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  1. This is exactly why most BoD members and TAC members now refrain from posting here. You may be genuinely interested, but that doesn't force me to further engage in your soap box rant about this subject.
  2. To keep people safe. When I bought my aluminum flywheel - which by the way is already installed, so a 10 point change will affect other parts I can add to my build**** - I checked with the manufacturer to see if it was SFI rated. Because I don't want me, or any of my drivers , or competitors for that matter, to have something happen like that picture depicts. If Tech asks me if my aluminum flywheel is SFI rated, I can knowledgeably and correctly answer YES, because I made a phone call to the manufacturer to question it, and suggested that they put that fact on their website. See, this stuff is really not that complicated... Kind of reminds me of a bigger picture going on right now - people trying to make recommendations to keep others safe are somehow scrutinized by those who think they know better.... I hope it doesn't get to the point where you guys start threatening us... (green font?) ****Oh, I included this part for those of you who's build are awaiting a decision on this. I'm in the same boat, waiting to see if my FW is 10 points or not, but I know that with the CEO transition, and listening to all that Dana Morrison described is going on at this time of the year with track contracts, etc. - I figure I can wait a bit longer....
  3. Than they should probably stick to running a stock factory OEM setup, as IMO that follows the spirit of a low budget entry level series.
  4. Perfect. Once your testing on 205/8's stickies vs 245/10's rocks is done, learn me too pleaz.
  5. @wvumtnbkr you already learned all you need to know without testing. 205 is the widest you can get in a 15” testing will answer: 205 sticky vs 245 RS4; and how well will the 205’s work on 10” wide, or do you now need a set a 8’s” or 9’s fir the 205’s?
  6. DW also has a great injector testing/cleaning service.
  7. @tneker You'll be happy with that press. You may have seen mine when you were here. It works great for bearings, hubs, gearboxes, etc. With some rudimentary dies, or purchase of a small press-brake attachment like Eastwood sells - you'll be able to do some metal forming with it too. The 20 ton air/hydraulic jack is a nice addition, too.
  8. I can't tell you when we'll see an official ruling on this - I know that Tech, TAC, BoD, and media personnel are working hard to resolve some of the issues that members were most vocal about in the 2021 BCCR. This work is ongoing. While there has been a lot of critique on some of the 2021 content, I'm glad that CC management structure is patient and understanding enough to listen to issues brought forth from members, TAC, Tech, etc. and look at possible revisions. And yes, everyone realizes this puts portions of a car build on hold - for some of us too. I dug up old TAC notes regarding Flywheels & clutches. We've also discussed this the past couple weeks. TAC's opinion on FW's/Clutches is that Safety is foremost for this type of item. We don't want to see flywheels that are modified/lightened by the end user, and stress/recommend that replacement flywheels/clutches are SFI rated. As with any rule in our entry level series, the intention is to keep cost, speed creep, and "perception of what is needed to be competitive" in check, in order to continue to draw in the type of entry level teams the series was founded on. Much discussion centered on 'How do we determine how light a LW FW is, and draw a line on points vs. no points?" So the line was drawn at material - steel vs. aluminum, something easier to check than weight itself. A line was also drawn between stock diameter and reduced diameter clutches. While folks have shown that cheap E-bay type parts are available in small diameter, we do not encourage their use - partially due to quality concerns, and once again the perception that a racing type small diameter clutch system is not usually equated with "low budget, entry level." I'll share with you what TAC's recommendations are. THIS IS NOT OFFICIAL, as the BoD has not approved these recommendations yet (or may not.?.) -All flywheels must be OE, OE equivalent or SFI rated -Unmodified, SFI rated steel flywheel with similar dimensions and stock type / single disc clutch 0 pts. -Dual-mass flywheels may be converted to single-mass meeting above specifications for 0 pts -Aluminum / performance "light-weight" SFI rated flywheels with stock type clutch 10 pts. -Multi-disc / smaller diameter clutch/flywheel systems 50 pts
  9. Awesome work! In 1 of the pics you posted, I saw some pretty nice machinery in the background. You obviously know how to use it! Good luck in continuing with your car build.
  10. Thanks Ron, We had a great experience recently in purchasing 1 of G-Force's new FIA Enduro Hans Pro Series Camlock harnesses (built with features that Schroth's best offerings have. Check it out.) https://discoveryparts.com/g-force-auto-racing-competition-harness-/4198-g-force-fia-enduro-hans-pro-series-camlock-harness-g-force-7623.html?search_query=harness&results=308 I read some good reviews of that harness here, and a few other forums, but they were hard to find in stock at some of the typical outlets. I should have tried DiscoveryParts first. I called to check stock, and they physically made sure the harness was in stock and ready to ship asap. Excellent customer service, free shipping, ChampCar sponsor and 10% discount made me feel guilty and dumb for not shopping at Discovery sooner. I'll now plan to look to their website/store as 1 of my 'go to' places.
