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  1. Black Magic

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    I find it interesting and commendable that some swap cars have not maxed out their HP because they feel like the advantage would be unfair\not fun\shot down. Rob in his rx7 used the 3400 when he could have gone bigger. I respect rob for wanting to be fast and not exploiting the fact that a 91 rx7 base model weighs less from the factory than the champ swap weight. Assuming the 10 -15% reduction of swap weight from base model curb weight most cars have, that gives him 15% more power than most of the field gets (for 50 points in the swap calc). Several of the top swap cars are like this, and regardless of the power to weight target picked (which balances swaps vs non swaps) i think parity across car makes would be what most people are looking for. Inflate all the weights 400 lbs, sure....inflate only a few cars....not sure.
  2. Black Magic

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Totally agree it has to be a zoomed out view of "weight". Not trying to hurt a particular team that tried harder. However some cars have swap weights i doubt you could reach with the min stuff removed to pass safety tech and the ugliest heavy cage design the series has seen.
  3. Black Magic

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Jer i think the point is that SOME swaps are misrepresented by weights that are not realistic to the car as raced. Several swaps have weights listed that make complete sense. Auditing the TAC groups personal cars, we have people racing within 100 lbs of listed weight and 400+ from listed weight. Similar prep level for these cars. I think a little examination of as raced weights, selection of the model people do race, and some data collection will really help with this over time. Work in progress. But you see the point that for people running a swapped car that isn't a e30, rx7, you feel it as a reduction of %power you can swap in compared to those "heavy" listed cars. At "2700 lbs" the e30 is one of the best 2400 lbs cars to race....
  4. Black Magic

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    I agree with where you are going with this, but with a caveat.... Using a more realistic weight to estimate the "physics" and set the initial BOP factor would reduce the number of adjustments required to get it close. I think that is why people are up in arms about the weights. Giving a prime example of this, the e30 swap weight\BOP would most likely converge to the realistic as raced weight if you got the speed of the cars close. I totally agree you could iterate to this, and have it not exactly correlate to the as raced weights, but the odds are it would look pretty similar. FWD vs RWD for example might need a BOP\weight difference of a few percent, but the swap weight of some cars people are upset about is approaching 15+% off. The starting guess is just too far off. Basically TAC or the board could make much better starting guesses with race weight info, using an average or close look at many cars. I don't think this would ever evolve into a number that hurt a specific team's car because they did good weight reduction and prep, but when some cars have swap weights with the typical "weight reduction" % applied that are heavier than the curb weight of their model of car (in street trim) we might need to use another number as the starting point.
  5. Black Magic

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Equity of starting point, not equity of outcome. Meaning if only a few cars can build to the power to weight, fuel to weight, cooling\durability parts and suspension function of the top teams within their 500 point budget, then the rules have not provided equity of starting point (which would be my lofty goal). If you choose a silly, hard to fix one off chassis, this is gonna be hard. It should be, but it should be plausible that a semi pro shop could make a large number of cars equal in these technical details. You see this in the sc300s, which have issues with trans and diff parts availability. The ratio of sc300s raced in chump as a manual vs the number of manuals ever produced is eye opening, and the fact that people will take that on points to what will happen if you leave SCCA style "pick the right car" rules in place.
  6. Black Magic

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    Short soapbox moment..... If the rules don't allow a reasonable amount of cars an equal chance to win, "we didn't pick your car" will be answered by " we didn't pick your series"... Food for thought for those (usually bmw) guys who hold to that mantra....
  7. Black Magic

    Opinions - Everybody has one, I want yours.

    Looks like Mustang from the thread. Only reason I ask is the correction to the more popular dynojet is between 10 and 15 percent. Your car should make 165 to 170 at the wheels on a "normal" dyno. Matches up better with the power top e30 teams need to compete, with more midrange for your car. Given this, if the Z3 can't get below 2400, 170 crank hp is gonna be a little soft, but could still run in the top 10. Get the weight below 2400 and you might have something, although the lower fuel capacity vs e30 and e36 given the current rules will be a factor for you.
  8. Black Magic

    Official VIR The Eights on the North - Double-8-Hour Enduro

    Got an invite from a team to go wrench, tune and drive. See you there.... In a white neon
  9. Black Magic

    Opinions - Everybody has one, I want yours.

    Mustang dyno, dynojet,....depends on vendor way more than one would think
  10. Black Magic

    Last piece of the 2019 Rules Puzzle

    I think i sort of follow, but email tac\tech and we can get you fixed up. Are you worried that the engine you are claiming came with an OE "header" (what the factory used) and you won't be able to use it? We should have really changed "header" to "non oe exhaust manifold or non oe header". The intent of the engine swap rules are to allow you to take everything engine related from the donor car that was factory for the donor car engine, the closer you are to that the easier tech will always be, and often the more reliable the engine package will be.
  11. Black Magic

    Turbo Car Fuel Mileage

    Google "turbo engine BSFC", and you should get a rough idea of how much worse the fuel situation is gonna be vs an na engine of the same power. With that and a power target we can give you a better idea of your fuel burn rate. The answer is probably gonna be terrible, but depends on what platform you choose as to if it is a problem.
  12. Black Magic

    2019 VPI List Is Out!

    Depends. Put cap on, power pumps on, turn master off, pull cap and top off.... Lotta work for fraction of a gallon.... Or passively fill surge from main once it is above a certain level.
  13. Black Magic

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    I have mixed feelings on it. Tire availability and load construction sort of do this anyway (275 wide sub 23" OD tires no where in sight), but a reasonable rule could help keep costs down and would most likely not affect 90% or more of the cars that run. Not big on my radar
  14. Black Magic

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    I missed several days of this thread, getting back up to speed Guys complained about the fact that the fender flair falling off would lead to you being held on pit rd to fix it (cause you made it too flimsy) We then complain what would stop teams from running crappy fender flares and littering the track (i would assume the black flags). Tire width conversations (a proposal that has been asked before and made on a weight basis, but didn't gain "traction"). No one here i guess has been pulled over or inspection failed for tire\fender rules by your state? Similar thing, tug your fenders some and let's go racing. FWIW me and the teams i help have totalled 2 cars. Both times the fenders were pulled out to a "legal" level to load the car in the trailer, despite the frame being on the ground both times. Use common sense and when possible rework or remounting of oem fenders and life will go on.
  15. Black Magic

    88 325e swap question

    If going auto for 450ish points rwd tanker i might look at rx7, 944, 928, but you are on to something with the e30.... One way to fuel parity, we all just swap in the gear from our current cars into one of those platforms....