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  1. First time racing at this track. Was helping a neon team (the black and red one). I really liked it, more than i thought i would. There was some pretty regular contact which i think is a function of the track having narrow lines in some of the corners, but i don't recall any hits that required a wrecker to get them. That is a good sign given the record at some other tracks this year, and keeps the costs reasonable. We got hit 4 fairly minor times. The other cars served penalities and acknowledged it each time, which was refreshing. The most we had to repair was resetting the camber once (hit moved adjusters), which isn't that big of a deal. We weren't in contention for anything, the motor in the car was slower than a miata, but could turn just above 40s for regular laps and got down to a 38. That team wanted to work on getting the car handling and running well before working on the lack of power. The black and purple neon had some good battles with us. Hope to have video soon, but in the 3rd stint Sunday we ran nose to tail for what seemed like 20 mins. That was fun. Thank you purple\black\whatever other body color you were car....
  2. Anyone know if the drivers meeting tomorrow for the test day is mandatory for all team members or send a team rep? I am getting in late.
  3. I prefer crate training in the garage but i am housebroken. Not fixed so better keep the other dogs away. Obedience training is a work in progress......
  4. Maybe after a podium you go into a pool of cars that will be re teched at next race. If points are added (stuff that was missed or changed interpretation through season) in re tech it doesn't impact your prior win, just brings the car into spec before it wins again. Also helps defend our current position, that you cannot protest a item that was claimed in tech and approved. Keep in mind at the pro level the enforcement changes weekly depending on your prior success, we are still many times more stable than that.
  5. Don't forget you guys in champspec e30/e36/e46, sc300, and higher build platforms are still going to race each other. It doesn't change that racing. Arguable that it would actually save that racing, as there would be less effort to pull down the performance and prep of the current top level cars with rules. It just handles our reluctancy to fix fuel capacity (sort of), difficulties in upping the power substantially from stock for many of the cheap platforms, and hopefully reduces operating costs for teams not able to spend at the level required to run up front at the current prep level.
  6. I have personally seen the tops of more engine types opened up at a CC race than spec miata (only 2 engine families in SM makes this easy). Torn down past valve cover, nope. But i would be willing to bet more engine families show up to the 2018 vir 24hr than scca had to deal with in a year.... A conversation for a few beers at track, but a large percentage of the things people could measure at track with the resources we have available would be easily defeated with fairly common knowledge (at least of good racing engine guys). If we commit to complete teardowns you will still be faced with the issue of measuring accuracy. At the pro level this is why the motor teardowns in Nascar happen at Nascar, not the track. Thinking of just cam duration, how would you easily measure that on cars with hydraulic lifters with lots of bleed down (wink wink). It ends up beyond the capabilities of a dial indicator and set of calipers. You could limit the gap between the great builders and the average Joe's with this method, but in a spec miata way where in the end the money still wins and the robbers have it easier than the cops.
  7. Sure. I am busy getting ready to go to NCM this weekend but after i return we should meet up.
  8. One of my partner teams has raced there. One of the many black neons (mine was also half black....it's a neon thing).... I think the current rule limitations on the neon would make it nearly impossible to win there (even in the car i am building), but for fun we could run it. Is the lack of gen 1 neons on the street a real thing? In the south we still have them around, craiglist ads of neons pop up every week.
  9. Did you see 3 neons are going....how did that happen? Usually they don't let that many of us near each other....or schools for that matter.....
  10. Don't forget the diversity in types of engines torn down, and money available for tech enforcement is at least one order of magnitude off.... This is for stuff beyond the basics you can currently protest, non stock cam (with measureable lift change), unclaimed manifolds, etc.
  11. Ecu thing will be a hard to contain. Huggy said it best, one team i help literally cannot run their car on a stock pcm without it going limp mode... Even as a stock engine. The big dollar ecus have better safety and controls, however the best running cars in my fleet of racers is a stock and reflashed stock (open source tuned) pcm....
  12. No weigh in and no dyno. This is to figure out what cars\swaps are allowed, not have 5 miatas weighing different weights have different power. No different than the power to weight math tac/tech looks at now to help set vpi, just targeting a different level (sub or near m20 e30, not m50 e30 like current rules). In my mind all powertrain combos\mods allowed would be listed. You could still work off points or give a vpi for that combo, whatever we wanna do. No allowed options besides the approved options can be picked. You can obviously go stock vs using an option.
  13. Totally with ya. Three of us started messaging and my thought was i could see two separate levels to make the Jr class in terms of rough power to weight. I think sort of roughing in a target range by picking one of these would help the rest of the parts fall in place. My message : "I think we would need to think about the target power to weight. I see options at stock 1.6 miata\stock sohc 2.0 neon\sohc civic\stock focus (130ish hp in typical 2500lbs oem curb weight cars) , and another distinct set of cars at 1.8 NA8 miata (with bolt on like header) stock 2.4 swapped neon (maybe intake swap to clear hood), 140 hp spec integra motor with a bolt on like headers only and cars sort of just below or maybe at m20 e30 power. The second group is in the 150 to 160 hp for typical 2500 lbs oem curb weight (scale power target with weight obviously)" Open to debate, but i think several people would like a no aero rule for Jr class cars as well. We could lower the vpi limit as well, but with a limit on motor mods i think people wouldn't need that many points anyway.
  14. Will do. I think that group of people would be less pushy about the overall results, and about anything being official. Could keep up the one class thing but offer a training ground for guys to get more hooked in.
  15. I think you were looking for "built a new car because the rules have made the platform very difficult to compete in at the power levels the series has moved to.... "We came to the conclusion as a team that the neon was getting near its limit in relation to other newer cars entering the field. Even if the points dropped it could only help so much as engine wise we were near max what we could achieve without the fear of breaking more stuff or replacing parts faster." I totally agree that it isn't feasible to go back for the top level teams. One of the times mender and i don't agree (we often do). Lots of guys at the top like going faster, and that is ok. I would most likely field a Jr class Neon for some of my teammates and from time to time bring out my car as a regular class entry. I sort of relish in the challenge of a very difficult car to win in doing well (mixed with moments of harsh reality that throwing money into a new build of the right kind of car is the more likely way to win). My desire for maximum track time and competition at a more reasonable wallet standpoint sort of leans towards more Jr class races..... If you have interest in doing a gentleman's race inside the actual race with "Jr" class cars let me know. Some of us are talking already, but only a few and could use more input. Totally unofficial, totally for fun, but a way to have a rabbit to chase for cars built to be cheap entry points to race and build up skill. Thinking of making a list amongst ourselves of teams competing at this "level" and sharing it before a race to know who our competition is to watch for\race hard\tell lies about over beer after the race.... This isn't going to break up the one class racing, it's unofficial and these teams were never really in competition with the top teams anyway....
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