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  1. I think that's the point of the light....
  2. Well, that solves it, its been published on the forum. Everyone move along.
  3. No thank you. I don't appreciate getting to tech and being told someone's 'opinion' is now considered a rule, and I have to fix it.
  4. "Cars with nets that have extensive openings, as defined solely by ChampCar officials, will NOT be allowed on track." Extensive openings needs to be reworded to be definite and not interpreted.
  5. Did anyone pick up a Milwaukee 1/2in drive impact in impound, likely located near the Mini and CRX? Had a black 17mm socket attached to it with a 4Ah or 5Ah battery.
  6. HANS. As Ron at Discovery parts asked me as he pointed to an IMSA race showing on his TV... "Do you see them wearing anything other than a HANS, or maybe a Simpson?"
  7. He did that in the tech line? That SOB hahhaha I didnt notice the sticker until Sunday morning when I was loading up the trailer.
  8. I used it this weekend in the rain. A lots of drivers are unpredictable unfortunately, so if flashing gets their attention, good. Used it at 3am at VIR in the 24. Same thing.. I'm coming through.
  9. After all the ups and downs with the Mini, it was nice to finally get over the hump. And we did it in about the best way possible. Now we can work on actually developing the car!!!
  10. Tagging tech or whoever shouldn't be done. This question needs to be sent to the tech desk. This thread will be 10 pages by Friday with no progress made, other than a lot of people mad with each other.
  11. Trying to make the Mini work. Daytona this summer water temps were stable at around 200F, tstat opens at 225 from the factory. Working to get a data setup to monitor oil temps. We added a cooler as precaution but have no idea what it's doing right now.
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