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  1. @wvumtnbkrI'm interested but not 100% sure about a board position. I appreciate yours’ and others’ consideration! I really enjoy my current role working on the TAC with a great group of guys. I feel the group is really starting to hit their stride, and with a supportive BOD (which we have now and hope to expand on that) we can keep ChampCar true to its roots. I see, and have heard from, some fine candidates that I would be willing to support, and would look forward to working with. Thanks!
  2. I better check with the MiElan guys about that weather. I vaguely remember the last couple winters seeing something on my pc during a Barber race that looked like i had my garage door open in December.
  3. Wow, @MR2 BiohazardTroy must be getting soft as he ages. His posts have been thoughtful and civil too! Just kidding... That's awesome to hear, (way to be an ambassador Troy!) and yes, Champcar is filled with some very smart and passionate people who are very willing to help each other out.
  4. Thanks for reminding me why I don't comment here as often - I still read everything, but am better off keeping my foot out of my mouth. @MoparBoyyand I PM'ed. I know his comment was not a dig against the TAC. My comment about low American Iron VPI was me remembering a recent TAC conversation where it was pointed out that some of these V8 cars have similar size fuel tanks, and a ton more hp than the slew of econobox 4 cylinder cars were were comparing to eachother - all of which had higher VPI's than the V8 cars.
  5. Yes, I agree, there's a lot more than 50 points there in a rear IRS swap. I also made some mistakes on engine VPI items and deleted the post quoted above. As far as the TAC comment - I deleted some of my thoughts on this, but I will say that: We DO discuss issues that affect parity and safety. As @Burningham has stated previously, not all of our recommendations make it into the BCCR - we are an advisory committee. (Or see @wvumtnbkrRob's post above.) A fairly well known fact that can be arrived at from looking a the VPI tables is that American Iron is undervalued. This is the b
  6. The total IRS replacement for 50 points is what bothers me, and is something TAC should be looking at.
  7. Top end of the engine is what makes all the power. Good Pistons, rods and crankshaft add durability way more than power. They already claim heads, cam and intake. That’s where all the hp is coming from.
  8. @E. Tyler Pedersen I’ll 2nd what Paul said above. Congrats to you and your entire group of friends, and family!
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