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  1. Last year, Bavarian Mustache Werks used 5 drivers in Sunday's 7 hour race - and took 2nd place, starting a lap down after Saturday's win.
  2. ^^The ruling would be applied the same for all cars. Oh wait, did he say MR2?
  3. Yes, the courtesy break has always been honored. It DOES however make for an interesting race, regarding pit strategy - when to fuel, and make driver changes... Run 3 hours, stop for an hour, run the final 4 hours.
  4. I’m happy to see that this was finally published somewhere. Now it needs to get in the bccr or at least the knowledge base. Quoted again for emphasis
  5. A couple examples of re-purposed materials being used for something on the FPV list: - A/C condenser, or heater core used as an oil cooler (part re-purpose) - rear bumper cove material cut off and re-used to make zero point side skirts (material re-purpose)
  6. So you're telling me lower sill bars (or frame rails for perimeter cars), and seat crossmembers made from DOM tubing are not as strong as the OE .030" stamped material used in those areas?? For my daily job, I perform vehicle crash testing for an OEM. Based on the many tests I've witnessed, I would feel much safer in a car built with DOM sill bars at the floor level instead of the OE rocker panel, and tubular seat crossmembers, rather than the OE stampings. So yes, I believe this method does have something to do with protecting the driver.
  7. Capiche - LOL. Sorry Ray, I couldn't resist responding to this thread when someone mentioned replacing an OE floorpan. Backstory: When the 2019 BCCR FPV list came out and listed items such as a 10 point tubular subframe/crossmember, 10 point aero pan, diffuser, etc, - a few of us discussed that the possibility exists under the current BCCR wording that would allow a fabricator to create an FWD car that could closely resemble a tube frame car from the firewall back. I still maintain that this is true, and as I stated in a TAC discussion at the time, I will be the first guy to 'build it' if we don't write rules preventing what I described above. Just tryin' to make your job easier @Ray Franck. Written rules are a lot easier to enforce than opinions.
  8. I never mentioned 4 tubes. I wrote "4 main corners (mounting points) of the cage." I also never mentioned anything about square tubing. But keep going, still can't find anything preventing what I've proposed...Once again --> 2 low (round) sill bars, seat crossmembers, possibly a tube longitudinally down the side of the tunnel, and a flat same thickness as OE "10 point aero pan" that seals up to the bottom of the sill bars and remaining biw. I bet that would be stronger than OE if that's the concern. 3.2.17 states: "Teams MAY exceed the design and application of the “maximum, value-free” roll-cage; however, additional value will be assessed by the Tech Inspector, based on the perceived performance enhancement of the roll-cage." My design would not violate that because just above that, on page 8, Figure B shows the ChampCar defined “maximum, value-free” roll-cage. In that graphic, the bccr states: No maximum number of tubes between front down-tubes and main-hoop - this wording explains that the additional tubes I described would be included in the "maximum value free roll cage."
  9. ^^^Awesome job Ed!!! That bellhousing mod is the way to go!
  10. I'll stop before gettin ya all riled up again Ray. But - As I said in our last discussion about this - the bccr allows extra tubes between the 4 main corners of the cage, and besides you telling me, the bccr doesn't state where I can remove the 40% from. The aero pan can be made up of the same material and thickness as the OE floorpan, and with seat crossmembers, and a longitudinal bar down 1 side of the tunnel, I would argue that my fabbed structure and pan would be even stronger than the stock tin that is OE. I could ask you to show me the portion of the bccr that prevents me form doing this, but you couldn't find one last time - hence my suggestion as a TAC member that we write rules that would prevent a capable fabricator such as myself from building the center section of the car into basically a tube frame. P.S. I'm not the only one who has thought of this....
  11. So I will seal my 10 point aero pan to what's left of the floor after removing it. As long as I don't remove more than 40% of the biw, it should be ok, right?
  12. The 10 point aero pan - just seal it to what's left of the floor, and extend it out to the sills. Add a couple perimeter cage sill tubes - oh wait, we went through this in a TAC discussion didn't we Ray? 😂
  13. Yes, it's right above the fuel cell. The Carter instructions say to mount the pump "never more than 24" above the bottom of the tank."
  14. x3 on everything mender and 55mini posted. Same Carter pump with a spare here.
  15. Nice cage work, welding and overall build.
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