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  1. The most popular bilge pump on Amazon is rated at 1100gph, seems a biiiit excessive. What does everyone recommend?
  2. Wonder if I can fit these under the Mini hmmmm
  3. @Huggy thinks that a 10in wheel is perfect for a 245
  4. How are you guys getting data on your aero testing? What sort of parameters are you monitoring?
  5. Are you running splitter diffusers?
  6. Based on my limited aero knowledge, I'm not sure there's any benefit to putting a wing forward of the rear axle. You want it hanging back to get the most leverage on the rear tires. I think.....
  7. It's a turbo S, haven't put it on a scale lately but hopefully it's in the 2300lb range still. Need to get a cell installed and play with the tune to clean up the fueling.
  8. Here's some video of myself in the Mini, @jakks in the Running Bulls E30, and @Doc's KENNY having some fun after the 1st restart during the opening stint.
  9. The Mini got hit with 10pts for all 4 corners.
  10. A new B class car had it's 1st race at Road Atlanta yesterday and was Top 5 overall at one point.
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