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  1. ? front and rear? I will tell you this we jumped from a 84 Trans Am rear sway to an 88 WS-6 rear sway and it was way to much. We went back to the thinner 84. Have you tried better springs/struts?
  2. we got our C5/6 set up from bigbrakeupgrade.com they work!
  3. I thought you were using the factory hood latch. Our hood is nothing but a skin, so the factory latch is a no-go. That took a lot of air pressure to do that. Maybe a few vents as mentioned would help.
  4. Hood pins are your friend. I would never try and race a car at high speeds with the factory latch. It takes about 2 seconds to pull the pins out.
  5. you mean Pony don't you?
  6. this is what we did and it save the car from total destruction
  7. stock 5.0 Ford is a good motor. Lots of potential.
  8. Our 305 has some work, nothing crazy. We run a ported 84 intake and we'll be using a 500cfm 2bbl or a stock quadrobog. We run 235/55/17's
  9. This is what we are trying to figure out. We are running 3.45's so we might need to drop some gear...although it probably won't be as much of an issue since we have a 5 speed. I do know with 1 mile and a high entry speed we'll be out of motor before we run out of track...lol
  10. we shall see. round 2 coming up. I have a new design and it looks fast just sitting on the table.
  11. how mad would the Mopar community be if I bought that and cut it all up? 383's can run really well if you know what you are doing.
  12. cool we have a Gen III Formula 305 5 speed. our 1st got balled up at NJMP (RIP) Gen II is a better platform.
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