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  1. Just make sure you cut the intake as well.....Just saying
  2. our 1st 305 took the course with 149k on the clock. All we did was change the time chain, added a cam, larger oil pan w/ trap doors after the 3rd race, headers remote oil filter and used good oil. That engine lasted about 6 weekends and some "testing" here and there. It ran great all day Sat at an event, then start up Sunday morning and it had a rod knock. the new engine is a 88 roller 305 (129k), we did some head work, again changed the cam, t-chain. This motor got all new rings and bearings...good ones not the cheap stuff. It runs killer. It has about 2 weekends on it. The only down side to the roller motors is compression. The pre-rollers are like 9.5:1 and use flat-tops. The rollers are around 9:1...maybe a tad higher w/ a dish..
  3. we usually have 3 or 4 tops. Somebody is always spotting... maybe not the entire track but somebody is up high on "look out" especially when you are racing in the other cheap series and there are 120+ cars on the track.
  4. why do you need 3-4 guys standing around doing nothing? one could be up in the tower or on the bleachers helping you out..no worries. Drive like you like. A spotter can tell you whats up way before the "flagman" can.
  5. no? what if you have a problem... you know temp spike, engine breaking, oil pressure..... up don't you want to radio back what is going on? They are CHEAP compared to what you have invested in the car.
  6. No amount of "being aware" would have stopped that crash in the video. However a spotter saying "stalled car on the left...brake brake brake" could have. In the other series a guy blew up on the front straight as one of our drivers was just about to enter... If I had not said, oil on the track slow down he would have driven right thru it... would he have been ok? maybe.... maybe not. I got to him before the yellow came out. Just something we like to do.
  7. VIR full you might but we just have one in the spring race, you can see most of the track. we tend to get as high as we can and try and spot for the worst location. Being in a full containment seat w/ the Hans makes it hard to see what is going on all the time...even with mirrors.
  8. why would you not use a spotter? Seems kind of insane not to use one. Especially with a mess of cars on the track. The accident posted (red car) could have easily been avoided If he had a spotter. It doesn't cost any money.
  9. We race both because Lemons races at racks close by. IMO Champs is a much faster much more aggressive league. If Champcar drew as many cars as Lemons the results would be similar. On a Lemons track only about a dozen care about winning, on a Champ track 90% of the field does, and some act like it is the last lap of the race every lap. Not hating, I love both and only do this because I like to drive... just being honest. P.S. that could have been avoided by having a spotter.
  10. Wow I'm not sure what to say there... If he was faster he had plenty of room to get by. That sucks.
  11. no it was not, practice event and our guy went from 3rd to 2nd and the car came around quicker than a heroine addict on Narcan. no a chump event practice day at NJ non racing event
  12. well we would have been there except we balled up the 84 last year and the 88 isn't ready yet... I think Champs has more of a marketing problem, as the other "cheap" league packs events.
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