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  1. No!!!! Never use RTV in a fuel system, I did that thinking that it would dry around the fuel sending unit o-ring, ( just to make sure it wouldn't leak) it was a month later before I added gas to the tank, the RTV oozes out once gas contacts it and fell into the tank an was sucked up on the screen in the fuel pump, one good test session followed by 3 bad ones! Then home and saw the RTV in the fuel pump inlet!
  2. That's what I am thinking! $180.00 isn't bad! Plus that will absolutely confirm my fixes. And a few friends that live down there can hopefully see me running!
  3. Well had a better part of the day off for my first colonoscopy! Felt good enough after that I swapped out the transaxel on the race car! Lol. All done and great now! No more leaking anywhere too me or the car! Ready to find a track day to do. The Milwaukee Mile road course looks interesting next month, been a bucket list track I haven't raced on yet.. my Dad used to bring my brothers and I to the ASA and Indy races there back in the late 60's early 70's. Fell in love with Norm Nelson's Superbird driven by Roger Mcclusky and have wanted one ever since. The GTI will do fine! Lol
  4. I used Race Chrono at RA this spring, since I have no OBD on my GTI it was valuable information for lap times and splits, the overlay on the track map is awesome too. I installed it on my old Tab E Samsung Droid and it worked very well, also nice to ad my own personal track with splits (the road in front of my house and down the next road aways)! Works great for seeing improvement's. That's how I knew I fixed our top end issue. Also uses the GPS in the tablet with no internet or WIFI needed. Could use it to record video too! Have to move it up higher to uncover the camera for that.
  5. Well found out the 2nd transaxel has to come out, back to the one from last year. Rebuilt it today and it's ready to go in, btw the speedisleeves work perfect, I now have 4 good hubs. Replaced the carrier bearings, And 1 pinion bearing, they looked a bit beat. Next weekend I will get it swapped in, and start seeing what is wrong with the one in it right now. The shifter stopped moving on that one running it on the lift. Won't shift in or out just between 3rd and 4th.
  6. Had the same thing on mine after the fall race, had one more set I put on for the spring race and they look great yet! Oh ya we were way slower and didn't run as much on Sat. Lol, already have replacements just slotted.
  7. It's also important to look at things the right way. I saw the number 6 upside down the other day, I thought that was odd.
  8. Well found and replaced with new, left front bracketed caliper, found a right one when I built it, bracket had pad wear grooves and just wanted to replace it. Fixed front headlight adjusters, removed both axel shafts and output transmission flanges, found them pitted and or grooved, have speedi sleeves coming to repair, carrier bearings are fine, (that lets me leave the transaxel in!) Will finish it all up this week and make sure there isn't any more gear oil leaking past the output hubs.
  9. Added a 10 gauge wire off a 50 amp inline fuse off of my main cut off post feeding a 40 amp relay to feed the pump and a 10 gauge ground wire from the pump, runs in the garage like it should, and pump now has 12.7 volts, and is drawing about an amp more current, cleaning up the wiring now and will take it out for a quick spin to make sure it's fixed! Sure runs better all ready! Then I get to fix some transmission leaks, probably carrier bearings....... But it is progress! Road test confirmed it's fixed! Running 10 to 15 mph faster on my short test run. Nice to go on to other things now.
  10. Think I just discovered the problem I checked fuel pressure and all was well, amp draw was ok too, just checked voltage at the fuel pump and is only 11.4 volts! Battery is at 13.9, going to rewire the pumps and remove the relay from the equation and see what I get.
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