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  1. guy down the street has 2 turbo converts... has had them since new. be cool to make one RWD
  2. can't you put a lame 170hp chebby v8 in a 944?
  3. dude, we already have the 88 totally stripped...cage is ready to drop in and only a few suspension parts got broke with the impact...plus I picked up another 91 305 5 speed for $900. BUT if I were to start from scratch... It'd be a Gen II but firebird Camaros suck.
  4. maybe we should remove all the sheet metal from the Gen III and use Gen II stuff. I mean One could probably buy every piece for under a grand. I'll just tell everybody it's a 78.
  5. I like...but the the fuel filter location... I mean WHY would you do that?
  6. a Gen II F-body has a 21 gallon tank and a VPI of 150
  7. When I boosted my old 67 Coronet (carb'd mild 440) I ran a fuel pressure gauge EGT and A/F meter 100% of the time. Drag car so I had an MSD boost delay control. I could drop X* of timing per lb of boost depending on the conditions.
  8. Just to hear the puuuweeest all the way around the track.
  9. lol our hood, doors deck lid are nothing but sheet metal at this point..floppy goodness. Not sure how much lighter a glass hood would be. Strut tower brace might be worth it...
  10. I have an NOS kit...lol we already run 275/40/17's... Maybe front and rear wings? easy anyway... New build will be a tad more "neat"...
  11. we run a carb...no need for that pesky computer junk. Our engine control is a timing light and a vacuum gauge.
  12. the build is pretty good considering we already have Cam, headers, pulley, and headers. Even with intake/carb we are at 385. Not sure what more we can do except jump to a 350 (and that would be no points) and work on our driving
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