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  1. We can only herd 22 cats right now....and that is enough....
  2. Would have to know by today, because we need to submit names Thur of anyone getting thru the gate (non spectator event)
  3. We think the event will get about 20 cars, at at that volume pricing will be more like $400. Anyone interested at that price message me today.
  4. We are signing papers.... it's happening 😆 Right now working on a second wave of advertising trying to get more cars to come. We would like a few more cars to help make the event cheaper for all of us (more people just means more discount to you and the rest of the people running the event). Plus we want enough cars to have someone to run with, but still have tons of room on track. 20 cars ideally.
  5. For camping the track wants $200 to allow camping, so we will poll and see who wants to stay as a group. Sounds like others are interested in this as well. If not several teams live in CLT and we might be able to host.
  6. Bill I have you hooked up with the group via text. Should be a good time.
  7. If you are local to CLT and want to run a track day for fun, we are privately renting CMP next sat if we get enough turnout. Check out post in "general" or the post on the Facebook "champcar garage" Good luck getting ready for the return to racing.
  8. With the long hiatus from racing several of us in the CLT region want to knock the rust off of us and our cars (except for the patina). We are putting together a racer group to do a track day Sat June 6th. The CMP lemons race next weekend is cancelled, which has left a time slot at the track open. A group of racers here in CLT are going to privately rent the track so we can get our endurance cars on track. We might be able to allow street cars, but the primary goal is to give racers a chance to warm up for the season. Depending on car turnout the price will be roughly $500 per car for the entire day. This will drop if more cars come, it is just hard to guess turnout so we are being very conservative. We will refund money back if turnout allows us to do so (we aren't doing this for profit). See the ad on the champcar Facebook site or reach out to me with questions.
  9. Bad idea. Far less work to use a baseball bat or the Eastwood on car fender roller. I have pulled fenders out several inches with the Eastwood tool. You may find that you need to dent the fender to stretch the metal when using the Eastwood tool. You basically make a groove with the edge of the roller and slowly work that groove from the inside to outside of fender. I have done small fender stretching with just a hammer and dolly. Basic idea is to make dents that you then fatten back out, which stretches the metal in those spots. This is the opposite of "good" body repair, where making dents and then flattening them grows the fender and makes in bulbous and misshapen. On one of the neons we had automatic fender stretching, the metal had been wrecked and dented enough that the multiple repairs kept making the fenders bigger and bigger....
  10. If you are swapping in an engine that came with DBW, I don't think you will even raise an eyebrow if you run the throttle body that came with the engine you are claiming in your swap. Are you converting an existing DBC engine to DBW? Or just a DBC car to DBW engine?
  11. Due to the camber and non ideal brake bias vs vertical load on the tires front to rear, those numbers are entirely possible. I bet if you set your camber to 0 front 0 rear the ratio will get much closer, however your lap times will most likely suffer.
  12. https://www.redlineautoparts.com/mazda-miata/2016-2017-nd-mx-5-miata/2016-2017-mazda-mx5-miata-gas-lid-w-cap-fuel-door-ceramic-metallic-oem-nd005/ 2016 miata, you can see the spring for the check valve in the pics of the gas cap. Remember, it only allows air in, venting pressure is done elsewhere.
  13. Good luck. Old spec neon\challenge cars can make a decent starter car for a team on a budget.
  14. Brand new have the cap less easy fill. Sort of new, yes most will have a check valve visible as a hole in the center of the cap.
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