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  1. dipperk120

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Different thread, but I'm not so sure those items wouldn't be a good idea in street cars.....because the lack of those items have demonstrated multiple instances of injury or death when they are not included. That said, tire tread beyond the fender are not allowed on street cars in most states, and that simple rule works here, as well.
  2. dipperk120

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    My Aston Martin wont even come close to passing on stock wheels / tires. My W8 Passat on factory wheels is right at the limit with the narrower winter Blizzaks, but with the wider summer tires on, it won't pass - and that car is now on the VPI list
  3. dipperk120

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    Yep - this is in my garage and bone stock -- no not on the VPI list, however the NTSB says it is not unsafe.....
  4. dipperk120

    2019 Official Sonoma Raceway Double-7

    Tell them to come try to beat the rebuilt and faster Maserati -- if they think they can .
  5. dipperk120

    2019 Brainerd

    Don't tease -- saw the poster graphic come over my phone and got all excited........although - I'll bet they would entertain Sept 28/29 -- its right after Hastings and before RA, and it looks as though they are bracket drag racing on that weekend at BIR. Sounds like a great upper Midwest racing tour series..............
  6. dipperk120

    2019 Brainerd

    I am sad as well -- but I will keep making noise. Its my home track and one that I finally got mostly right. Lemons and WRL are both going to be there, but WRL is the same weekend as Indy. Don't think they will let our car into Lemons, and not sure I want to run it as a Lemons car anyway. Really keep asking -- the season is just starting.
  7. dipperk120

    2019 Official Sonoma Raceway Double-7

    so, a couple of things -- last year there was fuel (lots of different types all the way to 112 I think), and the sups say "no fuel". Hopefully there is fuel there???? also - garages -- nothing in the sups about garages.
  8. dipperk120

    2019 races

    That is true for us as well. The biggest cost for us isn't the entry fee -- not even close. It is the cost of getting a team to remote places. Everything for us (other than RA and Gingerman) is a long pull and diesel fuel ain't as cheap as it used to be. Really would like to pull to High Plains or Hallett or someplace not SE or West at least as a break. Even our home track has been pulled this year (BIR), and that was the one break in cost that allowed for another race in the season.
  9. dipperk120

    2019 Brainerd

    How about Blackhawk farms for a nice little Gingerman-like track?
  10. dipperk120

    2019 Brainerd

    and great for us boosted cars
  11. Yea, we dinged the right front even though he was to your right -- only could have happened if he was pointed uphill when he tagged you. First dent on the first outing.......note the painter's tape holding the headlight bezel on. It'll buff out.......... Where is your next outing? We are planning Laguna Seca and Sonoma next -- leaving the car in CA between races and flying back home.
  12. That is likely true in most cases with a well sorted car -- and you are right, there is a secondary and tertiary problem; it was really squirrelly going downhill, in the rain, towards turn 5. The car at that point only had a string alignment and no fine tuning on the front or rear sways, so braking all weekend was a bit of a handful (mentioned that in my original post). Lenny reported that he lost most of the pedal there and then locked up the front wheels. He spun in the excitement and shock of loosing the pedal, then spun and caught you guys as he was turned backwards on the track. He didn't know who he tagged, but now that we know, I will have him reach out to you -- we always try to do that to apologize (not like we hit folks regularly -- its usually the other way round but rarely does anyone come and talk to us). For our team, I am sorry -- and Lenny apologized to our team immediately. I know he is not happy about that, and he was more upset that he didn't know who he hit, and admitted that it was his fault. Lenny has been racing for many years, mostly SCCA on the west coast in Italian sports cars and sedans, and he was our fast lap this past weekend. However, as we all know, even those of us who have been racing for decades make stupid mistakes on occasion...... Sorry. I'll make sure I come see you and buy you a beer when we meet at the next race.
  13. I think 2:45 is optimistic, but we were getting 2:53 with a car not to well sorted yet, and an engine running really rich. The new car drives so much different than the original BiTurbo -- the turbo boost comes on NOW, and getting into the right foot used to be something that we had to do really early to build boost by Apex. Now, as tail happy as it is, doing that will get it around very quickly, and none of us are used to that quite yet. We had also planned on a diffuser and some down force to get us deeper before braking hard because the tail is so happy, but didn't get there. I think with those things we can get it to under 2:50 -- but Joe is still wrong. We tach out at below 140. We will get killed on tracks like Daytona like we did this past year.
  14. we always use more at RA, but we used more than usual -- especially on Sunday. However, we were really running rich and nothing we could do about it with the stock ECU.
  15. That was our hot foot Lenny -- he spun himself when he lost rear brakes. Sorry -- he DID tell us about it, and we parked the car right after that.