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  1. ChampCar Sim League Schedule

    Because some of the iRacing drivers will be travelling to VIR for the actual race was the reasoning behind it. Prolly wasn't that big a deal to change it since it was not a Championship round, but I did it anyway.... I might have overreacted....that's been known to happen.
  2. I do miss Riverside. Started and ended the season long ago...
  3. Here is your best bet: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChX-pKodMPzAe_wsm1xrPcA
  4. .Southworst Racing:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx4XfntfxJ0ASKdu9BcKdLA Let's get them some subscribers and welcome them to the ChampCar Endurance Series. They are racing at Sonoma this weekend...
  5. Can you send this to me as a .png file (or even a .jpeg so I can post it to the Facebook page? Thanks so much for getting this done for us...
  6. Thanks so much for getting this done. Bill is on the road in California and I am not sure he would have gotten to it in a while...
  7. Sorry...just saw this. I was moving this weekend. PM me your email and I will send the .png. Ot was created in LucidPress...
  8. More or less like a Junebug. Both will snap your head back...
  9. Daytona tips and suggestions WANTED

    @mbulls@commercemicro.com Get in touch with Dave @LEADSLEDLINCOLN
  10. Brew Krewe Racing could use some Forum love. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEeitvZ-I_wnOaMPlu1LanQ
  11. Please pass this around!!! Schedule CHANGE because I screwed up!!!
  12. You probably look smart and responsible. The rest of us...well...can ya blame them if they check?
  13. That's because you do a lot of WRL events. I made @Bill Strong tone it down a bit to look like that. He's VERY sensitive... JUST KIDDING!!!!
  14. Not sure we have time to do it. Basically we would have to redo the entire sheet and everyone is slammed with real work. I will request it, but do not hold your breath. Really sorry for the inconvenience. The Pacific series will mimic the original series with the changes and all of them start at 6PM PST...
  15. No good battle plan survives contact with the enemy....