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  1. I wish this rule were more defined. The rulebook says nothing about tape not allowed. Just seal it up.
  2. Got 2 3.73 and 4.10? Bring one car with each, that way we only have to swap 1 car. 30-45mins maybe?
  3. Whats the go-to? I see items ranging from $20 to $80.
  4. So 5pts/axle if you cut and weld a control arm to make it longer to increase camber?
  5. I cracked an oil pan on our pink car at Road Atlanta 2018 going over the outside curb at T5. I was coming down the esses gaining on a slower car who then got on the brakes way earlier than I anticipated. It was either run in to them, or dive off in to the grass track right. Chose the grass and ended up straddling the outside curbing thats on driver's right, right as you turn in. Heard a thud, immediately started looking back hoping there was no smoke, etc; car seemed fine and I continued on for the remainder of the stint. Came in for a driver change and we immediately noticed a puddle starting to form. The hit happened right at the drain plug and the threads were leaking. Went over the curb here aiming for the grass/escape road
  6. He dropped 2. Is there a rule that says passing 2 wheels, or 4 off, is illegal? Are we now requiring flaggers to determine, in the blink of an eye, if I guy got pushed wide while making a pass or did it on purpose. Good idea? No. Smart? Probably not. Rule that says you cant? Don't think so.. the best I can see is:
  7. I read the AER FB thread, sounds like its a fully built M52B28 based on comments. Far from a stock car. Also claims to be running some form of triple adjustable coilover suspension, among other things.
  8. Track Night registration is open... https://www.tracknightinamerica.com/events/1993795-track-night-2019-charlotte-april-26
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