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  1. I'll check, may have video of this incident as it happened right in front of me. I was driving 918 Visceral Porsche. I don't know if the camera was still running. If it is the incident it was 3 wide into T6. A Black EC BMW on the inside, one of the Cayman Porsches in the middle and the Maxima on the out side.
  2. Well done guys, Congrats on a great finish. I watched off and on for most of the 24 direct from iRacing.
  3. 4 drivers took the green flag... 3 finished...... Late in the race something happened to Ryan (crash?) and allowed Ben to take P1. I came out of the pits on Bens tail but had to make a stop and go 15sec penalty for speeding in the pits.
  4. It was a pit on a yellow flag slow lap.... hence the 8 mins.... so your sort works for green flag pit
  5. What about less than 3 pits at 5 mins (as some did not taking on fuel) are they included or excluded?
  6. Even on the main page of this forum ChampCar iRacing League there have been no up-dates since round 8 Sebring Sept 13th
  7. Ok thx I see the schedule now that Doc posted and on FB, But did the RA Sept 27 actually happen? I couldn't find it on iRacing leagues?
  8. Some how I missed some schedule changes... Like last night (Sept 27) the schedule I have has Road America practice race and there was none. And before that again the schedule I have had Sebring Race on Sept 20 and it was actually held on Sept 13. Is there a new schedule posted some where???
  9. Help with Discord. I've download Discord and have setup a ptt button on my wheel, but how do I connect / access the Reddit/RiL channel? In Games it didn't recognize iRacing, Reddit/RiL
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