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  1. YES... we use 15w-40 from Petra. My buddy is a dealer. You want me to check and see if he has 5w40?
  2. god luck get us some in-car action
  3. TiredBirds

    what what? we missed it

    GTFO! that is great. How did it run?
  4. Stickers unless on OEM paint will most likely take some paint off with them Especially cheapo sponsor stickers. All of the stickers going on the new car will either get the "blue jeans" treatment or go on a panel and be taped on the car for easy removal. Thinking about a thing magnet roll with the border taped in colored masking tape. That way we can remove the "Champ" stuff when we race other events.
  5. Guys we missed a chance this went for $550. Somebody like Mender could have used it to DOM-OH-NATE Daytona.
  6. we went with our area code....301
  7. yes I was going to comment on that. In addition by having it exit there it will echo thru the cablin. Turn it out to the side in front of the rear wheel
  8. TiredBirds

    Aftermarket bumpers/body parts

    how bad is the old one? I did this to ours and was able to get it back in shape.
  9. TiredBirds

    Top car picks for 2018

    that could work
  10. Build a taller fence. Can you tag them? Our car is tagged as "Historic" technically we can park it anywhere, but if not it better be out of sight, can't even park an unregistered/tagged car in your driveway here.
  11. TiredBirds

    Aftermarket bumpers/body parts

    cool but not barracuda w/ a firebird nose cool
  12. TiredBirds

    Aftermarket bumpers/body parts

    That, I'm pretty sure you can hang any cover on you want. Even from a different car. Pretty sure I saw a Miata w/ a solstice nose on it at one event.
  13. I would have painted the raisers gold and the wing black w/ a stripe like the car...looks good.
  14. TiredBirds

    Top car picks for 2018

    probably 14-15 towing for us depending on traffic. VIR is about 4.5