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  1. I can't join the race because it says I am not a member of the league... Seems rather odd as the 3 other races that are on the schedule currently it looks like I can join. (SIGH) Have fun Atlantic Division.
  2. Yeah, I just love the petty comments, the endless bickering, the deriding of our tech guys, the cheap shots at the board, the absurd claims, the self centered arrogance, and all the other wonderful things that have come to light.
  3. I actually know that, but I was thinking some of it might be appropriate to leave in. Alas, NO.
  4. Now, a voice of reason and knowledge in these deeply troubling times. Thank you sincerely.
  5. On this Forum???? Pfffft I just spent 15 minutes writing something about this thread. A thread that has reached 11 pages. Then I wore out my backspace key...AGAIN. Deleted it all. Because I don't want to incur even the possible wrath of my fellow BoD members, tech, TAC, etc. My friends.... Being a BoD member is much harder than you think. Keeping my mouth shut is even harder.
  6. Add $25 for each additional post on this topic.
  7. Date Circuit Event Comment 16-Jan-19 Road Atlanta Practice Round 1 23-Jan-19 Road Atlanta Practice Round 2 30-Jan-19 Road Atlanta Championship Round Moved forward one week 6-Feb-19 Sonoma Practice Round 1 13-Feb-19 Sonoma Championship Round 20-Feb-19 VIR South Practice Round 1 27-Feb-19 VIR South Championship Round 6-Mar-19 13-Mar-19 Daytona Practice Round 1 20-Mar-19 Daytona Practice Round 2 27-Mar-19 Daytona Championship Round Moved forward two weeks 3-Apr-19 Road America Practice Round 1 10-Apr-19 Road America Championship Round 17-Apr-19 Charlotte Practice Round 1 24-Apr-19 Charlotte Championship Round 1-May-19 8-May-19 Watkins Glen Practice Round 1 15-May-19 Watkins Glen Practice Round 2 22-May-19 Watkins Glen Championship Round 29-May-19 5-Jun-19 Mosport Park Practice Round 1 Canadian Round 12-Jun-19 Mosport Park Championship Round Canadian Round 19-Jun-19 26-Jun-19 Indianapolis Practice Round 1 3-Jul-19 Indianapolis Practice Round 2 10-Jul-19 Indianapolis Championship Round 17-Jul-19 24-Jul-19 VIR Practice Round 1 31-Jul-19 VIR Practice Round 2 7-Aug-19 VIR Championship Round 2hr Endurance Round 14-Aug-19 21-Aug-19 Summer Break 28-Aug-19 Summer Break 4-Sep-19 Summer Break 11-Sep-19 18-Sep-19 Sebring Practice Round 1 25-Sep-19 Sebring Practice Round 2 2-Oct-19 Sebring Championship Round 9-Oct-19 16-Oct-19 Auto Club Practice Round 1 23-Oct-19 Auto Club Practice Round 2 30-Oct-19 Auto Club Championship Round 6-Nov-19 Barber Practice Round 1 13-Nov-19 Barber Championship Round Moved forward one week 20-Nov-19 VIR North Practice Round 1 27-Nov-19 VIR North Practice Round 2 4-Dec-19 VIR North Championship Round 11-Dec-19 Laguna Seca Practice Round 1 18-Dec-19 Laguna Seca Championship Round Moved back one week 25-Dec-19
  8. Road Atlanta, Daytona, Charlotte, NCM, AMP, and Barber. vs Sonoma, NCM, and Road America. Not backing you on this one....LOL
  9. @Jer @Bill Strong Crushed you both. Better luck in 2019...
  10. Of course.... this means WAR!!!
  11. Please email Mike. Michael.chisek@champcar.org.
  12. Doc

    Sebring today

    Problematic to say the least....
  13. The results are posted on the main page.
  14. Doc

    Sebring today

    I would place them on the rear seat backing. Assuming it's RWD you want weight over the rear wheels.
  15. There is always the petition process...Results should be posted soon.