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  1. All classes at least made the top 15...
  2. The calendar could also have the 2019 schedule listed in the dates and other important dates.
  3. OK Racers. Let's hear those stories about your Sebring race for the race report. It sure was a fun race to watch, follow, and comment on from the ChampCar Live broadcast booth!!!
  4. Doc

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Gonna need a bigger boat my friend...😂
  5. They posted a video of them stopping, but dang if I can remember the team.
  6. I too, will add my name to the list of people nominating Jerry for another term on the BoD. His service to the Club has been invaluable in many regards.
  7. Email chains work and we have also faxed a copy around in the past. It's kinda a PITA for sure. I would also accept a Forum thread. There should be an official email going out and that can be forwarded to each person behind a nominee as well Researching a better way to do this, but the date kinda snuck up on me...
  8. Please look in your email starting soon for information concerning the nominations and elections for the 2 expiring Board of Director positions. Briefly, Nominations will open on September 1st and end on September 30th. You must have 5 full members to nominate you for inclusion on the ballot. ALL current full members are eligible for nomination including present Board members who wish to serve our club again. The balloting will start on November 10th and end on December 10th. The results will be published on December 13, 2018 The 3 year terms will start on January 1, 2019. Please feel free to start your own threads to garner nominations, explain why you want to be a BoD member, what you can bring to the Board, your experience, your vision for the future etc...
  9. Doc

    Official - 2018 Thompson Speedway 12-Hour

    There is no such thing as "abused Bill too much". Please refer to the Operations Manual.
  10. Doc

    Indy 2019

    Tell us the one about the 3 bears, Bill. That's my favorite fairy tale....
  11. Doc

    Bill S. clues

    The ink isn't even dry on the contract. Give us some time...
  12. Doc

    BMW Endurance series

    True...they sure do enough damage around my house!!!
  13. Doc

    BMW Endurance series

    Don't know...Mr. Barber seems pretty picky about his flora. I can only assume that he feels the same way about his fauna.
  14. Alrighty teams: I have a race recap to write so let's hear what happened to your team: Feast or famine, it may make the article...
  15. Good thing Giuliani isn't running the show, huh!!!!