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  1. @Blacksheepbob

    Thanks for providing the community with a very thoughtful and respectful explanation, and for extending the olive branch to a potential new team. 

    Thank you for some nice comments regarding Champcar, as well as the make up of your teams, the Blue Shells. 
    In this case, it would have been very easy and tempting for you come back with a defensive or negative response. Thank you for the professionalism and kindness that is shown. Hopefully others will see this and grow to enjoy the community of friendly racers that our ChampCar community has become. 

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  2. 1 hour ago, hotchkis23 said:

    Wish we had points for better hubs....245's seemed to make them an every other race consumable.  Yes, I know they are only 2.5 pts.(lobbied against that to no avail), but the car is running the same lap times or better. And not one of us whiny drivers have complained yet!

    Same times on 225's and 245's?

  3. 4 hours ago, FocusedSteve said:

    Just registered, didn’t know where t post this so here it is


    I’m looking for information about how the post race impound process work with Champcar, I’ve attended races, never watched the impound inspection system myself.  I’m currently building a car and I’m not sure if I like what I’m learning.


    The 2005 Black 916 Ford Focus SVT car of the Blue shells that took first place in class at Autobahn recently  is my concern.


    Phil Miller ran this car as a 2002 or 2004 Focus SVT car and did OK in the past, I think he did a first place at Autobahn a few years ago and a first place at Indianapolis.   He had some issues with the SVT motors and kept blowing them up. Fast Forward to now, Phil has spent a small fortune (I pray I had his disposable income) on upgrades including a full drivetrain swap to the newer 2.3L engine (actually a 2.5L)


    Now the car is listed as a 2005 Focus at 200 points.

    How did this car go from being a 325 Point 2004 Ford Focus SVT, to being a black 2005 Ford focus at 200 points?


    Isn’t an engine swap, an engine swap?  How do you get to just change the year of the car?  What year is the car from the VIN number?

    Or am I totally off base and the black car is new build for him?


    Lets considered the possibility that I’m totally confused on the providence of the chassis and put that out of frame.


    Phil’s Black 2005 Focus number 916 just landed first in class at autobahn, doesn’t it get inspected?  Did anyone even notice that it’s a 2.5L engine, not a 2.3L?  Wouldn’t that be class C not B? 

    What else is on this car that isn’t declared?  Does the 2.5 even come from a car on the VPI list?


    Additionally, rear hubs.  The Focus of this era is known to have rear hub issues, which Phil has experienced first hand.  Suddenly he runs two races with no rear hub issues, again, the inspection process, what parts of the rear hub or carrier is he using, because I doubt they are stock Focus parts.

    With Phil’s deep pockets did he pay off a Champcar tech inspector?


    1)      How do you change a cars year of manufacture and get reduced poi9nts instead of an engine swap calculator and added points?

    2)      Does Champcar check displacement at post race tech inspection?

    3)      What are the rules on swapped suspension parts?


    I’m beginning to think that Champcar tech isn’t really a tech inspection, please convince me that I’m wrong.

    Hello, @FocusedSteve and welcome to the CC forums. 

    You've raised some good questions, and are obviously very familiar with these cars.

    I hope they are in  teh spirit of understanding the BCCR, but I'm troubled by the accusatory nature of your claims.


    What are you building yourself? A focus? Many of us network together to share what we've learned and perhaps could answer some of the questions you raised.

    I'm on CC's Technical Advisor Committee and have spoken with Phil about his car, and also know his sister team car and it's owner/builder well.

    I run a Focus myself.  


    Without seeing the Tech sheet on the 916 car, I can't answer all of the questions raised. Thank you BoD member @Chris Hugginsfor providing some answers. 

  4. 34 minutes ago, kentlmerkle said:

    No pics yet. Cage being finished up.

    T.I. I've never really left. Just been lurking in the shadows 

    Great to hear from you Kent!!!!!

    Looking forward to seeing you.


    edit: This just made my day, reconnecting and looking forward to seeing some of the good folks we met when we got started in endurance racing!!!

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  5. 13 hours ago, gundy said:

    You can't even use this to get used to a new track.

