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  1. Both of the above are pretty accurate. I don’t know whether to put a like on this cuz it makes sense or a sad face cuz of the possible loss of good BoD candidate.
  2. Or you could do some math and hit it pretty close in a couple stages. You of all people know that Math is a wonderful thing. Calculating the increase in rate change to keep both ends of the car balanced - fun stuff. Measuring the installed spring height, and then removing it and compressing it in a press with a load cell to check the spring force at ride height, then cutting a stiffer spring you researched with similar ID down to fit that force at the same compressed height - good stuff, and a lot of fun and rewarding when you see your car handling well after putting so much thought into the work. My rear springs cost $50-60 per pair vs. my front Eibach coilover springs at $60 each. We're on our 3rd iteration and drivers report the car is pretty decent to drive. edit; This same theme is in the NC Miata thread where I almost posted - then I saw this, so i added my thoughts. IMO, this is typical suspension development on any racecar and the methodology is the same, just different parts used to save points. I'm facing a similar dilemma with rear camber arms on my car. I'm paying 20 points for them, but need to free up points. I'll need to reinstall the stock non adjustable arms and elongate mounting holes to change camber. Our rules and point system are unique and allow builders to be creative like that. Trade-off decisions - some may not be easy - but methods of saving points are available...
  3. Just like those of us who run cars without a multitude of aftermarket offerings has to do. Next….
  4. That's putting the situation rather bluntly, and a bit inaccurate. VPI values always consider what is possible, in other words, the performance potential of a vehicle. Using this "performance potential" as a base for evaluation vs. using the "level that typical teams build to" is always difficult, time consuming and requires a lot of discussion and thought. I knew that providing a portion of discussions was not really a good idea because people would latch onto my words as the only valid reason for a possible change. Understood. I, and all of us, appreciate the level headed input that most of you provide. I apologize for my analogy of wrestling in the mud. It was meant lightheartedly, and I was glad to re-read my posts this morning and see that I edited out some of the things I first wrote before getting my emotions straightened out and putting things in perspective.
  5. @turbogrillI wish I had an answer for you. As Jerry mentioned, the info has been in the boards hands for a while now. I think they are being very deliberate and thorough before making final decisions or posting them. p.s. @turbogrill I appreciate the nature and tone of your posts. Your posts are often inquisitive but always respectful to all.
  6. Now for some facts. The Merc 190 and Miata NC were 2 of the many cars whose VPI’s were discussed this past year. In each case, car specs are researched from several different sources, and compared to existing cars on the VPI list. @verisalready provided some of the comparison data that was used when evaluating the Merc VPI. For the NC Miata, we now have a Miata builder in the tac, who has been able to share a lot about those cars with the group. In a recent 3 hour phone conference, We also included a Mazda employee who is a technical expert on the Miata. His knowledge of the NC attributes was thorough. He described the ability to update parts to Mazda’s latest improved offerings and brought up examples of new upgraded parts that can be used with no way of telling the difference from what was originally installed. (Transmissions, engines snd suspension parts) I’m not going to list all of what was discussed over three hours, and at least 3 separate conference calls, but merely providing examples of the inner workings of the tac group. If you personally knew and dealt with any of the members of the TAC group, you will find that there are far too strong of personalities and differing opinions for one person to convince our group to go along with any type of conspiracy theory.
  7. Thank you. At least one guy did some research before coming on here and complaining about things that they don’t fully know about. Making false accusations, and insulting a group of volunteers that put a lot of time, research, thoughts and group discussion into assigning fair sensible VPI’s to hundreds of different types of cars is not productive for anyone. As a TAC member, comments in this thread are offensive to me personally. We are not “Chris and company.” Chris is not even a member of the tac. He is on the BoD and a liaison between tac and BoD, just like Rich and Tyler were before. He presents the tac with issues, takes notes on our discussions and presents them to the board. The professionalism and wisdom in the discussions among the TAC group always impresses me because of the knowledge, data and facts that are researched and presented in all of our discussions. Is everything perfect? Heck no! But for anyone to portray those discussions as anything else - you are just flat out wrong. edit: it’s late, and I’m both restless and pissed off by some of what I just read. deleted the rest….. because… Someone once told me that arguing with some people is like wrestling with a pig in the mud. The pig actually likes it.
  8. I’m betting those tires already have a race win or two on them. And some FWD wear patterns
  9. Although not well defined, the points applied for heims are typically when they are used on suspension components. I believe the rule was originally aimed at tie rod ends and bump steer kits primarily. At any rate, using them to mount a steering column most likely would fall under “driver comfort items” and thus be points free.
