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  1. You guys need a hobby. Damn. Get off the forum. Waste your time improving your cars.
  2. So you're saying that we have Silverado's actively racing in CCES?
  3. Thats the point, EC wasnt put in place to be a class to run and build a car. It's supposed to be for those unique cases. Not the norm.
  4. I always thought EC was sort of a waiver that allowed you to run. But now we have cars that are basically being built for EC. If you show up and you missed something in the rules that makes you EC, run that race, but then fix it. I don't think we should just be letting cars register as EC, especially at big events like Daytona, when they aren't making an effort to field a car built to the rules. Daytona was a good example where all the big top speed cars come out to play. The ZMW was Top 3 for the 1st couple hours, but we were showing like 15th or something after weeding out all the EC stuff. Let them run a few races while they work out their issues, then tell them to get with the program.
  5. Joel Barber in Greenville does great work. Might be a bit of a drive from Charleston. A lot of the Spec E30 guys in the Southeast bring their cars to him. www.barberraceworks.com
  6. Bimarco is a great entry point. Affordable and FIA rated. Can't go wrong with that.
  7. Good luck, I've yelled at a certain BOD member all year for them to just update the wording, certain people have no desire to update anything.
  8. 2nd this. You can do a lot with the remaining points. Fuel cell would definitely need to be added. Car can easily make 200whp with a downpipe and a tune.
  9. E36 325 comes in at 475vpi, 190hp, add a splitter and a wing for 10pts each with 5pts remaining misc items. If I could get rid of our 2 E30s that's the route I would go. Purely based on being ingrained in the BMW platform. V6 swapped 240sx's are lots of fun to drive.
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