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  1. OK - so even though I thought $100 was a great price for a new 3" camlock harness -- I guess I was wrong -- so now it is $70 'cause I am getting sick of looking at the harness on my desk.......
  2. Agree - RE-71R are faster by about 0.5 sec lap-on-lap on moderate temps at Sonoma for us over the RS-4, but they start going away pretty quickly compared to the RS-4. We run 245-40-17 front and 255-35-17 rear (RS-4) and 245-40-17 all around when we run the RE-71R, so this is a bit of a flawed test. However, have often considered if we were in a competition near the end we change to the RE-71R at the last stop to gain the 0.5 sec (or so) just for the last hour or two. Never have done that, though. More of a "what if" exercise.
  3. interested in the harness if you still have it.

    1. dipperk120


      I do.  Do you want it shipped or should I bring it to WG? 

  4. So, I'm old and forgetful -- and when we were building our new car I apparently forgot that I had ordered a new harness, and then ordered another. This is a new, in-the-box cam-lock 5 point harness that I bought last fall and it has been sitting on my parts shelf ever since. I paid $140 plus shipping for it and I will be happy to part with it for $100. OK, so no one is interested at $100. I'll take best offer over $70 (like half price or so), so I can quit looking at them on my desk. I will deliver to Watkins Glen or ship it (you have to pay the shipping). This harness has never been removed from the box nor unwrapped. They really are in-box new. Date Code is September 2018.
  5. that thing was wicked fast and could drive about anywhere on the track
  6. Back home in NW Wisconsin where it is what we call "pretty chilly but not too bad for this time of year" -- neg. 10 this morning, sunny and calm. That will change overnight tonight with another snowstorm coming. Trailer is somewhere in Nebraska as we speak -- with a slightly scarred Maserati. Overall great race -- we learned a lot about the new build and what needs to be fixed. We certainly have the power to stay on the pointy end, but handling is still a challenge and we need to get some balance in the car and some better control over boost onset. The workload driving that car in the wet is just too high, and even dry, too much throttle too fast brings on an instability that is just fatiguing. Ran good times up until the tag with the wall on Sunday, and get the car put back together and found that the new (used) strut assembly we put on would not allow for the original tire to be installed so we finished the race on 15" street Conti's. Still managed some 2:02s on those, but we weren't pushing real hard anyway because we didn't know if there were other problems. Many people thought we blew the engine but it was just tire smoke. We had some oil smoke before that time, but figured out that we were pumping too much oil up into the cam boxes (new oil pump and more volume that we had on the original engine), so we will need to adjust the supply orifice diameters on the cam boxes down a bit. We also lost our mounted radio on Friday afternoon and managed to cobble up a solution using only a handheld mounted inside the cockpit and an adapter into the IMSA car harness. Worked fine. We accomplished what we had come to do, and the staff was again great and very helpful. We will get the car fixed within a few weeks and get ready for Daytona or Road America, then WG and Indy. Thanks to everyone -- including all those staff folks and racers that keep us coming back to Champ Car. Love Sonoma and we hope to qualify to come back there next February for the National Championships.
  7. Different thread, but I'm not so sure those items wouldn't be a good idea in street cars.....because the lack of those items have demonstrated multiple instances of injury or death when they are not included. That said, tire tread beyond the fender are not allowed on street cars in most states, and that simple rule works here, as well.
  8. My Aston Martin wont even come close to passing on stock wheels / tires. My W8 Passat on factory wheels is right at the limit with the narrower winter Blizzaks, but with the wider summer tires on, it won't pass - and that car is now on the VPI list
  9. Yep - this is in my garage and bone stock -- no not on the VPI list, however the NTSB says it is not unsafe.....
  10. Tell them to come try to beat the rebuilt and faster Maserati -- if they think they can .
  11. Don't tease -- saw the poster graphic come over my phone and got all excited........although - I'll bet they would entertain Sept 28/29 -- its right after Hastings and before RA, and it looks as though they are bracket drag racing on that weekend at BIR. Sounds like a great upper Midwest racing tour series..............
  12. I am sad as well -- but I will keep making noise. Its my home track and one that I finally got mostly right. Lemons and WRL are both going to be there, but WRL is the same weekend as Indy. Don't think they will let our car into Lemons, and not sure I want to run it as a Lemons car anyway. Really keep asking -- the season is just starting.
  13. so, a couple of things -- last year there was fuel (lots of different types all the way to 112 I think), and the sups say "no fuel". Hopefully there is fuel there???? also - garages -- nothing in the sups about garages.
  14. dipperk120

    2019 races

    That is true for us as well. The biggest cost for us isn't the entry fee -- not even close. It is the cost of getting a team to remote places. Everything for us (other than RA and Gingerman) is a long pull and diesel fuel ain't as cheap as it used to be. Really would like to pull to High Plains or Hallett or someplace not SE or West at least as a break. Even our home track has been pulled this year (BIR), and that was the one break in cost that allowed for another race in the season.
  15. How about Blackhawk farms for a nice little Gingerman-like track?
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