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  1. flytime

    iRacing 24 Hours of Daytona

    Well done guys, Congrats on a great finish. I watched off and on for most of the 24 direct from iRacing.
  2. The night racing was excellent and very realistic.
  3. 4 drivers took the green flag... 3 finished...... Late in the race something happened to Ryan (crash?) and allowed Ben to take P1. I came out of the pits on Bens tail but had to make a stop and go 15sec penalty for speeding in the pits.
  4. It was a pit on a yellow flag slow lap.... hence the 8 mins.... so your sort works for green flag pit
  5. What about less than 3 pits at 5 mins (as some did not taking on fuel) are they included or excluded?
  6. flytime

    ChampCar Sim League Schedule

    Even on the main page of this forum ChampCar iRacing League there have been no up-dates since round 8 Sebring Sept 13th
  7. flytime

    ChampCar Sim League Schedule

    Ok thx I see the schedule now that Doc posted and on FB, But did the RA Sept 27 actually happen? I couldn't find it on iRacing leagues?
  8. flytime

    ChampCar Sim League Schedule

    Some how I missed some schedule changes... Like last night (Sept 27) the schedule I have has Road America practice race and there was none. And before that again the schedule I have had Sebring Race on Sept 20 and it was actually held on Sept 13. Is there a new schedule posted some where???
  9. Help with Discord. I've download Discord and have setup a ptt button on my wheel, but how do I connect / access the Reddit/RiL channel? In Games it didn't recognize iRacing, Reddit/RiL
  10. Great battle for 2nd!!! Tons of fun to watch
  11. Chris, That was me... your laps times were way faster. I got ahead with a fast pit and 100% clean 45 mins, no offs. Drag race to the finish would have been exciting. I know I was close on fuel and could see you coming for the entire white flag lap. I was so hoping I wouldn't run out of fuel. I sputter after the checkered... fun time