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  1. apparently a single well driven and prepared NC miata at 2 races is a basis for adjusting the rules for them but an e30 that is several seconds faster at road America for a couple of races has no relevance.
  2. where do ask about a 2010 Mazda Cx7 to be added to the list?
  3. thanks for the info thanks for the info
  4. what ecu / tuning are you all using for the NC. definitely seems like a lot less options than usual
  5. it's probably been asked, but does grants car run power steering?
  6. if you go to big for your cars weight/hp/track condition/drivers skill level, they do not get up to temperature properly. most people think bigger is better, but not necessarily. if you get the rs4 up to the proper temp they are great.
  7. your car held a good pace , especially in the rain . If you could make it down to pbir, I believe you would own a Podium spot. you did a great job on the swap. great job this weekend
  8. Bill Strong, how did your truck do on your way home?
  9. congrats to your daughter. you all did a great job holding your line.
  10. uh Billy boy, where's them TROPHY pics? chop chop
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