    "Intermediate must have minimum of 5 track days on VIR full course.   Advanced group must have a minimum of 10 track days on VIR full course. "

    I hate to laugh about this, but it sure didn't make much sense when I read it, too.

    Sounds like the promoter knows very little about the customer base's needs a day before an endurance race.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Stick1975 said:

    Was wondering, is there a way you can close off a sunroof with a plate or something and not be required to have arm restraints?

    If the car is a hardtop, Yes, it's done all the time. Thin aluminum or steel sheeting can be used to close off the opening left by the sunroof cartridge assembly.


    If it's a convertible, it's a bit more complex, but some cars such as Miatas, run with a fabricated panel covering the top of the roll cage, and a window net to cover the window opening. I believe they are able to race without arm restraints when configured this way.


    edit: from the BCCR:

    9.6. SUNROOFS, T-TOPS, CONVERTIBLES 9.6.1. All cars with sunroof and/or t-top openings must be covered by either a firmly attached removable hardtop, the original sunroof panel, or a fabricated metal panel secured and fixed in place. Alternately, they can be run as convertibles with the drivers wearing the required arm restraints or with a roof net installed on the vehicle.

  7. On 7/8/2021 at 12:16 AM, Bandit said:

    Was wondering if anyone here would notice how well they peeled sod without ripping off the car.


    They are definitely building them stronger than they used to. Now it's like a plow up front. As @mender said, I've seen a few cars that have done what he described.


    As a side note regarding Nascar - I was 1 of it's biggest cheerleaders a few years back, but find the races are getting more and more painful to watch. It's almost as if you're watching a talk show with a slew of commercials. Lately, it's unusual to see 5-10 laps of actual racing without a competition caution, a scheduled 10 minute break twice a race (stages), or the mysterious debris cautions to tighten up the field every few laps. All those stoppages, along with the pits being open or not open at certain times - idk, someone has developed a pretty elaborate game that has me losing interest more and more each year.


    Going to MIS to see Indy cars once a year and Nascar twice a year was always a summer highlight. Indycar no longer comes to MIS and we lost 1 of the nascar races to the "new markets" they are exploring. Great track seeing little use - it sucks. This was always something the women in our family enjoyed too. Even my wife, a die hard fan, is just about done watching. At least they put some more road courses on the schedule since I enjoy those, but my wife hates them.... 

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  8. 21 hours ago, veris said:

     Not because I really care, but because having to read pages of whining makes me a jerk. 


    Hmm, you oughta try living here in the States - for some (most?) folks claiming that this is the greatest country in the world, it seems like someone's always whining about something. 

    Don't feel bad, it's all made me more of a jerk than I like to be, too.

    I still remember my old boss telling me at 18 "Don't let the bastards wear you down."

    Good advice that I have to think about daily.

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  9. I was going to (and still should) write a petition to limit the number of petitions per year to about the first 40 or so received.  

    And also place a limit on how many per member. 
    I’ve seen first hand how much time petitions occupy. 
    I also still feel that it was a move by the “benevolent dictator” to complicate things for management by allowing the racers to suggest the rules. This was a Huge departure from how he ran things. I believe he wanted to leave total chaos that could possibly fail. 

  10. 7 hours ago, Chris Huggins said:

    The tech desk was never intended to be its own second rule book.  Its gotten way out of hand on both sides.

    The original intent was to get away from "emails" so everyone was on the same page.

    Most of the members are using it as intended - asking Tech specific questions about implementation of specific rules that already exist, or asking for VPI updates/additions.

    Then there are a few people who are using it to probe for angles or loopholes...  These are the things that lead to the "second rule book" perception.

    There is a tough balance to strike here. 


    Quoted again for emphasis.

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  11. 7 hours ago, 55mini said:

    Wait just  a darn minute! You can't race that car that way, it needs 60% body. At least the tennis ball is a nice touch 🙂


    Speaking of racing are we going to see this at a track this year??????????  Maybe Gingerman.

