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  1. Session scheduled, it’s public Champcar Testing at 8:30
  2. Getting a little bit of feed back I'm thinking 9-945 practice 945-10 qualifying 10-1030 race
  3. Champcar iRacing testing Public Hosted Event Date: 1/30 time: 8:30-10:30 Track: Road Atlanta Car: MX5 Cup Practice: 8:30-9:50 Qualifying: 9:50-10 race: 10-10:30
  4. Speaking of Mazda contingency, @Bill Strong can someone from Champcar please consider discussing what it would take for the Mazda Motorsports contingency to get changed to something similar to their contingency with AER. They have a smaller payout but it is per race. I can only speak for myself but I am almost certain that quite a number of Mazda teams that run with Champcar don't necessarily run the championship race, for many different reasons.
  5. so does that mean I can bring my street stock to a RL champ event and be under 500 points??
  6. Can we start a petition to run the ND Miata instead of the NC?
  7. Any interest in Watkins Glen tonight from 9-11 in the CTS-V?
  8. Thanks, I had been manually adding the file under my documents. Adding it to my trading paints account appears to be the right way.
  9. I just wanted to reach out to some of you that have more experience with this. After editing the file, I am pasting it to my documents under the correct car folder with my number saved correctly. Sometimes the file stays in the folder, sometimes it does not. What could I be doing wrong? Thanks!
  10. I am hosting a 2 hour session tonight (5/16) @ 9 pm EST All champs welcome, but a heads up the few that I know will be racing are on the rookie to D level of driving. Session Name: Premature Accelerators Session PW: Chumpcar 1 hour practice 2 lap qualifying 35 minute race
  11. I know that there is a lot of good information out there on PC builds specifically for I racing but I wanted to get your guys take on this. I would like to upgrade my build slightly to allow for a more reliable and better experience. current setup: Asrock z77 i5 3570k Nvidia GTX 650-ti WD Black 1TB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600 C9 2X4GB clocked @ 1600 MHz PSU -450 I am thinking of upgrading my GPU, memory, and PSU. I am somewhat on a budget but I would prefer to not have to do this again for some time if possible so if it makes sense long term I am willing to spend a little more. considering the following: -GTX 1660 -Vengeance 4X8GB DDR3 or 4x4GB to save a couple bucks -EVGA 700 BR Thanks in advance!!
  12. Premature Accelerators Race Report VIR was new to all drivers, with that being said the weekend didn’t go as planned. Saturday started off well, the first stint we were able to put down some solid laps until our driver went a little too deep into T13. Unfortunately this resulted into making contact with the tire wall. We had to be towed in but luckily was only primarily cosmetic damage. The second stint I went out and learned the track had some fun battling with a few different cars. The third stint our rental driver, whom typically races Spec miata had and interesting event as he got sick on track, the go pro footage of this is both disturbing and awesome at the same time. We were able to finish the race in a respectable mid pack after all of that fiasco. Sunday was a new day, well that was until 30 minutes into the first stint when we had a driveline issue and ended up having to pull the transmission and swap a clutch. Second stint was going well until we threw an alternator belt and almost overheated the engine, third stint was in the rain storm which made us decide we need to add wipers as the rainX only works so well. The last stint we ended up throwing an alternator belt again due to losing the adjusterbolt the first time and having to temporarily fix the issue earlier. This time however the battery ended up ballooning and smoking badly. VIR you won this battle but we will be back next year and will be ready to battle again! While there was quite a lot of offs this weekend the car to car contact seemed seemed to be minimal from my prospective! Thanks again to some of the podium cars who were outright fast yet still very respectable to some of the slower cars on track -Greg
  13. Willing to ship? I Need a cheap fueling jacket that’s not a smedium...
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