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  1. we had the same problem, we went with a Wilwood pad with the same properties. I cannot recall the number thou. Call Summit and ask, that's who we got ours from. They worked very well. We run a Gen III Firebird w/ C6 Brakes, so the car isn't light and we carry a lot of speed down the straights. The pads look good after 2-3 weekends of racing and practice.
  2. or...if you are going thru all that trouble...
  3. probably not, but the carb isn't what usually fails.
  4. what Bill said. we run a CARB... and an HEI distrib is cheaper.
  5. only Issue w/ a GM is the distrib...why they put it all the at the back of the motor is a mystery.
  6. we got our new ones from speedway...
  7. racers have been doing the Chrysler C-body ball joint trick for years.... once you open the box you'll see why.
  8. if you need more room, I'd cut the roof off gut everything you can, even make the a-pillars skin too. You'd be surprised how much an inch or 2 helps.
  9. this the unit I got...I bought it from Mancini racing, brackets to. It is much smaller, lighter and more powerful than the OEM unit.
  10. https://densoautoparts.com/find-my-part.aspx#searchResults ???
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