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  1. Sweet! Car looked very stable and somewhat easy to drive. I get to see it in person tomorrow morning... Looking forward to it.
  2. Damn you got me @Evilwheel True to what you said, your (lack of, LOL) computer savvy didn't even link my name here the correct way - you have to put an @ first and then type the user's name. Then that person gets a message that their name was mentioned in a post. I didn't get that message. So, your link didn't work. But.... I saw there was a new post with your name on it in this topic "CLick and See", and I thought "Nah, just hit "mark site read" (upper right at top of page) and don't even open it, (like I've sometimes done.) But I couldn't resist, I opened it, and was shocked to see my name there - you got me.... LOL
  3. mcoppola

    Fuel Rule

    Good eyes, thought I was the only one to notice it.
  4. mcoppola

    Transponder Mounting

    I'm pretty sure they're using the newer transponders and brackets. Al (tech) gave me an old bracket last year, saying they weren't using them any more.
  5. In our area, that guy would be "Call Sam Bernstein."
  6. mcoppola

    Transponder Mounting

    The BCCR specifically states NOT to cut a hole in the floor. (in capital letters even) Page 27 of the 2018 BCCR.
  7. mcoppola

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    Does this mean they're ok to replace with aftermarket for no points hit
  8. @mender It never ceases to amaze me - the wealth of knowledge you share - hope I made a good choice with the Quaife. I researched beforehand but not as extensively as the material you posted here. Thanks. 😊
  9. mcoppola

    Top car picks for 2018

    Huh... I always thought it was about who was working on the car - or was that for MR2's? Sometimes I get so confused.... Seriously speaking though - it would be nice if EVEN the E30 teams could get on the same page about what's legal for their cars or not. Right now we don't even have that at all!!!
  10. mcoppola

    Utah 24 hours

    Yeah, some DIC(k) might hassle you.
  11. mcoppola

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    Thanks @Ron_e for providing a PERFECT example of something that both: a) belongs in the forum Technical Q & A section (It's a shame that the only ones ABLE to use this section DON'T use it. Perhaps the general forum members ought to be able to copy and paste things there, and we could eliminate a lot of the dead horse beatings, or the need to 'ask Phil' the same things over and over again. He's got to be the busiest guy I know if people take that forum advice.) b) needs to on the FPV list, or in a "Cliff's notes" file that details rule interpretations and meanings.
  12. mcoppola

    Potluck at Nelson Ledges?

    How come @red0 didn't make the list? Twice he offered up his possum stew.
  13. mcoppola

    Mazda Miata lightened flywheel points?

    We sure can beat a dead horse here.... I reposted my original answer, emphasizing WHO it was that told me that the BCCR does not mention any FPV's for ANY engine/drivetrain internals because the intent is that THEY SHOULD REMAIN STOCK. Those were the exact words Mike Chisek spoke to me. But then again, you could always do as others have said on here and "ask Phil", as recent history has shown that you might get a different answer between the 2 guys, or even a different one from the same guy depending on when/how you asked... Until we clear out the ambiguous wording in some of the rules, or have a means of documenting the answers to all the questions that come up regarding interpretations, we're going to be stuck in the same loop of debating this stuff over and over again, beating the dead horse. A committee of 2-3 people that searches the BCCR for ambiguities such as this, and works with Phil and Mike to understand, clarify and rewrite these areas is direly needed IMO, and the IMO of many others.
  14. Hmmmm. I think I got a hint form @NigelStu's post, but I'm still a bit confused... Ovals like this? OR perhaps an older model?