  11. Quoted so everyone can Like it a 2nd time. Thanks Ray.
  12. Good point. TAC has brought this up and would like to spend more time on it, rather than being bogged down with 113 petitions to go through this past year. (I'm seriously thinking about submitting a petition to limit petitions to 25-30 per year. Get it in early or wait until next year. Most were frivolous, and repetitive anyway. Some for many years, as mentioned.) This doesn't sound like a rules problem at all to me. Team chose to swap engine so they can run up front - spent points on go fast parts -suspension, wing, splitter - but fail to fix the reliability problem they have. Hmmm, the swap to be competitive came with some issues that needed to be solved too? Damn rulebook!! (Sounds kinda like today's world - make a bad choice but blame someone else for your results.) Knowing my type of car runs really hot oil temperatures in racing conditions, the first modification I chose when building the car was to put a 20 point oil cooler on it. As I sit here at right around 480 points, it sure would be nice if that oil cooler was free so I could add a wing, splitter and air dam that most folks say will get you 3-4 seconds a lap. Not trying to pick on ya Troy, but many others have pointed out how this works, it's not that hard to understand. Points for items made free will be used elsewhere to make the car go faster. A revamp of VPI's and FPV's would be necessary to allow free reliability mods. Most of us volunteers don't have time for an entire re-write, and most of the members have learned to work within the ChampCar rules, and don't want it.
  13. Although we can assign points, what say ya'll 10, 50, or 100 ? 10 is definitely not enough. 50 or 100 would be my advice, to discourage use, in order to keep costs down. edit: This item has been clouded in confusion since there were several different answers on the Knowledge Base/Tech Desk. TAC has discussed this at length multiple times and were happy with it at one time before our recommendation was reversed. I'll have to dig up old notes to see exactly what that was.
  14. @petawawarace I hope you take @wvumtnbkr's advice, and don't give up on ChampCar yet. The task of creating and maintaining a rulebook that is fair for all - ina series trying to equalize and quantify performance of many different makes/models - is difficult to say the least. Our BCCR is nowhere near perfect, but there are a lot of folks trying to make the series the best it can be. We've got many smart builders wanting and able to push the envelope. Balancing that with rules that still enable the little guy to join in and have some fun is a complex thing. As Rob said, i hope you'll hang in there as things evolve.
  15. @petawawarace your situation is unfortunate. Rules stability is key so teams will not spend money needlessly. TAC members have been trying to keep costs and competition in check by making recommendations that hold true to the low budget nature of this series. There have always been arguments of "If we can't check it, we can't make a rule against it." That is the viewof some in CC management. Many of us on the TAC do not agree with that statement, and feel that even if an item is difficult to police, it doesn't mean that item should be "open." We have fought that sentiment from our earliest meetings and continue to do so. It has ALWAYS been our stance and opinion that this is AN AMATEUR, ENTRY LEVEL SERIES. Having said that, some common sense is in order when building a car to a series described as such. My advice to anyone pushing the rules envelope is to ask yourself this question: Does the part I'm getting ready to dump big money on really fit in a low budget, entry level rule set? Most of the TAC group don't think multi-disk clutches, lightweight racing alternators, and items such as that are common place items in a low budget series, and will continue to fight to keep costs from escalating further. It's quite obvious by some of the threads today that teams WILL go out and spend real money in the thousands of dollars looking for any advantage. To keep things in check and affordable, TAC will continue to recommend that certain racing style parts/systems, etc. either have points associated to them, or outlawed outright.
  16. Some really good custom roll cage builders DO take the time to TIG weld their cages. The last sentence is entirely true. It is very difficult and time consuming. You rarely see TIG welded cages on anything even close to resembling mass production. Oh wait this sounds like an ad for a custom cage builder, LOL!
  17. Thanks for your input Ray. TAC and Tech have always recommended that anything other than a stock flywheel/clutch should be points, even though some TAC members will have to take points for this. (A possible exception was dual mass going to conventional steel FW). We recommended that aftermarket replacements must be SFI approved. We also recommended sticking with stock style, single disk clutches/pressure plates - all in the interest of keeping costs down in our amateur, entry level series. Yes it has been frustrating to discuss this so many times and to see the conflicting Tech Desk answers, reversal of our recommendations, etc. At any rate, discussions continue on this topic.
  18. Hmmmm.... one of those Wingmen Aerodynamics swan necks? Like @E. Tyler Pedersenand @NigelSturun? They really work? C’mon...
  19. That Pegasus part looks like a good one, as it says it's designed for use with glycol based coolants. We've had good luck with a Standard PS15T switch that can be found almost anywhere car parts are sold. We use 1 for OP, 1 for coolant pressure, and keep a spare or 2 in the parts box. https://www.amazon.com/Standard-Motor-Products-PS15T-Pressure/dp/B000CKTJ78
  20. Fir that application it does. But many hatchbacks like the civic or focus have almost vertical rear hatches that aren’t at all like the picture.
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