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  1. We have points to play with at the moment. They would definitely come off in lieu of some creative fabrication if needed.
  2. That is incorrect. The presentation showed that 1/3 of cars from the very small sample (38 cars) would need to add weight or reduce HP. From that group, 6 would actually be eliminated because they would require too much ballast vs what was allowed in the proposal.
  3. Ouch. That problem has been solved. Now let's hope we haven't blown a motor by Friday evening.
  4. So you find a better metric. No need to repeat a topic. It was a 1st pass. What ruleset gets accepted/approved based on the 1st draft?
  5. For real? Did you miss the whole thread that @riche30 posted?
  6. LOL like that phonecall would ever happen
  7. Yea that U shaped bar that goes in front of the engine is questionable. There's a vertical bar a the mid point of the loop that goes down to somewhere. Also, is it actually tied in to where the shock actually mounts? Seems they're taking the BMW approach.
  8. Love the hate for a simple idea. It's a warmup session being suggested, not a time trail. Lot's of grumbling over a warmup session. Just another example of how CCES is better than IMSA, we don't need no stinkin' warmup session!!!!
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