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  1. I think most everybody is travelling to WGI today (but me, dangit), but I (we) will get an answer to this. I know Bill set up board@champcar.org so we ALL get your email, but there is probably a better way to store petitions so there is a central place for them.
  2. Doc

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    Not necessarily instructive, but this view gives you a perhaps better view of the track than your traditional roll bar mounted camera. Somewhat a leisurely pace around the track since we were just learning it.
  3. I'm not in that pic and I'm not saying...I AM in the earlier pic of 4 of us standing around and "posing". Far left holding a...PBR, of course.
  4. That is me and a few of my squadron mates on a 2 week motorcycle trip on the Pacific Crest Trail after we got back from the "Vietnam Farewell Tour" in 1975. My bike was the yellow #44. EPIC time!!!
  5. Besides @chip. Have you seen the REAL swill that CTW drinks??? @CabotTeg118 @zack_280and that group have CLEARLY transcended all good taste. Kirkland Light. It's like $10 for a 48 pack...
  6. What kinda swill was being turned down in the above exchange? PBR, for the love of Mike!!! This pic is over 40 years old. It's a FREAKING institution, or at least it was before the dame hipsters drove the price up.
  7. I'll show you how to make that font green if you like...
  8. I will not discuss beer until @chip has offered a full apology. In a 17 page thread to begin in 3...2...1...GO!
  9. @chip To make up for the cheap beer I have upped my game in other areas.... I am responsible for the near demise of the bottle on the left. My liver thanks you. My bank account does not. "Any guesses how many more pages before this gets locked? I'm thinking we won't make it to 20." Why would we lock it? The conversation has remained civil as far as I can tell. The only way we get better as a club is by listening to you all...DUH!!!
  10. Harumpphh!!!! The very nerve...
  11. So I can no longer be just senile? If we can get it changed to a syndrome does it make any difference vs. a disease? "Restless Leg Syndrome" HAS to be my favorite... BTW, both my parents died of dementia and I am up for reelection in 2019. Plan accordingly.
  12. I should know better than to comment on anything on here anymore. I'm stupid, or at least slow to learn from past mistakes, like that... My apologies...
  13. Doc

    YO! Need a room at Watkins for 3 at Seneca

    Dang....Hate that I am going to miss the car bomb conflaguation. Pesky clients....
  14. I will certainly be at VIR. Maybe even with my car!!! We will have to do another interview session!!!