight up 10. You can go spend $300-400 on fancy pre-made wings and get hit for 10 points.
  3. we don't have ANY yards around here like that anymore. Most won't even let you walk around. SUCKS. My buddy (a girl) had a V8 4 speed Monza back in the late 80's car was fun.
  4. Gen II is a better car. 150 for a 350 4 speed. TONS of aftermarket go fast stuff, including a bunch of suspension upgrades, so count as "stock" - no points. There is a reason some circle tracks ban them, or everybody uses them, and it isn't because the cars can be had cheap.
  5. yes but anything we'd run would be in the 150-200 point range soooooo..... VIN is not an issue.
  6. That is very true... A guy on a BMW website gave me every option my 99 540i Sport 6 speed had. In yee olden days you'd need to look at the build sheet or fender tag, if it wasn't rusted to pieces.
  7. you might want to check the web for a done car. race 944's come up often. Don't be shocked at the price. By the time you are done you will have 10-12k on the car.
  8. https://www.bimmerfest.com/forums/e39-1997-2003.103/
  9. I'm not sure LSD is as critical in a car with independent rear suspension, but could be wrong. But yes for some odd ball reason BMW only put LSD in M series cars.
  10. Didn't read all the posts but I'd love to do this w/ my 99 540i sport 6 speed, but it is my daily driver. Good luck
  11. I think you'd be ok unless you show up in something like this...That S10 stuff is more for show, doubt it is extremely functional.
  12. 22 gallons? I wish We had 20. 22 gallons w/ a 4 banger? easy 2 hours.
  13. was the 2.7 165 stock or is that the 190? been a while since I looked them up. I'd think if you milled the heads and cleaned them up, added a free flow exhaust system you'd free up some power... cams always help too. Another though is a GM V6. The SBC bolts up to the transaxle as I understand it.
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