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  1. There you go Ed , if you can cut out of work early enough...
  2. Hry guys, I emailed you this morning. I talked to a friend that says he is interested also . Give me a call when you get a chance Thanks Justin 352-200-0371
  3. Hey Ed, if you want to ride up with me that's fine. You'll just need to get up to my house
  4. Ok. I'll load them up. Can you send me your number so I can find you when I get to the track?
  5. Sure. I can bring you complete front and rear subframes with control arms , hubs/spindles $125 each
  6. If you don't work something out with Elon, I'd be interested in helping out. I recently bought a couple sc300 so I'd like to check out your car. I have a couple stints with another team already but I could swing another stint
  7. Good point. Yes I have parts from 1990 all the way to 2005. I believe I have a good nb Hood. $60
  8. I have a few miatas. Let me know what you need and I'll bring the parts with me to Sebring. 5 speeds, axles, driveshaft, doors fenders, taillights, control arms, hoods, etc 352-200-0371
  9. 5 speed , diffs, axles, driveshafts, M52 engine, M54 engine , headlights, taillights Call 352-200-0371
  10. I've got some windshields $40 each of you pull them . miatas, sc300, e46 bmws
  11. I've got one with a clean FL title that they can have for $50 if they are willing to come to Florida
  12. This car sold already. He has another car that is very similar but with out the Evo ignition management
  13. I'm about wrapped up with all my real estate projects and probably going to either build a car or buy one for the southern races that ksr D does not make. I already have a 97 that I was thinking about building because of the points valuation on it. What is the points valuation on this car for sale?
  14. We were just talking about the Maxima a couple days ago. Yeah, I'm glad it's far away, otherwise I might be tempted to buy it
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