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  1. It's almost 10 seconds a lap slower because of the bend, and even though I have had lot's of experience and track time in many cars that bend messes me up alot!
  2. I do like anything that helps equalize the field, though I would not be against 3 hour stints either! Just figured I'd put that out here!
  3. I also feel this is not a debate, but a way of significantly leveling the fuel amounts allowed for all teams and making it fair for all with a reasonable way to check it at post race impound, I applaud the Board!
  4. My thoughts on this exactly, but now I've got to size up my filler tube so I can get 12 gallons in the little GTI! It's good for Two Idiot's and a Garage!
  5. Yes It's put on by Road America, should be able to find it at Motorsportsreg.com. $350.00.
  6. We never had the side mirrors, to start with, seemed areo mod to not have them or outside door handles, we do have a large wink that none of us us have complained about, side view is plenty with it for us all.
  7. As soon as the wire opens the coil will discharge and when ever the power stops! So yes that coil could easily fire way early!
  8. That's what I was thinking when I read that too, timing way out advanced could definitely cause detonation!
  9. Have you or your family seen The Art of Racing in the Rain? Awesome movie and book. Sad in spots funny in others yes, but explains us gear heads very well! A movie the whole family could enjoy.
  10. Thank you all, my Doctor's are very positive at this point but keeping me aware of the accumulative affects of both the radiation and chemo, this weekend it is harder to swallow and will get worse as it goes on, but I'm in good spirits as always, I will make it through all this and I will be at the race at RA but not running. I look forward to seeing you all there! At least the type of cancer I have is fairly treatable compared to what it could have been. They say it's caused by HPV that can hide for decades the suddenly flair up, the way I caught it was my tongue started going numb on one side, and started loosing taste. They say it's becoming very common among 50-60 year old men. Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers!
  11. Detonation, spark happening to early, could also be water in fuel causing poor combustion.
  12. Two Idiot's and a Garage/Sheboygan Auto Helpers is unfortunately out till the spring. I'm 3 weeks in of 7 for Chemo and Radiation.. and my co driver is out till spring but we will be back for that for sure!
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