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  1. Pester Mike C to add it. Last I asked, many years ago, it wasn't on his radar anymore.
  2. Was thinking less than 30 min round trip to get to major gas stations, a parts store, and chain food places. At summit I always end up back in Winchester, but I remember that being more like an hour round trip from the shendoaha paddock and back to it. CMP also has this issue, Charlotte does not. If there was a race at summit I would go, but I am more the rough it at the track type anyway.
  3. I saw a sign about a month ago when I was there (track day for friends I am coaching into racing). I forgot what it said, and I noticed it on the way out... Was enough to handle the ramp truck and trailer....either by design or luck. I like some elements of that track layout. Just wished it was closer to any civilization and could better host our racing (same with CMP, Roebling, etc). We need to find rich guys with money falling out of their pockets to turn these tracks into what they could be.
  4. Was thinking more of the bridge to get in (load limits), tight paddock and super small pit lane that is part of a u turn.... Shenendoah was fun though, just gotta stay off the walls coming to the main straight.... Of course that was 5 or so years ago when the power to weight and speed of the series was much lower, I would guess the walls would be an even bigger problem now.
  5. The small course would be ok for 30 cars, maybe 40, but I think both summit tracks look more like "regional" facilities vs a track capable of hosting a 60 plus car "national" level event. Stinks because like the other interesting tracks listed, it needs investment to shine that may never come.
  6. Dissapointing old dominion did not get laid out better. It could have been another mid Atlantic track to use (assuming it was built up to big race standard, not "regional").
  7. Totally what I was thinking. If you had a small event there (30 teams) at a low price it could be a "regional" race option. Like small track at summit and CMP, I think you could have smaller races there if they played within the limits of the facilities. Just not a normal east coast sized event. I would assume these tracks would be really cheap to rent, maybe get a mid Atlantic "regional series" of champcar going with cheaper small races to fill calendar between big weekend races. We rented CMP for a private event on a SAT, was not that expensive.
  8. Did they lock the second bathroom (rear of the big building) and the one in the garage\private club area? Those were open last time I was there, you had 3 locations to pick.
  9. I like CMP for basic track days. I also think the roval layout makes contact with concrete more likely than I would want, the banking changes and rough blending of transitions being hard to drive well for hours on end. That said, CMP might not be a good champcar fit. Nelson's is run for historical significance, which sort of allows series to look past the terrible facilities and mediocre track infastructure. Seems odd, but we are sort of spoiled as a series and used to "nice" facilities. CMP has no paddock, you work on your car in the sand flea ground. Power is limited. Bathrooms are very limited and "dated" (being kind). It is an internet black hole. The current track layout doesn't have any really access points off for broken cars besides tow back to pit lane (although other CC tracks also have this issue). Pit lane is very narrow and short for the car counts we are used to. Lemons races there twice a year. Works with their model of no cars having designated pit stalls, slower average field pace, and most teams requiring less infastructure. If we are making changes in the mid Atlantic, I would rather see Charlotte replaced with 2 races at amp in a year, or swap the vir 24 to a 2 day event on full course. I don't like Rd atl because the straights are too long for field parity, but others might want a second date there. If we want to expand vs lemons try to revive NJMP with more open rules for lemons teams (fuel being big hurdle for many of them) for just that race. All of these would be regional replacements for CLT, I think you need a replacement to be in the same bread and butter champcar mid Atlantic. If we are ok having a few smaller field races (and more of them) I could see doing summit small course, CMP, roebling Rd, etc as a mid Atlantic regional thing with 40ish car fields (to not overwhelm the facilities or lack thereof). I hope CMP builds up their facilities, and if they do this might make more sense. Right now I doubt a replace fixes the issues champ would have there Side note, running the 24hr lemons race I did the math if #of teams, people per team,seated bathroom trips per day (2) and bathrooms. With a roughly 10min time between flushes, the seats never get cold....
  10. Today the rear bumper cover is part of the "minimum equipment list" and you are black flagged if you loose it at speedways....same reason....
  11. I was waiting for that pic to show up. One of the funniest things I remember from champcar years gone no past (for the rest of us). The enterprise vs the neon I swear was same scale (in my mind)
  12. Was that you calling my name...? Did Indy last year with a different neon team. Fun track, takes some logistical gymnastics.....
  13. They must single handedly alter the value of E46 shells.....
  14. I think the "mix and match" is mislabeling of "picking any oem build that was available that year" Case in point, in the gen 1 neon world we can "mix and match" any of the trans ratios with DOHC, or SOHC engines. We can also "mix and match" any of the 3 suspension packages. This is because those were all orderable options for the car in 1995-1999. In reality we are just picking which one of the "builds" we want to copy from the Chrysler 95-99 dealer option list and building to that sheet using any shell we want (to avoid people hunting for vin matching shells to build a particular spec). Diff ratios are sort of an exception to the "must build from a build sheet" rule, and I am not sure exactly what gets enforced. You will need to email ray\jay. What I can tell you is that many teams have used the option to built to any oem offered "non special" spec, and if you could swap all of your car to 1988 spec parts you would have a pretty much slam dunk case for it being zero point. Another example, on paper the 1995 neon SOHC engine had a slightly bigger cam than later years. The gas tank in mid year 96 on is slightly larger and plastic. You theoretically could not run the better cammed 95 engine with the plastic tank, although enforcing that would be hard to catch (and besides the SOHC engine is sort of the dog of the neon world anyway, not available in the bigger 2.4 engine). I think some of these nuances often go unnoticed, and in a practical sense might make it seem like you are allowed to mix and match (vs just not being caught). Remember tech is there to assign values to parts you declare as non stock, if you don't declare parts it is not their responsibility to look for them for you in inspection (although they might help you do so out of kindness). It is techs job to look for things post race, and enforce protests post race for non declared parts. I think several cars have "issues" with their logbook this way, so don't look at what gets through initial tech as the golden rule. Not winning keeps many logbooks from getting that deep check, with 1000 cars to tech they can't commit that level of investigation into the non winners and winners....
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