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  1. mindspin311

    Brake upgrades (E30)

    MC makes a huge difference, we actually had ours fail completely at RA, pedal to the floor.
  2. mindspin311

    Brake upgrades (E30)

    Can add another data point of E30 brakes are more than enough. Make sure all the components are functioning properly and you're good to go.
  3. mindspin311

    Petitions Due by 2/28/19

    Keep fighting that good fight for making BMWs faster via free parts.
  4. mindspin311

    Reground Camshafts

    Alright, that makes sense.
  5. mindspin311

    Reground Camshafts

    I still don't understand the concept of regrinding a cam. How are you creating lift by removing materials? 🤣
  6. mindspin311

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    What was the overall improvement in laptime? 4s it looks like?
  7. mindspin311

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    Thats awesome, what car, and roughly what sort of HP are you making?
  8. More than beginning or end of brake zone, I try and be more mindful of trying to have a good amount of overhead in the rev range while downshifting. I like to make sure that when I go down a gear, the RPM of the next gear down isnt in to the rev limiter or close, just doing what I can to go a bit easy on the motor. Here is a good video of me going 6 to 3 in the NBY Nissan at VIR last summer. You can see my brake pressure isn't the most consistent as I heel/toe. I would be curious what sort of percent change I'm creating from that "nominal" brake pressure vs what happens when I go for the throttle to grab the next gear down.
  9. mindspin311

    Anyone have Aero questions?

    Adding downforce while limiting drag. We all want huge wings and giant splitters, but those come at a cost, drag. As budget racers, how can we get an idea of how much drag we're adding? Most reputable wings will come with that data, but what about a homemade plywood splitter?
  10. mindspin311

    Petition proposition- Flywheels?

    Cool, so single mass conversions are cool as long as it's steel.
  11. mindspin311

    New fender ruling from TAC section

    As long as its the 45.1 stuff
  12. Who is looking for a test day? Take your chances on Friday! https://www.facebook.com/events/384959408732342/
  13. It's very interesting hearing about the weight to fuel number. The more you know...
  14. The system is not official, it is still testing. If you see above, I had a green flag in the car 4sec before black flag pulled their flags. I could have been half way to 10a if I jumped the start.
  15. Do you have experience in SE30? There are no doubt some guys who can wheel a car. Let's not act like SM are the driving gods of amateur racing.