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  1. Make sure the vac advance is pulled off for your test.
  2. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Cam, Great words of wisdom. I do tend to stick to the numbers, it's what i do for a living (on race cars). I think you will find really strong correlation between those winning teams and the parameters i mentioned. The mopar 4 life (m4l) are going turbo in their neon, i use big na motor. They will be forced to do something due to bad fuel to weight, either be less competitive, flex the rules or swap cars. Btw, where is the rusty cougar? Edge out the good teams cars in a way they cant make equal to others and they will move on. For perspective, do you blame the civic for ballooning the gas tank? They did all that and still didn't beat the e30 fuel to weight....where is the parity in that?
  3. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    I use the weight from the swap calculator, since that also determines your hp. The j30 is 173 lbs per gal, about on par with the neon. (3305/19). Needs to be 22 gal stock (add 2 for cell) to match e30 The fiero is 2500/10...= crap.
  4. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Do you believe in the swap math, and the vpi points system giving fair value for speed increase? If not then we need to fix those values, not blindly hope that those who are way out to lunch just run out of gas. The fuel thing will also drive away whole segments of cars, who have low factory gas size for their weight. They will run the other endurance series who have more equitable fuel rules, and better balance among cars. This is the next "swap rule" issue, and until fuel and power per lbs are close for all cars, there will be blood. I run a middle of the road car fuel wise. Just over 170 lbs of official champcar swap weight to oem fuel capacity, assuming the 96+ year model bigger tank (another dumb game we all play). For cars over this mark i would suggest they race another series. At the end of the year i will be curious to know who has finished tip 3 with worst than 175 lbs per gal. The tank games were a self inflicted issue of cars like the civic, who are woefully out to lunch on fuel trying to close the gap to the cars who are close to 150 lbs per gal. You run a i30 or i35, right? At 150.3 lbs per gallon i wouldn't see an issue either.... For me there is no "luxury" neon out there with alot more fuel. Not sure the pt cruiser even help. In that case to reach 150 lbs per gal i need to pull out the checkbook and stroke 6 to 10k, or just race another series if driven out....
  5. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Cam, The idiocracy is that you and every other mustang owner has to build a new car, based on the same platform, to get enough useable fuel. Heaven forbid we allow you to just have equal fuel. The t bird does have a fuel to weight advantage over almost all other cars, but at the bmw and rx7 152 lbs per gal if your car had 19 or so gal this would be equal. Not too far off. But hey, its a budget series, so i am sure we would all agree 6 to $10,000 on a new car build is justified vs swapping in a bigger cell to get all cars to have equal fuel to weight. (How do you make this green again)? Any of the stat majors want to plot lbs per gal vs winning in 2018? Looking for an r^2 of 1.0000
  6. OK what happened to your chump car today ?

    Awesome build. For anyone who doubts the idiocracy of the current fuel rules, pay attention.... Legal 24 gallon mustang.... The look on the "we didn't pick your car" people's faces will be epic....
  7. Protests

    On the ecu topic. I am helping a few other teams, including a team racing an 230 slk in lemons who wants to cross over. They have a stock motor with the stock electronic clutched supercharger, recir system and ecu\controls. The car has no abs because the traction control system is evasive, it has drive by wire and decides to go into limp mode abut half the time because the supercharger clutch slips, the maf gets dirty or one of the other million sensors gets mad. They are going to bolt the supercharger clutch solid and reprogram the ecu the ignore the clutch error, and also remove the tc and throttle by wire torque management. Also remove the need for the security key reader, and oem key+reader that has to live in the car or else the engine will not run. Maybe $500 to have done with our open ecu rules, but with out open ecu that 500 point car would rival Bill's cars for least laps before first pit...... When we get forced to new cars, it is sort of a mandatory.
  8. Worst mods

    Some fans come with more radial clearance. I have also see the blade area of the fan housing cut away, and a larger od tube slipped over the original housing. Done right with big enough power (like 5 amp draw each) they were very effective on the neon. Had one side taken out in a wreck, that side went metal to metal in the next 5 hrs. Other side had 3/4 pad left. Pad life is linear with temp, until a point where it goes exponential. If the fans pull you below that critical temp, they are a lifesaver. If they only move you down the linear part of the curve, you only get a small gain. Also bear in mind, more airflow only helps if the flow path isnt poop, so most cars 3/4" wide rotors with 1/4 of width for rotor "vanes" isn't going to transfer much heat. Nascar rotors are 1.25" thick, and a finger will fit in the vane slot....
  9. Protests

    Absolutely agree. When every driver in a car posts a lap faster than ftd for the rest of the top 5 (that has happened out east) then you might need to look over it. I think a gps logger in some random cars each week will be the only way to really know if a car is silly dominant, and needs some rebalancing to match the target.
  10. Worst mods

    For anyone else running fans (i do), you know us nascar guys wire each fan to its own self resetting relay after the switch.... You also need 1/8 or more fan to housing clearance, and or run screen mesh over the inlet. Important details i probably left out when people asked before.
  11. 2018 petitions

    Go for it. It is just as legal and valid as the e30 and rx7 swaps..... Obviously do your homework and only change the t bird stuff you need to change. What about a turbo 5.0? You get 23 gallons in the cell if you claim stock 5.0 model... The irony of former bmw "the fuel capacity rules are fine" guys bitching about it would almost be worth the build cost.....
  12. 2018 petitions

    The same people that do or don't check it now. If you truly believe in the lack of enforcement, make fuel tank size unlimited. Without enforcement it will be anyway. I think fuel capacity is a protestable thing, now that the fuel tank rules are more precise.
  13. 2018 petitions

    So if you have the rule of min fuel to weight of 157lbs E30 2579 lbs/157 = 16.4, no change 626 2689/157 = 17.1 gal Mustang 2772/157 = 17.6 gal Or the mustang can swap to a tbird body and gain that fuel capacity due to the lunacy of the fuel rules and get closer to the 157 number. How does throwing shells in the trash and starting over help the series? Btw tbird, fox body platform, 18.2 gal 2776, 152...sleeper pick for those so naive as to say "we didnt pick your car"
  14. 2018 petitions

    But do you equally admit for any other car (and also yours) on the wrong side of the power to fuel curve, it will be a distinct disadvantage vs e30, rx7, etc. Many guys choose to build cars that cannot win, i would like to think the rules are there so if you decide you want to build a winning one you don't have to throw what you have away...
  15. 2018 petitions

    To make it go 5 secs a lap faster at rd atl to catch huggins, i would assume you will need that extra fuel.