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  1. We tested twice last fall, finally! I mentioned in the autobahn thread that we hope to make that race. My daughter is due with her second child a week after that, but the guys said get everything ready and they would take over if I have to leave.
  2. Spent another weekend “adding more lightness” to the car.
  3. So according to the interpretation being used, a car like this would need a window net that extends forward to about where the ty wrap is half way down the A-pillar. I've never seen a net like that (other than custom NASCAR nets.) Has anyone else?
  4. I started writing earlier but erased it. I agree with Chris. On all the roll cage and net installations I've done, I have yet to find a net that extends forward to the steering wheel on cars with a sloped windshield (most modern cars!) The solutions can be unique and expensive (see NASCAR custom nets that are angled at the top front section.) Yes @Bill StrongI've tried every one of the nets shown - all fall short unless you mount the top front corner low, exposing a gap from the net top to the roof rail. What's worse, a gap at the top of the net adjacent to the driver, or a gap where the arm is fully extended forward? There's another endurance series that doesn't even require window nets. Do we have data that shows hand/arm injuries from nets that didn't extend forward far enough? This issue, and the deal with HANS tethers being out of date - surprises at tech over this kind of stuff makes the series look bad. The same thing happened a few years back with window net dates requirements not being in the BCCR. Teams failed unwritten Tech rules and weren't very happy or impressed with their first taste of ChampCar. Enforcement and BCCR intent and wording need to agree with each other.
  5. @tneker I think I've seen that diagram before. Did you create that for your car? That's some impressive work, and what a great way to have a visual diagram for comprehension of the system, duplication, and trouble shooting. Good stuff!
  6. Have you tried the Braille? edit: I bought an 11# one last summer and put it in the car. It’s been good for a dyno session and a couple of track days. it’s been on a trickle charger 24/7 all winter as the braille tech advisor recommended. I’m curious to see how it’s going to work out for us.
  7. The question is: For the front wheels/tires, Where does the fender flare end, and the air dam start? 10 (left side) and 2 (right side)?
  8. Well yea.....how else are we gonna get our grocery getters to keep up with your badass V8 stuff? and hey, my car came with 215’s. With 245’s on 9’s, it’s actually only 1.5” per side that the tire/rim exceeds the stock OE width. ...and damn, 2100’ish would sure be nice!!
  9. Well, I hope they don't try to enforce flare width that exceeds 10 to 2. It would be a bit tough (and SUCK major) to have to narrow this back up....
  10. You're both correct. For 2021, Zones for Aero devices were detailed further than before by specifying limits on the width and length of the aero device. 1) The 2021 BCCR wording limits Aero device width to the OE body width (not flare width). (I think TECH pushed for this rule.) IMO this was an attempt to regulate wing width more so than limiting air dam & splitter width. IMO it doesn't make sense to roll your fenders out from 10 to 2, but then the front leading edge of the tire can't be covered by the air dam and splitter. Those cannot extend out as far as the flares, per the 2021 BCCR wording. I think Tech is going to find that a lot of cars currently don't meet that new wording - just like @wvumtnbkr's. 2) For 2021, fore/aft Zones were also better defined, with hard lines being drawn at the axle centerlines. This has affected several BOD and TAC members' cars (and others'), and made folks unhappy. I do like the fact that hard lines were drawn limiting length and width. The length rule I like because it's straightforward and easily understandable and enforced. The width rule, I don't agree with that one so much... but it's what we have...
  11. We've run a couple of different Hayden coolers in our racecars. Have never had issues with them. I recalled the name as a good OEM and aftermarket supplier from my days wrenching. Great assortment of sizes, can be equipped with barb or -an type fittings. They also have a nice chart on their website that shows BTU /Cooling capabilities and physical sizes for their coolers. Mounting solutions are unique and simple too. edit: added catalog link, ck out pg 338 for chart https://www.haydenauto.com/media/5586/imperial_transmission-oil-cooler-pages.pdf
  12. I don't have much room to trash talk, but I recall a Focus @hotrod being on the podium last time CC was at Autobahn - and there are some new and improved ones coming (hopefully) this year.
  13. I can attest to @Fitsbain‘s cooking and pot luck organizing at PIRC (and more) most every year. His offerings, hospitality and friendship are a pleasure to have around on the race weekends.
  14. Nice job! Some say fender flares make our cars ugly. I tend to disagree. When done well, like the example above, and by re-using materials as shown, very nice results can be had without adding points. again, well done Lee.
  15. Wow, this is the most agreeable post I've seen from @MR2 Biohazard Well said, and thank you for pointing this out.
  16. @enginerd and @Burningham I like the routing shown for the vent tube. how do you guys properly shield that from the interior, is it all within inner panels in your car(s), or do you use metal lines for the vent tubes?
  17. Thanks to @Money Shift Racing Kevyn and Chris for supporting the series, and now racing in it too.
  18. We're hoping to make it. Our daughter's 2nd child is due a week later, so things are iffy... My teammates said to get everything ready and if I have to leave, they'll take over... The Midwest Regional Championship and the schedule are both awesome!!! (Now I've got to figure out how to resolve family commitments/conflicts for 3 of the 4 races!!)
  19. Close up pictures please
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