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  1. Sorry about that. I sent a FB message earlier today to Mahatru apologizing as soon as the car # was confirmed. Barry went to apologise in person, but could not find ya'll.
  2. Just @JeremyS, but I think we have cleared that up....
  3. It appears we had to dive into the pits for fuel. Sorry about the abruptness and the no signal of our intentions. Our driver looked for the Silver Star Miata, but they had already left the track from what he gathered from their pit neighbors. Our apologies....
  4. And you figured correctly. Not sure why they pitted so abruptly.
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. I will try and find the guilty party and give them hell. Tried to make out the car number, but it's a bit washed out so I would like to know. PM me an address and shirt size so I can send you a Brew Krewe Team Tee to remember us by...It's a lot nicer than the dent in your Miata most likely. I hope our driver came and found you/apologized, but it got kinda busy for us with repairs to the RF hub when the tire/wheel/brake caliper left us on the back straight so there might not have been time to man up. My apologies.
  6. This is the first time I have seen or heard of this incident as well. I was stuck up in the broadcast booth the entire race. What time/day is this???
  7. Dang @Rapido , that is the first time I have heard/seen that.
  8. You have clearly met my fans!!! Ensure is also a popular choice....
  9. My fat with belly rolls is all natural....too natural.
  10. Ahhhh...just stirring up s**t. Indy is (and must be) ADA compliant.
  11. I hope so too. This rickshaw and the driver are expensive!!!
  12. Forgot which topic I was on. The booth at the VIR24 will be wide open and we LOVE guests!!! My mind has been on Indy....
  13. I will be in the booth for the most part. Not driving because I wanna give my team the best shot at finishing well....We have laminates to get into the tower. No admittance otherwise. When do you get in?
  14. Make sure you look me up. I don't believe we have ever met in person....
  15. The guy that did the fueling reported the tank seemed to vent a lot more when he pulled the cap on the stop just before the fire. This info never got relayed to us. We had pressure buildup once before at Daytona when the back half of our exhaust was knocked off by contact and terminated right around the tank. We could not fix it so we pitted often to vent the tank.
  16. So...we did a teardown of the entire rear subframe to check for fire damage on the E30 and what we found caused us to re-think the cause of the fire at NCM. The exhaust had a quarter sized hole in it that burned through the heat shied that directed hot exhaust gases directly to the stock fuel tank. We believe that pressurized the tank enough to blow the small fuel return line off the gas tank.
  17. Opinions on the Forum are worth as much as the paper they are written on. Nothing is decided because of what is written here. Sure, several of us read it to "take the temperature" of what the visitors have to say and their opinions, but that's about it. I wouldn't put much stock (or buy any stock) in pitchforks.
  18. We suspect the fuel overflow line that goes to the stock BMW overflow tank in the RR wheel well became dislodged when the car hit some rumble strips very hard. The track reported some melted plastic where he went off and the overflow tank is missing now. We will know more when we get done cleaning him up and get him on a lift, but I'm pretty certain that is what we will find. Thanks for getting a shirt; it is appreciated!!!
  19. Thanks for posting. At this point we believe the overflow line to the overflow tank became dislodged after a trip over the rumble strips. Our driver (Vernett Baker) saw the flames as soon as he re-entered the track. As a wily veteran he knew to make it to a flag station for help. It also helped that he has driven the car before so was familiar on how to get out quickly and safely. I would suggest to you ALL that you practice your emergency egress "procedures" with a bag over your helmet so you cannot see at EVERY race. This could have turned into something very ugly without a veteran behind the wheel. As we rebuild VERY quickly for Indy in less than a month we are raising some funds for the recovery process we are selling team T-shirts. Naturally we think they are pretty cool: https://store.flyinwrench.com/products/savekenny-official-brew-krewe-racing-2019-shirts
  20. The bandwidth at NCM is non existent so a broadcast from there was simply not worth the expense. You think YOU were sad to see Doc's car on fire...LOL We suspect the overflow line to the overflow tank in the RR wheel well became disattached after a spin over the rumble strips on T10. Big puddle of burnt plastic there and the tank is now missing from that location. I said "missing". Not true as we know right where is is and It ain't supposed to be in T10.
  21. Offhand I would say in the early evening. Most of us will be running the test day and then we have the ChampCar Commentators Cup at the kart track.
  22. @Jer is very trying. I can personally attest to this. I too read the Forum, but rarely post anymore. We are now on page 13 and very little has changed from page 1. Great ideas and we value the input. I suspect that most of the BoD does read it just to help formulate their own opinions and responses when it comes time for BoD meetings.
  23. Doc

    Daytona 2020

    Agree entirely on NCM and that Barber date...YIKES!!!!
  24. She is a keeper for sure....
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