  10. I recall there being a little more to that story??? Did the driver acknowledge you?
  11. Agree 100% on all counts. Swaps are definitely here to stay and do make sense in many cases. People have brought up very good examples, and currently race viable swaps - swaps that are not upsetting the balance of the series. My comments were meant to illustrate just how delicate keeping that balance is. edit before posting: I just read @MR2 BiohazardTroy's post before submitting... I didn't mean for my comments to portray eliminating swaps. I was pointing out how much work is involved not only in classifying a new car, but looking at the possibilities of "what are they going to do with that drivetrain once it's on the VPI list?" As in "Bingo, this drivetrain can now be swapped into XXX car.!!!" So yes, don't worry that swaps will be banned or anything like that. My comments merely illustrated how smart racers can "game" the system, and how hard the TAC and BoD are working to scrutinize this to keep our balance. There are some smart people involved in those groups and I've come to learn how SPV does make more sense than weight in some instances to prevent or allow certain combinations. Current and past cars running in the series and the effect on them is ALWAYS considered in any recommendations the TAC and BoD consider.
  12. This alone illustrates my point. Our former CEO, Mike Chisek saw this problem coming and submitted a petition that would not allow swap engines to be further modified from their oem configuration and true (yeah right) incoming horsepower. (Edit: the petition was voted down) I've been told there was also a plan or discussions about grandfathering old swaps, and beginning to narrow down, scrutinize, or prior approve all future swaps. Just as the BoD has closed the door to anything newer than 15 years recently, I am hoping swap rules will be looked at too. Both of these items - new cars, and swaps - have the greatest potential to upset the current competitive balance - something that is delicate, and can be easily F'ed up.
  13. Sure, I'll share - here's my 2 cents worth. Swaps were introduced into Champcar to help old cars that were no longer competitive because either they didn't have enough hp, or couldn't find parts any more for their old engines. Instead of good racecars going by the wayside, these cars could then be more competitive by allowing them to swap in a different engine, drivetrain,, etc. Swaps nowadays for some folks are: "Let's see where we can find a flaw in this calculator or method, and come up with a lightweight, high hp, fuel rich, xxx type of combination to build because it looks better than many real cars' combinations that are on the VPI list." Add to that the fact that where "weight" was once used in the calculator to prevent PWR of 12.5:1 or lower, the "Weights" are now bastardized into something called "SPV" that allows rulesmakers to set any value determined to be feasible pointwise. Having worked on the TAC since its' inception, and knowing how much time the TAC and BoD spend on swap issues alone, along with the fact that the whole reasoning behind them has been contorted, misconstrued, gamed, etc. - I have much disdain for swaps.
  14. Wow!! I was only able to follow on and off over the weekend. Saw the 2 top tens, but didn't realize what you guys had to overcome for those finishes. And that the potential is there for even better results!! The Beretta is 1 of the nicest looking ChampCars out there, and has been for many years. The 60 Degree Motorsport team of Jeff @Kentite, Keith & Suzanne, and Garrett are some of the first (and finest) folks I met when we started out in ChampCar, many times as I was working as a pit marshal. I'm glad to see the development and speed, and now results that the team is achieving. Like me, they choose to run something different than most, and have worked hard to sort out issues with an unknown platform, with little to no support. I applaud efforts like this!!! A few years back, Jeff was looking seriously at other platforms. Congratulations on having the drive, determination, and knowledge to overcome a lot of obstacles that would have prompted others to give up and switch! Besides the admirable job they've done with their car, Jeff and Keith have been very supportive of our efforts to get on track. I recall how happy they were to see the Focus in its' 1st race at PIRC in 2015, and their team came out in full force to help crew for us when we entered a race at Mid Ohio in 2017. it's always a pleasure to network with and see you guys at the tracks. I wish we could've spent more time together at Mid Ohio, and look forward to seeing and racing with you again. Congrats on persevering!!
  15. @Money Shift Racing Kevyn, have you thought about running for the BoD? I admire not only your knowledge, but also your integrity and demeanor. Not only now, always.
  16. That’s a good way of putting it. Yeah, we brought it all right! We brought the goods.
  17. Perhaps if we quit raking the BoD over the coals and accusing members of serving solely for their own interests, there might be more folks willing to serve the club. I'll be the first to admit that even as a TAC member, I don't always agree with decisions made, but I've never questioned their integrity or motives. I know a few BoD members (and TAC members) that are really soured by some of what's gone on, and frankly burned out from it. Notice some of them don't frequent these forums much any more? I got away for a while when folks questioned my motives too - or I got tired of the complaints about how F'ed up we are. But in the spirit of helping others, that's why some of us volunteer for these responsibilities... just sayin....
  18. Robin's race is getting ready to start (edit: restart??). just saw him waving to the camera on the grid.
  19. We did! We just raced at Gingerman and Mid Ohio. @MR2 Biohazard i thought you might have seen that in the post race write-ups. I was hoping to make it to Pittsburgh so you could see the car and tell me everything I did wrong!! P.S. We were/are quite happy with the cars' performance after a long time rebuilding everything.
  20. are you racing there @wvumtnbkr? edit: Oh Yeaaahhh! just checked the list
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