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  1. The quote above is from the link in the previous post. It is a correct statement. In the Draft version of the 2019 BCCR that was provided to the TAC for review, there indeed was a statement in there that I italicized above. The TAC group agreed with it, and it was included in the first publication of the 2019 BCCR. When a car showed up at an early 2019 race - possibly Road Atlanta - with a decklid that had the rear section upturned to act as a rear spoiler, much discussion between the CEO, TAC and BoD ensued as to whether it should be free or 10 points. The argument that eventually won described it as being true to the roots of the series that promotes innovation. Thus, the italicized statement was removed from the BCCR. Some felt this "muddied" up the rules, but as stated above, this was the final determination.
  2. It's still free - falls under re-purposed materials.
  3. Or I once heard someone make a request to the radio DJ and ask them if they could play Bob Seger's "we were naked from the first" ( instead of "making Thunderbirds") I guess she thought he was singing about being born
  4. My wife always wondered why Jimi Hendrix sang "excuse me while I kiss this guy."
  5. Lyn, @FoCUSS I got your PM, but was tied up the past couple days with a funeral in my extended family. At the moment I don't have any spares available. It seems that interest has been waning for these hubs. That's possibly because the teams that needed them have already made their purchases in the last couple group buys we put together, or the increased price of $700/pair have turned some people away. The build shop was at one time selling these to me for cheaper, but have incurred increased cost for the splining operation, and they were forced to raise the price. I'm checking with a few folks that expressed interest over the past few months to see if we can get up to the minimum of 5 pairs ordered to get the build shop started on another batch. I will respond to your PM later this evening, and hopefully have a better idea if we have enough interest to get more built. I know how frustrating this problem can be - I'll do the best I can to put together another group buy. In the meantime, if you know anyone else running a Focus that might be experiencing the same problem, let them know there is a solution. That will help us get up to the minimum batch size.
  6. Ive always loved my Pyrotect pro airflow helmet and shoes. Both are very comfortable. I've had 2 of those helmets and will probably buy another one when the 2010SA expires. All helmets fit people different, I see no need to change something I'm comfortable with.
  7. I didn't even the list the 2-3 times I volunteered with WRL too. But yeah Mark, you're right - you guys do a great job volunteering too. I like the fact that your whole team comes out and does it together. Also, a great way to save on your race entry fees!
  8. @TimS Is this the same Bob that founded Competition Safety Gear? edit: I just looked at the business card in my gear bag. It said Bob Weiss on it.
  9. I'm sure this post will tick off some people, but here we go anyway... I will respectfully post this as food for thought. Coming up with what's IMO an unrealistic scenario is not addressing the can of worms that was opened up by ignoring real weights and going to an arbitrary value, SPV. I believe the scenario described is unrealistic for 2 reasons: If it was doable, somebody would have already done it. There are a lot of good builders in this series, and a lot of guys that study the VPI list, weights list, and play with the calculator enough that they would have found this magical combination already. If it is possible to come up with a combo like you described, I doubt it would be killer easy, and only a select few teams/builders would have the capability to pull it off. So i doubt if there would be enough of them built to win ALL the races handily. The 2nd reason is that IF the swap calculator and it's values had not been molested, it was designed to limit power to weight ratio, thus making it very unlikely that a certain build would dominate, because it's potential would be limited by it's power to weight ratio the original intent of the swap calculator. The only way this scenario could become true is if a given engine that was swapped in used a very low horsepower variant as it's base hp, when in fact much higher hp is capable with a few minor undetectable changes. This possibility was considered at one time by our CEO. As I recall, he submitted a petition a few years back that would have allowed zero modifications to a swapped in engine, but it was voted down.
  10. been there, done that - many times Lambert's - home of the Throwed Roll
  11. I found one that was a church shuttle bus near me. It even had a handicap lift that would have been great for loading up tools, spare engine, parts, etc. $500!!! Sadly I didn't jump on it soon enough.
  12. Snake is correct. Before getting too far into a build, I would advise you to write to Tech and Mike Chisek to check on the VPI of the Celica GT-S. Just like the Cobra Mustang, the same was true for the Focus SVT (and many other special models.) Until somebody starts running a particular model, there is no listing for it. Tech and the CEO will review vehicle specs and decide if the "special model" has enough differences from the base model to get it's own (higher) VPI. Sometimes these special models are listed on the VPI list, (as they should be), but at times they are not. Once again, it would be wise to check with management before building.
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