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  1. Placed an order with Fuelsafe the other day, going to be a fun summer project.
  2. I can confirm, Andy and Colin keep the Pinkies Out team running like a well oiled machine. Great drive on Sunday.
  3. What's the best option for a hotel? Is there a CCES rate somewhere? Didn't see anything in the supps.
  4. Ran a DE at AMP in the Mini last weekend. Wasn't making full boost, but still managed to beat our old FTD from the E30 days. Promising sign for October.
  5. We have this on our cage. Tube passes through the floor. Protrudes past the rocker just enough to see it.
  6. Yes, IMSA has photogs wear a suit while on the hot side of pits. @dinanm3atl can confirm.
  7. Why in gear? What about the person standing next to them watching the stop waiting to go over to check tire pressures?
  8. So will there ever be an announcement on what tech found that knocked the 1st place finisher out of first. Or we just going to keep ignoring it?
  9. Im pretty sure that 500(ish) point C4 corvette and Daytona was and always will be faster than a 500pt... anything. I really dont want this to be a pissing match regarding 500pt cars and what is equal. The fact is this, CCES recognizes a class winner at every race. Why not recognize a class champion?
  10. As it stands, any class can win overall in any race in champcar (within reason. Miata no win daytona....). Same rulebook for all champcar too. -True statement The entire point is that all 500 pt cars are not equal! May the best team win! -Why are 500pt cars not equal? The rules allow almost every car to be competitive (if it has enough fuel). -Not every car has enough fuel, VPI attempts to fix this, but it's never happened So you have a segment of cars that arent competitive because they are fuel limited and the VPI doesnt provide them enough to compensate. And the purpose of VPI is to create equal cars, which is just not the case.
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