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  1. thanks because the pre-fab rear window is only 1/8"
  2. I dunno... our old 305 (169+k) lasted about 6 weekends before it spun a rod bearing.
  3. Actually in the Busch league a.k.a. the Infinity series there is no bump drafting allowed...and at super speedways that's how it should be.
  4. "The extent of his injuries has not been disclosed." I'm going to guess head trauma, concussion. It is amazing what goes into one of those cars.
  5. I would bolt the strap to the deck lid and the entire thing would be held down by hood pins or dzus fasteners
  6. So we are going to go with a Lexan rear glass/hatch. I understand that we have to have the steel straps. Is there anyway we can make it usable? Mean open and close the hatch. Can the Steel straps be mounted under the hinge? Gen III f-body.
  7. never raced against him. followed the build. they have the car sorted out for sure
  8. Wanna see a cool Miata (yes one exists) 4.9 caddie powered with a Dakota trans.
  9. we cut enough metal out our F-bird you could have built 10 Miata tops.
  10. I was thinking about this. Cutting the top off moving the tops of the A-pillars back an inch or 2. That would make the car more aerodynamic. The casual observer would likely not even notice. Maybe even drop the back of the bird cage and inch....but that requires a BUNCH of fab work.
  11. Couldn't a person take a $100 piece of sheet metal and a wheel and make either top? I mean what are they 2 sq feet of material? Our guy made this to cover our T-top in about 20 minutes. It actually fit very well and followed the body lines.
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