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  1. Thanks @Rapido. I posted this over on the Facebook site and on the IRacing message board for feedback as well.
  2. With 2019 almost upon us, I would love to get some feedback about what you all want. With attendance declining we need to make some changes. EVERYTHING is on the table. Day of the week: I think it has to be Monday through Thursday so as not to conflict with teams travelling to the actual races. Time: Is there a better time than 6PM? Trophies: Here's what I am thinking: We do the usual Class winning trophies (the crystal ones) for 1-2-3 places. Maybe a "regular" ChampCar trophy for the Champion, or is a free race enough? A free race drawn for East and Pacific from all the participants of at least a certain # of races. Maybe 20 or so. This should help our participation #s. Too "gimmicky"? What ideas do you all have to increase participation? Is the format working? Mike and the BoD really want this to succeed as do I. I think @Rapido has done a great job and really any success we have had is largely due to his efforts. I can't thank him enough. I know I will really try hard not to have schedule changes to avoid confusion, but sometimes it is inevitable.
  3. WTH???? Not AGAIN!!!!
  4. Doc

    Live Streaming

    I wish more teams would post their post race thoughts/experiences here on the Forum rather than me having to stalk them on their Facebook pages. Don't get me wrong as I LOVE stalking...to me it's like Hide & Seek for adults.
  5. All cones must die!!!
  6. Talk to me Brother!!!
  7. Same theory I use. Not the best theory, but it works for me!!!
  8. Doc

    Live Streaming

    We often pick up other feeds off of YouTube. For instance, mine. A lot of it depends on the individual tracks... We are constantly trying new things for the broadcast to make it better. One helpful tip: SEND MONEY!
  9. That was our plan as well...so much for making plans.
  10. Thanks for posting. I got too busy prepping for AMP and forgot all about this. Certainly the Neon should have been off track with a car this slow. That's just an accident waiting to happen. I do believe the Firebird could have had his eyes up the track more, but a lot is happening around him as well.
  11. I am all for waterboarding teams. Pinkie swears is too non binding. Actually, we keep a detailed database of all finishes in every race so it's pretty easy. T&S also keeps a database so they can figure out who is eligible for the Championship.
  12. Doc

    Indy 2019

    Alarm clocks were set wrong???
  13. Doc

    Indy 2019

    It was pretty danged exciting to watch the registrations roll in. I'd say that was a resounding success by ANY measure.
  14. You know that was a legitimate lap, right?