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  1. mcoppola

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    A bigger boat? Or a bigger cooler and ash tray? 😭
  2. Yeah and don't forget the winter package gloves don't cost any points
  3. Regular gloves, or winter package gloves? It depends....
  4. Ok cheater, There's another song too... bonus points for #2
  5. "Is that a real poncho, or a Sears poncho?" Name the song/artist...
  6. First picture I've seen of the Cobra from the front. Being a cage builder, I always admire nice cage work. I'm waiting to see who will be the first guy to rip on you about having "tabs" that are larger then 6" long on your A pillar bars. 😊 (Maybe I should've PM'ed you and really waited to see....)
  7. @snowman. And @Pops Jay Dee, and Pops, thank you so much for sharing some details. I can't imagine how difficult it is to deal with this situation where a loved one has been injured, especially by fire, which is downright scary and cruel. I hope Travis fully recovers from his injuries, and I'm thankful & hopeful that his head and face may recover fully without much evidence of the pain he's had to endure. Thank you for sharing the intimate details of what Travis was wearing for fire protection, the details about possible car related scenarios that may have an effect on the causes, and for your recommendations to the group to try to reduce the chances of this happening again to others. Mere words can't convey how sorry that I'm sure most of this community feels for your family at this time. I hate to see something like this happen to remind us all to do the best we can regarding our overall safety. Thanks once again for sharing your story, and for your love and support of Champcar in general. Best wishes to Travis for a full recovery, and to your family for strength as you endure this situation.
  8. ^^^Some good points are made above. I'm usually a stickler for rules, but I can understand why the team would be upset. Perhaps this is done for safety reasons. Somebody mentioned forwarding this issue to the TAC group. If it is, we will discuss it and look at all the reasoning, and pros and cons behind the ruling, just as we've been doing on the 2019 BCCR.
  9. How CAN'T it be an advantage? If you're working on your car during a red flag, you will get back on track sooner than if you have to stop working, and then continue work once the track goes back to yellow or green. You'll get back on track much sooner if work can continue through the red flag time. @DEE DEE explained it correctly.
  10. Mustang Cobra SVT: Same as another svt with half the cylinders... Guess it's time to write that VPI reduction letter I've been putting off....
  11. Finally a full picture!!!! the slooooow reveal... awesome car!
  12. @Jer nice write up, but you still stick up for the MR 2 VPI too often. Although I did notice you mentioned it is undervalued. Is that just the politician in you talking??? Seriously, I'm just kidding. Really. I, and hopefully most members appreciate how much you've done for the club. Yes, your presence on the forum has been appreciated. When someone posted the BoD conversation about the proposal of the TAC commitee, you made your feelings obvious. I know guys that know you and they have positive comments. I volunteered for the TAC commitee and am honored that I was chosen. I look forward to working with you and the rest of the BoD to make a great race series even better! Thanks for your keen insight and willingness to share the financial details of where the club stands. I think you did a fine job in this post detailing what you've done for the club, and your passion for wanting to continue in this job is evident by your words and actions. Even though we haven't met, I wholeheartedly recommend to the rest of our membership to once again vote you In to a position on the board. Thanks for your dedication.
  13. Are the Brembos 4 piston or 6? 4 pison are no points if they fit under the 2x rules. @Cam Benty
  14. Bump, bump ,bump....Bump, bump, bu-bump! (or was that Bomb, bomb, bomb, etc ...) No Fox Body guys out there? @Cam Benty - you all set for wheels? I thought there might be some interest out there?? Man, I might just have to resort to FB Marketplace, or some other socialistic media outlets... Any reasonable offer will take these brand new wheels.