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  1. Use some engineering...... Diuretics and laxatives.....
  2. Have fun guys. The team i was gonna drive\help with dropped out. They are looking to sell\refund their spot, if anyone was wait listed look them up in their thread a few below this one.
  3. If you find a production racer cheap i am sure adding to or recaging the car could be feasable. From your pics i would guess other elements of those cages like door bars will need work to pass anyway.
  4. Besides getting murdered by the mopar purists for using the parts... Technically speaking champcar doesn't care what the original chassis code was for your car, but you need to have a consistent "spec" in your build that was a real spec the car was built to. Basically a true clone of the car type you want to run. For example, i use ACR\RT spec parts on my neon, even though one of the chassis i used was a base model car. The car i present to race is mechanically the same specs as an ACR\RT would be, just not the same body shell. For SC300 cars, you dont need to buy a 5 speed car to race a 5 speed, but it better have all of the same spec parts a 5 speed car shouls have (diff can come from either spec, a rule added about a year ago).
  5. I wouldn't even be mad if an original tri power setup came to a race. Would be lots of drool and fingerprints to clean up....
  6. To be fair, the intake with head swap thing was an "interpretation" you had with tech vs a written rule. Sort of like teams running whatever intake they wanted to do a motor swap. The cost sucks, but grey zone things change all the time in racing. Plus your car got a convenient vpi decrease the same year, wasn't that enough to cover the intake (if you had chosen to do it that way)? Just saying you can't always use cost of bringing outlier cars into compliance as a reason for not making rules. That is how we have gotten to the speed creep we have now. We are afraid to tell anyone to take stuff off their car, and instead ask everyone else to just add more to their car....
  7. I think you are right, the rule would need to hit the real issue on the head to both work, and not incur alot of extra cost. Is the real concern some of these: Tire sizes inappropriate to the car (weight based max width for each car) Tire compounds too grippy Tire compounds too expensive Teams consuming too many tires in a weekend\day I would only see the issue as #4, well and maybe a rule for #1 would save us from ourselves (and save some hubs\bearings). Maybe the rule could be really simple, go behind the wall for a tire change of more than one wheel. Or no fuel on a stop with a tire change (and you must meet the 5 min time on it road just like fuel). Would add cost to any front runner teams that are trying to win on a weekend where they are rotating out old tires, although I would think those people are a minority. The cheap teams would be a losing a few mins of driving time to swap old tires on, unless they do it one wheel at a time (which you might be able to). Just thinking in the end we might not actually care what tire you use, provided you don't bring a stack of em to do a race weekend.
  8. I would think the non "endurance" auto x soft compound versions of the bfg would also be in the crosshairs, as another tire that won't go close to a weekend at low\moderate wear tracks. As auto x only tires get more doctored wear ratings to compete, this might become more of a task. Need to look at my old notes to figure out if Jackson tire was selling the "non S" as "endurance" or of it had a code. Hard to keep track of rival, rival S, Rival S 1.5, etc.
  9. On smaller 4 cylinder cars i have had sucess with motorcycle batteries as a veey cheap alterntive to a proper small car battery. Not going to get alot of cranks out of it before starting, but my stuff tends to be easy start or no start (broke).
  10. If that was radically off mapping and engine would be even harder. In new ecu's you can see lbs\hr as an output, integrate that to get fuel burn....
  11. Approved tire brand\model list (we all know the few tires that people run) I asked before and got the same silence. For my tire size the added cost is $500ish a weekend, which might have to be the cost of doing business at races I care to be competitive in next year (with new 257 car). Not good, but sort of bearable until you get a high tire wear track. Maybe better idea, we make the classes more logical, and have a limited prep "spec" class with rules meant to have more parity in car type and cost. Target lower power to weight, limited selection of tire brands, allow people to have equity in power to weight and fuel to weight (real weight, not the values we use now that are laughably off), and list approved non stock parts for each car type. The intent being a slower, more stock class for the majority of cheap 90's cars below e30 in speed. The top class can still throw Re71's at the problem, those guys can also keep the special exemptions designed for certain cars, Low VPI values to keep certain teams in, lack of parity in fuel, and non physically based "weights".This would keep the status quo cars (with these advantages) winning\competing. Might be best of both worlds, with neither group feeling like they need to build a new type of car to compete in class.
  12. If you guys are thinking seriously about ITB's I would ask Jay specifically that question (what value are ITB's with and without reuse of the stock manifold as a "base").
  13. Throwing a wrench into the conversation of ITBs...... As written in the rules you would get the Stacks for free with the ITB's, due to rule 4.3.2 (makes all intake parts ahead of the throttle body 0 points). Assuming you did ITB's like most of the modern 4 cylinder street engine world has done (attach them to your stock intake runners near the head) you wouldn't be paying any points for the "manifold". How many throttle bodies you get for 25 points, who knows. Like much of the rules, it would be alot easier to have guys pay a specific point value for an attribute (in this case "non oe induction system (ahead of throttle body)"). Historically there have been enough people who feel like counting the nuts\bolts and washers involved in a modification was important, so some of the rules are built in this way. Mender, I think the easiest path for ITB's on the honda would be from an injected motorcycle engine.
  14. I have used a old NASCAR 2 piece suit for a few years. Never felt like it was a step back in safety, however those crew suits are very thick and pretty hot in the summer. Once you get a proper one piece driver suit (generally 1 piece) you will realize what you are missing....
  15. I think we are sort of on the same page, if the rules called out better what outcomes they want vs what parts....life could be better\easier. Like end of day, how many points to have non oe valve duration\lift, vs adding up points for parts. I think our big struggle is the number of car types to balance....
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