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  1. Anyone with seat time in any of these events? Preferably in RwD but definitely looking for something competitive.. I have tons of time at Daytona, I won there in 1999 on a motorcycle. And have race there and several cars. I have never raced at Road America or NCM but I will watch video and see about see time on a Sim before the Race You are welcome to call or text me at 352-200-037one
  2. I haven't run the Miata in a few years. I'm not sure about the rules on the hardtops anymore...
  3. I bought one. It's the 3rd zamp helmet that I've bought. I have no complaints
  4. Coincidentally , tom found me on Facebook
  5. I'd like a pair or 4 new . Please call me 352-200-0371
  6. The car was built by BSI in Florida. I have used it to do a few track days. I have a couple of other race cars, therefore this one never gets used. It is a 1990 with a 1.6. it is basically bone stock except for the exhaust. The car has a fire suppression system, quick release steering wheel, race seat, harness, roll cage, and hardtop. It will also come with the 15 in rims and a bunch of spare parts including doors, OEM rear bumper , front hubs, and brake calipers
  7. Hey all, I raced with some great guys a Nelson yesterday. Unfortunately, I now owe them a couple of parts . If you're coming down to Sebring from the NY / New Jersey area and wouldn't mind bringing back a couple of parts , I would be greatly appreciate it. Justin 352-200-0371
  8. I have a bunch of parts for these cars. If you need parts from these cars and you'll be at the Sebring race , let me know what you need. 352-200-0371 Thanks Justin
  9. I have loads of Parts- If my Miata race car doesn't sell by Sebring, I'll be bringing it also. 2002 complete 1.8 vvt engine 129k miles (still Ina car, hear it run) $700 1999 complete 1.8 unknown miles out ready to go $600 Early 1990-1997 5 speed $109 Late 1999-2005 5 speed $150 Fenders , headlights, taillights, brakes , subframes, control arms , hoods , trunks, And SO many MORE Call or text me 352-200-0371
  10. Driver seat and steering wheel https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-3_PNrMcAKzEzV0n4RfmlznGfmIPRLPe/view?usp=drivesdk Passenger side and cage https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-Llh5fOFzZuaePqx_DNH3ynxVAAIlgjX/view?usp=drivesdk
  11. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1tEGW9f1FAkVGbS7-N_7oMugXUDgZ7g9f/view?usp=drivesdk Loads of parts
  12. As you can see from the last picture I have tons of Miata spares. I think there's 4 miatas behind the race car. I also have a couple more. And probably five cars in parts. The car will come with spare Smurf colored doors and rear bumper. If you'd like other spare parts we can definitely work something out
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