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  1. Has it been a year already? OK, Now it is the 6th annual Racer's Happy Hour on Jan 21st 2017. All other info is the same. Representatives from all the major sanctioning bodies are being invited to come sell their series. That includes Endurance, Sprint, and Vintage racing. Come see who can tell the biggest lies and drink the most beer.
  2. It is all Jerry Seinfeld's fault. He took Obama for a ride in that Corvette and now he wants our cars
  3. I am going to respond to this thread in a new thread entitled "Sturm und Drang".
  4. Here is a novel idea. Have the rules address the bottom line, not the process of getting there. It is really nobody's business what level of equipment that I have in my shop. Here is a scenario. A guy that is a professional drag racing chassis builder, that builds cars to NHRA standards, decides to go budget road racing. His shop has everything. So he is supposed to lock up all his equipment and build the car with China Freight hand tools. Yeah right. Does he actually do that. Even more yeah right. The cars are no longer $500 junk like they where in 2010 and we should not pretend that they are.
  5. This year we will be having the 5th Annual Road Racer's Party on January 23rd. It will again be held at KH Automotive, 5925 Broadmoor St., Mission, KS 66202 from 11:00 am until whenever. Lunch will be provided at 10 bucks a pop, bring your choice of adult beverage. As before we will be caging items from everybody we can for door prizes. This is a great opportunity to tell those midwinter lies about last season and get to meet those new to this insanity. If you are coming, RSVP to kevin.hinckle61@gmail.com.
  6. They are a Solo tire only. I raced at MAM in July and in 2 1/2 hours I was down to the steel on the left front tire. At 5 hours, the right front was done. At 7 hours, I was out of tires. Do not buy.
  7. Yeh, I am good at one liners. Seriously, this is how I do it. I bought the best ITB VW in the Southeast and paid accordingly. AS I am intending to race it in SCCA, it is not Chump legal. In the "No Contact Series" this is how I work it. All damage that occurs on the car is my fault. If it happens while one of my drivers is at the wheel, I am still responsible, because I accepted him onto the team. It is my team and my car and my race entry. As I am not able to do all the driving then these other drivers are an extension of me. The only thing that they would have to pay for is any damage to the track. With that in mind, I have accepted the risk. It's racing, scheist happens. If you eat regular, it happens everyday.
  8. If you are not willing or emotionally prepared to throw the remains of your car into the dumpster and walk away after a race, then you are in the wrong sport.
  9. And Late Model Stock Cars aren't Kit Cars?
  10. Of course CC could always go to a system that allowed it's members to join at any time for one year and avoid the clusterf**k on January 1.
  11. I was at the first Chumpcar 24hr race at Hallett 2009 I believe. I was driving the Fine Sausages 944 at the time. There were a couple of spec Miatas with SCCA National champions, wheeling them around. They took 20 penalty laps if I recall, and still beat the field by 60 laps. They trounced the field. The problem was they were so obnoxious. The winner was the General Yee. It had colonel bogie air Horns and an array of very high intensity lights. They had no respect for any other car on track. They dive bombed and muscled everyone. The lights were dazzling during the night, and the constant air horn blaring just added to the misery. I have never seen so much hatred towards a single team. Joey Todd was in charge at the time. At the end of the race he handed them the claim check, which I think was $1500. They refused to accept it, drove the car on the trailer and took their sister car with them, never to be seen again. Back in those days you could also buy laps. With the exception of the built Miatas most cars were scrapyard rescues, or barn finds. Tech checked for new parts such as head gaskets. If the head had been off, you better have an explanation. Oh the good old days when racing was real cheap. Richard, I was there and my memory was somewhat different. It was 2010, Joey Todd was not affiliated with ChumpCar yet, he was there as a concessionaire. The offending cars where the General Yee and the Rainbow Warriors. Yes their lights were bright, and the horn playing "Dixie" at 0200 was a bit much. HOWEVER: Their biggest crime was that they were about three years ahead of their time. They were turning 1:33s and :34s. Anybody who is the least bit fast in Chump today does that. ChumpCar was paying a purse back then. They DQ'd them and claimed them. I would have loaded up too.
  12. I wouldn't put an Iron Duke anywhere except on the end of the rope that keeps the boat from drifting away. There is one around here with a B20 Volvo in it.
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