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  1. Anybody going to NCM out of the Chicago area? There is a transmission there I could snag if I can get it to Kentucky....
  2. Doc

    Daytona 2020

    You way overestimate my influence. I mean, would YOU listen to me?
  3. The DOD will neither confirm or deny the existence of this vessel. It is NOT listed on the Naval Registrar.
  4. That is NOT the Enterprise. This is!!!
  5. Cone Crushers had a brand new fuel rail with a defect. Word from my team was it was a carbon copy of the failure at Road Atlanta that caused yet another fire. I was up in the booth, but that's what I heard.
  6. I did an informal count near the end and it was over 50 under 70. Attrition was higher than I ever remember....
  7. It was my pleasure!!! Thanks for having me. Without a real race to call lately, I needed the practice....LOL
  8. We use this just to make sure @chip never stops in our pits. He would rather die of thirst....
  9. I guess I will be sharing more beer with you at Charlotte, but truthfully we both sucked with our picks!!!
  10. What a refreshing read after most all of the other posts. Thank You.
  11. My PR team costs a fortune...just to prop me up and my Q rating has gone up very little. They are the lazy bastards.
  12. Problems uploading Speedhive results really threw us off as well. Looks like that issue was resolved... @Burningham is so damned impatient as well....
  13. True enough. Back to back races on different coasts stretch us pretty thin on everything we should do. The have to do list seems to get longer each season.
  14. I would post our race recap on here, but I don't want to be accused of derailing this thread, FFS.
  15. By Saturday night I am in Zombie mode. It's all I can do to recognize myself.
  16. @EL_MACHO...If you talk like you write we MUST have you up to the ChampCar Live broadcast booth at some point. That is some freaking hysterical description of the engine.
  17. Sure seemed like a long time between the incident and the BF where "they" (meaning "us") could have. That causes some confusion for sure because as we all know drivers have short memories, but in our (speaking as the series here) there is so much going on near the end of the race that it takes some time to "get to it" as it were. Again, glad it was worked out.
  18. Glad you got it back. Ya know that was us that just got by you seconds before the hit. Next time....🤣
  19. Like I will ever GET to a podium position...
  20. Good question. The Pro paddock is much smaller than the club paddock (the trade off is it's flat?) so it will be crowded with 80+ teams. I would say to please be considerate and let the transporters/trailers park first but of course this is not often possible. Several of the CCES staff will be getting there early to talk with the track and see what is possible/feasible given current "conditions" at the facility. This is a first for ALL of us so please be patient and friendly as always. I'm sure we wlll get the word out as soon as we know.
  21. I am all for transparency and I would suspect we will eventually publish them. As far as the viewpoints that BoD members personally hold, I am still on the fence about those. I think everybody that runs for the BoD is pretty frank on their opinions and in their bios on that thread. We get a lot of feedback at the track from members as it is along with personal messages, texts, phone calls, and email. Perhaps we will make this part of our by-laws as well. Thank you for your opinions and I didn't see this coming off as rude in any fashion. It is certainly a legitimate concern. I was pretty sure I would get some feedback, (some positive, some negative) when I posted it.
  22. Now you have done it...NEVER post positive statements on the weather. Mother Nature sees that as a challenge here in the South....hourly, even.
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