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  1. If you have an option bigger wider more material is always better, rotors will last longer as well as brake pads that way, the rotors job is to disapate heat created while braking.
  2. That is the safest way and keeps others off of another car. That should be every drivers mentality on track, we have lots of time and choosing a safer place to pass should be a given in our series.
  3. I agree racing to a yellow should not be allowed. I work and have worked corners at Road America even for past Champ Car races, the idea of 2 per station would help, but RA has only had 1 per station in the past, even being a paid worker it would be hard to get that many more to come out and work 7 & 8 hours plus straight. And would add to the cost to Champ Car. And to add, I agree we should have as soon as the yellow flag is seen it's time to wait on racing.
  4. Just re watching the live broadcast, Bill, you attributed the quote of Groucho Marx to Mark Twain, I would not join a club that would have me as a member. Just thought I set it straight!
  5. Red Green would not approve of limiting Duct tape! Me either.
  6. And so far they work great, though with the Aero mods I might just have to change to something else,.. April will tell....
  7. BTW my set of 4 tires only cost $215.00 for all 4 and no fuel cell that would work is even 3 times that. Just saying..... Lol
  8. I agreed that this a good thing and helpful if written in the rules, as for waiting to pass untill you clear the next green or none flagged station again fully agreed, I also am in agreement with no passing as soon as you can see a yellow or waving yellow. Also following the car in front not off to either side, this makes it much safer for control to get safety where they are needed quicker. To many drivers will race to the yellow and as soon as they see a corner ahead with no flag will immediately pass. By having it written not to pass untill past that station it adds more control and safety
  9. It's nestled snug in it's trailer waiting for me to get it out and back in the garage, so I can install the 250 amp fuse at the battery for the main feed and install my low fuel pressure light for the lift pump, problem is all the snow we've been getting is going to make that a chore, waiting for some melting and hoping it's before April!
  10. I still think it's a good idea to have this written into the rules, and it's as I remember 1 no passing if you see a yellow. 2 No passing till after the incident. 3 and only after you can see the next green station. This gives local drivers a bit of an advantage as they know where the stations are, but can also be a black flag problem for them as the corners don't always know the series rules and can call in anyone the see or think passed too early. Having it written and explained to workers would help all. And yes I do flag quite a bit at Road America, another thing to keep in mind the corner
  11. I just looked and I can't find anything in the BCCR on when it is ok to pass a car after passing a yellow station. As I recall I believe at the drivers meeting is when we were told that it is after you pass the next green flag station. So not untill you clear the next green station. Then go racing again. If I am correct this should be written in the BCCR somewhere to eliminate any self interpretations. I've heard many drivers say that it was as soon as you see the next green station, if it's one or the other it should be written as such in our rules.
  12. The roof lines and hood are lower then the Rabbits, the tub is very similar, the cars are different platforms and the MK1 is different then the MK2. Same with the Rabbits MK1 pre 80 to 84 are different than the 1985 on up. Don't know how this affects swaps but there are fairly significant differences.
  13. Yah all true of the Scirroco, but the GTI is easy and cheap to get body parts for!
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