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  1. Brew Krewe #86 would like to be added to the CMP list as well.
  2. I can't wait to monitor the types/manuf/sizes of tires on 120+ cars starting on the grid at Daytona. And then monitoring them all race at each pit stop... Great ideas!
  3. I doubt it will be cancelled. The early bird is still a few weeks away and I suspect the field will fill up with more entries as Georgia and Florida are our two most populous states with members. I'll try and find out during the next BoD conference call on 4/21 and report back.
  4. Well, your team was my pick for the race. Either you let me down OR I cursed you from the start. Either way: Same result. Tough race...
  5. They had us (Brew Krewe) over dB on one lap, got another reading the next lap and we were fine. Sound is a black art indeed...
  6. Not necessarily so. We asked them to monitor dB and advise us who was over to give the teams a chance to fix BEFORE we would have to black flag them during the race. If they displayed the black flag to you it was our attempt as a courtesy BF only.
  7. Watched the whole race on HJBroadcast that night; looked like fun!!!
  8. This is true folks. Not that he would remember to turn it on, anyway. Ask @Paulie who really needs babysitting....
  9. CCES management has not announced any penalties yet but will do so in the future regarding this incident. I have recused myself from the discussion for obvious reasons. It is only "intentional" in as far as it should not be a knee jerk reaction and all parties have been given their time to comment.
  10. Nothing could be further from the truth. They NEVER give up on rule enforcement.
  11. Due to the Rona, Race Control was closed to visitors so that was not an option at this race. Like all of auto racing, race control is often hours of boredom intersperced with moments of sheer terror.
  12. Might want to check the weather in BRASELTON...The airport is easily a 2 hour drive. 6 or so if its normal ATL traffic.
  13. We are proud to announce (and just a bit dumbstruck) that veteran broadcaster Bob Varsha has agreed to lower his standards and risk his reputation long enough to join the ChampCar Live crew IN PERSON and commentate on the TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series 14 Hour Enduro next Saturday at Road Atlanta
  14. We have production meetings? You all are holding out on me.....
  15. (31) An Afternoon at Barber Motorsports Park | Depreciation Nation - YouTube
  16. Awwwww...you remembered. I'm touched. LMAO
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