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    Petitions Due by 2/28/19

    See, it's no always what ya think... Was just givin' ya a hard time above cuz we know how you like to feel the love. The M6 came in at a very odd VPI when compared to similar models. How's the new car coming? Great race at Rd ATL - it was fun to watch.
  2. mcoppola

    Petitions Due by 2/28/19

    LOL, some people just think it's all about them... #lifewithachiponyourshouldersucks
  3. mcoppola

    Statistically Speaking, Fuel Capacity

    @red0 Because majority rules - and the majority of car types raced are the same ones that benefited from all the free stuff cuz their starting VPI was too high to be able to get those parts any other way.
  4. @mender and @Black Magic I tend to use mender's method, I find it upsets the balance of the FWD car less. And also for reasons both of you mentioned, to try to avoid expensive over revs. Having a dual mass clutch tends to keep the revs up, even at times you don't want them, so the only difference to what mender does, is I sometimes ease the clutch in earlier to allow more rapid deceleration, and release t slowly when I'm about to apply maintenance throttle.
  5. Still gotta try those pizookies one day..... But yeah, pie is always good, especially with ice cream.
  6. Glad to see you guys got back out there!
  7. Isn't it about time to start talking about dessert?
  8. mcoppola

    2019 Official Road America Spring Double 8-Hour Enduros

    yes, Champcar always uses the bend, not the kink. It's been heavily debated here on the forum which is safer, with folks arguing it both ways.
  9. mcoppola

    Teach me about leak down tests

    I see, your tester seems similar to the Harbor Freight one you linked. Mine is an old Mac Tools one that merely has 2 100psi gauges. I was thinking opposite when you and Rob said to zero it out. The way mine is read is 100 psi input gauge = 90 psi on the 2nd gauge if there is 10% leakdown . It also has a quick connect on the spark plug side, so I set it at 100 psi in, and read 100 psi on the 2nd gauge before connecting the spark plug hose.
  10. mcoppola

    Teach me about leak down tests

    That sounds more along the lines of what Rob described. Please explain further. Is air escaping through the spark plug hose until it's connected? What is the input pressure reading? After connecting, do you then crank up the input pressure?
  11. @Round3Racing Brad, we haven't met yet, but I look forward to... I've said before that I admired BMR's accomplishments in past pro series. From everything I've read that you've posted, you guys seem like down to earth, awesome people to be racing with, and your presence brings even more credibility to the series. Your attitude is refreshing, to see that teams that have experienced racing at higher levels can come here and enjoy themselves, and respect the series, its' rules and your fellow competitors. I wish you guys the best, and hope that your team continues to set an example of sportsmanship and mutual respect that I see being portrayed. The past few years have been refreshing to see some of my SCCA buddies and guys from the local track that never would have considered running Chu/a/mpcar before, now seeing the merits of this series.
  12. mcoppola

    Teach me about leak down tests

    I've never seen instructions like that Rob. Not saying your tester instructions are wrong, maybe there is a method I'm not aware of, but having worked as a mechanic for many years, the method I was taught and always used was to: 1) put the cylinder being tested at TDC (Make sure it's perfectly at TDC, or it will rotate the crank. We've also done this with someone sitting in the car in 4th gear and holding the brakes) 2) screw the tester into the spark plug hole 3) connect air hose to tester. 4) adjust regulator to a set value - usually 100 psi 5) read leakdown percentage on 2nd gauge. ex: If 100 psi is reading on the first gauge (input), and the gauge reads 85psi, you have 15% leakdown. Anyone I've ever seen or heard of using a leakdown tester has done it this way.
  13. I like the shock rower reinforcement tubes, but have you seen this rule: 3.2.10. Roll-cages MAY contain a maximum of 2 tubes inside the front engine or storage compartment and each tube MUST terminate prior to the centerline of the front axle.
  14. mcoppola

    ISO Competitive Champcar.

