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  1. come on bro... 84-90 Trans Am's and Camaro's (84 has more compression)
  2. One our teammates is an aerospace engineer w/ a 3d printer. I was planning on him printing the inner'ds and I'd wrap it in very thin sheet metal, like roof lashing, of course it'd be foam filled or something.
  3. we puled our front lower fenders out about an inch or so...
  4. the link above quoted $350 just for the supports the wing was $275 we don't have that in our engine.
  5. do you have an idea what the wing shaped should be? Is there a preferred design?
  6. Clean car, we have a Gen III. Our deck lid is just the skin, we'll have to go into the 1/4's
  7. Ok design me a wing for our 88 Firebird. We will be using rear lexan hatch.... go
  8. I have no idea what you just said....lol I will pass it on to the team mate that will. We are also running a lexan rear window on the new build. Here's the old car (RIP) as you can see we were running a very tall rear spoiler. I made a new one that is about 5.5". I think that one is 9" at the peak.
  9. we have a splitter and the chassis guy wants a diffuser. I think we might try a wing instead of spoiler too.
  10. we added intake and carb and still have 100 points. Thanks to the continued lowering of the "points for parts". Our problem is getting everybody track time and getting everybody's ability the same. right now we have one very good driver and 2 (one is me) average drivers. But we do this for fun, not to sit on the podium. I'm actually surprised how well the car handles.
  11. 305 with t5 and 9 bolt Aussi rear, oh wait that can happen, carry on.
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