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  1. Doc

    Daytona 2020

    Agree entirely on NCM and that Barber date...YIKES!!!!
  2. She is a keeper for sure....
  3. The team had a blast at Charlotte, but we just need a bit more power out of a motor we just put in on Tuesday before the race. We also had some contact out there and for that we apologize. A broken throttle and a broken rocker arm also set us back a ways. Still, a 20th against what was a very fast field was respectable in our minds. Here's a quick clip of the late race restart when we got a good jump on it. As always, thanks to a great group of staff, marshalls, volunteers, and staff for putting these races together. We sure had fun in the ChampCar Live booth!!! Perfect restart.mp4
  4. Getrag 260 for an E30. I may have found one locally, but I'll keep in touch!
  5. I don't have an answer on the definitive number, but it is quite high for the full course. A bit North of 70 would be easy. We are more limited on pit road space than room on the track...
  6. Anybody going to NCM out of the Chicago area? There is a transmission there I could snag if I can get it to Kentucky....
  7. Doc

    Daytona 2020

    You way overestimate my influence. I mean, would YOU listen to me?
  8. The DOD will neither confirm or deny the existence of this vessel. It is NOT listed on the Naval Registrar.
  9. That is NOT the Enterprise. This is!!!
  10. Cone Crushers had a brand new fuel rail with a defect. Word from my team was it was a carbon copy of the failure at Road Atlanta that caused yet another fire. I was up in the booth, but that's what I heard.
  11. I did an informal count near the end and it was over 50 under 70. Attrition was higher than I ever remember....
  12. It was my pleasure!!! Thanks for having me. Without a real race to call lately, I needed the practice....LOL
  13. We use this just to make sure @chip never stops in our pits. He would rather die of thirst....
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