    @Maganflux If I were looking to buy a turn key competitive car, I would look seriously at the Bromance Maxima. For $5500, this car is a steal. You couldn't build anything with it's content for that kind of money. 255hp with LSD, and plenty of extras = no brainer decision to me... I can't believe this car hasn't sold already at this price.
  15. mcoppola

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    Bummer. I would hope to get a weigh loss benefit from going to single vs dual mass.
  16. I'm posting this as a service to Focus teams. I am drumming up interest in a "group buy" to purchase aftermarket, unbreakable front hubs. It seems that more Foci are joining the series. One of the Focus' weak links is it's front hubs, which are prone to breaking when subjected to high loading. I've got a whole picture folder called "Focus Hubs" that has multiple pictures of other folks' broken hubs. Just as the tags above say, when this happens, you can lose a wheel, the axle shaft breaks off at the spline, and sometimes caliper and caliper bracket damage occurs. In severe cases, I've talked to guys that have had crashes due to hub breakage. There are a lot of different theories on the cause (which I won't get into here), but I decided that I was going to solve the issue before it happened to us. I did some extensive searching, made a lot of Foci contacts through various forums and at the tracks, and consider myself well educated on this issue. There are 2 companies that have built 4340 billet hubs that have corrected the inherent problem with the factory hubs. To date, 1 company has sold approximately 18 sets of these, and the other company has sold 10 sets. No failures have been reported on any of these hubs. I showed pictures of the hubs (each company's are unique) to head tech Phil McKinney in Spring 2017, and got a value of 10 pts/side for a non OE suspension part. There are several teams I know of in Champ that are running these hubs, (and hopefully claiming them!), as I pointed them in the direction to obtain them. Each team balked when I gave them the price - until they broke enough hubs, axles, etc, and lost valuable track time - then the price made sense, and they antied up for them. Neither company advertises these hubs, they were only made up because the owner needed them for his and his friends' cars, or someone contracted the 2nd shop to do a special run of these. I've tried the "start from scratch" approach and asked several machine shops what it would cost to duplicate them. Each response was much more expensive to create these than the 2 firms that have done so already. As I said, I'm doing this as a service to other Focus teams, as I already have a few sets of these hubs that I'm keeping for myself. If you are interested in a set of these hubs, please PM me for more info. Each place will only do a minimum run of 10-12 parts, so you won't be able to get them on your own unless you plan to order that many.
  17. Bump. I'm having 8 more pairs of hubs built. 7 are prepaid for, and I'll have 1 spare set available for anyone who needs them. Speak up before this failure happens to you and ruins a race weekend!
  18. mcoppola

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    How do you make a single mass flywheel as heavy as a dual mass flywheel?
  19. Yes there was something done about it. The 'rule' that only some folks knew about was revealed and then added to the 2019 BCCR.
  20. mcoppola

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    @Black Magic I thought you were the heavy clutch proponent in earlier debates with @mender about this topic?
  21. I was going to answer about how most folks don't want to 'bracket race', but I'll save the time & just quote Rob so people can read his remarks again.
  22. IMO re-ground oe cams is opening up another whole can of worms. But that's what happened when the re-purposed material rule got removed out of the rulebook. TAC members were definitely against that. Perhaps a list of items such as coolers or flipped decklids should have been put out there, but now when it comes to things like re-grinding cams, IMO that's taking things to another level
  23. Wow, was that really 3 years ago - I remember this post like it was yesterday.... That's what happens when you get old, the time flies. Enjoy it, and this great series we have going for us...
  24. @scottyk Look back a few pages at what Hotchkiss posted - info from a Miata engine builder. And as Jer stated it was 140-150 whp. @Spencer489 Decking a head is legal here. This is not spec Miata, or spec anything... I find it a bit upsetting that you've admitted you haven't read the Champcar rule book, but are on the forum accusing a team of cheating. If you don't know the rules, how can you make that assumption? Hello - and Thank You.
  25. Email our CEO, Mike Chisek. Mike Chisek – Michael.Chisek@champcar.org