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  1. then again could always be a small block (340-6) God the mopar people would HATE to see me cut up a 71 Cuda.
  2. Easy enough to build a 500hp 440-6. I wouldn't use stock #'s parts. too expensive. My last six pack set-up cost $2100 complete. New. If I got used stuff could probably do it for $1200. 71's have a 20 gallon take so by the rules I could use a 22 gallon cell. my old 440-6 build got 15mpg @ a steady 50mph. and it was about 600+hp. It would be bad ass to run one around Daytona, Brakes might be an issue going into the 1st hard left...lol The only issue is the up front cost for a 70-72 b-body. a straight un-rusted roller goes for 6k and up.
  3. I was thinking the same thing. Our car was at 498 points a few years ago, no we have 100 to use up and that's after a carb/intake swap.
  4. Would it need to be in an original V-code car? Or could I just build a 71 RR or Charger and drop a 440-6, 4 speed and roll for zero points since it was an available option.
  5. we have two... one red and one yellow. from 2014/15 I think.
  6. give it a year and it will be the way things are going.
  7. hummmm I think so. Intake 25, and do I could all 3 carbs for 25 each or just the outboards? We did paint the motor Pontiac blue, so it would look nice on top.
  8. jeesh that frees up more room. I think we could go w/ aluminum heads and still be under 500. Insane... If we went w/ a 350 (no points for us) we could have well over 400hp.
  9. So is a carb intake swap 50 total now?
  10. nah I'll use these on my 440 Road Runner.
  11. umm because push rod V8
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