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  1. 3 out of 4 drivers cannot handle the 305 (one would be me) it is fast enough.
  2. Our car was a 485 point car when we entered our 1st race (2015) it is no a 400 point car with more mods including intake and carb. And we are still running a 305. We can go to a 350 and aluminum heads and be under 500.
  3. 150 points w a 350 and a 4 speed. Doesn't take much to make 350+ HP again 150 points gives you a lot of room to work with and probably can get it around 2800
  4. stated weight of a Gen III T/A is 3644lbs. I wouldn't use the big block, I'd use a 90's 350.
  5. Well if I had the time and a few extra $ I'd be in something like this, but with newer better go-fast parts. I doubt either could keep up.
  6. The way the points have dropped over the last few years....If you have money you can build a stupid fast car.
  7. You could put the mirrors out on your fenders.
  8. That bar to the left of your head looks too close and too low. Is that your race seat? I'd run a full containment seat That way your helmet won't be hitting that bar on every hard turn...Once you put the padding on it you'll be 1/2" away.
  9. those are steep. We currently have a 3.40somthing / the 5 speed. Never really use 5th. Taller tire might help you guys. Not sure what you can fit on one of those.
  10. the 240z had a nice mill, why not change your trans instead? 25 points and done. And as the above mentions....RockAuto is a crap shoot. Some of their stuff is ok, some is not. We ordered some control arm bushings, they were NOS alright, made in 1984, they were all cracked up. By the time you factor in shipping costs and how long it takes, you are better off using a local parts store. I like NAPA. A little more expensive but the parts are quality.
  11. We have had a few in both leagues. there is no time limit on the black flag you go in tell them why you went off track and usually you are on your way. The last time I went off the race was just about over so I just went back to the trailer.
  12. I guess it would depend on how far along you are in your run. If you are a few laps in, it wouldn't make sense to "pit" But if you have been out 1.5 hours then you'd pit.
  13. we cut enough metal out of our car to build 20 flares, 5 spoilers, 2 splitters and a cup holder.
  14. I get it...but gloss black is gloss black... my daily is a 99 540i Sport 6 speed. I get it.
  15. paint dude? grind that down, jam some filler primer on it, grab a few cans of gloss black and spray bomb it. Gloss black matches up pretty easy. This entire bumper was white, not anymore.
  16. why didn't you cut that cage out? We did after this. now it is this.
  17. On my BB Mopar builds I like to use steel shim gaskets, the crush really thin and they don't blow. We also used a similar product on our 305. They weren't cheap either.
  18. This was a t-top car. we removed the entire frame and rolled out a new roof pretty much. Our new car had a custom sunroof, we rolled and welded a section back in.
  19. they are only 25 points now. Speedway has the "do it yourself" kit
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