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  1. 3 hours ago, mostmint said:



    Our VPI is down from 474 (back in 2012) to 388 and we've added parts to the car.  Hmmm.


    Our car was a 485 point car when we entered our 1st race (2015) it is no a 400 point car with more mods including intake and carb. And we are still running a 305. We can go to a 350 and aluminum heads and be under 500. 

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  2. 19 hours ago, Team Infiniti said:

    215 hp 97 explorer engine w/long headers, cam, al heads and a few bolt ons

    150 points w a 350 and a 4 speed. Doesn't take much to make 350+ HP

    17 hours ago, turbogrill said:

    Why not something light and modern? The camaro seems super heavy?


    I assume these cars are expensive to buy now? So would be a very pricey build?

    again 150 points gives you a lot of room to work with and probably can get it around 2800

  3. 3 hours ago, turbogrill said:


    So 150 vpi? Swap weight of 3150, 21 gallons?

    Would you build the V8 engine or swap something modern and light in? Wikipedia says it came with a 6.6L? Sounds nuts.


    You could swap in about 230hp without the swap calculator freaking out, a BMW straight six? Or a SBF :)


    Or just turbo a light 4 banger?


    If the CRX is 2300lbs, then this should have 4000lbs swap weight.

    stated weight of a Gen III T/A is 3644lbs. I wouldn't use the big block, I'd use a 90's 350. 

  4. 5 hours ago, TimS said:

    Seat and driver size should have been taken into account before cage was started and definitely before everything was welded together. I have heard drop pans and tiny seats are the norm for most miatas. The door bar will surely need to be fixed/moved. It is way to close. Full containment/ halo seat a must. Tough to get it all in that little car. May need to modify the tunnel also to move seat more to the center 

    the seat must be in BEFORE you do the cage.... 

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  5. 5 hours ago, Sleepy_Steve said:


    Oh yes, it would be highly sub-optimal / hilarious depending on your point of view. 



    I was assuming at least 6800 and at most 7200... I don't remember what the redline of that engine was when I drove it one time at Summit Point years ago in it's initial chassis, but it was in that ballpark. Tire size is likely in the 24.72" - 25.68" range. 



    Points free? 4.08 and maybe 3.96 on the ABS optioned cars... If I take the 25 points, the worlds my oyster basically.

    those are steep. We currently have a 3.40somthing / the 5 speed.  Never really use 5th. Taller tire might help you guys. Not sure what you can fit on one of those. 

  6. 57 minutes ago, Sleepy_Steve said:


    I've generally had good luck across a number of brands with them. For $350 shipped vs 900 and not being able to easily re-drill a those light-ish steel flywheels for a different pressure plate, I'm inclined to give it a shot. 



    Its a '95 240sx, and frankly it did not have a good engine from the factory. 30+ HPDE weekends taught me that much.  Given their prevalence with engine swaps and drift cars, it's harder and harder to find those stock engines. 


    It's best time with a lot of weight reduction, bolt on suspension parts and 153whp out of the KA (cams + tune + intake manifold + long-tube header) was in the mid-low 2:30's at VIR... With the SR that made 209whp I got it into the 2:14's before it kicked a rod on that engine's 5th event. My guess is that the 189 crank HP out of the M50 will put me into the mid 120's, and that seems appropriate from the times teams were putting in a few weeks ago at the 24. 


    I could do the swap with the BMW transmission and eat the 25 points, and probably another 10 for changing the length of the drive shaft, and then I'll be looking at  bouncing on the rev limiter down the straights because of the 240's 4.08 final drive and 1-1 BMW 5th gear. Using the stock transmission seems to be better from a points / cost perspective given what I know so far. 

    what rear gears are available for you? 

  7. the 240z had a nice mill, why not change your trans instead? 25 points and done. And as the above mentions....RockAuto is a crap shoot. Some of their stuff is ok, some is not. We ordered some control arm bushings, they were NOS alright, made in 1984, they were all cracked up. By the time you factor in shipping costs and how long it takes, you are better off using a local parts store. I like NAPA. A little more expensive but the parts are quality. 

  8. 14 hours ago, petawawarace said:

    So your racing away, spin off in the grass and get a drive thru black flag.   You acknowledge the black flag, enter the pits and complete your pitstop so you never really get a penalty.  Is this allowed?   Just got on the fly strategy?    Opinions?     


    I guess it would depend on how far along you are in your run. If you are a few laps in, it wouldn't make sense to "pit" But if you have been out 1.5 hours then you'd pit. 

  9. 15 minutes ago, turbogrill said:


    It's one of those things where the 0pts solution is much more expensive and time consuming than just taking points and doing it the way you did.


    The door would be the source of material, plenty of metal :)



    we cut enough metal out of our car to build 20 flares, 5 spoilers, 2 splitters and a cup holder. 

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  10. 22 hours ago, atxe30 said:

    heh, we have a guy at the track that does a lot of paintwork for folks. it's inexpensive and high quality. plus i have a finite amount of free time so i do the stuff i enjoy on the car and farm the rest out.


    edit to add: this is a BMW, so only Schwartz Black will do....it's a bimmer thing....... ha!!!!!! (commence bimmer douche flamming in 3.......2........1........)

    I get it...but gloss black is gloss black... my daily is a 99 540i Sport 6 speed. I get it. 

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  11. On 10/23/2018 at 10:16 AM, Old Guy Steve said:

    Well, the old girl has gone off to the crusher. After four 24 hour Lemons races, years of Nelson Ledges track bitch duties, then being revived for three seasons of Chump/Champcar, she succumbed to a test day shunt at Pittrace three weeks ago.


    She gave all she could to donate to the newly acquired  Stella 2.0 1995 VW Golf. Team Junk Player Special lives on. The livery will remain as JPS since the new Golf is also black.


    Now its just work every day for the next 6 months to have Stella 2.0 ready to be unveiled at Watkins Glen in May.





    why didn't you cut that cage out? We did after this. wreck2.jpg.4683eb9dbac89b98599d8af04ffbd6e1.jpg


    now it is this. 


  12. 6 hours ago, mender said:

    I use FelPro head gaskets.


    Lean, higher compression, misfire because of injector going off line usually means detonation and lifting the head ...


    Between the middle two cylinders is the most common spot for overheating because of the two exhaust ports, on race heads we plumb in coolant through external lines to cool that area.

    On my BB Mopar builds I like to use steel shim gaskets, the crush really thin and they don't blow. We also used a similar product on our 305. They weren't cheap either. 

  13. On 7/12/2021 at 12:47 PM, Stick1975 said:

    Was wondering, is there a way you can close off a sunroof with a plate or something and not be required to have arm restraints?

    This was a t-top car. we removed the entire frame and rolled out a new roof pretty much. Our new car had a custom sunroof, we rolled and welded a section back in. roof.jpg.620dbcf830aa8d7b33f49dbfc60440d0.jpg

  14. 19 hours ago, petawawarace said:

    My car has a fairly odd bolt pattern. 5x110. ¬†I need 17‚ÄĚ wheels to clear my brakes. ¬† I run spacers, so I could adapt to whatever 5 bolt pattern I want. Is there a very common pattern that I should aim for to save money on wheels. More common used ones for example. Or should I not bother, and just buy wheels with my pattern?¬†

    GM 5x4.75 

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