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  1. yes you will still have to add for the cam, intake headers...whatnot. The HP is based on the make/model the 302 came out of. Heads are going to push you over 500 I'd think. They are 100. FWIW points are WAY lower now than they were a few years ago. Honestly if you don't care about winning, just build it and show up...Champ or Lemons.
  2. you are fine... here: Make: NissanModel: 240SXYear: 1991VPi: 350Car Weight: 2583Original HP: 155New HP: 190Points Added to VPi: 56--->NEW VPI: 406
  3. You add the STOCK hp numbers not actual. Try that. Not many stock 302's made 300, more like 190.
  4. yuuuup. even with a new intake and carb we have about 100 to burn. So the question is do we use a 350 and get some fancy heads? Turbo? Adjustable shocks? Aftermarket Panhard bar? Adjustable strut mounts? (vs the hammer, drill method)
  5. Points have been dropping the last few years. People bieoutch about speed, yet points keep dropping. Our POS was a 480 point car in 2016. The new build will be 400 or less w/ way more stuff. It just makes it harder to run the other league because we have to swap stuff off to be under $500
  6. with the new points structure we could have an easy 400hp motor, but only one of us could handle that (and that is not me). But I'm sure some teams here have a full staff that can.
  7. One of our team mates has a similar 350 sitting in his basement, it needs 2 pistons. It is only around 450, with iron heads. Are heads 100 points? I think rollers are points. We have a set of 1.6 rollers but haven't put them on. Not sure on the point hit. 25? 50?
  8. yeah I know nothing about the team... cool concept, but if people are getting jammed 48 points for a hood, than an entire body should cost too.
  9. my question is where does one even find one of those? I mean it isn't like you can order one.
  10. I didn't see the engine, however if you show up w/ a 325hp 350 after all that work you should be embarrassed.
  11. Nothing that can't be fixed.... wide body
  12. humm we have 100 to use. Maybe we should also run a 350 (the 180hp kind of course lol)
  13. So we are go to go with this then? Good to know.
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