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  1. The set on my car have only been installed one time and are on that same set of bearings. I was going to replace bearings before our next race. I'll keep in touch and let you know when the remaining new sets are in, and we can decide which pair you want. Should be another couple weeks
  2. I heard they couldn't get the cameras to work today. And then later heard that it worked on Facebook but not YouTube. They hope to have it fixed for tomorrow
  3. We just received the latest batch of 8 pairs of hubs. @MimeMachine bought the extra pair I ordered. However, during this build, 1 hub was damaged during splining and I ordered 1 more spare pair to make it easier on the machine shop to absorb their mistake. So, @Bluboo and @Wloch248, I will have 1 more pair of hubs coming in a few weeks. It is going to be a dual drilled pair in 4x108/4x100. The cost went up to $650/pair due to increased material and tariff fees. I'm replacing my 4x108 billet hubs with the dual drilled ones, So in a few weeks, I will have either 1 new pair for sale @$650, or I could sell a pair of used 4x108 hubs for about $500 that's been on my car for about 25 hours. @Bluboo and @Wloch248 - let me know your thoughts. Would you be interested in the new or used set I will have available soon, or can you wait for the next group buy minimum of 5 pairs to form up? What year/type of Focus are you running? Have you had hub issues on them yet?
  4. what parts of that petition did you guys like? The qualifying part, or the part that considers it a "winner take all" race?
  5. It was great getting the TireRack catalog in the mail today and finding the TireRack.com ChampCar Endurance Series shown on the Motorsports Sponsorships page inside the back cover. Well done @E. Tyler Pedersen and the rest of ChampCar's management!
  6. ^^^What's funny is I work with a Norwegian guy named Ole, an avid fisherman who wears a jacket that has an outline of our state with the word Fishigan on it. I'll have to share this one with him. 😂
  7. It seems to me that the last thing we need to happen at Indy is "the big one" at any time during the race. I hope there's a CTJ meeting emphasizing to everyone how important it will be to use their heads the first few laps, and not take any risks until cars start spreading out. Nobody is going to win a 10 hour race in the first half hour.
  8. Then what does this sig line mean? Looks like he professes to do exactly what you said is not his responsibility to enforce... Bill Strong Marketing Director Decal Inspection & Compliance (DIC) Officer ChampCar Endurance Series
  9. ^^Idk whether to put a like cuz I agree with your post, or a "sad" that the team didn't at least apologize. Isn't that a high profile/highly respected ? team owner too?
  10. I don't have a strong opinion about the subject, I just like how Math Works. It's cool! if I would've known in school how much I would be using it fabricating and building cars, I might've stayed awake more, or not skip the class so often
  11. ^^^Yep, that's what my math says too. Even with thick wall 1/8" wall tubing, 1 foot = .309 gallons. What's even more interesting is that the difference between using 2.25" filler tube vs. using 3" -> pretty much doubles the capacity.
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