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  1. mcoppola

    What level of building is too much?

    Any one that I can jump from and not land without injury. (So anything above 5 feet.) Those big ones they call skyscrapers are especially scary to me.
  2. mcoppola

    Reground Camshafts

    Anyone want to 3rd that? LOL, we couldn't have worded the first phrase closer if we tried!
  3. mcoppola

    Reground Camshafts

    You make the base circle smaller, so the lobe is actually a bigger delta form base circle to full lobe dimension.
  4. mcoppola

    Reground Camshafts

    @Huggy Chris, thanks for providing everyone with your clarification. I understand your reasoning when you made the statements above, however like I said, I think Mike Chisek's word trumps what we may think/interpret in many cases. One of our goals within the TAC is to make the BCCR wording clarify what is, and what isn't allowed. Unfortunately, that creates more words = longer rulebook, and the BCCR is not always explicit, partially due to the complexity involved with detailing every last piece of a racecar. That's where the "spirit of the rule" comes in. It always a compromise of length vs. brevity. Thanks for all of the petitions you submitted, I'm looking forward to seeing them, in the hopes that there are suggestions not to change rules, but to clarify them better.
  5. mcoppola

    Reground Camshafts

    It doesn't really matter if you can or not, because as many have pointed out, there is no longer anything in the BCCR that says modifications need to be done using hand tools, or normal shop tools.
  6. mcoppola

    Reground Camshafts

    I've seen enginerd's email. The CEOs word trumps that of Tech and/or fellow competitors. We've had these issues before where somebody gives out bad information. I've brought it up before in TAC discussions that Tech's job is to enforce the written rules along with understanding them first. And, without witnessing the conversation none of us know whether Huggy was told that it was legal, or it was legal but cost 50 points. i'm glad to see this clarification. I will see if we can get it stated in the tech update section of the forum.
  7. mcoppola

    Petitions Due by 2/28/19

    See, it's no always what ya think... Was just givin' ya a hard time above cuz we know how you like to feel the love. The M6 came in at a very odd VPI when compared to similar models. How's the new car coming? Great race at Rd ATL - it was fun to watch.
  8. mcoppola

    Petitions Due by 2/28/19

    LOL, some people just think it's all about them... #lifewithachiponyourshouldersucks
  9. mcoppola

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    @red0 Because majority rules - and the majority of car types raced are the same ones that benefited from all the free stuff cuz their starting VPI was too high to be able to get those parts any other way.
  10. @mender and @Black Magic I tend to use mender's method, I find it upsets the balance of the FWD car less. And also for reasons both of you mentioned, to try to avoid expensive over revs. Having a dual mass clutch tends to keep the revs up, even at times you don't want them, so the only difference to what mender does, is I sometimes ease the clutch in earlier to allow more rapid deceleration, and release t slowly when I'm about to apply maintenance throttle.
  11. Still gotta try those pizookies one day..... But yeah, pie is always good, especially with ice cream.
  12. Glad to see you guys got back out there!
  13. Isn't it about time to start talking about dessert?
  14. mcoppola

    2019 Official Road America Spring Double 8-Hour Enduros

    yes, Champcar always uses the bend, not the kink. It's been heavily debated here on the forum which is safer, with folks arguing it both ways.
  15. mcoppola

    Teach me about leak down tests

    I see, your tester seems similar to the Harbor Freight one you linked. Mine is an old Mac Tools one that merely has 2 100psi gauges. I was thinking opposite when you and Rob said to zero it out. The way mine is read is 100 psi input gauge = 90 psi on the 2nd gauge if there is 10% leakdown . It also has a quick connect on the spark plug side, so I set it at 100 psi in, and read 100 psi on the 2nd gauge before connecting the spark plug hose.