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  1. TiredBirds

    A few questions on a potential build

    Best advice...buy a car that is done. Then you can get a feeling for the race. It doesn't have to be fast. You will spend 3-5k on the car no matter...unless you have all the parts and all the skill sets required. As mentioned a race weekend is going to be at least $2500 (including entry fees). Before you start a build come to an event, lord knows there a a bazillionn BMW teams you can question/watch.
  2. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    yes can be found with a 360 and 4 speed. They also had BIG front disc brakes. under-appreciated cars.
  3. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    I'd put a 5.9l Magnum in it...make it a 560i
  4. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    Maybe I should gut and race my 540i sport then... really There are a bunch of aftermarket kits for Mopars, They start at $600 base, probably 2k by the time you get everything bolted together. And to be only charged 10 points is asinine.
  5. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    WOW... that knd of kills the "affordable" doesn't it? They have bolt in kits that dramatically change the car's performance, not too mention it lightens the car up. Jeesh if we weren't up to our eyeballs in F-body stuff I'd make the switch.
  6. Ok my buddy is a Petra distributor I'll see what he has.
  7. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    wait a minute... a tube frontend is 10 points? So I can go pick up a Mopar now and be competitive? hummmm 71 383 Road Runner sounds fun
  8. Not sure what the previous owner was running. He did mention a 40 weight, which I thought was a tad high. I used Mobil one 5w30. No freeze frame with this reader. I don't think. I cleared the code and it hasn't come back (2 days appox 60 miles) I thought these things didn'y like "motor honey" too much? Or do you mean a "cleaner"
  9. So the other day I got a code P 0021, Camshaft position sensor Bank 2 over advanced... what does that usually mean? I know these 4.4's are a tad noisey. Am I getting detonation? I'm also using puke 87 since gas has shot up to like 3.40/gallon for 93. Should I go back to 93? 99 540i Sport 6 speed 207,000 miles. FWIW all the chains/guides...usual stuff were done at about 190k. Car runs and drives fine. I did just change the oil, but that shouldn't matter.
  10. TiredBirds

    Car is kinda overheating... HALP!

    What he said... I had a lean condition burn up a piston..
  11. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    We gutted everything pretty much, probably could have cut another 25-50 out... the hood, roof, doors and deck lid were all just skin. We also cut metal out of the B-pillars and 1/4 structures.
  12. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    not some tacks don't allow the Gen 2's. That is why you see a lot of G-bodys in some street stock classes. I didn't say all tracks just some.
  13. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    That is a good question. The added weight in 74+ is because of the Gov mandated 5mph bumpers. The Gen VI's have a lot of plastic. If I had to guess I'd wager the Gen III can be made the lightest. There is a LOT of stuff you can cut. The inner door impact bars weigh like 45bs each. I bet our gutted hood lost another 40lbs. Rear window is HEAVY...really heavy. We are going Lexan on the new build...Hard tops are lighter than t-tops too.
  14. TiredBirds

    V6 F-body point increase in 2001

    Gen II's are about 3400 (lighter before 74), Gen III's are about 3250 and IV's are about 3400. Not a huge difference. The thing about Gen II's is the geometry is better, that's why lots of "street stock" leagues don't allow them. And for Chump the points are low. Gen III's (firebirds) are one of the most aerodynamic cars made and can be had cheap. Gen VI's have better suspension and brake packages. Oh and I go this 99 540i sport 6 speed for $4700 with a new front end, all new chain tensioners, belts, hoses... It runs and drives like a brand new car. Wish I could race it....