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  1. I'm embarrassed to admit that even though I finally made it to BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse last Friday after the Detroit GP, I still didn't try a Pizookie. (Their meal portions were so big, I couldn't justify another 2000+ calories..) Next time for sure... @Snake @Snorman@FlorahDorah
  2. Nice job @thewheelerZ!! I was quite happy to see your team up there in the standings on Sunday. Well done, glad you had a great weekend.
  3. The rules' intention is that the 2 required door bars on the drivers' side of the car are unbroken. (Passenger side only requires 1 door bar.) IF the X bars are 1 continuous bar with the 2nd bar of the X being 'broken' or 2 piece where it intersects the first bar, then gussets are required. TAC discussed defining the requirements of the taco gussets (size, material thickness, etc), since the published rule has no definition, but no detailed definition was ever spelled out. Perhaps we will work to word this better for 2020. In the meantime, as stated, the gussets I make meet FIA guidelines, and have had no trouble at Champcar Tech in the cars we've used them on. FIA states 1.0mm (.040") minimum thickness. We usually make them in .095" to match the rollcage tube minimum thickness spec, even though Champ does not spell it out. If it's easier for you to deal locally, Izzy's (Scott Rhea) used to show these gussets on their site. I had trouble getting into his work schedule to get some made a few years back, so I started making them myself.
  4. Mike, once I get the angles, I could have them done in a night or 2 after my day job. In all, about 3-5 days with shipping time included. Let me know...
  5. FIA rule mandates 2 per intersection. 4 would naturally be better.
  6. Congratulations @Hi_Im_Will and the entire GWR team. Thanks for representing the Midwest area with such great performance, class and dignity. Thanks or always sharing your team's technical expertise too. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon.
  7. Here we go... These are not very easy to find - especially in various tube intersection angles. I'm getting ready to put together a website with these taco gussets being one of the fabricated items we offer. If anyone is interested , we can make them to the FIA specifications in various angles for $30 each.
  8. Firewalls at work are not allowing me to post pics easily - stay tuned... In the meantime, this was the gusset sketch Phil once posted. I believe there was a petition that passed that is going to elaborate on this verbiage, and possibly provide graphics, in the 2020 BCCR. And here is the official description of a taco gusset, from the FIA rulebook.
  9. This isn't so far fetched, and has actually been done before. Last winter I did an E46 cage for Polar Bear Racing, who came here from Madison, WI. Let me know if you're interested, timing, type of car, and I'll get a quote out to you. P.s. Thanks Nate!
  10. Are you going with an RX7 again? ^^^^^What Nate said.......^^^^^
  11. There's a link to their "Wheel Weight List" on the "About" tab on the VORS website.
  12. Hi Robert, I'd be happy to help you solve the hub issues you've had by sending a set of these to you in Sweden. I'm sure funds transfer and shipping can be worked out. However, unfortunately, I don't have any spare hubs at the moment. As previous posts have stated, the build shop has a minimum batch size of 5 pair. I usually order 1-2 pair extra, but those have been purchased this past run. I'll talk to a couple other folks that expressed interest and perhaps I can get another group buy batch of 5 going asap. I'll also check with a previous buyer who may have a set available that he hasn't used yet. Let me see what I can work out for you. Thanks, Mike
  13. Rob, Glad to hear you're doing somewhat ok. So sorry to hear about the incident.
  14. The set on my car have only been installed one time and are on that same set of bearings. I was going to replace bearings before our next race. I'll keep in touch and let you know when the remaining new sets are in, and we can decide which pair you want. Should be another couple weeks
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