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  1. Hmmm, do I get into this discussion again? 3rd or 4th time topic on these forums IIRC in the past few years.... Hint: 6 pole switch meets the rule as Huggy described.
  2. We ran Mid Ohio in 2016, and quickly found out why my SCCA buddies love it. My son Danny did a great job there too, and is looking forward to going back. (After the shift linkage broke, he set FTD for the weekend running the whole track in 3rd gear only.) Yes, the Midwest schedule is awesome - spacing and all...!! thanks @E. Tyler Pedersen and others who worked on this.
  3. Did I miss a big announcement for us Mid-Northern teams? Thank You ChampCar! @Andrew D Johnson @NigelStu @55mini @JDChristianson @enginerd @Kentite @Hi_Im_Will @IPF Racing @Wittenauer Racing
  4. They used to be, before a former CC racer coerced a former CC official into reducing them to 2.5.
  5. @Pauliefrom what I understand, the Yi4k camera is discontinued and no longer has manufacturer support. True? Is the Yi4k camera still a good option for live streaming? The price has doubled for a used unit vs the OG price. TIA
  6. @NigelStu Schautspeed Motorsports
  7. Because someone said it’s so, it’s true, correct? the same management structure that has told us they artificially set low VPI’s for American Iron to encourage their use is against American cars. that's what some folks would like you to believe.
  8. Care to share with the rest of us what this is all about?
  9. Nice win Rodger! and Merry Christmas to you and the entire ChampCar family too.
  10. When I was in Team Viper / SRT group, a surprise assignment was to meet at a local mall just after lunch one day. About a half dozen of us were told to buy tickets to the original 'The Fast and the Furious' movie. Afterward, we walked out thinking "Man that's a whole different world they were living in..." We were then told that our next assignment was to build a Neon for production that would fit in with that crowd. Fun times.
  11. To be fair, the incoming swap motor's hp is based on the configuration it was in from the donor vehicle. Any change in manifolds, exhaust or intake, can render that hp rating invalid, and thus violates the intent of the swap calculator.
  12. Thanks, understood. Once again, there was more to our revisions/recommendations than just FW/clutches (posted above^^) some background info regarding brake rules - Brake rules in this series have always been somewhat generous. The previous management felt they wanted you to be able to stop your car above anything else, once again keeping safety in mind. Our modern rules set evolved from there. 2 times rules had flaws that prevented old low dollar cars from having the same choices as modern vehicles. Many petitions pointed this out.
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