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  1. TiredBirds

    Top car picks for 2018

    yes you can buy every panel for G-body and for not a ton o f money either
  2. TiredBirds

    Decal Requirements

    Not changing anything except the border (reducing the amount of white), all will have a white border. Not even planning on separating them.
  3. TiredBirds

    Fuel Rule

    You are correct Ca is $.38 and Pa. is $.58
  4. TiredBirds

    Fuel Rule

    well here in the US of A The Fed and states make more on a gallon of gas than anybody else.
  5. TiredBirds

    Fuel Rule

    Old picture. 93 is about $3.50 or so here now. Reg is 2.90.
  6. you could also get another 3-5 by taking off that "lip" around the top of the door.
  7. TiredBirds

    Fuel Rule

    Here's the pump we use (brand changes depending on track) seems to fill up faster than any cans We have tried.
  8. TiredBirds

    Decal Requirements

    I don't see how it is incorrect. I'm not moving or changing ANY of the decals. They are printed on white for COST reasons, not for anything else. AND when the change sponsors next year then what? Gotta buy a new panel?
  9. TiredBirds

    Decal Requirements

    yes it will be "bordered"
  10. TiredBirds

    Decal Requirements

    I don't see how trimming the extra white off is going to somehow alter the sponsorship. The decals will be in the same location and all be the same size.
  11. TiredBirds

    Decal Requirements

    we race there because it is close to home and no other reason. If Chump/Champ raced at NJ or Summit Point we wouldn't be racing in LeMons or looking at AER
  12. TiredBirds

    Decal Requirements

    Our old car was white, It fit very well, new car is black it would look stupid jammed on as is.
  13. TiredBirds

    Decal Requirements

    They'll have to deal with it. As I understand it the panel was created so the stickers were all in one location instead of all over the car. I'm not going to cut them out individually. It would look something like this.
  14. TiredBirds

    Decal Requirements

    it will be fine, I'm not going to cut the actual decals, just all the extra white around them.
  15. What is vague about the rules?