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  1. You give Bill Riley points to play with he is going to do his best to hurt you...
  2. Great job to all!!! Thanks for making ChampCar Endurance Series look so good, both on and off the track.
  3. We should talk Tom. Soon....404-4threefive--9onezero 7
  4. We don't recognize those trophies....LOL
  5. The old saying is "you don't kick a man when he's down"...we rescinded THAT one years ago, particularily when it comes to @Bill Strong and the MR-2 or the Opel.
  6. @Bill Strong A beacon of sanity?????? Please let me know how you came to this conclusion. I want to be considered "smart" but I have no path forward....
  7. It is indeed in quarantine after @Bill Strong touched it. Not sure when it will be released. Very severe case.
  8. I agree with the sentiments expressed here. I will discuss with the BoD and see if we can get something started in this regard. Personally, I would like to see a comprehensive demographic survey, but with the current "atmosphere" of the beer virus I am not sure of the value. I wonder how many members would take the time to answer, In light of the weak response to BoD elections where so few voted. I can't promise when we will get to it as we have over 100 petitions to get through. Needless to say they are important too, but they take a considerable amount of time to sort through and that does keep us from other things..
  9. I think you put it quite succinctly and I could not agree more.
  10. MY name is Doc Waldrop and I am running for re-election to your Board of Directors for another 3- year term. I have been involved with motorsports in one form or another for most of my life, most recently in the ChampCar Endurance Series. Brew Krewe Racing participated in our first race back in the Summer of 2014. The enthusiasm of all the racers, families, and friends was contagious. It still is. I was one of the original “new” board members and it seemed like every day was a crisis of one sort or another, but we have grown into a solid cohesive group with a firm plan on where we are going. When you think about our membership at large it is an amazing group with a very diverse idea of who we are. My primary duty as Secretary in the BoD is to keep the official records of the club and monitor it’s progress. I can report that we are doing quite well in this regard with membership numbers and car counts growing. Our visibility continues to grow with the motorsports community, and I would like to see these efforts continue. That is not to say there are not serious challenges facing us. Our presence in the Midwest and West is not where we want to see it. It will take time, but to truly be a national series we must continue to promote these races and this market. As my race car has progressed over these few years, I have seen the effects of speed creep first hand. It’s not pretty, but there is much we can do to slow its growth. Read: NO FREE PARTS. In some respects that genie has escaped the bottle, but we must continue to slow its growth as much as possible. I understand why we must have swapped cars, but it sure does create a mess sometimes. We can continue to tweak the rules, but I think most of what we need to do is clarify them. My background is in sales and marketing, so I have to rely on the TAC and my fellow BoD members to help me navigate these intricacies. There is also concern about big money coming into the series. People have figured out how to make money at this racing game. There’s a real shocker. Hmmmm….somebody figured out how to make their passion their business. Seems like the American Dream to me. How do you legislate that; to keep the Mom and Pops viable? I don’t have the answer to that one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not something to consider as we move forward. I would like to see a comprehensive demographic study done on our group. I don’t have any doubt that it would show the significant financial clout we have when we roll into town. With that clout comes leverage with out sponsors. Is this something we want? Of course it is, IF it keeps the costs of racing down. I would urge you all to patronize our sponsors as your first choice when making purchasing decisions. Needless to say, there are a lot more things to discuss and I welcome your questions and concerns. I was really encouraged to see a strong turnout for our ChampCar booth a Petit LeMans. There is a lot of interest in what we have to offer: A way to go affordable racing for the average person at the most iconic tracks in the country. With your support I hope to continue as your Board of Director member.
  11. Thanks all. I will be happy to answer these questions in a few weeks as we have the time before voting actually opens. Right now I am slammed with the Pitt Race ChampCar Live broadcast (please tune in!!!) AND getting our exhibit together for Petit LeMans. By all means if you are attending Petit stop by our booth and say howdee!!! We should have Cone Crushers 944 in the booth and I hear @Paulie has been up to something... I'm sure @Bill Strong has as well. Just bear with me. Thanks, Doc
  12. Dude...get your own thread....they are free; no points. LOL Not a bad idea at all. Just playing devil's advocate here, but there are too many places for folks to look. The Forum is a perfect example: Too few folks are on it to make it a viable communication device for the masses. So then the best place is the website, but then that is just another place for items of interest to get lost on. It's also rather impractical to email every member when we do make a change. I'm not sure there is a best way, but one that folks will have to adapt to. See above. I'm not sure how we address this. There are talks about really drilling down at tech on lighting which will increase the time to get a car through tech and at certain races the tech line is long enough. Writing down interpretations at the time is yet another time killer. Not a derailment at all. Thanks for your input. I also appreciate your concerns about the second pace car on the Sebring thread. It is time we do something now and not wait until Flagtronics tries to fix it electrically somehow. It's getting out of hand. Not only does it create track rage, but a lot of us have high blood pressure already. I think it might be time to go back to driver bands to prove you were at the driver's meeting...hard to prove you were listening, but.... On a somewhat related note. My notifications of comments is not working, only "reactions". I'll try and check back periodically....
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