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  1. I'm fine with it either way really; I was simply putting another option out there. As for DNA, I understand that but sometimes not changing can mean the start of a decline. Another point I will bring up. Throwing a lot of money to win a race for a much less valuable trophy is fine by me. It is another option available to teams, just like some teams are using better drivers, or better engineers/engineering, or better homework, or better racecraft to gain an advantage. Why should money be penalized if we aren't going to penalize the other things? Is it OK if I hire 3 or 4 professional drivers and a pro support race team to race my car and win races? ChampCar's raison de'etre is "...for people like you that have always wanted to go road racing without all of the hassles, huge rulebook or obscene expense." It doesn't say anything in there about being competitive or being able to podium without obscene expense, just to go have fun by getting into racing without too many hurdles (ruleset, monetary, bureaucratic).
  2. How about doing away with the 5 minute minimum pitstop? This would create more strategy as most teams today can fill up their car in about 2 or 3 minutes. Changing all tires every stop is allowed (cannot work on car while fueling is still enforced), but it takes time so each team will have to understand the tradeoff. It will also remove some advantage to small engine/big fuel tank cars so when they double-stint without fueling, it doesn't keep 2 hour fueling cars in the pits as long. And no more needing workers to keep track of pit stop time. Feels more like actual racing as well.
  3. Well, another way to beat this horse is to not allow any tire changes during the race except for a cut tire. Or maybe just allow one tire change for the race. Not sure how this would work in practice as some teams might be running around on worn tires but the incentive would be to start on new tires that can last the entire race. Again, very long races might require an additional rule where one set of tires could be changed per race.
  4. Great offense? What did I say that is so offensive? I simply sought to understand your statement that you 'will ALWAYS vote in the majority". You even all-capped the word 'always'. Ok then, so if enough of the BoD votes like this, then I can assemble my coalition of a majority of members to get petitions accepted with the coalitions best interests in mind. Common sense means sound judgement. As I stated, the BoD should not necessarily be voting with the majority for petitions/rules but with the intent to not disenfranchise any group, no matter how tiny a minority they are. I don't get the hostility coming from a Board member. Were you a leader in SCCA previously?
  5. I have a problem with this statement (Tyranny of the majority). As a thought exercise, imagine a time and place where all the BMW and Miata teams represent 60% of the membership and decide to create a petition wherein all non-BMW and Miata vehicles must start with 5 penalty laps, or BMW/Miata teams get free stuff or other examples; you get the point. Would you support this? I hope not. The role of the Board in ChampCar should be to ensure (as much as possible) a level playing field and to prevent any faction from gaining an advantage at the rules level. Sometimes the Board must side with the minority in order to prevent despotism. Please be rational and use common sense.
  6. ChampCar should have a Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (DIE) policy that would allow teams with less funds, slower/late registering teams, teams with people of color, transgender teams, ethnic teams, disabled teams, political teams, and all other underrepresented populations first right of refusal for registration. That would create an equitable racing field. All cars at the end of the race will be given enough laps to put them on the lead lap so that no team feels like they were not fast enough. This inclusion will guarantee more similar outcomes and make racing a more inviting activity. Also, we will need to make trophies for all entrants, including ones who couldn't register because the race filled up. If you disagree with these statements above, vote for me at the next BoD election.
  7. Have you ever taken off a gas cap and heard a 'whoosh'? That is pressurized air inside the tank achieving new equilibrium with outside air pressure.
  8. This was one of the cars we looked at building. If ChampCar allowed a DSG to be classified an automatic, the Audi TT 3.2 with DSG would be the overdog du jour. 245 HP, AWD, 6 speed, dual clutch fast shifts for 540 - 75 = 465 points.
  9. If it doesn't say you can't in the rules, then you can.
  10. Please point out the rule which states this.
  11. Says you. Nothing in the rules that says I can't continue using pieces/parts that I have replaced, is there? Except for stuff that maybe has 'swap' in the sentence. But even that is debatable. If I pay points for a non-OE radiator, I reserve the right to use my original radiator for anything else I want to do with it, like maybe turn it into an engine oil cooler.
  12. So is using bulkhead panels and the hood to create an undertray and side skirts where there were "none to begin with". Allowed per interpretation of rule 4.7 for 0 points. Rule 4.7. Repurposed Materials / Tech interpretation and enforcement are all repurposed materials that must be documented in photos and/or videos showing the complete repurposing process to be valued as no points. Any questionable items will be valued at materials cost.
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