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  1. I've had the pleasure of having Sam on the radio and helping work on the car for a couple of race weekends. He does a great job with everything that is needed during a race weekend to help make your weekend much less stressful! Hire the guy, you won't regret it!
  2. Barely used (1 race, one track day) OMP Corsica 330mm steering wheel. This is for the wheel only, quick release not included. $215 shipped in US. Thanks, Brandon 479-629-5951
  3. I have a like new Pro Tools 105 HD Bender that I need to sell. It has a 1.75" x 6" CLR x 90* die with it. I used it for one roll cage. Also included is a 43" long steel handle (not pictured), a 1.75" PipeMaster tubing contour gauge that is like new. I'd like 500 for all of it and can deliver it to Daytona next week or buyer pay shipping. Buying new right now would be roughly $660 plus shipping. Thanks Brandon
  4. So then does a traditional x brace with a sill bar pass because it is technically two "horizontal" or "continuous" bars?
  5. There are people out there right now building cars for the series to meet these rules. If the rule is written one way it should be good to go. Not enforced in a personal way by different tech inspectors. If a tech inspector has an issue with a rule to the point of not passing a car that meets the rule as written, he needs to get the rules rewritten asap. There is no specific wording as to how an X bar must be constructed in the rules.
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