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  1. We've run a couple of different Hayden coolers in our racecars. Have never had issues with them. I recalled the name as a good OEM and aftermarket supplier from my days wrenching. Great assortment of sizes, can be equipped with barb or -an type fittings. They also have a nice chart on their website that shows BTU /Cooling capabilities and physical sizes for their coolers. Mounting solutions are unique and simple too. edit: added catalog link, ck out pg 338 for chart https://www.haydenauto.com/media/5586/imperial_transmission-oil-cooler-pages.pdf
  2. I don't have much room to trash talk, but I recall a Focus @hotrod being on the podium last time CC was at Autobahn - and there are some new and improved ones coming (hopefully) this year.
  3. I can attest to @Fitsbain‘s cooking and pot luck organizing at PIRC (and more) most every year. His offerings, hospitality and friendship are a pleasure to have around on the race weekends.
  4. Nice job! Some say fender flares make our cars ugly. I tend to disagree. When done well, like the example above, and by re-using materials as shown, very nice results can be had without adding points. again, well done Lee.
  5. Wow, this is the most agreeable post I've seen from @MR2 Biohazard Well said, and thank you for pointing this out.
  6. @enginerd and @Burningham I like the routing shown for the vent tube. how do you guys properly shield that from the interior, is it all within inner panels in your car(s), or do you use metal lines for the vent tubes?
  7. Thanks to @Money Shift Racing Kevyn and Chris for supporting the series, and now racing in it too.
  8. We're hoping to make it. Our daughter's 2nd child is due a week later, so things are iffy... My teammates said to get everything ready and if I have to leave, they'll take over... The Midwest Regional Championship and the schedule are both awesome!!! (Now I've got to figure out how to resolve family commitments/conflicts for 3 of the 4 races!!)
  9. Close up pictures please
  10. Wow, they didn't have any hydromats with this type of attachment a few years back. Awesome product!
  11. This is a real gas powered blender blaster. By the Bavarian Mustache Werks “Blender Blaster” himself. @NigelStu @Zauskycop
  12. In the past, Champcar/ChampCar provided the radio frequencies. I thought I recall that when the series communications sponsorship changed about 2-3 years back, the new system does not provide the same ease of access. Is that true @Bill Strong
  13. You are correct. It was at 56:50 that the driver did the burnout. 53:00 is the time one poster flagged as the prelude to the burnout, showing the drivers’ prior actions/attitude.
  14. Paulie's video was spot on. Setting up my new Yi4k camera to live stream was simple following his instructions. I did have an issue with connectivity using my iPhone as the streaming hotspot. I was able to connect he camera to my home network first time, every time, so that made it easier to isolate the issue. I purchased a Verizon 8800L Jetpack to use as a hotspot in the car. The Yi connects to the 8800 easily each time. Having "practiced" a few times while checking connectivity, it now takes me (not an electronics genius) just a few minutes to set up and live stream successfully. Now that the car's all back together, it will be nice to be able to get out and use this!!
  15. An hour and a half - even more incredible! Golden age indeed. I wish I had taken pictures of more of the stuff I did years ago. I do have a pretty good album of crazy OEM intake manifold prototypes from the early 90’s. Cool stuff to see! Nice work!
  16. @mender If those are made of metal, like it looks like they are - that is an awesome display of hammer-forming!!! What did you use as a pattern to hammer over? Or sandbag + form combination?.?. English wheel? Brings back memories of hammer-forming a lot of intake manifold plenums and runners back in the day... Rapid prototyping put a lot of us fabricators out of business.
  17. Hmmm, do I get into this discussion again? 3rd or 4th time topic on these forums IIRC in the past few years.... Hint: 6 pole switch meets the rule as Huggy described.
  18. We ran Mid Ohio in 2016, and quickly found out why my SCCA buddies love it. My son Danny did a great job there too, and is looking forward to going back. (After the shift linkage broke, he set FTD for the weekend running the whole track in 3rd gear only.) Yes, the Midwest schedule is awesome - spacing and all...!! thanks @E. Tyler Pedersen and others who worked on this.
  19. Did I miss a big announcement for us Mid-Northern teams? Thank You ChampCar! @Andrew D Johnson @NigelStu @55mini @JDChristianson @enginerd @Kentite @Hi_Im_Will @IPF Racing @Wittenauer Racing
  20. They used to be, before a former CC racer coerced a former CC official into reducing them to 2.5.
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