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  1. Nice job Chris @Huggy, @chip, Rodger@Burningham and the rest of your team. And also a shout out to @enginerd for picking up your 3 points on the biggest stage, and in the same weekend, at Indy.
  2. A few words to go along with the 1 picture might help prospective buyers. Take a look at the "for sale" guidelines at the top of this section. Things like price, mileage, caged or not, upgrades, is it a complete car, or just a roller, etc...
  3. IF all else fails, read the rules. They expressly forbid flexible conduit. Section 9.10.3 - Fuel Fillers and Fuel Lines, and subsection pertain to all cars, whether they have a fuel cell or not.
  4. ^^^^same theory here on running the good stuff. (I also use the Motul 600, even though we've never had an issue, for the exact same reasons @enginerd stated.) Thanks. I understand how it's a good check to see if anything unusual happened that would get air into the system.
  5. Serious question here... I always thought that bleeding the brakes was recommended due to the fluid getting moisture in it, and thus lowering it's boiling point. So, I figured you'd need to run enough fluid through the system to purge ALL of the old fluid. Are the guys that are only bleeding an ounce from each corner really accomplishing anything? (Or, the other reason to bleed would be if there was air in the system. I understand just doing an ounce or so for that.)
  6. I've also got a few of the 2' x 3' drywall mud mixing pans, which are what WRL specifies for fuel catch pans. (They work great for engine teardown parts such as heads, intakes, etc. to keep from getting oil all over your workspace.) For some odd reason, the ChampCar BCCR limits catch pan size to 24" square or diameter. I doubt if it's ever enforced though. A suitable gasoline and/or liquid catch pan must be used during refueling in an appropriate position to catch any spilled fuel. All fueling / gasoline catch pans MUST be manufactured of metal or sturdy, chemical-resistant plastic, maintain a minimum 3” depth, hold a minimum of 1-gallon (4-quarts) of liquid. Catch pans should be larger than 12” square or 12” in diameter and should not exceed 24” square or 24” in diameter. Oil drip pans work perfectly for this
  7. Oh yeah, I forgot about that... Wow, that was what, like (almost) twice the weight of your Hondas? 😉
  8. why would you be shocked that chinese stuff is junk? smh...
  9. ^^^i see what you did there...😀 ...always finding ways to be clever!
  10. The word 'blasphemy' was the first to come to my mind when I saw TiredBirds post, but @mender's words fit better, LOL
  11. @hotchkis23 Good reminder Aaron. I (and probably most others) forgot that this indeed WAS the same person/team that not only ranted on social medium about how bad of a series ChampCar is, he then went so far as to try to justify his comments with additional jabs at the series. They have shown disrespect in their words AND their actions. I take my responsibilities on the TAC seriously as a 'voice of the customer' to try to maintain a fair and safe playground for everyone. Most of the time, our TAC responsibilities focus on rules - this time, I am hearing what you are all saying, as racers trying to keep their cars and drivers safe and free from intentional disrespect/abuse/damage/injury. Mike Chisek does not participate in this forum any more. I'm sure he hears some of what is talked about on here, but the best way to get his attention about any type of issue or question is to write to him directly. If you guys are truly unhappy with certain teams' behaviors, and want to see something done about it, I urge you to email him to let your feelings be known. edit: shortened my rant
  12. Paul, after talking with you at Indy, and seeing the damage to your car - and especially seeing the Connolly car from before and after the event - I was waiting for you to chime in. For many of us racing in ChampCar, 1 of the main reasons we are here is because of the affordability this series provides us. Having said that, an accident that would scrap our car would be devastating to have to start all over again. Teams such as Connolly's or Tuttle's, that obviously have bigger budgets than most of us, and have often times shown blatant disrespect for their competitors - need to be reprimanded or banned, IMHO. Yes, they enter many races, but if they total low budget teams' cars every time they race, then the series is also losing revenue - revenue that is coming from teams who the series was intentionally meant for. Paul's post says it all. If teams are looking at who's entered, and avoiding those races, it's bad for the series as a whole. Part of the reason we enter the lesser attended races is because we are not the most experienced team out there, and we could ill afford to start all over again.
  13. @Bluebandit48 and @Nosniv I was following your progress, and was bummed to see you guys drop out of the race. I texted Evan to see what happened, but never got a response. Now, after reading what put you out, I'm glad to hear that you guys (and the car) are all alright!! Stock Focus fuel tank is 13.2 gallons. An ATL 15 gallon cell fits perfectly between a couple of the crossmembers on the Focus. I've installed one in my car, and guided some guys in Texas toward doing the same with theirs. 15 gallons + 1/2 gallon surge tank + filler tube to the stock fill port location in the Focus puts you right at the cusp of doing 2 hour stints at most tracks, other than Road America. I've got a couple 1" square tube "U" shapes running fore/aft around the cell that would bottom out before the steel can would ever touch the ground, so there's some added protection in that way too. What did you guys do to resolve the rear wheel bearing issues that occurred at Indy? PM me to answer if you'd like, or I think I may be on some text trails that Evan and I shared, if you've kept them.
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