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  1. Conversation on fuel cells mounted in fuel cell racks.....For pro racing series that desire more fuel, the mounting of the cell and fit of the container can have fairly significant effects on the total filled capacity of the cell (vs the advertised and enforced static volume of the container). These gains are all made in the "installed" condition, are generally activated by the weight of the fuel alone. Unless the installed condition has a continuous immovable support along the entire cell container\tank surface, you will most likely get measurable volume change. My gut feeling says most stock
  2. Ditto... What I then started calling the " not fixed vpi list". I did mange to break the system when I suggested that made reground cams free, so there is at least one truly fixed item on the "not fixed vpi list". Granted I could see cutting a link and welding it back together as free, but using the dash panels to make an air dam to avoid paying aero points seems a bit out of scope for a race series trying to grow into 15-20k total build cost for a winner series (dare I say, "respectable" cars). Back when we kept the cars slower, cheaper build targets and had a more junkyard wars
  3. Could be. I was suggesting that the e30 is one of the rare swapped cars that is actually competitive without the swap. I was thinking much of the swapped field is hopeless enough unswapped that the concerns over their non swap vpi is generally a non issue.
  4. I think Enginerd is suggesting we only value the swaps actually raced, which I doubt has thousands of combos. I am not sure we even have 1000 cars that have run in the series last year across all makes. Of the 14 cars you listed... 6 have manipulations in the weight or swap starting value, several of these race cars could leave the stock engine in the trunk and still meet these weights.... . If your swapped car had been run that would be half the list.... Integra 944 Supra (swap weight of 3600 lbs for a 88 model) Eclipse Rx7 Mr2
  5. I prefer your assigned value to common swaps. That said the "true" swap calc weight approach could address the issue you are talking about with "swap vpi" and "stock vpi" being different. A online calculator already has to choose the highest (in theory) value for the model you are claiming. You could simply have that referenced value be different in the lookup table, giving more or less points as it does the math for your swap. In my personal opinion we as a group generally try to pry our swapped vpi's lower by playing the "woe is my car stock" card. Considering 50 po
  6. I petitioned for this 2 or so years ago. If someone else has more time to write it into better wording maybe it will have more traction next time around. Would sure make setting up and reviewing all the nuanced situations for swaps easier.....
  7. A couple are on the list, just need a heavy enough car to handle the power they make in the swap calc
  8. I feel like this question is rhetorical, but incase it isn't..... BCCR 4.7.2 • Materials from your vehicle are permitted to be repurposed into other items for zero points, provided teams retain documented evidence of the process I am suggesting that when the post race mob looks in your car, they will easily find elements in the chassis that clearly look different from a t bird, and which you are not capable of showing documentation showing how you reworked (or could have reworked) the t bird into that shape. In the age of the internet, I think a googl
  9. I think it is easy to forget the real enforcement of the series is post race tech. People on the forum, TAC, even Tech are here to guide and help you through the inspection process so you have a happy post race tech. Also sort of lost is the fact that TAC isn't the police, or even the judges. We just advise both sides (racers and BOD\Tech) from a safe distance, and generally are trying to help the rest of the racers here. You could hang your t bird body on a ford fiesta if you want, and roll through your yearly inspection during a foggy day and claim it as a cut up t bird. Tech mi
  10. To clarify what we are suggesting is that on one car Car was cut, sectioned and re welded together reusing all material from the original car All of the sheetmetal in the chassis (unibody car so floorpan is part of this) was present in the original car or removed On the other car Fenders from a bigger car are cut and resized to fit on another chassis Claimed "car model" and actual chassis presented have clear structural and shape differences that were not present in the claimed model, and were not created through removal. We never said your car has to have the
  11. I might be lower budget than most, but I snag good wire from the harnesses of parts cars (that aren't that old). My unfounded thought was OE quality, even good condition used would be better than cheap new stuff....
  12. Knowing what it takes at work to hang roof, rear quarters and a tail on a car........Remember it needs to match down to the floorplan shape...... If we are slapping some t bird fenders on and ignoring the actual chassis differences....maybe feasible but easily arguable as not the same performance (weight, compliance, profile and others)
  13. I didn't say it was the only way. I was sort of suggesting it would be the easiest way to get the roughly half foot of wheelbase change to match the mustang. Well unless getting it wet and running it in the drier extra long will shrink it..... I think the wheel opening location would be a practical limit to altering wheelbase without cutting car, and after you relocated the wheel opening so you could change tires the work involved would be more than a chop in the middle, but to each their own..... If the idea was to hang t bird body on an otherwise visibly different (beyond wheelba
  14. I don't think there is a rule limiting wheelbase changes, at least I hope not. Still trying to finish up my shortened car. I think you would have to show that the shell was a larger car that was cut and modified, you couldn't just claim a factory built shortened car was done by you. I would assume cutting a factory t bird body\frame to mustang wheelbase would still be allowed, claiming a factory mustang shell is a t bird might be harder sell to tech.....
  15. They used a caprice late engine. It had a 4L60e (came in caprice) in the Lexus, which went about as well as you would expect. We fail them in tow vehicles, why not try and race one. Sustained load in OD would kill them quickly. They went th400 and got the highest rear gear we could find (1:1 top gear issues). Seems to last slightly longer before trans issues. Trying to push them to the colorado manual, so they can spend less time wenching and more time driving. Lemons car, so more freedom for that group to change whatever is needed to survive (coolers and accessories)
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