    Yes Gingerman and Mid Ohio. We were going to try to do autobahn but couldn’t make it work in between a trip to Yellowstone and our daughter having her second baby. Going testing at the local road course on Wednesday, July 14th. Hope to see you guys soon and be on track together

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  12. 7 hours ago, revvhappy said:

    After all of the window net discussions on the forum I bought the largest trapezoid net that I could find, the RJS.      Bottom width is 32".


    I found the same thing, and have used this same RJS net on several customer roll cage builds. 

  13. 54 minutes ago, Bill Strong said:

    That's similar to the one we've always used (ribbon vs mesh is the only difference, size is the same, I think Allstar #10288??), however with the large rake angle on a lot of windshields, in some cases, EVEN this net will not reach forward of the steering wheel completely. If this doesn't pass tech, we will look at angling it down in front and moving it forward a bit. But then that opens a big gap at the top. Which is worst?



  14. Troy, I agree with your thoughts in the last section. In a nutshell, yes, unwritten rules suck. It’s one of my pet peeves and things the tac is trying to rectify. 
    the scenario of a new team being surprised at tech isn’t new to me. I’ve built roll cages for over a dozen cars, many for champcar, and some of those teams WERE surprised at tech and got a bad taste for ChampCar. It’s part of the reason the tac group strives to have a good bccr that can be followed easily. 
    lastly, no, we the tac do not have a list of items tech has assigned points for. We do work together with them continually though to learn these things, and as has happened in the past, the FPV list keeps getting longer and longer as we include those items. It’s not a perfect situation, but believe me there are many people working behind the scenes to try to make this a fair and fun experience for everybody. 

  15. 1 hour ago, MR2 Biohazard said:

    BTW- since you brought up tires what tires do you run on your car?

    We've run Rivals, RS-3's and RS-4's when we've been able to race.

    My car lost a motor in Fall 2017, and it's taken 3 years of garnering spare money and time to get it together again, along with a multitude of other upgrades to the car - so I'm not a very good gauge of current performance of any kind.

    I DO Appreciate your efforts on keeping this racing affordable, as there would be No way I'd be able to do this if it weren't for the low budget nature of our series, It's a big part of why I volunteered to be on the TAC - to try to provide this opportunity for others and keep it affordable. 

    I'm sure you're disappointed. But I hope and feel confident that the series will work through this issue as it has all previous issues, get past it, and continue to provide this playground for us. 


    P.S. Hard to tell without hearing the words verbally, so I'm not sure if you truly wanted to know what tires I run - or if it was just another jab at me for not racing as much as some teams do - or as much as I'd like to. Either way, no worries. 


  16. 1 hour ago, MR2 Biohazard said:

    WOW.  What a great response and great help. Thanks for that, you really contributed to help the community and clarify a rule for me on my wing that is 20 points when I was thinking it should be 10. Maybe since you are on the TAC committee you should know where the rule is written and where I can look it up and help instead of snide nasty comments meant to piss people off.  


    I was not discussion tires here, I was trying to figure out the rule on my wing and they why.

    I'm sure you noticed that on my 2nd post, I did try to provide a bit of an explanation.

    Couldn't help myself on my first response though - you're pretty good at dishing out on people, so I'm sure you're really good at taking it in return, right? 

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  17. 4 hours ago, MR2 Biohazard said:

    And I am fine with that if there is a rule on it, I just do not see a rule on it and it seems like a judgement call.


    Can anyone show me a rule on it or is there not a rule on it and given points as tech wants?

    You’re right. A 2nd element or wing is not covered in the bccr. Aero descriptions and pictures have improved greatly in the past few years, partly due to our Media/Marketing/Several other hats guy, working with Tac, Tech and BoD to improve the bccr. It’s is a constant evolution as loopholes and new cars are investigated and added/modified. 
    in the meantime, Tim’s note best describes how Tech assigned points in this case. 

    1 hour ago, Timothy G. Elliott said:

    Seems like Tech can consider this as a none listed added item, and assign points as they see fit.  I see your point , but A wing is what is stated in the rules a second element can easily be thought of as a second wing. Makes sense to me.


  18. So tire petitions, and many words on these forums yielded no tire rule changes - unfortunate.
    Well, use your own advice to all of us - keep coming on here and finding more things to write long complaint lists about - while we work to improve our cars!! 😄

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