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  1. You didn't go with a containment seat like the BiMarco Grip?
  2. Factory wiring using the ECU will provide a safety factor as described by shutting off the pump when the engine is not running. The AECM (Airbag Electronic Control Module), or ORC (Occupant Restraint Controller) performs the same function in a crash/accident event. Similar function can be obtained with do-it-yourself wiring by placing an oil pressure sensing switch in the circuit powering the fuel pump. When the engine dies, power to the fuel pump will be interrupted. But - You would lose the capability of the AECM/ORC killing the engine (ignition & fuel circuits) in an accident event. The possibility would still exist that the engine and fuel pump could remain running in the DIY wiring situation. It's hard to beat the safety factors built into the OE electrical system.
  3. I've always used a dash bar to provide crush resistance to limit A-pillar intrusion into the occupant's legs - hence, a straight tube is always better than a bent tube. Having said that, I would also be confident in @NigelStu's and @Huggy's dash bars. The Datsun has larger bends but ties that bar into the front cowl structure, adding to the crosscar stiffness, and Huggy's E30 has only minor bends that won't affect compression much, and the bar is additionally tied into the original steering column mount, further stabilizing compression loads. I've done the same thing both guys did, tying into the OE column mounts, on many cages. All of the dash bars I have ever installed in a cage have been above the steering column/shaft. It provides ample room to the drivers legs in a crash, ingress/egress, and most often, the height is placed to build small brackets to hold the column/shaft.
  4. I'm pretty sure that's what @whitney was describing - using them on the overflow / vent while filling.
  5. @mender are those generic, or actually from your honda and fiero?
  6. Quote of the day. Well 2 of them: "you can't sacrifice human life to get the stock market up." "There is no dollar figure on human life in this country...”
  7. Not many casino business owners have a track record of multiple bankruptcies.
  8. Nicely done @Max, and thanks for sharing. Many of us understand low budgets, little time, and having the desire to build your own car. The pics look like you have a lot to be proud of. Best wishes with the car now. Enjoy!
  9. @Ian Moone Sweet!!! Nice welding! edit: No.... VERY nice welding!
  10. ^^^Bingo, @Huggy's link shows the proper "how and why" regarding extended ball joints.
  11. Heard that Hanks and his wife are both in Australia and have the virus:
  12. Neither do you. (Hey, somebody was eventually gonna say it. You're welcome, y'all…)
  13. Send them out to Deatschwerks. Money well spent. They flow them 3 different ways. If all Is ok, you get a full report with no further charges. If they need work, the cost to flow them is put toward the repair bill.
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