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  1. I would have agreed with you on it being a 3+3, but the registration gives separate options for "3 hour enduro (2 days)" and "6 hour enduro (2 days." I emailed back and forth with Wendy, and although she was really helpful I'll admit I'm still not 100% certain. I wrote "For final clarification though, if we chose the 6-hour enduro option, is this a 6-hour enduro on Saturday and a 6-hour enduro on Sunday? Or is it just one 6-hour enduro?" And the response was "The 6 hour is for Saturday and Sunday yes". I may try calling as this would be cleared up in a second over the phone in an
  2. Pocket Deuces Racing is strongly considering attending with our #922 1990 Miata. I believe there is a 3 hour enduro and 6 hour enduro option. The registration page says "2 days" after both options. Does this mean signing up for either of these enduros gets you 2 days of those short races (i.e., signing up for the 6 hour enduro option for $800ish gets you a 6-hour enduro on Saturday and a 6-hour enduro on Sunday)? If so, we're doing the Double-6s!
  3. I got a response from Phil, and he indicated that only turbos from VPI list cars will be allowed under the 100 pt listed value. He said that aftermarket turbos will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, and "probably be classed EC." I hope this helps people out there considering turbo builds. I don't disagree with generally excluding aftermarket turbos (this is a budget series, and doing that can only increase costs), but I personally found the rules to be unnecessarily unclear. If the rules can state definitely "VPI list" for transmission swaps, why can't we just add in "VPI lis
  4. Hahaha, my mistake. In fairness, there are so many "Bill"s in the Chumpcar organization that it's usually a pretty safe bet.
  5. Definitely. I shot Phil an email yesterday, so I'm hoping I get a response.
  6. Does anyone know if installing a turbocharger on a non-factory turbocharged car is limited to turbochargers installed on VPI list vehicles? Under 4.3.2 of the BCR 2017, the rules state "turbochargers and superchargers, non-OE: 100 pts" without any mention of the turbo needing to come from a vehicle on the VPI list. For comparison, with transmission swaps, the rules are very clear when they state (also under 4.3.2 of the BCR 2017) "transmission / transaxle swap: 25pts for any trans. from a vehicle on the VPI list, includes adapters." I assumed this was intentional, o
  7. Interesting. Thanks for the response. To avoid hijacking this thread any further, I'm going to post this question in the Tech sub-forum. Limiting turbos to those on the VPI list isn't something I had even considered because there's no mention of that in the rules. What happens when teams start trying to go the turbocharger route and they haven't had the same 1 on 1 discussion with Bill Chisek that you had? Hopefully we can get some clarity on this.
  8. Does anyone know if this is accurate? For transmission, the rules are very clear with the "from a vehicle on the VPI list," but the new rules written for turbochargers and superchargers make no mention of that whatsoever. I assumed this was intentional, opening up turbos to cars with low enough MPV to afford them. Anyone know?
  9. Hi-

    This is Jim (big guy), from Red Shoe Racing. You'll have to forgive me, I've forgotten you and your friend's names (Harold, maybe?). Anyway, just wanted to let you know that Red Shoe Racing still exists, with the Focus. If either of you guys are looking to rent a seat we would be willing to talk. We currently have 3 drivers (although one is VERY green). We plan on racing Autobahn, Gingerman and Pitt.


    How goes it for you guys? What are your chump plans for '17? It looks like you guys did VIR, how'd that go?

    1. HGHarpen17


      Jim--thanks for the message!  I'll PM you.

  10. We need more photos! Who were the professional photographers out there, and where do we go to find the entire set to buy them?
  11. Also, I almost forgot to give a shout-out to Bad Brains Racing for their support from the next pit stall throughout the day. We appreciated the help as we struggled through a two-man operation, and we'll be glad to pay it back to you someday (but we're hoping you're never down to 2 members so that it's necessary!). -Henry
  12. Pocket Deuces Racing (little red Miata) had a great time out there. Not a great showing for us in terms of race position, but we knew that going into it with only 2 drivers and no pit crew. We considered it a tune-up event for our car after the engine rebuild and moving to Megasquirt. We also have about 20 more racer excuses lined up to use at need. At any rate, this was our first race on the East as a team (or part of the team) after being Chump West guys for a couple years, and we had a blast. You guys field big crowds out here, and the racing was nice and clean. We got a sm
  13. Our team (Pocket Deuces Racing) is new to the east coast after a few years on the west coast, but I'll start: We have a naturally aspirated 1.6 Miata sitting on Raceland coilovers (came with the car when we bought it, and we've been too cheap to buy anything) that now have 6 races and two 6-hour open track sessions on them. We're coming to win.
  14. Bill, thanks for the response. That's the first time I've heard that officially stated, and it sounds good to me.
  15. Pocket Deuces Racing (a mid-west team for a little while and then a west coast--Ridge, Pacific Raceways, Oregon Raceway Park, Thunderhill--team for a couple years) should be making its east coast debut here. Does anyone know if Chump is still selling its side number lights, or are any side lights ok now? We have the old ChumpStore side number lights on our '78 Fiesta out west, but our east coast '90 Miata does not have them yet. I just went to check the ChumpStore, and they don't seem to be available.... -Henry
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