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  1. I should also say that for an 8.8 gearset the Ford Motorsport stuff is really good and durable. The best IMHO. Good Luck!
  2. Careful with that Ford Gearset, the set-up on those is tricky. Ford does not stamp the pinion depth number on the gear head like all the other gear manufacturers do. I haven’t got one set right yet, and I have inherited plenty of sets from my Dad’s drag racing buddies. I have every type of aftermarket tool for setting the pinion depth (even the simple spoon looking one) and they do not give results that agree with one another. I cannot find a factory set up tool for less than a grand..Also I suspect that the instructions, even though they are well written, may actually be backwards when it comes to shim adjusting after checking the tooth contact pattern. If you do not do this type of thing on a regular basis, you may want to pay an axle Specialist to do the job. If you have a reputable one with reach and reason...
  3. On certain vehicles with ABS,when the engine is running and you press very hard on the brake, the pedal will sink to the floor, generally in about 5 seconds. This can be experienced on 2004-present VW/AUDI products. I have never gotten a straight answer as to why, but the best theory I have heard is that ABS valves have some degree of leakage and the additional force applied by the booster is enough to cause them to leak down. Of course if you apply that much force to the pedal at speed you are immediately in ABS modulation and then the pump takes over..
  4. First step to being fast like RP: Start with a great vehicle to get you to the track, and pull your modestly sized race car. Vehicle of choice: The 2001 Toyota tundra. Get it while it lasts. https://chattanooga.craigslist.org/cto/d/chattanooga-2001-toyota-tundra-2wd-8/6945348386.html
  5. Thanks Bill. We’ll do that on the new build.
  6. Not just teams with sponsors. Teams that busted their hind parts to build a car within the rules, and to outthink, outwork, and outrace the other guys, to get the possibly once in lifetime chance to win overall at a track like Daytona, Sebring, Watkins Glen, the list goes on, only to show up #2 (or worse) on the final overall. Then have to explain why for the rest of their lives. Sorry, doesn’t make sense. I love having Nonnamakers and the like in our series. Even they too have built conforming cars to come race with us. But a car that does not conform to the rules, getting the top spot on the final scoring and prime airtime on Champcar live, is a disrespect to the teams with conforming cars (who by the way are the majority of Champcars patrons/club members)
  7. That’s what Champcar is supposed to be for an EC car. An HPDE with no passing restrictions, and no “Run Groups”. If you want to race, read the rule book, build a car that conforms to it, and bring it.
  8. Put “Linus” in the trailer one last time. Bought him 5 years ago from a guy at a gas station on my way to a funeral....9 races and countless memories.... Off to scrap tomorrow. Only parts that we’re not salvageable we’re subframe and roll cage. The parts will be carried over to the new build, with some lessons learned and new ideas thrown in. New car will be a contender right out of the box. Crowd Control, I’m putting you on notice. (Politely of course). You are class of D class at the moment. I’m looking forward to a rematch at Sebring in the near future.
  9. We have a Bimarco „Grip“ that we have run for the past 4 races. 0 complaints. Experienced head on crash at 70 mph, seat is fine and will be reused in new build. Paid about 400 as it was a floor model at a local BMW performance shop...
  10. Maybe we can find an option. We are traveling north for vacation next week, perhaps we could meet some where convenient on the way back..I’d be traveling back from Buffalo, NY to Chattanooga. Typically take I75 but we could swing west through W.VA. Your in the DC area right?
  11. Sorry due to size can only upload one photo, can send more upon request. ITEM: 2006-2007 build date ATL 18 Gallon FIA/SFI NASCAR Road Race Fuel Cell. Original bladder, safety foam is in very good shape (Fast Fill Type) no leaks. Minor wrinkle on bottom of can from crash in 2015. Used since NYE 2018 with no issues. Originally came with a “Black-Box” fuel collector, however this was cheaply constructed (sorry ATL) and it collapsed causing fuel starvation so I removed it and replaced with a 15x8 cross-type Hydramat, which can come with the cell at an additional price. The Aluminum filler plate is the standard 24 Bolt style, custom made by a now defunct NASCAR team who’s name escapes me at the moment. It’s pretty! It has 2.5” angled filler neck and a 1.25” vent. Both feature Check Ball-type rollover protection. The filler oriatation can be repositioned to suit your needs. The outlet and return are both the same size either AN8 or AN10 I forget which, but adapters are available to fit your application. No pump inside cell. PRICE: $250 without hydramat. $450 with Hydramat. Sorry Hydramat only has 2 races on it and a new one is $200. Filler plate by itself is almost $400 (see eBay ad below) so that makes this a pretty good deal IMHO. LOCATION: Cleveland, TN 37311 TIMING: Available now SHIPPING: Cannot Ship due to HAZ-MAT. Local pick-up. Possibility to bring to Champcar/*RL event at Road Atlanta or Barber. CONTACT: PM me.
  12. Sorry forum will only let me upload one picture due to size.. ITEM: Home built roll cage for Fox chassis Mustang, cage has NASCAR bars on both sides, and dash bar. 1.5” DOM x .120 Wall Thickness. One lateral bar between the rear backstays. Backstays are mounted at a 45 degree angle per the Champcar rule book. Has passed Champcar tech every year since it was built in 2015 until last event Sebring NYE 2018. Cage has nine races total, 2 major shunts to the car with 0 damage to cage. PRICE: $250 if you make me cut it out of the car for you. Free if you come help remove it. Delivery within 150 miles @ 25cents a mile +6 pack of PBR. PBR non-negotiable. LOCATION: Cleveland, TN 37311 TIMING: Car will go to scrap next month, with or without cage. CONTACT: PM me.
  13. No but thanks for thinking of me...time for something new..
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