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  1. Current low temps in D’ville forecasted to be around 32 with a low of 17, on Sunday morning. Can we pls get the official go ahead to use antifreeze? Also, folks need to think about how to protect their fire bottles.
  2. Call me crazy, but You can find a 30-40ft vintage Chaparral All day on racing junk for 4-8 grand. They are built like tanks and will outlive you. I bought an 83 a couple years ago, no regrets. I tow it with my 83 chevy 454 w/ no trouble. Most were built for drag racing, so they are a little skinnier than normal. Our 87 t-bird fits snug but good. If you race miata’s or mr2’s you can even haul 2!
  3. Don’t forget, we run under yellow..allot...
  4. Yeah, I kinda thought that. Please consider having a spotter on the Champcar frequency for that area (T1) of the track. IMHO the flag Station position is horrible there as evidenced by many pro level incidents and also a few in our club as well... Alternative would be to have a flagperson at start finish full time,which would be great but I would not sign up for that job!
  5. We normally put a spotter in the grandstands at the kink to Radio any issues at turn one since it is so blind. Will we still be able to do this or is that spotter now a “spectator“?
  6. Spotted this at my local Autozone. Read the label close and check out the price!
  7. Anyone else experiencing this? My wife and I both receive the same error on different devices....
  8. I had the same issue on my previous car (RIP). Turns out it was the steel braided rubber hose. It does not leak, but the fumes do permeate the rubber. Everytime I would walk into my garage I would search for the puddle and come up empty. If you google it you will find lots of people complaining about it. New build has steel braided PTFE, 0 smell
  9. For those who may be considering this system, I just wrapped up installing a “Go EFI” on my tow rig, an 83 Chevy dually with a 454, replacing the Q-jet. I bought the system a few months ago when they were on sale for around $700 which was and is still a deal. As a part of the Swap I installed two new tanks and found some inexpensive 190lph in tank pumps on Rock Auto (why don’t they sponsor us??). Total price for the tanks and pumps was less than $200 delivered. The EFI unit itself looks like a quality piece. It bolted up with no problems, although I had to be creative with the
  10. I know it’s a long shot but to clear my conscience before I scrap this stuff.. I have the complete accessory drive system from a mid-eighties Chevy 454, including Alt, WP, PS pump, the freaking 40lb compressor (which was cooling perfectly) and all brackets....converting mine to newer factory serpentine system (corona project!). If someone is doing a concourse resto, or just likes changing the skinny ass v-belts 3 times a year, PM me and we’ll find a way to get these to you for the cost of shipping or a 30pack of PBR, whichever is greater...
  11. I can say with certainty that the Bimarco Grip Seat s definitely not covered with Nomex. I was welding some new seat mounts, using the seat as a jig while I did some tacks, and that friggen thing went up like a candle.... haven’t fixed the burned spots yet...
  12. I am finishing a new car build, and plan on renting a transponder for the foreseeable future. Can someone tell me which transponder mount to buy? Or have one you want to get rid of? Forgot to take the old one off before sending my last car to it’s “final destination”... thx!
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