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  1. Our 305 makes an easy 300 w/o aluminum heads. 88 motor, using ported 84 intake and carb.
  2. "Aerodynamics are for people who can't build engines". Enzo Ferrari
  3. well you already have a cheaty car so deal with it....lol
  4. With the parts points drop does it even matter? I mean who doesn't have 10 points to spare? Do you even need an air-dam when you can have a 400hp motor for 150 points?
  5. not going to bash anybody here, but that "splitter" is pretty much for looks. and where's the air dam? Now this Challenger has and air dam and splitter.
  6. LOL that's not mine, I was pulling a gag. That is off a BMW forum. That thing is hellasweet. Seems like the build went well, the car is running strong.
  7. working on the new Mill for the Firebird...shhhh it will be a cross-breed anybody wanna guess?
  8. I think your main problem was your rear wing has too much pitch,
  9. Just a guess from the 305 crowd....with aluminum heads...I'm guessing it also has a racing cam, 330+
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