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  1. Champcar in the Central States area! Champcar is back in the Central States this May at Hallet. I know May seems far away, but it's just around the corner. So far, I only see five entries for Hallet. Don't wait and miss the early pay discount! Champcar won't go where they aren't supported. Let's make this race a sell out so they come back next year. If you haven't raced Hallet, you need to! As a further incentive to you central states racers, here is a direct quote from Michael Chisek "If we get good attendance at Hallet in 2021, I’ll look to add Heartland Park in 2022." Can you imagine? Two Champcar races in our back yards? Also, I don't know if you have looked at entry fees, but Champcar is the most affordable of the big three 'budget racing' series. OK, I've begged enough.
  2. Looking to fill one seat for Hastings. 1986 Celica w/ 3.0 Lexus V6. Running class C. If interested call 31six 77six 00six5 for info.
  3. Have a seat open for Hastings. 1986 Celica w/ 3.0 Lexus V6 running Class C. 31six 77six 00six5 is the ph# if interested.
  4. Haven't run a Champcar race since the Chumpcar days. Thinking about Hastings this Sept since it is fairly close to home. Besides the six current entries, who else is thinking about running at Hastings?
  5. Where can we buy an approved 16 gal fuel cell without taking out a 2nd mortgage? Thanks
  6. Read the section on windows and using lexan etc. etc. Did not see where the rules state clearly that OEM rear and side (rear quarter - not door) windows are permitted? Please clarify. Starting prep on a car for 2019. Thank you. Harry
  7. If not sold, call me. 316 77six 00six5. Thanks, Harry
  8. Established team with 2 co-owners looking for third team member to buy in. Tired of trying to sell seats. Currently racing a 2.2 NA Subaru Impreza AWD. No fast, but handles like it is on rails. Usually run two races a year, but with third co-owner would consider a third race. We limit drivers to four per race day to maximize seat time. but have only been getting one sold. Finished two 8 hour races late last year, and getting ready to run an 8/8 this spring. If interested, call 31six 77six 0065
  9. I saw one vote for Hallett, along with a lot of talk about safety and run off room. Hallett is fun and has acres of run off room. Ought to know, I've plowed plenty of it. So, here is my wish list for 2018 (something that isn't a 11 hour one way tow from Wichita KS) Hallett, OK Heartland Park - Topeka KS - repave this year, VERY nice Hastings Neb Raceway Park of the Midlands - Pacific Junction, Iowa (Just South of Omaha Neb) Iowa Speedway Anything in the Dallas/Ft Worth TX area Thanks, Harry
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