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  1. Black Magic

    Miata clutch question

    I have not had a miata in a decade, but on other cars have been happy with act clutches. In my subaru the life is decent, pedal feel isn't terrible and for the holding power it doesn't shutter. Get the sprung hub normal disk, not a puck style. Do not run a solid hub. Clutches are the stupidity filter for transmissions, put a mega stiff clutch in it and you will find out what i mean (and what part is weakest in the gearbox).
  2. Black Magic

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    I would just do a blanket on bellhousing facing you. Much cheaper and easier. No idea on loops.
  3. Black Magic

    Cheaty/vague/rules stuff I want to talk about.

    He has a racecar.... like all of us.....so i am willing to bet anyone else trying to use his accounts would just slow down the spending....
  4. Black Magic

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    Curious what pans out, since teams have and have not been dq'd for that. Probally bigger conversation about what makes a car "package", and if you can mix and match. Like the s2 engine in 944 debacle, and once someone brings a "motor and trans swapped" gen 2 neon with srt4 engine but not the entire srt package. Maybe the move to digital tech will fix it all, as you could look up a winning car and see what diff they claimed, its points and know what was legal to do with your own car.
  5. Black Magic

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    In the board meeting mike said an auto only car swapping in a manual trans (like an sc400 that had no manual option) would be +25, not ( -75+25) or 0...... Seems to me the intent was you run auto, you get -75. You swap to manual, you get +25. You build the Entire car to spec of manual car you claim it as "0" because the only difference from a factory manual car is the vin.... The debate is if you get to make up a new "oem spec" that wasn't sold in that configuration.
  6. Black Magic

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    Either can be managed, i prefer to not do it with rebuild intervals and oils that have higher temp limits ( $) but i can. Maybe a separate thread?
  7. Black Magic

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    Careful now, the board was against increasing reliability for free because it will add cost (and thus needs points). Therefore you should just decrease your hours before rebuilds to adjust for the "cost savings".
  8. Black Magic

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    Totally agree it is wayyy too much to ask phil to determine as a part time job. Just enforcing the as written laws are hard enough, and our rules tend to be generic and general. Might be a think to propose, as a club would we pay a little more per race to have a full time salaried tech guy? I think it is one of the harder jobs to do for this series.
  9. Black Magic

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    Helping other neon teams, the "right" vs "wrong" gearing is 2-4 seconds at several tracks. Using most of 3rd 4th 5th usually beats 3rd 4th and "cruise"
  10. Black Magic

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    I have been running other peoples cars, consulting for seat time. Building another neon, the one you ran with me had a brake failure and total car loss. Next car should be a major step up in speed. My understanding was all components on the race car need to match specs for the year you claim (later year). This could be just the tank, or a whole pile of parts depending on how much changed in e30 world. This at least gives you the ability to recreate models that are harder to find without building a new car (then brag about how "we didn't pick your car to mustang owners" 😉) Neon example, swapping a car from a 95 to 96 and later larger fuel tank would not allow you to run the 95 cam, which for sohc is a little hotter (still slow as crap).
  11. Black Magic

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    I would hope a later gas tank in an early car would require swap of all components to the spec of the later car. Basically a total build of a late car part for part (if different), only distinguishable by the wrong vin #. (Saving my fuel hypocrisy comment about how one of the more fuel rich cars with owners crying to leave the fuel rules alone gets to swap to a larger tank for another thread
  12. Black Magic

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    Theory or practically speaking? Practically i would consider it all pretty insensitive for speed. Wear on parts maybe.... Theory, A heavier flywheel may reduce your rpm drop when shifting by a hundred to a few hundred rpm. Depends on your shift speed, rotational inertia of engine, clutch and vehicle weight. Like having tighter gearing, this will increase your average power over the whole lap by keeping min rpm higher. Depends on your gear splits and power curve.
  13. Black Magic

    2018 petitions

    Like you I have a really solid idea....but to prove to others i am right would take data.
  14. Black Magic

    2018 petitions

    Mender, I suggested to mike that he weigh a few cars in post race, do nothing for now and make a change in the future based on the internet weights and some of the actual weights found in post race. Hopefully it just takes a little time to work out
  15. Black Magic

    What happened to your ChampCar today? 2018 Version

    I guess cut the roof off then weld it back on like i do to neons 😂.