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  1. here in Maryland if the car is over 20 years old you can register it as Historic, that is what we do. It allows us to drive it on the street w/o any issues. One person is all you need, but in our state the car must be insured, usually around $160-200/year.
  2. we can go 1.5 hours in our gen III and that is with a 305. We might do a cell but that still won't get us 2 hours.
  3. If you know about what spring rate you need call moog and order them, they are cheap and are 0 points
  4. we run non-adjustable Bilstiens....0 points work great,
  5. Theses F-bodies have a decent rear suspension and it can be made adjustable w/o much effort. You can even buy adjustable panhard pars for little cost. Our 88 came w/ a 9 bolt and a 3.45 LSD. We run Moog springs, Bilstiens, good bushings and use the stock WS-6 sway bar. The 17x9.5 saw blades do allow us to run a fat tire....
  6. we have C6 front brakes...0 points. That set-up is nice, but way too $$$$$$
  7. Imports typically have better suspension than American cars. They sell kits for our Gen III F-body, not sure how much better it makes the car but it would lighten the front end up a bunch. That is a big benefit in itself.
  8. Any T-bar Mopar would greatly benefit from a new front k-frame. It lightens the front end up and allows you to have coil overs, camber plate ad=nd power rack steering. The problem is that a complete kit including brakes and such is going to run you over 5k. Kinda puts expensive in the "inexpensive" league.
  9. Those kits are now available for almost every old school muscle car.
  10. 10 points for a bolt in kick ass tube front end is balance?
  11. It is documented he did the job. Not sure what your point is. 10 points for a bolt in sub frame that cots 3-5k is crazy. That makes it more expensive for everybody else who wants to compete. The series is getting faster and more expensive because the points keep dropping.
  12. Sleeping bag...bag would do it.
  13. what I don't get is this guy did a great job, and HE did it. He didn't go buy a 3-5k kit. IMO that should be based on materials and that's it. In the other league it would be fine, a bolt in tube front frame...nope.
  14. maybe he could snag one of these then?
  15. Ok just grab one of those 190hp() 350's...
  16. the crash structures are not comprised. Have you seen some of the rust buckets at those events?
  17. Honestly if it were me, I'd toss in a Vortex V8 and take it to the track. If they make you run EC so what? We race to have fun, not win. I 100% guarantee if you showed up at Lemons with some dumb theme and a bribe you'd get zero points. They don't have the same "points" system. if you spend $20 in steel then that is what you are charged. If you grab a $200 Vortex, that is what you are charged. The VPI and "points" structure here is hard to figure out sometimes. Maybe you could drill some holes run some blots thru the frame and say it was bolt in but I welded it for strength. We welded our K-frame to the chassis.
  18. god work, but if you show up at Lemons with that, nobody is going to give you a hard time...even if they did you can race EC and still have fun. The V6 might not be enough for you to compete in Chump's....the cars are significantly faster than Lemons.
  19. because if a team showed up with an old fart box that started at 150 points and smoked the field people would be upset. The problem is old fart boxes cost $$$ to buy. The GBU vette comes to mind. That car would have been ass fast w/o the wide body and heads. BUT getting into a Gen III vette that isn't a complete mess cost money, unlike a mid 90's 3 series.
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