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  1. That was not Ron and it wasn't me. It was our renter driver Frank who lost position just before this to CC.
  2. Thx for the info. I'll be a Road Atl. so I hope I hear while I'm there!!
  3. Looking forward to this 2021 series.. Thx so much for making this happen! Was the 2020 random drawing winner announced?
  4. All, Ztek Racing. here. First congrats to BBY for their first place finish and an excellent job driving all day. The rain made it fun, challenging and super exciting . I saw a lot of patience and respect for other drivers out there, hence the no pace car required. The rain is a great equalizer as it helped us recover from early mishaps (yes several). We had a lot of great battles with a lot of great teams. And after 11 hours of racing we moved up to 3rd (w/o EC) and closing in on 2nd (Mostly MoterSports RX-7). We were closing a few seconds a lap with less t
  5. Ztek here Great event and great racing. Thx to ChampCar and all the other competitors. Saturday we to had our issues mostly due to communications as for some reason our radios where not working well all weekend. That caused 2 extra pit stops in Saturdays race due to the lack of communications. We had 2 drivers myself and Dave Palermo. In the last stint, I started in 4th overall and 2nd in class. I saw Ron's (Visceral) pit tent get lowered so I figured they had an issue and were out so now I was in 3rd (but actually I was 2nd). Without coms I didn't know if I
  6. NYS Reopening Protocol – May 4, 2020 Strategy: Chart a course for reopening, change if necessary based on the data. Start with least risky businesses and activities, gradually open up to more risky if metrics support it. Metrics: Percentage and rate of hospitalizations + Diagnostic testing + Contact tracing = Rt – 1.1, where Rt is rate of transmission Reopen in phases. If Rt > 1.1, then infections are growing and must STOP and regroup. Regional Plan  Monitor number of new infections, health care capacity, testing and contact tracing  Minimum requirements for reg
  7. I hate to be a Debbie downer but....... From Cuomo's press conference today He will open some essential businesses May15, no hotels or restaurants. Will look at next level of opening in June.
  8. Hi Tom Thank for the team name fix Add driver David Warden2 to the Ztek team thx
  9. Hi Tom Ztek is registered as Ztec (I don't know if it matters but our iRacing team is Ztek with a K not a C. My fault as I originally register on the forum with a C and edited it later.) Also Added a driver Dave Warden
  10. PM me if you need 3D print support. We have plastic and metal printers
  11. Team Name: Ztek Racing Number: 53 Class: Cayman Driver 1: Jay Sofianek Driver 2: Dave Palermo Driver 3: Aaron Thorp Driver 4: Scott Grinnell Driver 5: Dave Warden
  12. I'm glad to hear Champcar iRacing will continue for 2020!! Thanks all. A suggestion, is that a year long series is a long time. We like instant gratification, so perhaps run it like other iRacing series with 4 segments thought out the year with winners for each segment and perhaps still have a overall season long winner. I like the idea of Mustangs as well
  13. I'll check, may have video of this incident as it happened right in front of me. I was driving 918 Visceral Porsche. I don't know if the camera was still running. If it is the incident it was 3 wide into T6. A Black EC BMW on the inside, one of the Cayman Porsches in the middle and the Maxima on the out side.
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