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  1. @tneker Sorry we didn't get a chance to meet at Gingerman. Your Neon was pretty quick there, but the FTD's you guys set at Road America on a big track were really quite impressive!!! Hopefully you chase the gremlins away and get the finishes the car is capable of. 2:52's - 2:54's -> Awesome!
  2. Congrats to @scottyk, @Burningham and the whole JSK team for a great run today! Great win guys! @Racer28173 did you run with them this weekend?
  3. Thanks for all your hard work in securing sponsors and working with the TAC Tyler. But most importantly, thanks for keeping the above in mind.
  4. LOL, I thought the same thing when I saw the 2:51.747 during the race. Better luck tomorrow for GWR, RBank honda and JSK I hope.
  5. Great win for @Slugworks Paul and the Altima team. As tough as it is to win in this series, Paul and his teams have now done it in 2 very different cars. His turbo Eclipse swept Laguna Seca a few years ago IIRC. The Van Buren Boys/Kruse Racing drivers ALL ran good consistent laps all day. Hope to see some of the cars that had issues today back on track tomorrow.
  6. Lots of good info on the sidebar discussion. Scroll back through it for info on GWR and RBank CRX. Plus, great commentary as usual!
  7. Best wishes for a good marathon race Will! You looked thinner than I remembered when I saw you at Pittsburgh - no wonder if you've been training for a marathon! Is this your first? Some friends and I did the Free Press Marathon relay style about 15 years ago. I got to run the leg out onto Belle Isle back and forth over the bridge. It was pretty scenic and awesome! (Yeah, I wasn't always so big and out of shape...) Question regarding getting your injectors flowed so quickly - who did them? Someone local, or did you send them out and get them back that quick? Thanks!
  8. @Hi_Im_Will, I know you're very sharp - any luck yet? If not, here's my 2 cents worth. It sounds like you've covered all the bases with things you've checked. If you have good compression and good spark, good fuel pressure (and even ether wouldn't get it to fire up - I would look toward timing. If compression is good, cam/crank timing would seem to be ok, but it's worth looking at again since I would think it would be easy with a belt driven cam. I would then double check ignition timing. As you well know, an engine needs compression, spark and fuel to run. You've indicated you have all 3, but could the spark (ign. timing) be out of phase? 180 off possibly? Depending on what type of ECU you're running, are all the coils firing when they should? Any mixing of drivers/wires, etc?
  9. This tune keeps coming to mind every time I see the title of this thread.... Spent my days with a woman unkindSmoked my stuff and drank all my wineMade up my mind to make a new startTowing To California with a' racin' in my heart... - Led Zep for you young uns...
  10. The REAL problem here is that the original poster asked a question and 4 "older chaps", folks who have raced in the series for a while and know the rules - myself, @pintodave, @wvumtnbkr, @Ray Franck all provided answers and/or quoted sections of the BCCR (ChampCar's rulebook) - yet a few of you can't seem to accept the answer and have prodded and tried to rules lawyer your way around the issue, or criticize the rules and the old chaps who tried to help by answering. Even @Grant posted below that he emailed Jay (our Head of Tech) and he posted Jay's answer, copied below. @Ray Franck is Jay's assistant Tech, and he too answered with a solid "No." So 5 different people have all provided the same answer. If a few of you won't accept the answer that our 2 Tech guys provided , then I don't know what to tell you. If any of you feel you want to debate the issue further, write to Jay and Ray again with your reasoning. Continuing to argue about it here on the forum, and criticizing those who have tried to help, is not doing any of us any good, and is the reason some folks are losing their patience.
  11. Hmmm, no 15's or 16's at all. They're missing a big percentage of ChampCar teams by not offering these in smaller sizes.
  12. Guest driver(s) also interested in some of these great shots! Well done Jeff, thanks.
  13. yes, SOME of the wording in the ChampCar BCCR is the same as SCCA's rulebook, Except the fact that the ChampCar BCCR does not make any mention, or therefore allowance, for the section that is bolded and underlined above. Furthermore, after looking again at the picture in the original Post, that car does not even have an A-pillar bar on the driver side, and IMO would never pass per the current BCCR.
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