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  1. It looks like a good idea, we removed our backing plates...we'd like to run ducts however the design on the Gen III F-body doesn't leave much room so the hoses would have to be small and might not be worth it. So far we haven't had any brake issues and we are using Stock WS-6 (4 wheel disc) rotors w/ Hawk pads.
  2. I hope you are being sarcastic....not chance I'd try that at a Chump race.
  3. They all need work. and I think you'd start at $200 or less. look up NASCAR 27 Old Milwaukee car. That's what I was going to do. what be a "hydromat"????
  4. We looked at a G-body before the F-body. It'd be cool to see a retro-racer. They share a lot with the f-body. The bad is they didn't come with a stick. I found a 1985 305 4bbl Grand Pre running driving and solid for $400 I passed on for the Trans Am.
  5. Ours is a stock tank as well. We can get about 1.5 hours out of it (305 car). Not sure we can use all of it on a run, as towards a long run it will start to break up on long straights. I believe for GEN III f-bodys (and probably G's) if you run a cell you can run up to 20. We are still running our factory "electronic" quadrabog. It works pretty good. You guys didn't get "gigged" for the Holley? I wouldn't mind running a small Holley and a decent intake.
  6. The Enterprise is fast but we were faster down the straight at VIR....but I think they were sandbagging. They have a TON more motor than we do.
  7. Not sure why you'd expect to compete at Daytona with a low HP car. Have fun sure, but I wouldn't expect a 4cyl Honda to be able to keep up w/ a M car or V8 on that loooong straight. We hope to be ready next year with a few more ponies to move us.
  8. How'd they get another car together so quickly? That 300 at VIR was BROKE. I can understand a lap or three of a learning curve but after that you should have an idea of what your entrance speed should be and what your skill level is to navigate those turns. The wreck at VIR was amazing, even more so because it wasn't his 1st of 2nd around the track.
  9. I cannot recall but it was one of the "staffers". This is an E39, I could run it just not in D class. EC. I'll look again but I think they are EC only at this point.
  10. I have a 99 540i and I was told I couldn't race it????? One of those w/ a stick would be a very fun car to race.
  11. Yeah we have a large opening above that ankle bashing splitter.
  12. Lol that was for one of drivers... It adds some comedy. I actually forgot to take it of, I'm amazed it didn't blow off.
  13. Here's ours...well until the clutch slave went out. Car ran pretty good for what it is (150k+ 305). If anybody has film from our 1st run (you'll know form the smoke screen) I'd love to see it. We had a bad oil leak. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-Nkj6Gnjio
  14. here's ours about 20 minutes before the front seal blew out. Note our new super front splitter and rear spoiler.
  15. We had an EPIC weekend full of failures. Late getting in, Distributor broke as soon as the green dropped, then new disturb didn't have the correct computer wire so a member drove 2.5 hours home and back the next morning with the harness, then it didn't want to drop in nicely, get it running, turn it off to check other things out and then it wouldn't turn over, charge the battery still no go, jack the car up maybe a wired burned or something, nope the main feed into the starter just pulls right out, yes the "power" lead broke. OK it's a SBC no biggie get a new starter in and make the 2 hour race, 5-7 laps in the front oil seal blows... uggggggggg at least it wasn't a $1200 race. Plus what was up with the wind....jeeeesh!
  16. ouch, sorry that is a great looking car. We (I) wrecked ours at Summit Point last year. You'd be surprised what can be fixed. both frame rails were bent, Drivers side was ripped some. We actually fixed this and ran the next day. Ours is almost ready for NJMSP. Hope to have some fun.
  17. Looks like he got a little "upset" with you after you barely touched him in the turn before, You did right backing off because he did squeeze you. Then it looks like he whooed it up just to get behind you and...well, give you a little tap. That was not cool. Might be worth a call or e-mail.
  18. have any of us (TiredBirds #301) yanking our front end out?
  19. I posted a few, there are a bunch scroll thru the pages... If you like here's a 40+ minute from our in-car. Hard to see over the cowl, but hey welcome to our world. Next race the seat is going up. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAEUvX6xLSQ
  20. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YQIiofxjnQg full lap from the bridge. Us getting passed by the Drunkin' Squirrles...
  21. but because Jamie is the man at driving and fixing we were able to finish the entire Sunday race (26th) w/ this (less nose cone) I though he was going to rip the car in half w/ that Duramax The entire bumper assembly was pushed over 8-9"
  22. We had a great time...we started with this... until I got sideways and had a meeting w/ a BMW (sorry hope your car can be fixed) and then we had this: .
  23. Hey we had a great time. (car 301 white Fireturd trans am) This was our 1st outing and although we only made a few laps Sat Sunday was fun. We had brake issues Sat that went into the night. The guys did a great job basially rebulit the front end and hanging new brakes while I attended a wedding Sunda was fun and the car hitting on 6 out of 8 made it all day w/o any mechanical issues. Ended up in 20th just putting around and taking 10 minute pit stops. Thanks for not putting us in the paddock. We'll have the engine suspention and brakes sorted for the next race to be more competitive. Car seemed prety decent in the corners even w/ the 170k springs, bushings, links sitting about 3" too high. Again thanks we had fun.
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