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  1. A tire expert from Akron, Ohio. Go figure.... Thanks for all the expertise our members have to offer.
  2. @Blacksheepbob Thanks for providing the community with a very thoughtful and respectful explanation, and for extending the olive branch to a potential new team. Thank you for some nice comments regarding Champcar, as well as the make up of your teams, the Blue Shells. In this case, it would have been very easy and tempting for you come back with a defensive or negative response. Thank you for the professionalism and kindness that is shown. Hopefully others will see this and grow to enjoy the community of friendly racers that our ChampCar community has become.
  3. Same times on 225's and 245's?
  4. Hello, @FocusedSteve and welcome to the CC forums. You've raised some good questions, and are obviously very familiar with these cars. I hope they are in teh spirit of understanding the BCCR, but I'm troubled by the accusatory nature of your claims. What are you building yourself? A focus? Many of us network together to share what we've learned and perhaps could answer some of the questions you raised. I'm on CC's Technical Advisor Committee and have spoken with Phil about his car, and also know his sister team car and it's owner/builder well. I run a Focus myself. Without seeing the Tech sheet on the 916 car, I can't answer all of the questions raised. Thank you BoD member @Chris Hugginsfor providing some answers.
  5. I went with 9's, cuz 10's were just a bit too wide for: a) bearing loads that are already overburdened, b) weight c) can run 225's or 245's on them.
  6. Great to hear from you Kent!!!!! Looking forward to seeing you. edit: This just made my day, reconnecting and looking forward to seeing some of the good folks we met when we got started in endurance racing!!!
  7. I hate to laugh about this, but it sure didn't make much sense when I read it, too. Sounds like the promoter knows very little about the customer base's needs a day before an endurance race.
  8. If the car is a hardtop, Yes, it's done all the time. Thin aluminum or steel sheeting can be used to close off the opening left by the sunroof cartridge assembly. If it's a convertible, it's a bit more complex, but some cars such as Miatas, run with a fabricated panel covering the top of the roll cage, and a window net to cover the window opening. I believe they are able to race without arm restraints when configured this way. edit: from the BCCR: 9.6. SUNROOFS, T-TOPS, CONVERTIBLES 9.6.1. All cars with sunroof and/or t-top openings must be covered by either a firmly attached removable hardtop, the original sunroof panel, or a fabricated metal panel secured and fixed in place. Alternately, they can be run as convertibles with the drivers wearing the required arm restraints or with a roof net installed on the vehicle.
  9. @Bandit hey I meant to ask - how were you getting speeds?
  10. Agree with all you said Bandit. Yes it was painful to watch all those slow full course cautions when we know how a real race is run at Road America. We may be amateurs, but at least this stuff is for real.
  11. They are definitely building them stronger than they used to. Now it's like a plow up front. As @mender said, I've seen a few cars that have done what he described. As a side note regarding Nascar - I was 1 of it's biggest cheerleaders a few years back, but find the races are getting more and more painful to watch. It's almost as if you're watching a talk show with a slew of commercials. Lately, it's unusual to see 5-10 laps of actual racing without a competition caution, a scheduled 10 minute break twice a race (stages), or the mysterious debris cautions to tighten up the field every few laps. All those stoppages, along with the pits being open or not open at certain times - idk, someone has developed a pretty elaborate game that has me losing interest more and more each year. Going to MIS to see Indy cars once a year and Nascar twice a year was always a summer highlight. Indycar no longer comes to MIS and we lost 1 of the nascar races to the "new markets" they are exploring. Great track seeing little use - it sucks. This was always something the women in our family enjoyed too. Even my wife, a die hard fan, is just about done watching. At least they put some more road courses on the schedule since I enjoy those, but my wife hates them....
  12. Hmm, you oughta try living here in the States - for some (most?) folks claiming that this is the greatest country in the world, it seems like someone's always whining about something. Don't feel bad, it's all made me more of a jerk than I like to be, too. I still remember my old boss telling me at 18 "Don't let the bastards wear you down." Good advice that I have to think about daily.
  13. I was going to (and still should) write a petition to limit the number of petitions per year to about the first 40 or so received. And also place a limit on how many per member. I’ve seen first hand how much time petitions occupy. I also still feel that it was a move by the “benevolent dictator” to complicate things for management by allowing the racers to suggest the rules. This was a Huge departure from how he ran things. I believe he wanted to leave total chaos that could possibly fail.
  14. Now you've got Rodger drooling. He’s chomping at the bit to do this build. Keeps saying 520 is too high. But he suffers from being on the TAC and now BoD - and we just can’t let him build a car that with his driving prowess, will come out and kick everyone’s butts.
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